Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Following the Recipe - Pt. 5


Anna led the slowly dwindling girl back to the living room. Michelle’s head was really starting to spin. The pleasant, slightly-drunk arousal of the potion was hitting her hard, making it nearly impossible to think straight. Her palms were sweaty. The tiny hairs on the back of her arms and neck stood on end. 

“Know what I noticed earlier?” Anna asked in a dark voice. “On the dance floor? That physical exertion makes your little shrinking potion work faster. It makes sense, you know. Your heart pounds, your blood flows. Your body processes it faster.” 

“Anna, please don’t be mad at me. I’m sorry I laughed. I really wasn’t thinking.”

The larger woman suddenly placed her hand in the center of Michelle’s chest. She pressed, forcing her back, until the smaller girl felt herself pushing against the couch. Anna held here there with all her weight, smirking mercilessly. “Struggle,” she ordered.

Michelle did. She wrapped both hands around the larger girl’s wrist, set herself against the couch, pushed back with all her might. At first she was succeeding, actually pushing Anna away…but then she moaned, felt a wave of ecstasy pass through her body. She dwindled, her head slipping lower than the edge of the couch. 


It was harder this time, so much harder. Anna was getting so heavy, and every bit of her weight was on Michelle. She could hardly breathe, but still she struggled, beads of sweat appearing at her temples, arms shaking. Too soon she could feel it building again, and building, until she cried out in pleasure, let herself go limp as she shrank in a giant burst. Michelle watched in mingled elation and horror as Anna grew, a predatory smirk on the giant woman’s lips. Before she was merely ‘tall’ to her…now Michelle felt utterly dwarfed. Her head barely reached Anna’s armpits, and she was still shrinking so fast. It was utterly hopeless to fight. 

Anna gave her a long moment, watching the realization come over Michelle, let her accept this. Then, finally, she released her.

“Open.” Anna tapped her gently on the lips. 

Michelle did. The giant girl unscrewed the vial, slowly offered it. Michelle accepted. A single bitter drop fell on her tongue.

“Swallow,” Anna said, though she already had. She made Michelle open her mouth to confirm that it was all gone, then gave her a demeaning little pat on the head. “Why of COURSE all is forgiven cutie. I know it was a simple mistake, that you’d never INTENTIONALLY laugh at ME.” Suddenly Anna was all sweetness and nice, her tone insultingly childish. It made Michelle feel hot…which only made her shrink faster.

“Now then. I think there are MUCH more pleasant ways to get your heart racing, little girl. Would you like to explore THOSE? Instead of wrestling with your big, sexy girlfriend?”

That word again. Michelle felt tears of happiness at the corners of her eyes. Meekly, she nodded.

The larger woman led Michelle to her easy chair. She felt so impossibly small before it, as if it was the altar of some nameless goddess. It towered high above, far too large for someone as tiny as she. Had she ever actually been that big? It seemed impossible.

“Up.” Anna pointed. 

Michelle did her best to climb into the seat. It took her three tries. On the first, a sudden pulse of shrinking made her miss her grip on the armrest. The second, she failed when her growing friend kept pinching and massaging her bare little ass while she was trying to climb. She barely succeeded, before the most powerful bolt of shrinking yet coursed through her eager little body. Michelle arched her back, fingers digging into the armrest as she shrank three more inches, her hips thrusting forward in slow, suggestive circles. “More! So good…fuck! Please more!”

“God I love you.”

Michelle turned in shock, found Anna staring back at her with an identical expression of surprise. She suddenly looked terribly embarrassed.

“I know, it was a slip.” Michelle’s voice was very small. “Just a thing people say. You didn’t mean it…like that.” 

Anna shrugged guiltily. “I mean. I….” She took a deep breath. And smiled. “Is it okay if I have? Loved you, I mean. For a like a really long time? College was a long time ago, and like we never even dated?  But…. And you don’t have to feel that way, too, but….”

Michelle crawled on her knees to the edge of the couch, and embraced her giant friend. She hugged her tight, little arms squeezing with all their might. On her tip toes, Anna was almost the right height for this, just a bit too low. When a moment later Michelle shrank again, they were a perfect fit. Anna touched the smaller girl on the cheek, turning her, until their lips were as close as they could possibly be without touching.

“You can’t kiss me yet,” Michelle whispered, staring into Anna’s eyes, vision blurred by tears. “It’s too soon. You’ll shrink.”

Anna kissed her. She kissed Michelle with a savage, unrelenting passion, as though she channeled every bit of emotion held in trust for all the years she’d been apart. Michelle found herself being pushed back, as Anna maintained the kiss even as she tried to climb into the chair to join her. The larger woman made it in only two tries.

The space felt cozy, with the two of them now. Anna paused a moment to undo the makeshift ties on her massive dress. Michelle sat up straight in the back of the chair, while her much larger friend undressed before her. She felt utterly in awe. She realized that in all the time they had pined for each other, it was the first time Michelle had ever seen Anna this way. The woman had been reserved, reluctant to share herself this way, perhaps afraid to be vulnerable. Her body, the proportions of her, the pliant firmness and gentle curvature. She would have been magnificent, even if she HADN’T appeared, to Michelle’s eyes, to be nearly eight feet tall.

Anna shrank then. Just a little. A tiny pulse that widened her eyes, elicited a soft coo of acceptance. Michelle’s body responded in kind at once – edged on by the erotic sight of watching her lover dwindle, or a consuming need to reassure Anna that she was the big one for tonight. Her own fit of shrinking was much more dramatic, several inches melting away over the span of nearly ten seconds. She cried and moaned, looking up at the other girl with mouth open wide. One hand massaged Anna’s thigh with a hungry desperation. The other crept closer to the place where her own legs came together, drawn by magnetism and instinct.

But Anna grinned, and shook her head. “Let me.”

With hardly any effort, she lifted the tiny girl, cradled her against her chest like a small child, sat down with Michelle across her lap. The smaller woman allowed herself to be manipulated, exposed completely before Anna, her entire body tingling with desire and need for the giantess who held her.

Anna took her time. Stroking her ears, and neck. Massaging both of her breasts in turn with a single giant hand, allowing the nipples to roll beneath the flat of her palm, then the tips of her fingers. Tracing the dull edge of her nails down Michelle’s thigh, making the girl open to her through nothing more than the simple forces of romantic gravity. 

Twice Anna shrank in the midst of this, moaning with her lips pressed to Michelle’s cheek, and each time afterward was obliged to shift the suddenly larger but still miniscule woman in her lap. Michelle easily outdid her. Each time her cries grew in pitch and desperation, and Anna grew more gentle and caring. 

The auburn-haired goddess was orbiting the rim of Michelle’s sex now, bringing her finger closer with each pass. She throbbed, ached for attention, but always Anna would pull away at the last second. The first gentle stroke against her labia made the tiny girl scream and shrink, as the contact nearly send Michelle over the edge. From high above Anna laughed, lightly wetting her fingertip in the soaking folds of the tiny girl’s pussy. Michelle stiffened. And then, as light as a feather, Anna began to pet her swollen little clit. The shrinking girl dug her hands into her giant lover, trembling from the effort to stay still. She gulped and coughed, sounds coming out of her mouth that were all senseless amalgams of g’s and m’s and o’s.

“You want to cum for me, sweetie?”

“Yes! Please!”

“Say it again. Keep saying it.”

“Please Anna, please make me cum. Please, please…PLEEEEEASE!”

The shift was subtle. A little more pressure, a tiny increase in speed. That was all it took. Afterward came another, and another. Anna cradled the little girl in her arms, shifting her to new positions so she could pleasure her in new ways. An enormous index finger sliding in, and out, and in again, while her inner muscles twitched and spasmed against its enormity. Two fingers, one against her clitoris and another on her perineum, moving in fast matching ovals. A giant palm massaging her entire vulva, flicking back and forth while little flecks of wetness splashed out in all directions. Each lasted only a few seconds – each COULD last only a few seconds, before Michelle was shrieking and thrashing and cumming again.

When Michelle could take it no more, she lay curled protectively in Anna’s lap, her heart fluttering, gasping for each breath. The giantess pet her, shushed her. “It’s alright sweetie, it’s alright.” Her voice was sensual, and terribly deep. “You’re okay. I’m right here. Right here. Just relax.”

The tiny woman allowed herself to drift as her lover reassured her, but then she stirred. “Don’t…let me go to sleep. I still…want to get you off.” Her voice was groggy, thick, barely above a whisper.

Anna hugged her a bit tighter. “Yeah?” she growled. “You think you can handle me? You’re pretty tiny, kiddo.”

 “I wanna try.” Michelle moaned weakly. “Real bad.”

The two tiny girls helped each other climb down. Michelle supported Anna first, counter-balancing the larger woman for the surprisingly large drop to the floor. The giantess looked a little embarrassed by the whole affair. Michelle edged up until her butt was on the edge of the enormous seat, and let the giant girl lift her down to the floor. Michelle looked up – and gasped. A deep instinct made her take a step away from the titaness before her, which was pointless, since she immediately collided with the chair. Anna, who appeared to Michelle to be nearly eleven feet tall but who was quite visibly diminutive, laughed. She took the much smaller girl by the hand. “Where’s your bedroom?”

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Following the Recipe - Pt. 4


The purple-haired woman checking ID’s at the door looked like she didn’t want to let Michelle in. She pointed out that her height definitely did NOT much her license. Anna turned all her unbridled charm on the woman, spinning a tragic tale about how hard life was for her friend, how no one thought someone who was four and a half feet tall could POSSIBLY be a real woman. The pain, the webs of deception and self-denial. But the bouncer – SHE wasn’t like that, was she? A few eyelash flutters later the two were inside, miraculously escaping notice that they were both barefoot.

The club was packed, and a ripple of interest followed two petite women. Michelle let Anna pull her along, head in a fog. She was surrounded by giants! It was rare that ANYONE in a crowd this size would be taller, and certainly no one female. She was by far the shortest person in the room, and felt very much on display. In her previous life she was often the center of attention, but a powerful one. It made people hesitate to stare. At her new size, not a single person had any apprehension about gawking at her.

Anna, quite tiny herself, didn’t seem bothered by the attention in the slightest. She smirked, not evening acknowledging anyone in the room with the exception of Michelle, constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure the tiny woman was still following behind. With Anna a stone wall to the outside world, more and more people were watching Michelle, the smaller and much more diffident of the pair. She could feel their attention like a physical weight. It made her warm and shameful, gave her an unfamiliar sense of helplessness. She had to admit, the novelty of the sensation, of being the smallest of the small, was kind of hot. 

Okay – VERY hot.

A tattooed giantess of a woman who must be nearly five seven bumped into Michelle, narrowly avoiding spilling beer all over the tiny girl. The woman looked around, trying to find the person she’d collided with…and finally looked down. Their eyes met. In a sudden shock, Michelle’s ingrained affinity for people who were taller than her made all the alarm bells start ringing in her head. She froze like a deer in the headlights. The woman stepped closer, apologizing, but Anna was tugging her on. “It’s okay!” she called. The woman gave her a flirty smirk, but then she was gone.

Giants banged into her, again and again. Dozens of times people almost tromped on her poor little feet with their terrifying heels and stilettos. The world was a jumble of shoulders and elbows, chests and backs. She couldn’t see more than a couple of feet in any direction. Bodies everywhere, her vision blocked by the display of titanic physical form. Halter tops and bikinis above her head. Curves and bulges barely concealed by jeans and tight leather pants. 

Every single one set off Michelle’s old dopamine pathway, her brain screaming out again and again in exhalation: “SOMEONE IS TALLER!” And the smell of them, how had she never noticed it before? Sweat and excitement, the air thick with pheromones. 

Her friend seemed unaffected by this. Even when Anna’s grip tightened, and the girl ahead lost another inch of height in a little burst. Her confidence never wavered as she pushed them past the crowd, to the dance floor, to a bright little clearing in the center. There her giant friend stopped, held her, looked hungrily down into her eyes.

They danced. There was no form to it, no structure. She moved, let Anna move her. The two miniature women orbited each other on the floor, at times separated by almost ten feet, at times so close that Michelle could feel the heat of Anna’s breath on her face. Here, people were conscious of her movements. No one bumped her, though many came provocatively, deliciously close. The woman with the tattoos was there, smoldering and enormous, hips thrusting suggestively as Michelle danced past. She let herself flow with the gravitation of all of these giants, always coming back to Anna, the star at the center of the universe. Far from the largest. But one with more attraction than all the rest combined.

She shrank again, as the bass throbbed through her body, the sound of her squeals lost in the music. Anna caught her hand, grinning evilly as she dropped lower. Even at its tightest, her skirt couldn’t keep up with how small she was now, and it fell into a puddle at her feet. The fitted shirt was a dress on her now, hanging well past her knees. Anna offered her thigh, and without thinking Michelle spread her legs and ground herself against it. The scent of her own arousal came to her, sharp and sweet.

Song after song they danced, the transitions smooth, making time meaningless. Anna’s face high above, smirking with approval, locks of auburn hair clinging wetly to her forehead. The girl towered over her still, but even as over-stimulated as she was, Michelle could tell this was changing. Pulse. Anna’s mouth open in an unheard moan of pleasure as she dwindled. Pulse. Anna laughing and the crowd cheering, while she calmly slipped her left breast back beneath the laughably huge dress, tied the garment even tighter. Pulse. And Pulse. And Pulse. 

The tattooed girl was there now, pigtails askew, the three of them dancing together in a triangle, the giant girl’s heavy boots threatening but agile. Anna was taller, but barely – not much more of an amazon to her than Yuan had been, on that night long ago. Both tiny women moved and swayed beneath the protective gaze of the giantess, letting her carve out space for them where no other would intrude. Anna communicated something by eye to their temporary goddess, and then Michelle felt giant hands take her by the shoulders. The tattooed woman pulled Michelle against her body, snuggled her head beneath perky little breasts, an enormous pelvic bone pressing against the center of her back. Then Anna was there, adding her own hands, and body, and lips. Michelle writhed with the music, with the ecstasy of it, surrounded by colossal walls of femininity. The sensation, the celestial bliss of it was all too much. She felt herself going limp as a sudden upwelling took her by surprise. The two giant woman held her, cradled her, as she came. No one had even touched her beneath her clothes.

Their new titaness friend helped them outside, called them a cab. Anna thanked her, gave her a business card. The sight was hilarious, in a cosmic sense – the professionalism of it, while Anna was now at least as short as Michelle had been when they’d arrived, with a dress a dozen sizes too large draped haphazardly over her tiny frame. Articulating this was beyond her for the moment. For that matter, so was laughter. She let the two larger women help her into the backseat of the car, and smiled as their friend waved goodbye. Michelle had never learned her name.

She was too small to properly use a seatbelt, and Anna let her put her head in her lap. Michelle relaxed, ears still ringing, her entire body buzzing from the weight of sensation she had experienced. Anna smiled reassuringly down at her, gently stroking her hair. “You burned out for tonight cutie?”

“Mmm, what?” Michelle blinked, looking up at her. Even after everything that had happened tonight, she still got a bit of a thrill seeing Anna actually larger than her. Though she had to admit, it was less of a crisp feeling now. Everyone in the club had been SO much bigger, after all. And Anna had lost a great majority of her height advantage after her long bout of shrinking. It made her a little sad, that the best of this sensation was over. “No, I just need a little aftercare, is all. Maybe a cup of coffee when we get back to my place.”

Anna lightly brushed a few stray locks of blonde hair from Michelle’s forehead. “Coffee sounds nice. But I think I have a better idea.”


The larger woman didn’t answer. In the dim orange glow of the passing street lamps, Anna was grinning.

Her apartment was huge now. Michelle couldn’t believe she had ever been large enough to live here. The countertops reached almost up to her shoulders; the chairs so high that she’d need to hoist herself bodily into them, and even then her feet would dangle well above the floor. Anna patiently allowed her a moment of wonder. “You know. If you’d started out the evening this small? I would have been more than satisfied. If I were normal-sized, I guess you’d look about five foot three. Does that sound right?”


“But five three isn’t even that short, by my standards. Besides, I saw you much, MUCH smaller than that tonight. I mean, relatively speaking. It’s a bit of a let-down. Do you agree?”

Michelle was beginning to see where this was going. She felt herself growing excited.

Warm lips pressed against her ear, followed by a honeysuckle voice that made her let out an involuntary whimper. “Do you still have more of that shrinking potion?”

“Yes!” she cried at once.

Anna reached around, rested her hand against Michelle’s chest. One by one, she undid the buttons of her massively oversized top. With dreamlike slowness, she pulled it from the smaller girl like a cloak. Now she was utterly naked before her friend. “Go get it,” Anna ordered, giving her butt a playful tap.

At once the little munchkin scurried off.

The vial of potion was on the bottom shelf of her medicine cabinet. Michelle strained, found that even at her maximum height she couldn’t reach. Anna, who had been following along behind, scoffed at her efforts. The taller woman stood on tip toe, swatting with her hand…and was also too short to reach. 

Unthinking, Michelle laughed – and immediately clamped her hand over her mouth in horror.

Anna turned, her expression death. Arms crossed over her chest, she stood toe-to-toe with Michelle, glaring at her with more authentic anger than she had ever seen on Anna’s face.

“I’m sorry! I’m SORRY! You’re still bigger! You ARE! But, you…small too and…it…it was funny….” 

Her taller friend opened the cabinet under the sink, stood on the ledge, gripped the faucet for support. She looked absolutely ridiculous, but humor was the last thing on Michelle’s mind. A couple of swipes, and Anna just barely managed to grasp the bottle with the tips of her fingers. She began to unscrew the cap. “Drink,” she commanded darkly.

The miniscule blonde hesitated, looking at the dropper full of thick, absinthe-colored liquid. “Um. How…how much smaller do you want me?”

Anna looked like she wanted to simply stick the whole tube in Michelle’s mouth, and squeeze. 

“It’s really powerful,” Michelle said timidly. “I could shrink to nothing.”

Anna took a deep breath. Then another. “How much…” she began, speaking very slowly. “…did you take earlier tonight?”

“Three drops.”

Eyes still narrowed, the larger woman held out the dropper. “Open.”

Michelle did, closing her eyes. The potion, when it came, was bitter. It evaporated quickly on her tongue, giving it an astringent quality that was not entirely unpleasant. She counted the drops. One. Two. A long paused. Finally, a third.

Anna made her brush her teeth afterward, watching her rinse thoroughly to make sure every stray drop was gone. By the time she finished, she could already feel herself changing. Anna reached out, taking her by the hand. In the other, she held the bottle.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Following the Recipe - Pt. 3


Anna was silent as they were led to their table, were handed their menus, informed of the specials. Michelle couldn’t resist making near-continuous eye contact, a constant I-told-you-so to her slowly growing ex-roommate. For once Anna actually looked SHY. She chewed her lip, fidgeting nervously with her dress as she watched Michelle slowly dwindle. 

 It was after they’d ordered drinks when she finally spoke. “So. Magic, huh?”

Michelle buttered a slice of bread. “Uh-huh. There’s not a lot of money in it. But there ARE benefits.” She tugged at her increasingly loose collar for emphasis. The experience of shrinking…she hadn’t expected it to feel so damn GOOD! It was a bit like being drunk, though without any loss of function or wherewithal. Her senses of touch and smell seemed sharper. And earlier, when Anna had purred sensually in her ear, it had been all she could do to not scream with pleasure.

“Hm. Neat. So you’re ACTUALLY going to get small, then? Like MUCH smaller than me. Five feet even? Wow. That’s small enough that I basically get to have my way with you, isn’t it? How interesting.” 

Under the table, the edge of Anna’s heel brushed against Michelle’s calve. It was slow and deliberate, a sudden bite against her sensitive skin. The heel went on, pressing higher, harder. Michelle whimpered. The butter knife slipped from her grasp, clattering on the table. And just like that her moment of smug victory was over. 

“You know, I ALWAYS had a crush on you back at school.” Anna didn’t bother to keep her voice down as she accepted her cocktail from the waiter. “The physical stuff sure – you’re DEFINITELY my type, minus the whole Giganta thing. But besides that. You have this quiet, unassuming confidence that I find VERY attractive…yet you manage to be shy around me, even when you’re fully a head taller. I think about what might have been sometimes. If our tastes in, ah, STATURES hadn’t been mutually exclusive.”


“But then, you found a way to address that, didn’t you? That satisfies BOTH our needs. And going so far as to have your height made-to-order? Letting me TELL you how small to get? I can’t imagine a finer gift for my particular sensibilities.”


Michelle was having a hard time following this conversation as anything other than a series of warm emotions. That ‘slightly-drunk’ feeling was getting stronger. Anna’s heel was well past the hem of her skirt now. She was incredibly conscious of how oversized her panties were growing, of the soft kiss of fresh air against her nether regions, of how easy it would be for the tip of that heel to slip past.

“God Michelle, I can actually SEE you shrinking.” Anna leaned closer, still speaking in full voice. “You’re already shorter than I ever was. Are you SURE you aren’t going to be five feet tall until after dinner? Because at this rate….”

Michelle moaned. And shrank, in a sudden, dramatic burst. Several heads turned in their direction, as the dwindling girl lost three inches of height in the space of as many heartbeats. 

“Holy shit!” both girls said, in unison.

“That’s…okay. Unexpected. Am I done? I’m not still shrinking, am I? After that?”

Slowly, Anna nodded. She sipped her drink. “Even faster. I think you MIGHT have taken a little overdose, sweetie. No matter. Tiny is a SUPER cute look on you – the smaller the better as far as I’m concerned. Plus I can TELL how good it must feel. Your cheeks are all flushed. You have this delightful look of embarrassed need in your eyes. Plus that shirt is getting way, WAY….”

Anna’s monologue was suddenly interrupted when she, too, moaned. And shrank. Not as much as Michelle had. But enough. Her perfectly tailored dress hung loose around her shoulders, her large breasts no longer supported by the taut fabric.

The restaurant was very quiet now. Every other patron was either watching them, or scrupulously NOT watching.

“Bathroom. Now!” Anna hissed.

Michelle helped support her taller friend, who was suddenly having quite a bit of trouble walking in those enormous platforms of hers. Though come to think of it, she was having problems of her own. Even her simple ballet flats were barely staying on her feet. She had to consciously flex her toes and ankles with each step, dragging them along more than walking in them. It was a constant tripping hazard. Michelle guessed she was about 5’4” now – the height of a NORMAL person. The idea was thrilling, in a way. To be average. For the time being, with her heels, Anna had a full head of height on her. But with BOTH of them apparently dwindling now, there was no way to tell how long that would last.

In the bathroom, the taller woman ran straight to the mirror. Michelle locked the door behind, and pulled out her phone.

Michelle: Hey sorry to bother you. Remember that shrinking potion I made?? I finally tried it, was SUPER careful with the dosing. I’m shrinking way faster than I should. Plus my friend is too now??? Ideas?

“What are you doing?” Anna shot a glance over her shoulder, then went back to a panicked assessment of her reflection.

“I’m texting my mist – I mean, Eve. Hopefully she’ll have some advice.”

Anna bit her lip, clamping her hands down on the edge of the sink. Another little pulse of shrinking went through her body. The spaghetti strap of her dress slipped a bit further down her shoulder, as she lost another inch of height. “Like an antidote? Tell me there’s an antidote!”

“If there is I never learned it. Wait!” she added, as Anna’s face contorted in anger. “It wears off! It’s like a twenty-four hour kind of thing? Okay? What, did you think I wanted to be tiny for the rest of my LIFE?”

Her shrinking friend relaxed a little at this. She took a deep breath. “Well. Actually.”

“You sound disappointed.” Michelle smirked, then balled her hands into fists as she, too, shrank again. Deciding to give up on her increasingly giant footwear, she stepped out of her flats. She flexed her toes, and walked barefoot across the cold tile floor to stand beside her friend. Now the top of her head just barely cleared Anna’s shoulder.

“I STILL didn’t sign on to shrink tonight,” Anna grumbled. “The idea was for YOU to be the little one.”

“You’re still bigger than me,” Michelle said quietly.

Anna cocked her head, in surprise. The corner of her mouth turned up slightly. “You know….”

Just then Michelle’s phone chirped.

“What’d she say?”

“Hold on.” Michelle frowned. “That I probably didn’t have the cork on all the way, and some of the potion evaporated. So it was too concentrated.” The phone buzzed again. Michelle blushed. She typed in reply.


“I guess…sometimes. Contact can spread it. If it happens too soon after you take your dose. Like, mouth-to-mouth.”

“Mouth…oh.” Anna gave a guilty little laugh, and ruffled her friend’s hair. “I guess I DID kind of pounce on you, huh?”

“Yeah….” The phone chirped again. Michelle sighed, then read aloud. “’I’ve got my own little visitor this weekend. Don’t bother me again unless it’s an emergency. Have fun you two! Kissy emoji, water drop emoji, eggplant emoji.’”

“Sounds like you have a fun working environment.” Anna grunted, as she shrank again. Her expression looked less pained this time. Michelle took her hand. Anna gave her a squeeze. “Do you have any idea how small I’m going to get?” Her voice had a petulant, almost childish quality.

“No. You’ll probably shrink less than I will, if that’s any consolation. Then again, I started out a WHOLE lot bigger….”

Anna scowled. “Okay. But!” She took Michelle by the shoulders, stood behind her, made her face the mirror. It was mounted high, and the smaller woman was shocked to find she could only just see the top half of her face. “When we came in, you were all the way up to the bottom of my chin.” Anna held her hand there to demonstrate. The position was several inches above the top of Michelle’s head. She dropped it slowly, giving the smaller girl a skritch. “Now? You’re barely up to my shoulders, cutie. Face it. Even if we’re both shrinking? You’re still shrinking FASTER.”

“You’re still in your heels, though!”

Her friend pursed her lips, considering this. With a dramatic sigh, she finally stepped out of her platforms – no need to even loosen the straps. She flexed her ankle, visibly relieved. Anna’s height had dropped precipitously. She was actually on the SHORT side for a woman. Even so, Michelle could see in the mirror that her head was only level with the taller girl’s eyes.

“I may be short,” Anna growled. “But as long as I stay taller than YOU? I think I’ll manage.”

Anna kissed her then, touching her on the chin, making her crane her neck to meet her lips. She was clearly in no hurry, took her time to let Michelle melt into it. Her tongue teased, finally daring to slip into the smaller girl’s mouth. Michelle wasn’t surprised when another surge of pleasure announced she was shrinking again. Anna held her tighter, squeezing, almost as if it was the pressure that was forcing Michelle smaller. Hands at her side slipped delicately under her much-too-large button-up, past the waistband of her skirt.

“Okay?” Anna breathed.

Michelle nodded emphatically.

A large, soft hand drifted lower on her body. Her panties were impossibly huge on her now. Anna used the tip of her finger to nudge them, drawing a line around her hip, until they gave way and fell to pool at her feet. Michelle spread her legs obediently, leaning more of her weight against the suddenly Amazonian girl, painfully aware of how fast she was shrinking now. Anna scratched fingernails through the smooth curls of Michelle’s pubic hair, reaching lower…and lower….

The knob of the bathroom door jiggled suddenly. From outside, there came a polite little knock. “Just a minute!” Anna called sweetly.

Michelle opened her eyes. She couldn’t even see her own reflection now – just Anna, smirking down at her. The girl was a giant! Michelle’s eyes were only JUST level with the long valley of her cleavage. It was quite a sight from this angle, especially since Anna was having a rather severe wardrobe malfunction. At some point during the kiss she’d obviously done some shrinking of her own.

“God, I can’t be much more than four and a half feet tall.” Michelle tightened her skirt to its maximum, set to work rolling up her sleeves. “I don’t know HOW I’m going to get through dinner after that.” 

Anna tied off her dress, tucking her hilariously large shoes under her arm. “You know it’s the darndest thing? I’m not hungry anymore.” 

“Yeah…. Um. Do you, w-want to go back to my place?” Michelle’s voice was small, and very hopeful.

“Oh, but you know what I AM in the mood for? Dancing! And there’s a club just down the street. I saw it on the ride in!”

Michelle gave a panicked little laugh. “You want…but everyone will see me!”

“Uh-huh! And you’ll probably get even SMALLER too. But I want to show you off to the whole WORLD. To have everyone see me with my cute. Little. Girlfriend.”

It was the final word that won her over. Swallowing, Michelle took Anna’s hand, and let the giant girl lead her on.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Following the Recipe - Pt. 2

The train ride into the city was long, and Anna had plenty of time to think about Michelle's odd little long-form roleplay. The scenery in this part of the country was dull, all grey brick and suburban decay. As so often happened lately, she pulled out her phone to re-read the same conversation, to try to make sense of it. Revisiting it gave her a giddy little thrill. Michelle was just an endless treasure trove of weird lately. Anna decided this time to go all the way back to the beginning. It took her nearly ten minutes of scrolling. The timestamp was from almost a year ago.

Fri, June 21, 5:42pm 

Michelle: Hey, so hypothetically. If I told you magic was real and I was learning to do it, would you think I was crazy?

Anna: I would think you were 200% crazy. I would think you were two DIFFERENT crazy people at once.

Michelle: OK

Wed, June 26, 12:17pm

Michelle: It is, though.

What followed was an image of a green-haired Michelle, with a gaudy blue aura around her head. She was holding a disgusting little amphibian, and was actually KISSING.

Michelle: I made dis frog 🤣

Anna: Been getting into Photoshop huh?

Radio silence for a few days. Then....

Anna grimaced. The next bit was her ugly breakup with Thomas, the long conversations she’d had with Michelle in the aftermath. She flicked her thumb for a while, making it go away. 

Michelle: Want me to turn him into a goose?

Anna: No lol why a goose? They're MEAN and have too many teeth.

Michelle: Ya but everyone hates them.

More Photoshopped pictures. Michelle with body-builder muscles. Michelle with oddly metallic skin. Michelle doing duck-face with breasts easily as big as her head (Anna had saved THAT one.) She'd never known her old roommate to be any good at digital art, but these edits were pretty good. Except, in some of them, there was a weird green blur in the background. Some kind of editing artifact, she supposed. Then....

Tues, Jan 7, 3:19pm

Michelle: I DID IT! I DID IT!

A selfie of Michelle, winking at the lens like an anime character. She was sweat-stained and covered in soot, and was holding a small vial filled with what looked like green maple syrup.

Michelle: This is TOTALLY for real SHRINKING potion! 🔲🔲🔲 says I did a great job!

Michelle: Just imagine me SHORTER than you. 🤤 Like, a LOT shorter.

Anna: You know, if you want to fuck that bad, you can ASK. No need for all the make-believe.

Thurs, Jan 23, 5:02pm

Anna: Didn't mean to scare you off.

Sat, Jan 25, 8:00am

Michelle: You didn't

By now Anna was in her hotel, hanging half off the edge of the bed, her bare feet kicking anxiously in the air as she read. This section always made her feel a little guilty..

Anna: OK

Anna: You know how I feel about it.

Michelle: Not really

Michelle: We never talked

Michelle: We tried. You got mad at me.

Anna: You LAUGHED though. Sorry. That's always going to piss me off.

Sat, 12:16pm

Michelle: Sorry.

Michelle: I won't last next time.

Michelle: *laugh

Michelle: If there is a next time.

Michelle: If you could have me at any height, what height would you want?

Michelle: How tall was that one girl? Bitsy?

Anna: Betty. I don't know.

Betty was 4'11". Anna had met her in the stadium that day, back when she and Michelle were roommates. Was it the title game? She couldn't remember. The crowd was big though. The girl was shy and submissive, sitting in the row behind Anna, her t-shirt a full size too big. In her pumps, Anna was over a foot taller. A flirty apology for blocking her view, a few kind words – that was all it took. Of COURSE Betty wanted to be her date to the after-party. 

Was it her intention to make Michelle jealous? At the time she didn’t think so, even if she was aware it would detract a LITTLE from their star player’s victory celebration. 

Oh, well. Maybe it WAS kind of a dick move….

Sat, 2:19pm

Michelle: OK. Well Yuan was 6'7". I DID ask.

Anna: You're such a size-slut.  

Michelle: Yeah....

Anna: How did you always seem to end up with the tallest girl on the other team?? Please sensei, teach me your secrets! 

Anna could recall how it felt, when she watched her roommate walk into the party. The party THEY had planned together. With that GIANTESS on her arm – the one famous for being among the tallest in the league. How the night was instantly ruined. That little smirk on Michelle's face when their eyes met from across the room.

Sat, 4:03pm

Anna: If you were smaller tho? If I got to choose? Maybe not as small as Betty. She was too fragile.

Michelle: Yeah....

Everyone at the party had heard HOW fragile, that night. After Betty and Yuan had not-so subtly snuck off together. Michelle had rushed to turn the music up loud, to drown out the tiny girl's screams. Later, upon emerging all ruffled and wide-eyed, two dozen people had given the mis-matched couple a round of applause. Yuan had bowed. Betty caught a cab.

The laughter happened later. When the house was empty and trashed. Michelle and Anna, in a cramped little bed together. They’d moved there from the couch. Was that ten minutes ago? An hour? It was a pleasant, pink-colored blur. Michelle had lifted from on top of her smaller roommate, was stripping. Anna made an idle comment. Something about this violating her rule about sleeping with people taller than her. Michelle smirked, and made an ill-advised joke. Something about not usually settling for tiny girls. Anna, 5'9" and particularly sensitive to slights of her stature, had stormed off to fetch her biggest, tallest pair of heels. They hadn't come close to evening the gap. 

They both knew the laugh was a mistake. Michelle had bitten it back almost at once. The night was over. It was the last time they’d ever fooled around.

Mon, Jan 27, 10:58am

Anna: 5' would be a good height for you.

Michelle: Yeah....

Anna was in a cab now. The auburn-haired beauty paused in re-reading the exchange, using her camera to check her makeup. It was perfect, she knew. She just wanted to see again. She dropped the angle, making sure the dress was displaying her assets properly. It was dangerous to go without a bra, but if the night were headed where she hoped, probably worth the risk.

There were long exchanges about what it would be like, to have Michelle at that height. Exactly what Anna would DO with her. Anna's statements tended to start with 'If.' Michelle's, with 'when.' The first few bits were cute - helping the smaller girl shop for new dresses to accentuate her tiny stature. How to pick out elegant and refined solutions for making sure she could always reach the top shelf. Michelle remarking how many more steps she was sure to take in a day, how nice it would be to have someone to rub her tired little feet. That had turned into their first true roleplay. With time, things had become more...explicit. Well, who could blame her, Anna thought. She’d been single for MONTHS now. 

Anna scrolled down, and DOWN, welcoming the feeling of heat in her chest, the faint tightening in her throat that always came with revisiting these sessions. Abruptly she hit bottom. Anna sighed happily to herself, and started to type.

Anna: You small yet?

The reply came back at once.

Michelle: Just started. It’s REALLY nice.

Anna: I’m almost there.

Her car pulled up in front of Michelle’s building. Anna’s lips curled as she felt herself slip effortlessly into the proper domme headspace for tonight. Her black evening dress fluttered behind her. It was sheer down the back and bare at the legs. VERY expensive, but well worth it tonight, to feel like a sex-witch. The shoes didn’t hurt THAT effect either. Platforms, with thin, dangerously sharp heels. It turned out if you wanted them REALLY tall, leather shops were your friend. They increased her already impressive height by fully eight inches. They required a bit of practice before she felt confident going outside in them, but DAMN. The way people on the street looked at her, three parts terror, two parts desire. The way they got out of her way, and STAYED out. She felt like a goddamn goddess in these shoes.

Hopefully Michelle was in a supplicating sort of mood.

It seemed so. The way Michelle opened the door – timid and slow, as if she expected there was a monster behind it. At the moment, Anna was feeling QUITE monstrous. “Hey cutie.” She spent a moment appreciating the two inch height advantage her heels gave her. It was the first time she had ever found herself looking DOWN at her Amazonian friend.

“Hey yourself,” Michelle replied, stepping back to let Anna enter the apartment. They looked each other up and down. “You look…really nice.”

“So do you. I always liked the ‘good girl’ aesthetic on you. Nice pleats on that skirt by the way. School uniform surplus?”

“No.” Michelle crossed her arms defensively over her chest. “I checked. They didn’t have anything in my size. It’s cut down from a kilt, if you really want to know. Did it myself, special for tonight.” She spun in her flats, allowing the garment to flutter prettily. 

“I’LL say it’s cut down.” Anna caught her friend by the hand, stopping her mid-twirl. Their eyes met. “Hey.” 

They kissed, coming together as if whatever fundamental force had kept them apart for so long had finally collapsed. Anna pressed down, emphasizing her superior height, and Michelle gave a soft little whimper from the back of her throat. She dipped lower, apparently bending her knees to emphasize the effect of being smaller. It was smooth, practiced. Anna grinned. Michelle had clearly put thought into this. Oh, tonight was going to be FUN. 

She let the kiss go on for perhaps a dozen seconds, until her ‘shorter’ friend was getting handsy, on the verge of taking things too far. Too far for so early in the evening, at least.

“What about the fitted shirt?” Anna asked, pulling out her phone to check her makeup. It was ColorStay, made for this sort of activity. Still perfect. “Did you make that yourself too? It looks a little loose on you.”

Michelle laughed nervously. “It was custom.”

“CUSTOM? But then…oh.” Anna raised one eyebrow. Michelle hid her face. Of course. All part of the roleplay. Her friend had gone so far as to get a custom top specifically to be just a LITTLE too large. Impressive. Those things weren’t cheap.

Arm-in-arm they walked down to the street, Michelle bubbly, handbag swinging, Anna more demure. She opened the cab door for her date, all slow burn and chivalry. The driver glanced at the two of them without interest. His phone already displayed their route. He spoke quietly into a headset, too low to understand.

“So,” Anna said conversationally. “You’re shrinking.”

Michelle nodded, beaming.

“And you’re going to get how small?”

“Five feet tall, just like you asked. Eve helped me measure the potency – I was very precise.”

Anna cocked her head. “Who’s Eve?”

“My um, gosh.” She laughed self-consciously. “Not my boss.  I guess the right word is ‘mistress,’ huh? But I’m SURE I texted you about her.”

“Doesn’t ring a bell.” She settled in, slipping her arm around Michelle, tilting her head so she could press her lips softly against the rim of her ear. “You know, we’ve been talking about this for months,” she purred. “But I’ve never asked. Why is this such a turn-on for you?”

Michelle shifted uncomfortably in her seat, but didn’t pull away. She took a deep, shuddering breath. “It wasn’t. I mean, not at first. You kind of MADE it that way though. With all those texts. At first I just wanted to be able to date more easily. You know how hard it is to find people TALLER than me. And most of them are assholes.”

Anna nodded, her nose brushing against Michelle’s neck. “You stayed with Tyler for almost a year, and as far as I could tell his ONLY redeeming quality was that he was the tallest guy on the basketball team.”

“His cock was okay too.” Michelle gave a shaking little exhale as if remembering.

Anna squeezed her leg. “Ooo SOMEONE’S getting all stirred up.”

Her friend nodded emphatically. 

“Well,” Anna breathed. “It’s infectious. Maybe we’re both just thirsty. I haven’t been with anyone since Thomas, and honestly, he was a little lack-luster even at the best of times. It’s a sadly common trait among short guys. Though he DID do as he was told.”

Michelle took Anna’s hand, squeezing it hard. She was actually trembling. “I…haven’t dated since Lisa, and that’s been almost two years. I loved her but, the height thing. I just couldn’t compromise.”

“I’m sorry,” Anna said. “I didn’t mean to bring up anything painful.”

“It’s not. I’m okay. Anyway. YOU’RE here now.”

“That’s right,” Anna replied, pulling her closer. “I’M here. And with these shoes of mine, you get to feel extra-special small for me tonight. So let’s pretend that you’re shrinking, sweetie. When we get home, I PROMISE I know how to make you feel absolutely. Positively. Tiny.” Anna nibbled softly on her earlobe, ended by tugging gently.

Michelle moaned loud enough to make the driver glance at them in the mirror. The car was starting to smell distinctly of perfume and musk. “One thing though….”

“What’s that?” Anna growled.

The car pulled up to the curb. Anna thanked the driver. He grunted. She followed her friend, stepping out onto the sidewalk, conscious to keep weight on her toes as she lifted up to her full height in her heels. Anna went to take Michelle by the shoulders, fully intending to kiss the girl speechless right there on the street corner. But Michelle was distracted, adjusting several little clasps along her skirt. She looked up at Anna, a guilty smile on her face.

Anna just stared.

Michelle posed, holding up her arms over her head so that the cuffs of her enormous shirt slipped up nearly to her elbows. She dropped them to her sides, let the sleeves hang loose over her hands. She twirled in place, nearly stepping out of her shoes, a giddy smile on her face.

“You’re –”

“Shrinking,” Michelle agreed. “What would you say, about five eleven?” She made a show of measuring herself against her suddenly MUCH taller date. The top of her head didn’t even quite reach Anna’s mouth. She stood on tip-toe, gave the woman a quick, chaste kiss. “On my way to five feet. I won’t QUITE get there during dinner.” She looked down at her feet, suddenly shy. “But I can’t wait for dessert.” 

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Following the Recipe - Pt. 1

This was a fun little commission I did awhile back, and it occurs to me that I never got around to posting it to this blog.  Likely because it pre-dates it by at least a couple of months.  This piece is a favorite of mine.  It's got it all: a gradual, slow-burn, f/f shrink fight, with lots of tension and gentle powerplay.  Not only that, but I was even able to work my own, witchy OC Eve into the works.  I should really write more about her....

Tags: f/f, NSFW, slow shrink, sizes >18 inches, light BDSM restraint and breathplay, light shoe and footplay, light dub-con

Following the Recipe - Pt. 1

When people asked Michelle what she did for a living, she always replied the same way. “Oh. I work in an office. I guess?” It was a non-descript answer, but then, it was a non-descript job. She answered phones. She processed payments. She entertained clients. This last involved tacitly allowing them to hit on her, while they waited in the lobby: flirting, but nimbly preventing things from going too far. 

It was an artform, and, being nimble in many senses of the word, one for which she was well-suited. She was tall and attractive and extremely good at what she did. People tended to flock to her, which was okay, to a point. Michelle had been the captain of her college’s Division Two volleyball team: a minor celebrity, in a very narrow circle. She was used to having fans and admirers. As such, deflecting the advances of strangers came naturally.

They’d ask about her personal life. “I’m single, but really I’m focused on my career now.” Or about her height. “I’m six foot four, and believe me it’s more trouble than its worth.” The game was to keep the conversational ball in the air, until the little red light went on behind her desk. The older men made this most challenging, were the hardest to put off. The women were the easiest. Most of THEM just stared at her in awe, and many would even stammer when she offered them coffee, which was adorable. She’d even considered giving some of them her number, but this was probably frowned upon. Plus they were all too short for her.

Eventually the light would come on. “Eve will see you now,” she’d say, or, “Right this way,” or if she was feeling feisty, “Come with me.” In the back, past rows of cubes and copiers, was a small office with a mosaic glass window. Michelle would hold the door for them. And that was it. Once in a while she was called to escort them out again, but this was rare. Usually it was the older men. Most, she simply never saw again.

It was late one Friday when all this changed. Michelle had just finished sending a payment to yet another home renovation company, when the red light came on. She looked up on muscle memory, expecting to see a client waiting, perhaps one she’d forgotten. There was none. What is a Pavlovian dog supposed to do, she wondered, if the bell rings and there was no one to feed her?

Michelle did the only thing that made sense. She went back through the empty office space, to the mosaic glass door. She knocked.

“Come in!” a sweet voice called.

She was four steps across the threshold before she realized she’d never seen into Eve’s office before. It wasn’t what she expected – but then, it suddenly occurred to her that she’d never thought to expect ANYTHING from it. The room was cavernous, with a high glass ceiling and polished stone walls going far off in either direction. Everywhere there were plants. Tall palms and low ferns, fragrant bushes and flowers she couldn’t hope to identify. They didn’t seem to be potted either, but growing up from bare soil, as if someone had stripped a hole in the foundation. 

Michelle pushed her way through the strange little jungle, trying to make sense of what she was seeing. She could barely see the other side of the room through holes in the foliage; it must take up the better part of a city block! But there was another storefront next door. On either side in fact. And the sun shouldn’t be coming through the skylight this time of day. With the new condos across the street, this whole neighborhood should be in shadow.

“This way, dear. Take a left past the willow.”

Michelle stepped over a bundle of roots, found a gravel path in the dirt. She followed it. At the end, in a bright little clearing, sat a woman. She was behind a desk strewn with papers, a laptop hanging precariously off one corner. She was pale and pretty, with long black hair that trailed down nearly to her waist, and she was tapping distractedly on her phone.


The woman smiled, setting the device aside. “Ah, you must be Michelle. Have a seat.” She pointed at a chair that Michelle was certain hadn’t been there a moment before.

She hesitated, studying the woman up and down, sensing a trap. “You’re my boss?” 

“If you want to use the term, sure.” The woman, dropped her elbows to the desk, and her chin to her hands. She twirled one well-manicured finger toward the seat encouragingly. “I just had to get a look at you. You’re making QUITE an impression on our clients.”

Michelle warily took the offered seat. “That’s a...good thing, right?”

“Mmm, yes and no. In general? It’s something I admire. But for your role at our company? It is DEFINITELY frowned upon.”

“I’m sorry,” she responded instinctively. “It didn’t mean to…”

Eve waved her hand dismissively. “No, no, it’s my fault. A problem with the recruitment I suppose. I wanted someone competent, and extremely attractive. You’re BLONDE too, so all that came though just fine. I thought I specified someone unassuming, though….”

She could feel hot blood rushing to her cheeks. Michelle tried not to get angry. “You SPECIFIED? I don’t remember ‘unassuming’ in the job description.”

“What DO you remember? From the job description, sweetie?”

Michelle stared. She suddenly felt cold.

“Nothing huh? What about your first day, then? Any anecdotes from your on-the-job training? Someone MUST have told you my name at some point, at least? Who was it?” Eve’s eyes twinkled green in the afternoon light. “Nobody. Huh? Like you ALWAYS knew?”

“What ARE you?” Michelle asked suddenly.

Eve nodded emphatically, pounding the table with her fist. “Great question! I’m a witch, of course. Or, well, that’s a good a term as any. You could call me a genie too, I guess? The concepts overlap, and neither is accurate.” She tapped her chin with her finger, thinking. “Okay. So, it’s like this. People come to me. They WANT things. They say words, though usually the words aren’t important. It’s the WANT see? We negotiate a price. And then...things change for them. Sometimes even for the better.”

Michelle did her best to act as if she’d understood this. She affected a casually lean against the desk, while inside she felt her life crashing to ruin. “So uh, tell me then. Eve. Why does a witch need a personal assistant?”

Eve laughed, the sound like the tinkling of a dozen tiny bells. “Oh, you aren’t my ASSISTANT silly. You’re my FAMILIAR!”

Michelle pushed her chair back, rising to her feet. “I’m WHAT?”

“Save you existential crisis.” Eve rolled her eyes. “You’re still YOU. It’s not even a violation of free will, technically. I made a spell to summon the appropriate person. Someone capable yet unobtrusive, who could fade into the background while doing the necessary, boring parts of my job. YOU showed up. So let’s investigate that, shall we? Because as much as I appreciate your work ethic, you’ve been making my life harder.” The witch leaned back, contemplating the impossible sunlight reflecting from above. “They aren’t thinking about anything, when you escort them back here, see? Except YOU. Half want to date you. The others want to BE you. Tall, and confident, and commanding. All the HOURS I’ve wasted getting them back on task....”

“Sorry,” Michelle whimpered.

“I said save it.” Eve softened. “Here. Let’s figure this out. Look at me.”

Michelle did. The witch came around to her side of the desk. The woman was much shorter than she’d been expecting – though Eve WAS a bit on the tall side for a woman, she supposed. Then again, most EVERYONE was shorter than Michelle. 

Eve stood toe to toe with her now. She took each of Michelle’s hands in hers, studied her palms, then the backs of her hands. Her expression was appraising, yet there was an affectionate sort of curiosity as well. The look of someone trying to find a reason not to throw away a beloved but moth-eaten old sweater. “You’re very tall.”

“I’m six foot four, and it’s more trouble than it’s worth,” Michelle responded without thinking.

Eve nodded, grinning a toothy grin. “Oh yeah? Why’s that?”

She discarded her stock reply for when the conversation took this path, thought about the question for perhaps the first time in years. Eve inspected a stand of Michelle’s hair, rubbing the ends between both palms, sniffing it. Michelle grit her teeth, trying to ignore the treatment. “It gives me certain advantages. On the court, it definitely did. In real life…it makes people take you seriously. But….” Michelle suddenly yelped as Eve gave her hair a sharp little tug. “Can I HELP you with something?”

“No, no, don’t mind me. Magic stuff, you know.” She pointed toward the floor, at Michelle’s sensible ballet flats. “Take one of those off. The left one. Your sock too. And put your foot on my desk.” Michelle did, feeling foolish. Eve ran the tip of her finger along the blade of her foot, her lips pursed thoughtfully. This continued, Eve’s movements an odd mix of clinical and sensual, until the witch found a point that made Michelle’s whole leg give an involuntary jerk. She nodded approvingly. “Other foot now. You were saying?”

Michelle sighed loudly, but obeyed. “I was SAYING, that being tall tends to attract unwanted attention. It makes SOME people treat you with undue familiarity….”

“Mmm,” Eve agreed, her face two inches from Michelle’s big toe.

“…while others get scared away. And it tends to warp your perceptions, too. Who’s worth your time. Who isn’t. Let’s just say…when I was younger, I made some choices that I regret. A lot of it had to do with being tall. I’d rather not go into details right now.”

“Ah. Don’t want to get too personal with your boss, huh?” Eve was fishing a set of calipers out of her drawer.

Michelle finally had enough. She stepped away from the shorter woman, crossing her arms overher chest. “This? Whatever it is? It’s done.”

Eve stuck out her tongue. “Oh you’re no fun. Anyway I’ve almost got what I want. One last question: would you change it?” 

“Working for a witch? Jesus, probably.”

Eve laughed. “That’s not what I meant. Don’t dodge that question.” She sat back down, putting her kitten heel-clad feet on the desk. “Being tall. Michelle. If I could fix it for you? Would you want that?”

For a long time, Michelle didn’t say anything. Eve let the silence play out, grinning wolfishly at her.

When she spoke, her voice was barely above a whisper. “You…you could really do that? Couldn’t you?”

The witch’s nod was barely perceptible. Her eyes were terrifyingly bright and green. Somewhere, water dripped from a high forest branch.

“But,” Eve said. “I won’t.”

“Why not?” Michelle whined, disappointment evident in her voice.

“Because it helps to have GOALS, sweetie. Something to drive us. If you’re going to be my apprentice, I want you to have something to WORK toward.”

The taller girl threw herself into her chair, pouting.  “But I’m NOT a witch!” she said to the ceiling.

“Nope. But do you wanna be? It’s like, I don’t know, eighty-five percent horticulture? And the other fifteen isn’t hard, if you’ve got talent. I’m quite sure you do, by the way.” Eve dimpled. “I was worried, for a bit, that I’d messed up that spell. But I forgot that I left a LITTLE room for interpretation. So maybe you aren’t as unassuming as I wanted. Unless I miss my guess, you’re QUITE a bit more capable.”

“How’s the pay?” Michelle groaned, still limp in her chair.

“Stinks. Let’s focus more on the benefits package.”

She looked up at this, studying the witch with a wary expression. “You’re really going to teach me to do magic? To make, like, a shrinking potion?”

“That’s a LITTLE advanced. You aren’t even in kindergarten yet. Think more like, Potion of Slightly Redder Hair. Anti-hangnail tinctures. But what you’re after? I promise you, it’s not too far down the road.”

Michelle sighed. “Can I have the weekend to think it over?”

“Oh yeah, totally! But you don’t need it, do you? Special talent, you see?” She tapped the side of her head, then smirking, offering her hand. “I can tell when people have made up their minds.”

Michelle sighed louder this time. And took Eve’s hand

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Rose's Favorite Pizza


Something very different from my usual fare.  A safe for work (gasp!) Steve Universe fan fiction.  No size-y elements, except, you know, Rose is eight feet tall.

**Begin Steven Universe spoilers**

I've been thinking a lot lately about Rose and Greg's relationship.  By my own reckoning, they dated for at least four years, possibly longer.  We get to see the early stages of their relationship in a few episodes, and the very end in the video Rose made for Steven.  But what I keep wondering about, is what that relationship looked like two or three years in.  

Tags: Safe for work, Steven Universe spoilers, controversial pizza toppings, romance, maybe a bit of a tear-jerker

Rose's Favorite Pizza

“Aw geez.”

There were two of them this time.  Strands of hair as long as his forearm, curled around the bathtub drain.  Greg frowned, fished them out, then realized the bathroom didn’t have a garbage can.  He considered asking Rose to make one. Instead, he flicked the hairs back into the tub, and figured it was as good a place as any.

She was smirking at him sidelong the moment he opened the bathroom door. The blue light of the television cast weird shadows on her immensity, as she sat cross-legged in bed.  “You’re different,” she said seductively.

“Well yeah, I guess I am. I’m losing my hair.”

Rose dimpled.  “I know.  Isn’t it amazing?”

“I don’t suppose the Gems have some kind of, I don’t know.  Head.  Fixing.  Magic.  Potion?”

She laughed, in that faintly dismissive way of hers.  “That’s not how it works and you know it. Hasn’t Pearl given you her whole, ‘conscious manifestation of light,’ spiel?”

“I guess maybe she has,” he admitted, scratching the back of his neck.  “I really just heard, ‘magic space ladies.’”

“I love you,” she purred. The full weight of her attention fell on him, and she beckoned him closer. 

“I love you too. And you promise that’s not going to change when I’m bald?”

“Of course not!”  The giant woman smiled at him as he sat at her feet.  Rose’s expressions could be a lot sometimes, when she looked at you from up close like this.  Partly because she was big, sure. But she just always looked so gosh darn happy. It made his stomach flutter. He’d never gotten used to it. And sometimes it could go on for hours, with her just watching him, grinning from ear to ear, adoring his every move.  Of course she watched lots of stuff that way.  Butterflies, infomercials, half-eaten hot dogs. It didn’t change how it felt when she looked at you.

“Do humans usually get so sad about the loss of a few little spindle proteins?” she asked.

“I mean, some of us, yeah.  You have to understand though, my hair is kind of a big deal.  It’s like, these gorgeous locks used to get me all the babes, back when I was on tour.  I was a real chick magnet.  It got to where I could hardly even focus on the music, I was so busy breaking hearts. That’s why I finally had to settle down with you, lucky lady.”  Greg shot her a pair of finger guns.

Rose smiled beatifically at him, not moving a muscle.

He broke.  “Yeah. I’m a little worried.”

“I could get rid of some of my hair.  I’ll reform with a little less. One of the Gems could poof me, unless you’d rather do it? Would that make you feel better?”

“What?  No, Rose! That’s terrible!”

Her expression didn’t change, but one of the pink whorls of her hair slipped off her shoulder.  It had taken him a long time to figure it out, but that was the best way to tell what Rose was feeling.  Those smiles of hers had a way of hiding things.  “I’m sorry.  What can I do to fix it?”

“No, I shouldn’t have brought it up.  I didn’t mean to make you sad.”

“I’m not sad. Do you want another back rub?  Or pizza, we could get you a pizza….”

“No, I just….” He sighed.  “It’s silly.”

Her eyes brightened.  “I knew there was something you wanted.  What is it?”

“Could you, I don’t know.  Tell me I’m special?”

Rose smirked. “Is that all Greg? Of course you’re special. And different. You all are.”

“No, no, I mean. I want to know, am I like. Special-special. To you.”

Her hair shrugged gently, which usually meant, ‘I’m confused.’ He watched her think through it, and her expression became reassuring. “You’re one of the most special human beings I’ve ever met.”

Oh boy, he had really stepped in it now. If he was smarter, or better at pretending, maybe he could make her think that was the answer he wanted. She was watching him so close, though. And she wasn’t going to ease up until she thought he was happy.

He swallowed. “Can I ask you about… the others? I mean, the humans you’ve… known?”

The curl beside her right temple flicked. Dangerous topic. 

“Of course,” she said. “What do you want to know?”

“I guess just, do you miss them?”

She laughed, and touched his hand. “What about you, Mr. Heart Breaker? Do you miss any of the dozens of girls you’ve left behind on the road?”

“I’ve literally never even held hands with anyone but you, and you know it. And you’ve been, I mean, dating a lot longer than I have.”

She smirked, dropping her chin into her hands and lowering herself until she filled his vision. His heart did a backflip. “Why, Mr. Universe,” she purred. “You’re not jealous, are you?”

“No!” he squeaked.

“Then why don’t you let me show you just how special I think you are….”

“Rose, I’m going to die someday!”

She sat up abruptly. When Rose smiled, it was overwhelming. When she looked sad, it felt like the world was ending. 

“I know that,” she said. “Is… that why you’re upset? You’re losing your hair, and it reminds you you’re getting old?”

“No.” He thought about how to say it, then took one of her enormous hands in both of his. “You must’ve seen it happen though. So many times.”

Rose bit her lip. She hesitated. Then nodded.

“And just. Do you miss them?”

“Oh Greg.” She shook her head sadly. “Do we really have to talk about this?”

He squeezed her hand. “Please?”

She sat silently for a long time, not meeting his eyes. “Don’t ask me how many,” she said finally. “I’ve lost count of the people I’ve left behind. I don’t even remember their names, most of them. Isn’t that awful? But it’s what I love about human beings. They have their time in the sun, they grow and change. And eventually, they leave. That’s how it’s supposed to be, for your species. If I can make their time a little brighter….”

“You don’t miss them?” His voice was very small.

“I miss all of them,” she said firmly. 

“Rose….” He reached up, and touched her chin. “You can tell me. You know. When you get sad about stuff.”

She shook her head.

“No? Why not?”

“Because. If I spend time thinking about all the reasons I have to be sad, I don’t think I could ever stop. We have… now. This beautiful moment. I just want to appreciate it, and the time I have with you.”

“Anchovies,” he said. 

She looked at him. For once, her expression was completely blank. “Anchovies,” she repeated. 

“Remember when I convinced you to try them, and you told me how you didn’t understand why humans would intentionally put a gross salty fish on perfectly good pizza, and I said not everyone feels that way about anchovies and there’s no accounting for taste, and you said….”

“I remember.”

He took a deep breath. “So. How about this? Knowing that sometimes your pizza is going to have anchovies, makes every other pizza you’ll ever have, better?”

She gave a sad little chuckle. “That’s some very good human wisdom. The only problem with it, is I think I’m already eating the best pizza I’ll ever have.”

He blinked, puzzling out her words. “Wait, really?”

Rose nodded. “Greg. I don’t want to be sad when I’m around you. Because we only have so long together. And I think I’m going to miss you most of all.” 

She reached for him.

“So you do think I’m special-special?” His voice was slightly muffled. 

Rose kissed the top of his head, and stroked his receding hairline. “You’re special-special.”

She held him that way, for a long time. There really was no doubt about it. Rose Quartz gave the best hugs in the known universe. 

Eventually, his attention drifted to the television. Rose had apparently switched channels away from the old B-horror movie they’d been watching when he’d gone to take a shower. 

“Hey, when did we get cable?”

She laughed, and held him tighter. 

The screen was displaying a twenty-four hour news channel. A man in a suit was interviewing a dirty-looking man and woman. There was no sound, but from the big pile of rubble in the background, he guessed there’d been some kind of natural disaster that had claimed their house. Everyone looked pretty upset about it. The woman looked like she was trying not to cry on national TV.

A pair of children ran through the shot. They looked like they were playing some kind of game. There were enormous grins on their faces. Almost as big as the picture perfect smiles that Rose could make, when she was really, truly happy. 

After a few moments, the kids ran by again. It took him a long time to realize that the footage was looping. 

Greg sighed. “Man. Now I do want a pizza.”

The television disappeared in a puff of pink smoke, immediately replaced by a serving dish. A fresh pie steamed in the cool, wispy air. “Ham and pineapple okay?”

“No offense Rosie? But food in here isn’t the most, um, substantial. Do you mind if we go out?”

“Not at all.” The pizza disappeared. 

He let her help him to his feet, stretching. “Wait, shoot. I forgot the local place is closed on Tuesdays.”

Rose smirked. There was another puff of smoke, and a warp pad appeared at their feet. She reached down, offering him a gigantic, perfectly manicured hand. “For good pizza? We can do anything.”

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Emily's Toy - Finale


Chapter Tags: NSFW, giantess, SW, SM, f/m/F, mild painful sex, objectification, bimbofication, hypnosis, unrealistic renovation

Emily's Toy - Finale

Luisa stripped for Henry.  She did this slowly, almost ritualistically.  Emily, tiny and helpless on the bed, had a front row view of the whole process.  The way she slowly lifted her sheer, lacy gown past her hips.  The careful way she raised it over her head, before folding the garment into a neat little square.  The way she teased her fingertips through the fabric of her red, silken panties.  Henry watched her, arms crossed impatiently, saying nothing.  His wife had definitely grown a few inches while playing with Emily, and she seemed a bit more voluptous as well.  But if it had changed their relationship, it was too subtle to detect.  

The two had become absolutely massive, compared to her now.  If she were standing on the floor, she guessed that Luisa’s knee would be roughly at the level of her chest.  And Henry still towered over Luisa, well over a head taller.  

Abruptly, Henry lost patience with Luisa's slow strip tease.  He grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her, her to his chest, began to tug at her bra.  The woman looked started, but pleased.  She held still while her husband stripped off her remaining clothes, and let out a happy little gasp as he pushed her face-down on the bed.  

“See to that,” Henry growled, pointing at Emily.  “I’m going to see to this.”  His giant hand began to work its way up Luisa’s thigh.

The woman let out a happy sigh, luxuriating in his touch for a moment.  Then crawled on her elbows toward the tiny woman.  She pushed Emily backward along the bed, sliding her along until her back pressed against the headboard.  “Spread your legs for me cutie,” she whispered.  “Hold very still.  I don’t want to hurt you.”

The bed lurched, as Henry climbed up to join them.  He reached between Luisa’s thighs, giving her a perfunctory stroke.  Then nodded, seeming to be satisfied.  “Lift,” he remarked, giving the giantess a gentle slap across the ass.

Luisa’s face filled Emily’s vision, as the giant woman grinned.  And obeyed.  A moment later, Luisa's eyebrows narrowed in a mixture of ecstasy and pain.  “Aye, slow down papí!  You’re too big, let me get ready!”

“Shut up,” Henry huffed.  The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room.  “You have a  job.”

Sweat began to pour down Luisa’s face, as she turned her attention back to the tiny Emily.  She whimpered, and groaned, as her enormous fingertips went to work on the smaller woman.  Helping her spread open, tentatively searching inside for the vibrator.  Emily held her breath, trying not to move, praying Luisa wouldn't get distracted and slip.  The scent of sex grew stronger.  She felt her body responding to it, as Luisa’s careful fingers searched for the vibrator.  

The woman was groaning with pleasure now, hair sticking wetly to her forehead.  And still, she was precise in her movements.  At last the tiny woman felt something catch inside her, as the giantess took hold of the vibrator.  Emily braced herself.

Luisa began to pull.  The toy slowly began to inch its way out of her, a millimeter at a time.

The first indication she had that something was different, was a shift in the tone of Luisa’s voice.  No longer high, frantic, on the edge of pain.  She settled down into a calmer, more controlled cadence.  Her voice grew softer, as the toy began to crown its way from Emily’s vagina.  Yet the voice sounded deeper, more powerful.  Emily blinked, trying to focus her eyes.  

Luisa was growing again.

Henry was pounding into his wife harder than ever.  But the more the toy came free, the less concerned Luisa seemed about him.  Her body swelled bigger.  Her legs stretched out along the mattress, slipping over the edge of the bed.  Henry still gripped her, still held her, but with every passing second he seemed to struggle more and more with the growing woman before him.  And both giant and giantess seemed utterly oblivious to the changes that were occurring.

There was a little flare of pain, then a sense of hollow relief.  And then Luisa was holding the toy, looking at it curiously.  “There now sweetie,” she whispered, her voice  comforting and gentle.  “Isn’t that better?”

Emily nodded timidly.  With that infernal vibrator free from her body, she waited for something to change.  For her body to return to normal, for reality to reassert itself.

Luisa grinned at her proudly.  She bent, and gave Emily a soft little kiss just beneath her navel.  Less overtly sexual in this moment – more an expression of pride.  Then the giantess slowly closed her eyes, leaning more of her body back against her husband.  Allowing herself to luxuriate in the sensation of being fucked.  

It was only then that Emily noticed.  With the vibrator still in her hand, Luisa continued to slowly grow.

“Harder please, papí.”

Henry nodded, taking the growing woman by the hips, thrusting himself against her.  His face screwed up with exertion.  Yet Luisa seemed unimpressed with his efforts.  She rolled her eyes, then looked mildly scandalized when she realized Emily had seen this.  The giantess grinned, as if asking that they keep it their little secret.  By now, she was only a few inches shorter than her husband.

Luisa sighed.  “We’ve been such rude hosts, haven’t we papí?" she drawled.  "Making the poor micro-girl perform for us.  Don’t you think we should return the favor?”

“Um.”  Henry took a deep breath, wiping sweat from his brow with the back of his arm.  

“I think so too.  Would you like that, cutie?”

Emily nodded.  Yet even as her body forced the automatic reply from her, an idea occured.  Holding the vibrator had made each of her companions grow in turn.  What if Emily took it back for herself.  Yes, that had to be the key.  The two had stolen so much of her size, but there had to be some left.  Even a little.  There had to be!

Hands shaking, Emily reached out for the toy.  Imploring Luisa to give it to her.  “Please,” she whispered.

Luisa looked at the toy in her hand.  Such a small thing it looked, sitting in her growing palm.  “What’s that?”  She smiled kindly.  “You'd like me to give it back?  Well, how could I say no to someone so cute?”

Emily gestured frantically.  Please.  Please!

Smiling benevolently, Luisa prepared to give her what she wanted.  Until, with the toy only an inch away, the growing woman paused.  "What am I thinking?   You'll need a little lubrication first."  

With a soft smile, the woman slipped the toy into her own mouth.  She began to suckle.  

Her eyes shot open in surprise.

In an instant, she matched her husband in size.  Then her body only continued to swell, growing in every possible proportion, as the man behind her became ever more desperate to try and please a woman well outside his league.  Reality shifted, and the bed changed beneath them.  Growing into a king-size.  Even the comforter altered itself, from a dull, drab brown, into a soft silky red the same color as Luisa's dress earlier in the evening.  

And still she grew, and grew.

Luisa stared down at Emily in wonder.  At long last, she pulled the vibrator from between her lips.  Henry still slammed into her, grunting with the effort, but the woman hardly seemed to notice.  She looked at the little plastic toy in her hand, then at Emily.  A look of understanding on her massive face.

“Are you close, mamí?” Henry gasped.

Luisa glanced up, surprised.  Slowly, the seven foot woman grinned.  “Not yet.  Keep going.”

Henry nodded.  

She turned her attention back to the tiny girl before her.  The giantess seemed to consider her options.

Emily whimpered, as Luisa slowly lifted the vibrator back to her lips, and gave it a long, hard suck.

Again she began to grow, faster than before, moaning as the sensation overtook her.  Henry seemed to take encouragement from this, redoubling his efforts, even as he seemed near to exhaustion.  But Luisa paid him no attention at all.  Her eyes remained fixed on Emily, as she suckled, and grew.  Absorping the last of Emily’s size.

The ceilings rose higher.  The doorways were replaced with opulent arches.  Wedding pictures on the wall disappeared.  Vases of fresh-cut flowers popped into existence on the bedside table.  And still Luisa grew.

It stopped, very suddenly, when Luisa reached a size Emily guessed was just beneath nine feet tall.  The woman arched her back, stretching like a cat.  Exploring the way her new body felt, in its immensity, in its power.

“I can’t last much longer, mistress,” Henry whimpered.  “May I please cum?”

“No,” Luisa snapped at once.  “Get down.”

Her husband – if he even was still such a thing – nearly tripped over himself in obeying her.  He stood on the floor, hands clasped behind her back, eyes downcast.  Sweat poured down his red face.  “Did I please you?” he asked, voice shaking.

The giantess gave Emily a knowing smirk, as if sharing a private joke.  “You’ve pleased me.”

The man looked immensely relieved.  “Then may I please cum?”

She ignored him.  Luisa stood to her feet experimentally, ducking at first as though worried about bumping her head.  She began to walk slowly around the bedchamber.  Exploring.  

The room seemed more a place of worship, rather than a room for sleeping.  The ceilings stretched high overhead, vaulted in cathedral fashion.  Emily guessed they were at least fifteen feet above, with heavy wooden beams supporting them.  Along the walls, candles flickered in beautiful iron sconces.

Luisa surveyed her surroundings, looking pleased.  “Tell me,” she drawled to Henry.  “Do you worship me?”

He looked startled by the question.  “Um… is… is that what you want tonight?”

She waved her hand at the question dismissively.  “Ah well.  It would be nice to be worshipped.  But I suppose this will have to do.  Never mind.  You are still my husband, I take it.  It’s rhetorical stupid, don’t answer.”

Henry was starting to look frightened, but immediately snapped his mouth shut at the command.

“And you want to cum, huh?”

Henry nodded frantically.

“But I’m a little out of your league now, wouldn’t you say?”  The giantess laughed, and bent to playfully muss his hair.  

The smaller man looked offended – he was still an impressive specimen of masculinity, especially from where Emily was sitting.  But it seemed her didn’t dare talk back to his wife.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” she giggled.  Luisa ran her giant hand affectionately down the center of his chest.  Then pointed to Emily.  “I bet you’d really like a woman who was smaller than you, huh?” she teased.  “One who wouldn’t talk back?  That's always what you've wanted, no?”

He started to answer, then thought better of it.  Aware enough not to step into the matrimonial trap Luisa had set.  Yet the way his flagging cock immediately grew rock hard again at the idea of someone smaller, was answer enough.

“Then," Luisa sighed.  "You can have her.  My gift to my little man.  As long as you’re good to her.  I can tell she wants it.  She’s wanted it all evening.  Since before Alex even put that toy in her.  Am I right, Emily?”

She started to answer.  But by then, Henry was already on her.  His body was musky from his exertions, his own scent mingled with Luisa’s.  He grasped her little two-foot form, pulled her down the bed toward him.  His eyes were crazed, his fingers rough and powerful.

“Please, please….”  She repeated the word in a mantra, not knowing whether her desire for him was her own or a product of this reality, and far past caring.  Emily spread her legs for him, thrust her tiny hips eagerly, ran her tiny hands over her massive breasts.  Anything she could do to entice him, draw him close.  

He pawed at her, clumsy, almost feral in his eagerness.  He pressed the head of his massive cock against her vulva.  As long as her forearm, bigger around than her fist.  He ground against her, and it hurt, but the pain was acceptable, downright delicious.  He bore down tried to thrust, but the head of his cock merely slipped along the lips of her pussy.  She moaned in her tiny voice as he tried again, and again.  Not resisting, letting him rub his heavy shaft all along her lips, teasing at the glowing hot button of her clit.  Yet as good as it felt, she could see Henry grow more frustrated with each failed attempt to penetrate her.

“Hold still,” he growled, pinning her to the bed with both hands.  "Hold still, damn it."  Henry jammed the head of his dick against her, eyes scrunching as he tried to enter her from above.  She tried, tried so hard for him, but with each attempt a tiny yelp of pain escaped her lips.  As bad as she wanted him, this was simply impossible.

He kept trying, seemingly oblivious to her plight, focused only on his need.  Throwing her around into different positions.  On her back, on her stomach.  Grasping her ankles like wishbones, or wrapping both hands tight about her waist.  She screamed encouragement, urged him on.  But now she was growing scared.  Of what the sexually frustrated man might do to her in his attempts to jam his titanic girth inside her.

But then, Luisa was there.  “Would you like some help, dear?” she teased.

Looking faintly ashamed, Henry nodded.

She grinned at him.  Luisa patiently took his hand, and lead him to the center of the room.  “I have an idea for you.  Stand right there,” she told him.  To Emily she added, “Now I want you to watch this, sweetie.  Maybe you’ll be able to use this later."

Luisa opened her hand, revealing the tiny vibrator.  With long, delicate fingers, she worked the remote, turned in on.  As it hummed to life, very gently, she began to run it up and down the length of his cock.

Henry gasped.  He clutched his giantess wife with both arms for support.  And began to shrink.

“That’s it papí.  We have to make sure you’re all nice and ready.  We know how eager you are, for your big day.  Finally, someone just the right size for you to fuck, isn’t that right?”

The shrinking man nodded, oblivious to what he was losing.  He passed his old height of five seven, and continued to dwindle.

“But you have to take it slow.  Even a little guy like you is still very big for her.  I wouldn’t want you breaking one of my toys.  You understand?  You won’t hurt her, will you sweetie?  You'd never hurt her.”

“No mistress!” he yelped.

“Mistress.  Yes.” Luisa looked pleased with that.  She paused for a moment, to suck thoughtfully on the tip of the vibrator.  Her body grew again, inching upward in beautiful splendor.  Her skin taking on a radiant glow, her arms and thighs and tummy gaining just a hint of glorious muscle tone.  After a few seconds it stopped.  When she returned the vibrator to Henry, she had to drop to her knees to reach him.

“Because you know I take very good care of all my toys.  Each of you is safe with me.  Whether it’s a big toy like you, or a tiny one like her.  I want you both to have fun.  Remember that.  Look at her, my toy.  See how eager she is for you?  Don’t you want to please her, to reward her for being so patient?”

“Yes mistress!”  Henry’s voice cracked, as he dwindled beneath four feet tall.

“Good boy.”  She took another moment to place the vibrator in her mouth.  Ten feet.  Eleven feet tall.  Her hair long, immaculate, and flowing.  The room growing even more grand, to match her glory.

“You’re almost ready,” she whispered intimate into his hear, as he thrust helplessly against the vibrator.  “I picked you tonight, because I want you to please her.  Of all my toys, you’re the most caring, the most patient.  I know you put my pleasure above all else.  Always.  And I know that’s what you’re going to do for her.  Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, goddess!”

At last, Luisa looked satisfied.  She gave the three foot tall man a slap on his ass.  And pointed him toward Emily.

It took him a long time to close the distance.  To scale the side of the gigantic bed.  It reminded Emily of Rapunzel.  A prince, climbing the tower, to rescue her.  At last his body crest the side of the bed.  He was an enormous, towering hulk.  Seeing him shrink so much beside their goddess, she’d almost forgotten how tiny she, herself was.  Her head wouldn't even reach the center of this chest.  

Yet at this size, he was far more manageable.  

She opened her legs, running a fingertip along the rim of her sex.  And beckoned to him.

Henry had changed.  True to Luisa's word, he was gentle.  Focused only on her pleasure.  His hands strong but tender.  His lips soft against hers.  She moaned, and melted.  He lifted her into his lap, hugging her to him.  Kissing her on the mouth, and the neck, on the tops of her breasts.  Whenever she moved, he responded.  Hands stroking, and exploring her.  Helping the tiny woman open herself to him.

Elbows on the edge of the bed, Luisa watched.  Her face full of adoration.  One hand between her divine thighs.

Emily clasped her legs around him, using her thighs to help guide him to the place she wanted him most.  Her breasts were large enough to push him away, as he pressed his chest to hers.  But when she squeezed himself closer, it felt amazing.  

The head of his dick slipped along her inner thigh.  And she winced as he tensed against him.  Still big, so big.

Emily heard the deep bass thrum of the vibrator.  And just for a moment, their goddess touched it against the giant man who held her.  He shrank, in the tiniest increment.

Emily looked up at the giantess gratefully.  And then, all else was lost, as he was inside her.

She came almost at once, grasping and clawing against his muscular body, feeling her inner muscles clench and pulse, her juices running down to soak his lap.  He held her motionless, until the first release had passed, then patiently began to thrust inside her again.

He worked her this way, to the edge, and over, again and again.  Emily lost herself in the sea of sensation, in finally doing that which her body was meant to do.  The vibrator roared to life, and she felt the vaguest sense of irritation as her lover dwindled beneath her.  But it was relieved a moment later, when the toy rumbled against her breasts, sparking hot fire against the barest edge of her nipple and she felt herself shrink as well.

“You two were made for each other, weren’t you?" their Goddess whispered.  Watching in wonder, as she slowly shrank each of them in turn.  Making her small enough that Henry filled her to overflowing.  Shrinking him, until she tasted a moment of relief.  "It’s serendipity.  It’s magic.  To be perfect for each other.”  Goddess grinned, running her tongue along the length of the vibrator.

Emily came again.

"Someone big, who will make all the decisions for you, and see to nothing but your pleasure.  Someone small, who will let you worship and control them.  Yes.  Perfect for each other.  Perfect."

Goddess pressed the vibrator to Emily again, in the moment just before Henry came.  She shrank wonderfully, beautifully smaller, all through his orgasm.  As he filled her completely.  By the time it was finished, Henry towered over her again.  He was the perfect size to hold her in the afterglow.

Goddess was benevolent, as she stroked both of them.  Two micro-toys were never so blessed.  Only a few inches tall.  And owned by the most powerful, and beautiful woman in the world.

She kissed each of them in turn, her lips soft and gentle, despite being longer than the length of both their bodies combined.  And then, she did something incredibly strange.

Goddess set the vibrator on the edge of the bed, the remote beside it.  She fixed Emily with a gaze, almost as if the toy was her equal.

“If you want to put this right,” she whispered.  “There's enough left that you should be able to get off the bed at least.  Later, you can have some of this back.”  Goddess touched her hand to the center of her magnificient chest, her expression faintly guilty.  "I think you and I could have a lot of fun later.  It wouldn't be hard, I think.  To find more worshipers to come to my cathedral.  Maybe just an inch or two from each.  In exchange for their devoation.  We could share, of course.  Perhaps this is just the beginning for us."

Slowly, the titaness began to stand.  "Think about it.  For now... I have got to see what my bathroom looks like."

The micro girl pondered the bizarre interaction, as Goddess went to clean herself.  Henry, her lover, the one for whom she was made, held her as he dozed.  Try as she might, she couldn’t work out what Goddess had meant.  The ideas were simply beyond her.  Too big for someone like her.  

She smiled.  And drifted into the blissful sleep of the ignorant.