Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Bigger Than Yours


I was a little hesitant to post this story.  Not because I feel ashamed about feeling a deep and abiding love of cocks, and all sorts of people that have them.  It's that stories like this don't exist in a vacuum, and the potential exists that I'm contributing to a culture that objectifies trans bodies, without valuing them.  I discussed my feelings on this a few weeks ago.

TL;DR: It's a valid fantasy, and I hope you want to explore it with me, but let's be mindful not to do harm along the way.

Tags: F/m, growth, cis woman with a growing cock, a lot of cum, a WHOLE lot of sex holy EFF

Bigger Than Yours

I was up late that night, reading.  Around eight I’d hit the point of no return, where you can’t put a good book down to save your life.  There were a hundred pages left, when she kissed me goodnight.  I was still there at 2am, when she came to check on me.

Wrapped in a nightgown, she wordlessly came to lie on the couch beside me.  She rest her head against my thigh, and peered sleepily from around the edge of my book.  Those piercing green eyes, that mischievous smile.  She was impossible to ignore for long.  Only five pages from the end.  So much narrative weight to be resolved.  But…

“Can I help you, love?”

Robin grinned.  “I was just having a dream.”

I raised my eyebrows.  Trying to look casual, I fumbled for a bookmark.  “You don’t say.  What about?”

The petite girl yawned, and stretched dramatically.  She gave me an innocent look, as she slid herself further up on my lap.  “I had a cock.”

I tossed the book aside.  “Did you now?”

“Mmhmm.  You remember, we were talking about it the other night?  How much I’d like to have one, just to see how it feels?  You got so excited at the idea and well, I guess it’s been on my mind ever since.”  She bit her cheek.  “Do you want to see it?”

“I’d like that very much.”

Robin let me spread her robe, running my hand from the place where it parted just beneath her throat, sliding down her chest.  She caught my hand, just as it passed above her navel.  “Wait.  Promise you won’t judge me?”

I laughed, the sound betraying my giddy excitement.  “There’s nothing to judge here.  I know we both have some complicated gender feels, but this is good.  I’m happy to explore this with you.”

“What?  Oh.  Yeah, of course.  But that’s not what I meant.  It’s… well, a little embarrassing.”  She released my hand, let me open her robe another inch.  Her voice dropped to a whisper.  “Just.  It’s really, really small.”

My fingers stroked over her thigh, tucking the fluffy red fabric over her knee.  And there it was.  Peaking shyly up at me, from where her clit used to be.  The most adorable little penis I’d ever seen in my life.  Not even the size of my thumb, nearly lost in the jungle of her pubic hair.  As though I’d just woken it, and it still wanted to go back to bed.

“Aw.  It’s really pretty.  Hi, down there.”  I gave it a tiny, playful wave.

Robin made a pleased little sound in the back of her throat.  And her teensy cock twitched happily.  My girlfriend was always a sucker for compliments.  So, apparently, was her new friend.

“You really like it?”

“I do.”  My warm hand cupped her inner thigh, pressing gently at the place where her leg met with her hip.  “Want me to show you how much?”

She let out a long sigh through her nose, spreading her legs for me.  “That’s not all there was, to this dream.”

Watching her sweet little phallus slowly get hard was almost hypnotic.  Creeping timidly against her stomach, growing until it was nearly the size of my index finger.  With an effort, I looked away.  “Please, elaborate.”

She grinned, bashfully.  Then offered me her hand.  Her fingers curled around a small brown bottle, capped with an eye-dropper.  “I’m supposed to give this to you.  She told me you’d know what to do with it.”

Reverently, I took it.  “She gave this to you?  What did she look like this time?  Did she tell you her name?”

Robin giggled softly, and partially hid her face behind her robe.  “I don’t remember, and I forgot to ask.  I was, um, distracted.”

I gave a knowing look at her pretty little cock, and raised an eyebrow.  “I’ll bet.”

She hid the rest of her face.  Rolling my eyes, I made an examination of the tiny brown bottle.  There was no label, no markings of any kind.  I unscrewed the cap, gave it a sniff.  

“What do you think?” she asked from behind her robe.

“Do you know how I say, that you start to smell a certain way after nine or ten orgasms?  That there’s some sort of, mm, pheromonal shift?”  I smirked.  “That’s what this smells like.”

“I could go for nine or ten orgasms just now.”  She slowly lowered the robe, and sheepishly reached up to stroke my neck.  Her fingers were very cold.  

I touched her thigh again, and she relaxed at once, opening herself across my lap.  Her tiny penis swayed with her movements, as she brought her feet together to touch, and spread her knees apart.  

“It really is the most beautiful little cock I’ve ever seen.”

Robin blushed.  The let out a low resonant moan as I carefully stroked her shaft, from tip, to base.  Massaging it gently between thumb and forefinger, the way I might stroke the paw of a sleeping kitten.  She clutched me, shaking, and I felt the little two-inch penis give a sudden twitch.  She gasped as it shuddered in my grasp, and a pathetic rivulet of thin white cream escaped in three tiny pulses.  And then it was over.

Panting, she pressed her forehead to my stomach.  “Holy shit,” she whimpered.  “Is it always that good for you?  Holy shit.”

“That good?  No, I don’t think so.”  I chuckled, and stroked her hair, watching her mini-cock slowly deflate.  “So much for nine or ten though, huh?”

The tiny woman bit her lip, eyes uncertain.  “You could try the bottle,” she said, almost too low to hear.

“Oh?  This old thing?”  I waggled it in front of her eyes.  “Do you want to find out what it does?”

She watched me, hardly breathing, as I filled the stopper.  Drew it down her body.  Held it over her tiny, spent cock.


She squeaked, hiccupped, clutched my sides with fierce little hands.  And her penis suddenly grew.

“Holy shit!” we both said.

I watched her get hard, all over again.  Then, it just didn’t stop growing.  Three inches.  Four.  Thickening, lengthening, expanding up her tummy.  Lifting like a tent pole, no longer lying lazy, standing proud and strong.  At five inches it finally stopped growing.  A single drop of precum formed upon its tip, glistening in the low light.  

“Touch it.  Please touch it,” she said, and if her voice hadn’t been deeper, I probably would’ve been too distracted to noticed that the rest of her had grown, too.  Not much, certainly.  Robin had been four ten when she went to bed that night, and she was still definitely on the petite side for a woman.  Five two, I guessed?  And a bit fuller of figure, not so slight.

“Jacob!” she whined, thrusting her hips rhythmically in my direction.  “Please, you have to!  Please!  I’m gonna die!”

What could I do?  I wrapped my hand around her miniature girth, and stroked it lightly.  She lasted longer this time.  Nearly ten whole seconds, as I squeezed, and massaged her, and she bucked beneath me.  When I rubbed the tip of my thumb just beneath her corona in a careful little oval, there was no way she could resist.  Robin shook from head to toe as she whimpered her release.  

There was more this time.  Enough that I could coat her entire shaft without too much trouble, working the thick, creamy substance into her supple skin.  Still, it definitely qualified as an ‘adorable’ orgasm.  If no longer ‘pathetic.’  

She was sweating, gasping for air by the time I finished.  Her breath coming in deep, overstimulated huffs.  But her eyes were determined, her jaw set.  Meeting my eye, she balled her hands into fists.  And once more, impatiently thrust in my direction.  

I tried two drops.

At once I felt her weight increase on my lap.  Robin didn’t seem to notice, as she thrashed and writhed against me, luxuriating in the sensation as she grew in every way imaginable.  Her breasts swelled, crowned by perfect pink nipples, growing longer, and thicker, areolae becoming suddenly dark and wide.  Her hips expanded, her hair grew longer.  She was average height.  Then tall.  Almost my height.

I ran the heel of my hand up and down her still-growing, seven inch member.  Her eyes were very wide, boring into me, an unspoken question on her lips as I watched her expand.

“It’s still the prettiest cock I’ve ever seen,” I whispered.  “Even if it’s big, now.”

She came.  Making a mess of both of us.

Afterward she kissed me.  And helped me strip out of my freshly stained shirt.  We sat side by side on the couch, quietly exploring each other.  My hands on her shoulders, and hers on my waist.  We made out like a couple of over-eager high schoolers.  There was just so much of her, and I couldn’t get enough.  It seemed the feeling was mutual for her, as she ran her newly larger hands up and down my back, through my hair.  She eventually worked her way down to my lap, pressing her hand on the bulge in my jeans experimentally.  Searching.  Testing.

Through the kiss, I felt her grin.  “It doesn’t bother you, does it?” she asked.  “That mine is bigger?”

“Is it?”

She nodded.  “Want to see?”

I stood, and she stripped me.  From her knees, she wrapped her fingers, and then her lips around me.  Making sure I was fully hard, so she wouldn’t have an unfair advantage.  The grasped me by the shoulders, and pulled herself up until we stood chest to chest.  

Robin pressed her cock against mine.  Then she giggled.  Moving her hips in a slow circle, she wrestled me, let me fight back as best I could.  It was utterly clear hers was superior.  

“Told you,” she whispered.

I moaned, and wrapped my hands around her neck as she kissed me.  We stood that way, mouths open, tongues intertwined, pressing ourselves together.  Sometimes she was on top, and I felt the weight of her forcing me down, the generous spread of her precum against my tummy as she thrust the tip of her cock against my pelvis.  When I was on top, the head of her penis tickled from the base of my shaft, all the way down to my balls.  Her eyes were open the entire time—curious, mischievous.  Watching my every reaction, exploring the different things she could do to me with this new body of hers.

“So for the record.  It doesn’t bother you?”  She pulled her lips a fraction of an inch away from mine to speak, hands intertwined in my hair.  “Because I kind of want to hear you say it.  That you like that my cock is bigger than yours.”

“I have a better idea.”  I bent urgently, grabbed the bottle from where it had fallen on the couch.  “Why don’t I prove it?”

Her eyes were bright, as I unscrewed the stopped.  Lifted it, held it to her lips.  She opened her mouth for me expectantly.  And ground her dick against my stomach as she began to grow.

I hugged her tight, using the muscles of my abs to squeeze her.  She moaned, eyes rolling back in her head, and only a few seconds later I felt the warmth of her release against my chest.  Thick gobs of her cum dripping down my body, over my shaft, and my legs.  She whimpered, muscles slackening, the now-taller woman drooped her weight against me.  But then she suckled greedily on the stopper, and at once the whimper turned to a growl, as her growth redoubled.  

I felt giant hands, one on my back, one on my ass.  Pulling, lifting, my feet leaving the ground, as she used my entire body to get herself off.  A head taller than me, and still growing.  Peering down at me with wild, hungry eyes.  Her cock felt nearly as thick as my wrist, slipping and sliding from my navel to my chest.  Smearing herself all over me, then squeezing savage hard.  Hugging me with terrible strength as she soaked me from chin to knees.  

I felt utterly helpless, as she lifted me.  Her gaze savage, she watched expectantly as I shakily dripped the eye dropper, refilled it.  She nodded, and let the tip stroke against her cheek, teasing it toward her mouth.  Then sucked against the tension with big, full lips.  Begging me with her eyes.

I squeezed.  Allowing some of the dream serum into her mouth.  She moaned her thanks, and grew.

Robin set me down, then, so I could watch her ascension.  On my tip toes, I found I could just barely brush the tip of my cock against the base of her shaft.  But that didn’t last long, as she outgrew me.  For a time she watched me try to reach her with my pathetic little thrusts, hands on her hips.  Enjoying her newfound power over me.  Then she gave me a pitying little laugh, ruffling my hair.  

With an easy motion Robin caught my length in her giant hand, completely enveloping me, squeezing me generously as she grew.  I moaned gratefully, collapsing against her, taking her twelve inch monster in both hands.  Ringing my fingers just beneath its crown, jerking her against my chest in quick, tiny motions.  She thrust against me, matching my rhythm, building steam.  Her voice grew louder, and louder as her orgasm approached.  Robin howled in a dark, guttural voice as she came, shoving her cock against me too hard, knocking me off balance.  I tumbled back onto the couch as a massive quantity of cum splashed against my face and chest, dribbled all down my body.

I’m sure I looked absolutely pitiful to the eight foot giantess.  Lying there, tiny, dazed, and disheveled.  She huffed down at me, eyes crazed, her head nearly against the ceiling.  “Where’s that bottle?” she snarled.

Shaking, I opened my hand.  Held it up, an offering to a goddess.

Robin grinned evilly, and took it from my tiny hand.  Her thick, veiny cock bobbed in time with her heartbeat as she refilled the stopper.  Taking her time now.  Breathing in the scent of it.  Watching my reaction as she held it up to her lips.  Moaning softly as she slipped it into her mouth, running her tongue lewdly along the tiny glass tube.  Eyes never leaving mine, as she squeezed the entire contents out, swallowing every lost drop.

“I hope you’re hungry, little man.  Open your mouth.”

Heart fluttering in my chest, I sat up for her.  Grasped her enormous thighs for support.  And opened my mouth as wide as I could.

She was gentle, as she pressed the growing head of her cock against my lips.  Tenderly slipping it inside, up to the ridge.  The salty tang of her ran down my throat, and I groaned, gulping her down greedily.  My lips spread wider as she grew in my mouth, and she took hold of the back of my head, forcing herself  deeper, knowing soon she would be much too big for me.  I did my best, for as long as I could.  Keeping up with her, running my tongue around and around the crown of her penis, using both hands to stroke her shaft as she got bigger, and bigger.  Above me I could see her bending, so big that her shoulders pressed against the ceilings, palms sinking into the plaster as she moaned her approval.    

“Fuck!  Fuck Jacob, that’s so good.”  Her voice, so deep and powerful I hardly recognized it.

I stroked her faster, and she grew, and grew.  My jaw hurt.  I took her deeper.

“Fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” 

It was all I could do to fit the tip of her in my mouth. I used both my arms to stroke her, trying to hold her in place, wanting every last drop for myself.  I braced, caressing with florid motion of my fingers, dancing up and down the massive length of her dick.

Then my mouth and throat were full to overflowing with thick, creamy girl-cum.  I swallowed, as best I could, but it was hopeless.  She poured down my throat, over my cheeks, down my shoulders, onto the couch.  And still there was more, and more.  She grunted, and gasped, as her titanic cock thudded against my face.  Growing, until it was too big for me to even hold, and all I could do was hug her against my chest as she poured her release all over my tiny, helpless body.

Finally, I heard her take one long hurricane gasp.  The giantess laughed.  And with a crash, collapsed to the floor.

I peeled myself from the couch, going to her side.  I was practically swimming in her.  The task of cleaning up was so impossibly daunting that, for now, it was easier just to live with it.  Likewise, shopping for a new couch could wait until tomorrow.  For now, I wanted only to be with her.  Robin lay on her side, panting, sweat-soaked locks of hair sticking to her forehead.  The triple-sized woman looked up at me weakly, her expression vacant, yet satisfied.

“How many was that?” she rumbled.  “Did we make it to ten?”

“Not quite.”  I stroked her cheek tenderly, leaving a wet streak where I touched.

“Damn.”  She reached out, took my entire body between her hands, and began to kiss me.  Then lick me, slowly, from head to toe.  Cleaning me like a cat.  I endured this, laughing ticklishly.  She worked her way lower, and as her giant tongue ran over the miniscule length of my cock I tried to thrust toward her.  But then she moved on, working her way down my legs, made me turn so she could get my back.  As her saliva began to cool on my skin, she grasped me to her chest, keeping me warm.  

She dozed, holding me that way.  I felt faintly disappointed as my cock slowly sagged, and deflated between my thighs.  But really, I had no room to complain.  Tonight had been amazing.

I was almost asleep myself, when I felt the giant woman stir.  “That wasn’t all there was to the dream.”

Yawning, I opened my eyes.  “No?”

Her giant hands uncurled from around me.  “She told me a secret.  Whispered it into my ear, just before I woke up.  Bring me the bottle.  I’ll show you.”

Legs unsteady, I staggered back to the ruined couch.  With some difficulty I found the bottle, and wiped it clean on what was probably a permanently stained afghan.  With one part excitement and two of trepidation, I offered Robin the bottle.

With languid determination, she used her giant fingers to unscrew the cap.  Filled the stopper.  And extended it out to me.  Shaking, I felt the cold tip press against my pubic bone.  Then there was hot, overwhelming pleasure, as she squeezed.

My cock grew hard at once.  Fully, shakingly, deliriously hard.  

As the rest of me began to shrink.

“It’s a long ways ‘til dawn, little man,” she purred, refilling the stopper.  “And so help me, I’m getting to ten.”