Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Holding Space - Epilogue


9 - Epilogue

The bar was crowded tonight.  Games in September are a lot more meaningful – in the sense that any baseball game has meaning.  That meant there were a lot more people to notice Casey and I.  Holding hands.  

Heads were turning toward us, now and again.  The Wooden Nickel isn’t exactly the most enlightened venue for the open display of masculine affection.  Though it might’ve had something to do with the fact that people knew me there, and that I was an even thirteen inches shorter than normal.  I’d lost a bet – or won one, depending on your perspective – and Jordan and I had switched heights.  Thankfully her jeans fit me pretty well, though they were too big in the butt, too narrow around the calves.  The t-shirt, some death metal band I’d never heard of, looked great on me.

It was a pretty exciting game, but I wasn’t really paying attention.  Casey was talking, telling me about that time in high school he’d fixed up an old Honda Civic he’d bought for five hundred dollars from a scrap yard.  He was a gearhead – who knew?  I couldn’t really follow all the technical terms he was using.  Honestly, I can barely even change a tire, and I can’t tell a carburetor from a crankshaft to save my life.  So I’d defaulted to imagining what he might look like in ripped overalls, covered in engine grease. 

“Sorry,” he said at last.  “This must be so boring.”

I pointed toward the game, and shrugged.  “Not as boring as baseball must’ve been.  And you put up with it for more than a year.”

“I’ll tell you a secret.”  Casey leaned down conspiratorially, his lips brushing my cheek.  I shivered.  “I was really just trying to get into your pants.”

“Oh, is that all?”  I turned my lips toward him.  A few people at the bar looked our way.  I tried not to notice.  “So if I keep listening to you talk about torque ratios or whatever, can I get in yours?”

“Literally, if you want.”

I kissed him, soft and simple.  But then gave him a more serious look.  “I do enjoy listening to you talk about this stuff, though.  Even if I can’t really follow it.  It’s fun to see you passionate about something, and know that you want to share it with me.  How come you never opened up about it before?”

“I guess I was just nervous.  You’re a pretty intimidating guy.”

“Oh I am not.”  I slapped his bicep playfully.  At my reduced size, it was nearly as big around as my thigh.   “I’m a total softie.  You just have to get to know me.”

He pulled me closer, saying nothing.  The two of us watched the game, cuddling like this, and I made a point to ignore all the curious glances.  Until Jordan returned, and everyone in the bar immediately decided to find somewhere else to look.  Being caught staring had suddenly become considerably more dangerous.

“How’d your game go?” I asked.

The six foot woman regarded me sourly.  “Lousy.  I lost twenty bucks.  This height of yours has me all screwed up.  The cue felt too short, the angles were all wrong.”

“It’s a poor craftsman who blames their tools.”

She muttered something under her breath.  The only words I could make out were, “...give you a tool…”

“I don’t know.  Borrow my size next time you want to go to the gym.  Use it to your advantage.”

She flexed, smirking.  “Do I look like I need your pity-height?”

The three of us ordered another round, and watched the game.  I knew they were only interested in it for my sake.  But that didn’t mean they weren’t interested.

“So,” Jordan drawled, as our all-star closer charged out of the bullpen, and the crowd on TV went wild.  “What do you guys want to do after this?  Karaoke, or…?.”

Casey laughed.  “Don’t start that again.”

I raised my hand.  “Actually.  I had an idea about that.”

My two much larger friends looked at me.  Casey merely looked curious, Jordan’s expression much harder to read.  Like a professor with a particularly challenging student.  Hopeful they’re about to hear the right answer at last.

“I’m guessing you’re looking to shed all that extra height pretty soon.”

Jordan winked.  “I’d like to get out of these boy shorts and into a dry martini, yes.”

“So we should go back to your place, and you can do that.”

She considered, then nodded.  “Easy enough.  But tell me, oh Field Commander.  Was there more to this idea of yours?”

“Yes, in fact.  How do you feel about letting someone else hold some of your height?  At least for the length of a bad movie.”

Jordan still smiled, but I thought there was something faintly disappointed behind her eyes.  “I don’t mind holding this for you,” she said, touching her chest.  “Not if it makes you happy.  You’re allowed to ask me to hold even more – and for everything I can do for you when that happens.  If I can’t, you can trust me to say no.”

Casey was nodding.

“I know that.  But I enjoy both sides.  It’s nice to let someone hold you, and also nice to do the holding.  Tonight, this is what I want.  Okay?”

Her brow furrowed.  I had the distinct impression I’d been given a test, and she was grading the answer.  Finally, the corner of her lip turned up in a smile.  “Okay.”

“Alright.”  I sighed, relief washing over me, still not entirely sure what had just happened.  “Your couch is a little too small for three normal-sized adults.  But I was thinking, it would be a comfy fit for two big ones.  With a very little lady in between.  I’m in the mood to take care of someone small, and I would appreciate some help from my friend here.”  I gave Casey’s enormous hand a squeeze.  “That is, if you’re comfortable growing tonight.”

He looked wistful. 

The bar erupted in cheers as our closer recorded a strike out.  Bases empty, two outs.  We were going to win this game.  

“Let me check in with my feelings about it on the ride home,” he said.  “But spending some time on the couch sounds nice, either way.”

Jordan leaned in.  No one was watching us now, the whole bar focused on the game.  She grinned evilly, already beginning to shrink.  “And Scott?  Tonight’s the night I make a scotch drinker out of you.  So be prepared.”

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Holding Space - Pt. 8


CW: NSFW, sub space, non-verbal, female shrinking, male growth, F/m, M/f, MF/m, M/fm, I mean yeah this is the big old threeway chapter you’ve been waiting for I’m sure


Jordan let me help her to her feet, and  went to her boyfriend.  She utterly towered over him, though not by as much as I expected.  She probably seemed around nine or ten feet tall to him.  His head reached not quite all the way to the bottoms of her breasts.  

“From the look of things, I take it you’ve had enough of a break?”  The miniature giantess pivoted her hips, bent way down, rested her hand on his thigh.  Just beside his hard little cock.  

Casey nodded slowly.  There was something about his movements that made him look like he was half caught up in a dream.  Like it was taking all his concentration just to process what Jordan was saying.  His jaw hung slack, his eyes were unfocused.  When he spoke, I had to strain to hear him, and his voice had a cracked, wispy quality about it.  “I was worried you forgot about me.”

She took both his hands.  Kissed each one in turn, then planted her lips over his tiny mouth.   “Scott and I didn’t forget you.  Not ever.  Even if we pretended we did, for a while.  And now, if you want, you can participate too.  Would you like that sweetie?  To play with the big people?”

He nodded again, more emphatically this time.

Jordan lowered herself, opened her arms, and Casey willingly let her pick him up.  She cradled him lovingly against her chest.  His chin draped on her shoulder, his legs wrapped around her waist.  He nuzzled her, his hips thrusting gently.  Grinding his needy cock against her tummy.  She carried him toward me – a “giantess” at no more than a third my height, holding her boyfriend who was less than a quarter.  There was an air of ritual about it – halfway between a priest approaching an altar, and a cat bringing her owner a particularly delicious mouse.

“Scott.  Casey and I would like to get you off.  I know this will be hard for you, but I’d like you to sit still for us, and let us handle everything.  It’s partly because we’re pretty delicate at this size, and I don’t want to make you think about being careful.  But also, we both very much want to do this for you.  You don’t have to take care of us.  The only thing you have to do now is enjoy it.  Can you do that for us?”

I started to protest.  But then I sighed, and nodded.  “If that’s what you want.”

Tiny Jordan rolled her eyes, and seemed about to make a retort.  But Casey gave an impatient little moan, and she seemed to think better of it.  She slid a hand under her boyfriend’s ass, and lifted him like an offering onto my lap.

She sat him just beneath my navel, patiently helped him spread his legs on either side of my cock.  Sitting like this, he was only a little taller than the tip of my penis.  Still in a daze, Casey wrapped his legs around me, and used his thigh muscles to pull me toward him.  He kissed me.  Slowly at first, then faster, almost desperately.  Running his hands over me, like a man pulling a lover into a passionate embrace.  He moaned, and the vibration traveled through me like an electric current.  

Jordan was still watching me, hands on her hips, so I forced myself not to move.  Only lay back against the wall, let my spine relax, and groaned with pleasure.   When she seemed satisfied I’d behave, she joined in as well.  One hand stroking the hard ridge of my penis, the other reaching for her boyfriend.  She grasped his cock, too, and pleasured both of us at once.  His, small enough to be lost in her hand.  Mine, longer than her forearm and thicker than her wrist.

They weren’t in any hurry to get me off.  Casey might have pushed me over the edge in his mad desire to touch as much of me as possible, but Jordan used her size to make him ease off.  Putting herself between us, letting the weight of her body limit his movements, until he fell into a gentle, steady rhythm.  If the two of them had made a concerted effort, it wouldn’t have taken more than thirty seconds to get me off.  I’d been on the brink with Jordan at least a half-dozen times, and I’d been incredibly close on the couch earlier with Casey, too.  

But partly it took so long because the two of them spent as much time pleasuring each other as they did me.  It was fascinating to watch, especially from this angle.  Having them so tiny, and close.  Aware I was staring, luxuriating in my attention.  I lay back, breathing deep, absorbing every detail.  How passionately she kissed him, how tightly he clung to her.  The look of need on his face, as his lips closed over her nipple.  The perfect oh of pleasure her lips made, as he began to nibble and suck.  

It was like this before.  That night I’d watched them make out.  The two of them, together on the couch.  While I sat alone in an easy chair.  How lost in each other they’d been.  

I might’ve felt jealous.  Except that they both looked at me, as often as they looked at each other.  Sharing with me that same passion that they had for each other.  Not merely as a giant, or a prop, but as someone they each adored.  I was included. 

It took me a while to notice that Jordan was shrinking herself again.  Bringing herself closer to his size, so she could interact with him as his girlfriend, and not a giantess.  My back crept up the wall, my ankles slid on the floor as I grew.  My whole body growing hot as I started to sweat again.  Casey gave a little coo of delight as my cock swelled bigger in his hands, and wrapped himself tighter around me, letting me grow against his chest.  

Jordan watched this for a moment, smiling.  Then climbed up on my lap.  She hugged him from behind, resting her cheek on his shoulder.  Still bigger than him, but at the rate she was shrinking, it wouldn’t be for much longer.  She seemed relieved, at long last, to not tower over anyone.

“Scott,” she called.  “Could you lay down flat please?”

I did, careful not to spill the two of them.  They repositioned themselves on my thighs, getting on their knees on opposite sides of my penis.  Jordan shrank, and I grew.  Soon the two of them were exactly the same height, and the perfect size to embrace each other, with my erection nestled snugly between their chests.  Their warm little bodies, plushing against my cock, as they hugged, and touched, and kissed each other.  

Casey was thrusting his cock against me.  Jordan had her legs spread, massaging her miniature sex against a particularly large vein.  They were gasping, moaning.  Their tiny hands methodically stroking up and down my shaft.  He ran his fingernails along the extra sensitive part, just beneath the tip along the underside of my penis.  She bent, kissing and licking as precum flowed freely from me, and after a moment he followed her lead.  The two of them were far too small for me to fit in their mouths, but they seemed suddenly determined to try.  She hugged me tighter with her thighs.  He squeezed me with his arms…. 

“You guys,” I husked.  “I’m gonna….”

They both moved faster.   Looking imploringly into my eyes.

I came.  

The force of the first pulse nearly threw them both off me.  I watched as my first spurt of cum rose high into the air, arched, and plummeted back down over the two of them.  Casey moaned.  Jordan laughed.  They kept stroking me, and my orgasm went on, and on.  Soaking both of them both from head to toe.  Even as my climax started to fade, they didn’t slow.  It was too much, far too much, but I didn’t want them to stop.  Gritting my teeth as the sensation overwhelmed me.  They tugged, and teased, and succeeded again and again at making my cock give just one more fitful little pulse, long after I thought I was done.  Each time another little splash of cum would escape, they would celebrate.  And revel in getting as much of it on them as they could.

Eventually, even their best efforts couldn’t keep me going.  My erection slowly deflated, collapsing onto my thigh in exhaustion.  Casey and Jordan did the same.  Lying down together in the soft hair on my tummy.  I noticed that Jordan was quite a bit smaller now – the ratio between them, about her usual 4’11”, compared to Casey’s 6’3”.  Even so, Jordan was the big spoon.

“How am I ever going to get the two of you cleaned up?” I said, after many minutes had passed.  “There’s no way I can make it to the bathroom like this.”

Casey snuggled in tighter against my stomach.  Like a sleeping pet, not wanting to be distrubed.

“The kitchen’s big enough for you,” Jordan said, sleepily.  “Just keep your head low, and watch out for the island.  You can wash us off in the sink.”

It sounded reasonable.  I’d probably need dish soap anyway, as messy as I’d made the two of them.  Yet for the time being, I didn’t want to move.  I lay there, letting the moment linger as long as I could.

“What about you?” Casey said at last.  It was the first time he’d spoken in quite some time.  His voice sounded much closer to normal.


“Yeah.”  He lifted himself up on his elbows, giving me a thoughtful expression.  “No offense, but you’re kinda… sweaty after all that growing.  It’s a good smell in the heat of the moment, but now….”

Jordan nodded, wrinkling her nose.

“Alright, point taken.  Once I’m finished with you two, Jordan can take back some height, and I’ll go take a shower.”

Jordan pursed her lips thoughtfully.  The expression looked extremely dangerous.  “No.  After you’re done with us, we’ll wash you in the sink too.  I’ve got one of those sprayer nozzles.  I’ve always thought it’d make a damn good rain shower.  The only trouble is finding someone small enough.  Now, where oh where could we find someone like that?”

I laughed, nervously.  And couldn’t quite hide my grin. 

Friday, July 8, 2022

Holding Space - Pt. 7


CW: NSFW, mini-giantess, shrunken woman, male giant, female shrinking, male growth, penis-in-vagina sex, penetration at various sizes, reference to fisting, small domme, third person objectification


Jordan stood.  She was careful about it, her eyes flicking upward warily.  It was a very near thing.  But the top of her head was just a few inches beneath the ceiling.  She exhaled, clearly exerting effort to stay calm in such a small space.  “They’re eight and a half feet tall in here,” she said, pointing at the ceiling, but not daring to touch.  “Only about seven feet in my bedroom.  Which I know, for reasons.”

She turned, and headed toward the living room.  Moving in long strides, each step making the apartment rattle.  I really got an appreciation for how jacked she was, from this perspective.  Her well-toned shoulders emphasizing her narrow waist, her back powerfully muscular.  And her butt?  Yeah, she clearly hadn’t been skipping leg day.

“Alright, so here’s the deal, Scott.”  She put her hands on the back of the couch, motioned for me to join her.  “You’re going to fuck me.  Any questions?”

I had several, the first of which being where she kept her step ladder.  Her long legs came together at a point roughly level with the bottom of my chest.

But Jordan had anticipated this problem.  Still bracing on the couch, she took a large step backward, until her arms were fully extended.  She bent her knees, arched her back, spread her legs.  And lowered herself halfway down into a squat.  Her calves and glutes flexed impressively as she held the position.  It didn’t look comfortable.  It did look sexy.

“Don’t worry,” she grunted.  “I’ll help you.”  Sweat was standing out on her forehead again, but this time I don’t think it had anything to do with her growth powers.  “Hurry.”

Despite her urgings, and the needy ache coming from between my legs, I did take my time with her.  Just a little.  Running my hands over her taut backside, down her thighs.  Following the curves and indentations of her muscles.  I rested my palm over her vulva, and pressed.  Her sex was half-again as big as my entire hand.  Even this part of her felt muscular.  I stroked her.  Felt her grow warm, her wetness spreading between my fingers.  I massaged in a slow circle, listening to her groan in mingled pleasure and frustration, seeing her legs begin to shake.

“You’re really trying my patience, little man.”

I grinned.  “Sorry.  Is this better?”  I inserted my smallest finger into her cavernous opening.  Thrust rapidly.

Jordan gave a little huff of annoyance.  “I know your dick isn’t quite that small.  Don’t make me come back there.”

I decided that was enough tempting fate.  I pulled out, licked my finger clean.  Then set my feet, grabbed ahold of her gigantic hips… and slowly slid inside her.

This time, there was more satisfaction in Jordan’s groan – though it was more the sound of a person tasting a delicious chocolate, than the heights of sexual ecstasy.  There’s no other way to say it: she was just too big for me.  At her size, my entire length was roughly the equivalent of my largest finger.  But there’s a lot you can do with just one finger.

I got up on my tip-toes, angled down, and ground myself against her g-spot.  Immediately her moan deepened.  Her fingers gripped harder on the back of the couch.  I wanted to reach around and stroke her clit, but her hips were far too wide for that.  Instead I slipped my hand under her thigh, turning my body to make room.  It took some searching, but the yelp of pleasure she made when my fingers closed over her thumb-sized clitoris was worth it.

None of this would’ve been possible without her help, the way she was moving to accommodate me.  Lifting up with her calves, pivoting her ass to meet me as I thrust.  Then going deeper into her squat to create space between us when I pulled back.  Her hot nectar was absolutely pouring down my thighs, syrupy and sweet-smelling.  She kept glancing back over her shoulder, checking to see if I was okay.  I could see in her eyes that her stamina was starting to give.  Her whole body was shaking with the effort of holding this position for me.

After perhaps a minute of this, Jordan gave in.  She closed her eyes.  And I felt myself begin to grow.

There was nothing subtle about it this time.  She fed whole inches into me each time I thrust. Sweat poured from both of us as I grew and she dwindled against me.  She sighed with relief, standing up a little straighter, taking the strain off her legs.  Soon I could grasp her hips for support and feel like I was hugging a person, and not a tree.  My cock swelled bigger and thicker inside her – still not filling her, but beginning to be squeezed by her ever so slightly.  Her voice got higher as she shrank, but her sounds of pleasure only grew louder.

We paused to adjust our footing, when she was just about a head taller than me.  By then we were giants, both over seven feet tall.  I took the opportunity to survey Jordan’s tiny apartment, enjoying the majesty of my new size.  Casey was actively stroking himself as he watched us.  I shot him a wink.  But then Jordan grabbed me by the back of the neck, pulled me onto my toes, kissed me savagely.  Her eyes were wild, her hair drenched with sweat.  And suddenly my need for her pushed all distractions away.

I shoved her toward the couch, actually daring to be rough with her, though she was far too big for me to move against her will.  She rolled over on the little couch, landing on her back.  Spread her legs wide, gave me a come-hither stare.  

I didn’t go slow this time.  Couldn’t have even if I wanted.  I bent, grabbed both her shoulders, and fucked her.  Hard.  She screamed her approval, and shrank.

In the moment we were both the same size, our eyes met.  She smiled at me, looking demure for once.  Almost guilty.  But there was a fire behind her eyes.  I kissed her.  Not for the first time.  But it was the first time on these terms.  At a size where she seemed purely human, and not divine. 

It was almost as if I was giving her permission, for what was about to come.  If that’s what it was, she accepted.  She kissed me back.  Then greedily, shrank herself smaller.

We were both utterly gigantic, but soon she felt like an average-sized woman to me.  Then, less.  I didn’t slow, plowing deeper and deeper into her.  Her pussy squeezing me tighter with each thrust.  She was Jordan-sized to me, a petite 4’11” to my reckoning, but still she was shrinking.  We both howled with pleasure, the sound distinctly canine in that moment.  

I lifted her hips high, standing to my full height, until only her head and upper back were still in contact with the couch.  Driving inside, forcing myself as deep as I could go.  She bit her lip, held her breath.  Then shrieked as she came, her fingernails leaving deep red marks in my arm that I felt for days afterward.

In the aftermath, she panted, staring dazed up into my eyes.  “You better not fucking be done,” she growled.  

I shook my head, sweat flopping from my forehead.  

“Good.  Pick me up.  Sit on the floor.  Put me in your lap.”

I obeyed, carrying her with me.  She was about the same size as she’d been after her very first growth spurt, in the car.  Five seven or so, in absolute terms.  I, on the other hand, was pushing toward eight feet.  When I lifted her, she hardly seemed to weigh anything at all.  I sat with my back against the wall, legs spread wide, cradling her against my chest.

“Make me face away from you,” she snapped.  “Grab my hips, hold me over your cock.”

I did.  Casey had joined us by now, standing tiny and trembling between my ankles, with the best view in the house.

She made herself comfortable, bracing her feet against my thighs.  She took a deep breath, centering herself, then nodded.  “Okay.  Go slow.  Stop when I tell you.”

I slid inside her.  It took such an effort to take my time.  Jordan was absurdly, almost impossibly tight.  I could feel her against each vein, every curve and crevice of my cock.  We moaned together, our voices echoing off the walls.  Something pounded against the floor – probably the downstairs neighbor smacking his ceiling with a broom to get us to shut up.  

Buddy, I thought, if you want to come up here, you’re in for a surprise.

“Stop,” Jordan grunted.  I was three quarters of the way inside her, my hands supporting her tiny ass a fraction of an inch above my lap.  She panted, orienting herself toward her little boyfriend.  Giving him a view of everything that was happening, without actually acknowledging his presence in any way.  She lay her head back against my chest, gave me an evil little grin.  Then, she began to shrink herself.

“Fuck.  Fuck!”  Her eyes clenched shut, her legs shook as I grew inside her.  It went on, as long as she could bare.  Inches melting off of her, and into me.

“Okay,” she whimpered, at last.  “Pull out.  But not all the way!”

It took a long time.  Lifting her off me, inch by inch.  We paused with only the head of my cock still inside.  Catching our breath.  Until she was ready again.  I simply relaxed, and let gravity do the work.  Pulling her down onto my massive cock.  I didn’t get nearly as far this time before she demanded I halt.  Again she held her breath, and shrank herself around me.  Helpless squeaks and gasps escaping from behind bared teeth.

And on, and on.  Fucking her smaller, a few inches at a thrust.  My legs stretching out on the floor, my head creeping toward the ceiling.  I could’ve gone over the edge in an instant, if I’d been allowed to go even a little faster.  Jordan, however, came at least three times that I was aware of.  Shuddering, exhaling in a rough staccato, her miniature little quim squeezing me frantically, as she shrank with each pulse.

It was after a particularly powerful orgasm, as I was slowly pulling out again, that she gave my arm several sharp pats.  “I need to be done.” 

I held her carefully, let her body slowly push my head out of her, a millimeter at a time.  The tiny woman groaned, her hands clenching into fist, then cried out with relief as I finally slid out of her.  I lay her across my lap.  She trembled, and clung to me for support.  I stroked her sweaty back, letting her calm down.  Looking at her, I couldn’t believe I’d managed to fit in her at all.  She had to be less than four feet tall, and by now I was more than ten.  Even as she rested, I could see her getting smaller.  Letting more of her size flow into me as I stretched out on the living room floor.

“Fuck,” she said at last, her voice laughably high in pitch.  “Scott, you’re amazing.  I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow.”

“I’m guessing you’ve had some practice.  Casey must be pretty good at fisting, huh?”

“The two of you should swap tips sometime.  Speaking of my boyfriend….”

Both of us turned to regard him.  The poor little guy actually jumped under the weight of our attention.  It was almost as if he’d forgotten it was possible for us to perceive him at all.  That, or there was just something inherently startling about having two giants suddenly take notice of you.  He looked awfully shy, and cuter than I would’ve believed possible at this size.  Not even knee height to me anymore.  His mouth worked, but no sound came out. 

“Aw, cutie.  Did we break you?”  Jordan laughed, but there was a sweet sort of familiarity to the sound.  It dawned on me that there was probably a lot about their sex life that I didn’t know.  “Well.  Let me make it up to you.  We’ve ignored you long enough.  Time for you to play with the big people.”

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Holding Space - Pt. 6


CW: NSFW, F/m, giantess, male growth, female shrinking, mouth play, wall-pinning, third party objectification


The giantess moved beneath us, shifting herself slowly so Casey and I wouldn’t lose our footing.  Jordan lifted her head, supporting the back of her neck with both hands.  The position made her shoulder and bicep muscles flex impressively.  I’d been aware that she was athletic, of course.  It was merely an intellectual fact, when she was 4’11”, and besides that, my best friend’s girlfriend.  It hit a bit different, when she was looking at me in that particular way of hers, and when her well-toned forearm was many times bigger than my whole body.

“Scott,” she drawled.  “Come here.”

I tried to move.  I really did.  Suddenly, I couldn’t make myself take even the first step.

Jordan, though, looked pleased.  “You’re not afraid of me, are you now?  But earlier tonight you said you weren’t.”

Behind me, Casey coughed.  Even in my present half-panicked state I recognized that he was trying to hold back a laugh.  He scooted further away, leaving me alone in Jordan’s presence.

Some friend you are.

“It’s actually really cute,” Jordan went on.  “And if I’m being honest, kind of exciting.  Who knew that all it would take was stealing almost all your height, to completely change the dynamics of our friendship.”

I said nothing.  Just watched her soft, gigantic lips, form words.  Frozen like a deer in the headlights.

“Well.  Does it help to know that I have no intention of hurting you?  Even if that would be really, really easy.”  She sniffed, the corner of her mouth turning up in a smirk.  “Scott, I told you to come closer.  Are you going to make me ask again?”

Haltingly, I walked along her chest, side-stepping several large streaks of still-drying cum.  It was a good thing she wasn’t more well-endowed – if her breasts were any bigger, I might’ve had trouble keeping my footing.  She watched my approach, a patient smile on her face, until I stood balanced on the tip of her sternum.  Near enough that I could feel the heat of her breath.  She was just…  enormous.  So big that, this close, she hardly parsed as a human.  More like a living mountain.  My entire body only stretched from her chin to her eyebrows.

“I want you to know that I’m grateful for the way you helped me earlier.  But also, that my being grateful has nothing to do with what I’m about to say.”  Her pale cheeks blushed ever so slightly, color blooming over them an inch at a time.  Pupils the size of my palms, dilated.  “I want to kiss you, Scott.  And I should warn you that if I do, it’s not going to just be a kiss.  Things are likely to… progress.  Because you know how I get, when I’m in a certain mood?  How I’m… how did we put it?  Hard to put off?  After what I just watched, I’m very, very much in that mood.”

I shot a glance over my shoulder at Casey.  He was fully ten paces away, sitting near Jordan’s navel.  He had his knees hiked under his chin, and he was grinning.  From the way he was watching us, the only thing he was missing was a bag of popcorn.

A sudden deep bass sound, incredibly loud, thrummed through my body.  I instinctually jerked to face Jordan.  It took me a moment to realize that she’d simply clucked her tongue to demand my attention.  She apparently didn’t want me looking anywhere else.  “I told you that Casey and I had a discussion about you, last night.  Your feelings about him, his feelings about you.   I neglected to mention another thing we discussed.  That I’m also absolutely crazy about you.  And that I think you might feel the same way.”

She was really blushing now.

“I wanted tonight to be about the two of you.  And I’m very proud of you both, for the way things went.  But now I’m feeling the desire to, shall we say, participate.”  She laughed gently.  “Thing is, at my size?  It’d be difficult for me to make the first move.  Not if I want to be gentle with you.  And I do want to be gentle.  At least at first.”

My whole body broke out in goosebumps.

“So.  If you like me too, and you want to see where this goes.  What I’ve got planned for you.  Then I’m going to need you to make the first move.  It’s up to you, Scott.”

I kissed her.  

I had to bend low to reach, balancing precariously on her chest.  I ran my hand along her lower lip.  Caressed here there, the way I might have touched her cheek if she were my size.  She parted her lips for me, and I inhaled the faint scent of alcohol and grenadine.  

It wasn’t anything at all like a normal kiss.  I could only explore a tiny fraction of her at once.  Inching along from one corner of her mouth to the other.  Planting my lips again, and again, methodically trying to kiss every bit of her gigantic mouth.  She held perfectly still, for a time.  Until suddenly, quite dramatically she kissed me back.  Covering my mouth, and nose, and half my chest.  Pushing me backward, almost shoving me off my feet.

She giggled, her gigantic eyes incredibly bright.  “You’re fun.  Do that again.  I’ve got a surprise for you this time.”

I hesitated at the alarming phrasing, but really, there was no way I was going to turn her down.

She interacted with me more, this time.  Pursing her lips, curving to meet me.  Hard when she wanted to press back against me, soft and yielding when I was the one doing the pressing.  She moaned, the force of it vibrating through me.  And then, the vibration didn’t stop.

I felt her giant lips turning up into a smirk as we kissed.  But somehow, her lips felt a little different.  Not as big as before.  I had only a moment to consider this, before I found myself losing my balance.  I grabbed her cheek for support as I fell, and toppled bodily against her face.  I lay there for a moment, but there was nothing to hold onto, and my body seemed slippery all of a sudden.  After a moment I slid lower, my legs parting to follow her geometry, until I was straddled directly against her throat.

I stared at her, faintly dazed.  My butt resting on the top of her chest, my thighs tight against her neck.  

“Why yes Scott, I am into choking.  But you should’ve asked first.”

I was still trying to think of a response, when she planted her lips on my stomach.  In the same moment two gigantic fingers came down against my back, holding me in place so I couldn’t escape.  She began to explore me with her mouth.  Soft at first, then more forcefully.  Her tongue slipped over my chest, my stomach, my hips.  She closed her eyes, savoring me, moaning from the back of her throat.  The sensation was overwhelming.  All I could do was be still, and enjoy it.  But the longer it went on, the more that sense of vibration I’d felt before was coming back.  Giving me the oddest sense of movement, even though I wasn’t moving at all.  

Slowly, I began to realize what was happening.  As my legs slid further down along her throat, as her tongue traveled less and less distance over my body.  As I slowly became soaked in sweat, as well as saliva.  I was growing.

And, Jordan was shrinking.

I found that I could reach her hairline.  Then the top of her head.  Leaning forward, letting my whole chest fall against her face.  My feet finally reached the floor, and I used the leverage to  brace, and thrust against her.  She kept kissing me, watching me with a kind of fascinated pride as I grew.  My erection touched the base of her chin as my hips expanded, and the giantess gave a knowing smile.  She ducked her head ever so slightly, opened her mouth, invited me in.  

She was still so, so much bigger than me.  But where before she might’ve seemed eighty feet tall, now she was perhaps only fifty.  When I thrust my cock greedily into her, I was absolutely lost between her lips.  As she moaned, and sucked me gently, I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into her mouth.  Slowly inching my way further inside her.  

I was sitting between her breasts, bent almost double, my arms nearly long enough to reach the floor.  It was beginning to require some serious flexibility on my part, when she abruptly pushed me out of her mouth, nudging me further down her chest with both hands.  “Okay sweetie.  You’re too big for this ride.  Get down.  You too, Casey.”

I tried to obey.  But my legs had been at a tough angle for a long time now, and doing a squat to climb off her face was a little challenging.  Especially when I was fully erect and so turned on I could hardly form words.  She watched a couple of my attempts, laughed, and lifted me instead, sitting me down on the cold floor.  

Casey joined me, and tried to help me to my feet.  This, as it turned out, was ill-advised.  I nearly ended up pulling him down on top of me instead.  I got up under my own power, and found that his head didn’t even quite reach my shoulder anymore.

I smirked at him, feeling big.  Until Jordan moved.

It was like watching a goddess rise out of the sea.  Her body slowly lifted, as she pressed herself first onto her hands, then balanced onto her massive thigh.  Her muscles flexed and bunched prettily as she moved.  I’d never had such a good look at her before.  Naked, and unafraid.  She was just gorgeous.  

For a moment it looked as if she was going to try to stand.  But I watched her judge the distance to the ceiling, and shudder.  Very gingerly, she got to her knees instead.  Even in this position, she was almost as tall as the room would allow.  I saw her take several quick, shallow breaths.  Then she smiled, and extremely deliberately turned all of her attention to the two of us.

“Casey, honey?  I’m going to keep playing with Scott now.  Do you want to join us?”

The little guy gave me a sheepish grin, and shrugged.  “I’m, um, still a little tapped out from before.  Do… do you mind if I watch, though?”

Jordan and I shared a mutual, ‘I don’t mind if you don’t’ look.  “That would be fine, sweetie,” she told him.  “Though you might want to back up a little.”

The giantess crawled on her knees toward me, and Casey scooted away in a hurry.  Her expression was focused, looking nowhere but at me.  I had time to think that she was deliberately keeping all her attention concentrated, like watching the horizon when you’re on a ship in rough water.  But then she was on me.  Grasping me with both hands, lifting me, shoving me against the wall with my feet way, way off the ground.  

“Did you know,” she snarled savagely.  “That there are three things I’ve fantasized about doing to you.  Like, over and over, in the past year.”  She held me, pinned and helpless.  Looking at me like a cherished object, a prize she’d just won.  “Sucking your cock, while you knelt on my chest?  That was one.  I thought you’d be bigger, but.  No complaints here.  What’s number two, you ask?  Well.  You ever see that meme that’s like… how to talk to a short person?”

Jordan didn’t give me a chance to answer.  She groaned, and began to rub herself all over my body.  Her cheeks, and throat, and mouth, exploring every last bit of me.  Sometimes she’d slip my cock past her lips, suck on me for a moment, tease me with her tongue.  But then she’d pull away, and rub the edge of her chin along my thigh, or press her gigantic forehead seductively against mine.  And the longer this went on, the bigger I felt myself growing, the smaller I watched her shrink.

As I grew, she always held me so our eyes were level.  At first, my feet barely reached past her chest.  Then they were down to her navel.  Then, I felt them tickled by the rough stubble of perhaps two week’s growth of pubic hair.  She inhaled sharply, letting out a long moan.  Spreading her legs slightly, moving so my foot teased someplace soft, and warm, and wet.  I curled my toes toward her, parting her lips ever so slightly.  Soon it was my ankle sinking between her thighs.  Then my calf.

The ratio of our sizes shifted rapidly.  For a little while I was the perfect height for her to slip my cock between her breasts.  She moved against me in a slow circle, grinding my dick between the soft swell of her tits, down into the hard valley between them, back again.  As I grew she shifted her grip on me.  Let me thrust against her breast bone.  Then shifted again so my cock was against the hard grooves of her abs.  Until at last I was too big for any of this to be comfortable.  Reluctantly, she set me at her feet.

She was still on her knees – and standing, I was a bit taller than her.  Jordan looked up at me, wide-eyed, panting.  “You have no idea,” she growled.  “How long I’ve wanted to do that.”  

I hugged her, and she hugged me back.  Both our bodies were absolutely dripping with sweat, and mine was still covered in saliva when she’d been many times bigger than me.  We took relief in each other.  It felt good, in ways I can’t even describe.  For the time being, she’d stopped feeding her size into me.  We just… were.

She smelled good.  Like exertion, and excitement, and some sporty brand of antiperspirant.  She was firm and warm against me.  Big, in a way that could’ve been scary, but wasn’t.  I felt safe, with her.  It was different than when Casey had been twice my size.  With him, it had simply underlined his soft, caring nature.  That even as a giant, he wouldn’t hurt a fly.  With Jordan?  I felt protected.  Like in her arms, there was nothing in the world I should fear.

It was a long time before I concentrated on anything but her.  But gradually, something else occurred to me.  

“Jordan.  I’m… bigger.”

“Well duh.”  Her lips brushed against my neck as she spoke.

“No.  Like.  Bigger than normal.  By a few inches at least.”

She sighed dreamily.  “I know.  It’s such a relief.  Giving all this size I’m holding to someone else.  It looks good on you, by the way.  Casey’s certainly enjoying it.”

I’d almost forgotten he was there!  I turned my head slightly, to see the little guy still watching us.  He was absolutely adorable.  Not much more than thigh height to me.  His expression dazed, like he’d just witnessed something that he still didn’t know how to process.  His little cock, I observed, was extremely hard.

“So.  That’s two of my fantasies with you, checked off.  You’re doing good for me, little guy.  Now we’re going to do the third one.  Unless you’re in the mood to disappoint me.”  She frowned threateningly.  “You’re not, are you?”

I shook my head.

She gave me a little pat.  “Good boy.”

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Holding Space - Pt. 5

CW: NSFW, M/m, small dom big sub, unaware, honorifics, sleep play


Casey held me against his chest as his body shifted beneath me.  I froze on instinct.  It isn’t often that you’re picked up and manhandled by someone so much bigger than you, and it turns out if you aren’t prepared, it does things to your brain.  He casually braced me while he got himself into a sitting position, with his knees spread wide, his feet touching at the heels.  Then sat me down in the little hollow place he’d created between his legs, facing him.  It was like my own little enclosure, created by his massive thighs.

“Hi,” he said.

“Um.  Hi.”  

It hadn’t occurred to me to be overwhelmed by Jordan’s size, while the two of us were helping her.  It was odd in retrospect, considering she was four or five times bigger than Casey at this point.  Yet now, with the giant man’s attention fully directed at me.  That look on his face….

I swallowed.

“I’m very proud of you,” he rumbled.  His voice was pitched low, so as not to wake the sleeping giantess.  


“Yeah.  You did a really good job.  You saved both of us.”

I tried to not let on how much this was affecting me.  His kind words, his size, his naked body.  I nonchalantly rested one hand against his thigh, like I was sitting in an easy chair.  “What did I do?”

“Don’t be coy.”  He held up his giant fist, and pressed his knuckle against my chin.  You could call it a playful punch, but he did it so lightly, it might as well have been a kiss.  “That was incredibly brave.  With Jordan.  Approaching her the way you did.  Not backing down, even as fast as she was shrinking you.”

“It was stupid.  She told me to run, and I ignored her.  It could just as easily have ended in disaster.”

His hand shifted very slightly, until his curled fingers were covering my lips.  “No.  It was perfect.  Me?  I was too scared to think straight.  But it didn’t even seem to bother you.  The only thing you were thinking about, was the way she was in distress.  You wanted to help her.”

I tilted my head back ever so slightly, freeing my mouth, looking up into the giant’s eyes.  “I don’t know why, but I wasn’t scared.  I was thinking about her, and about you, too.  I didn’t want her to see her in distress like that, or for you to shrink away to nothing.”

He reached out, and began to stroke my back.  His hand was wide enough to span from shoulder to shoulder.  “My hero.”

I let myself relax at his touch, half closing my eyes.  “Anyway.  Without your help, it would all have been for nothing.  I was too small to help her move by the time I got her calmed down.  If you hadn’t been there to take the reins….”

“Alright Scott.”  His hand moved lower.  “I guess I’m your hero, too.”

Jordan’s body was soft and warm beneath us.  The steady rhythm of her breath, making us rise and fall like the gentle rocking of a ship.  I allowed myself to luxuriate in Casey’s affection.  His hand was calloused, his touch soft and caring.

Gradually the pressure increased, and I let it pull me in, leaning down closer, toward him.  In short order, I was staring directly at his cock.  It was lying there, languid, draped prettily along his thigh.  I’d touched it before.  When it was small enough to fit beneath my palm.  There was even a time when it had been as small as my littlest finger.  Now it was so big I’d need both hands to wrap around it, and he wasn’t close to fully hard.

As he pet me… he was getting there, though.

I watched in quiet fascination as his penis slowly, slowly grew.  The rough textured surface of his testicles pulling taut, growing tighter against the base of his shaft.  Pulsing, shifting in subtle ways that I could never have noticed at normal size.  His shaft grew longer, thicker…millimeter by millimeter…until it became too heavy to support its own weight.  Then it fell, shifting a fraction of an inch down his thigh – and the whole process repeated.  I watched this happen several times as he stroked me.  Breathing in the musky, alluring scent of him, while he grew.  Feeling the symmetry, as my own body responded in the same way.  Knowing my own cock was going through the exact same process.  Just, smaller.  Less.

“Is this okay?” he asked me, in a low voice.

“Yes.”  I reached out, running my fingertips through his coarse pubic hair, and grinned as I saw an instant response from his body.  “You know.  I enjoyed touching this earlier.  Back when you were small.  I must’ve been doing a good job, huh Casey?  You called me, ‘Sir.’”

He laughed, almost timidly.  “It just slipped out.  I hope it didn’t make things weird.”

“Not at all.  It was cute.”  My fingers stroked lower, along his inner thigh.  His body bent, following the movement.  Like a flower following the sun.  “Well.  You’re the big guy now.  Maybe I should be calling you that.”

He let out a long, happy sigh.  It was several seconds before he answered.  “Um.  If it’s okay.  I’d still like to call you that.  Even at this size.  It just… feels right.”

I suddenly felt very warm.  And something else too.  Not ‘big’ exactly, though the word did capture some of it.  “It’s okay.  I think I’d like that a lot actually.”  My hand drew in closer.  When my thumb brushed against his balls, they gave a lovely little throb, and shifted tighter against his body.  “You can say it now.  If you want.”

“Sir,” he groaned, clearly luxuriating in the sound of it.  His penis arched toward me.  “Sir…would you please touch me?”

Smirking, I pointed, very slowly.  And let my first two fingers press gently just beneath the head.  “Here?”

He nodded emphatically.  “Please.”


“Please Sir!”

I went to work on him.  When he’d been small, it was easy enough to touch him, to make him feel good, without a true and visceral understanding of what was happening to his body.  He’d been a tiny, needy little object in my arms.  I could please him with the curling of a finger, the slightest shifting of my wrist.  Now, he looked fourteen feet tall from my perspective.  His presence was impossible to abstract in the way I had before.  When he twitched, or thrust, or moaned, that fact became the central facet of my world.  It filled my vision, flooded my senses.  The power dynamic between us hadn’t changed.  But my experience of it was entirely different.

I was still new to this.  Touching another man, I mean.  It was always going to be intimidating, never mind the challenges that come with getting off someone who is more than twice your size.  But Casey gave me such perfect feedback.  And more, I was tuned to receive every last bit of it.  He was trying to keep his voice down – unnecessary, since the shift in Jordan’s breathing clearly said she was awake – but even so I could tell in an instant when I touched him in a good place.  When he wanted a little more pressure, or when I should move my palm a fraction of an inch to give him what he wanted.  Best of all, when he wanted something, and I knew I could draw him closer to the edge by almost, but not quite giving it to him.

“Sir,” he husked.  “That feels really good.”

I smirked.  Clasped both hands beneath the crown of his penis. Began to massage him from tip to base.  It felt like a very long journey, but he seemed to luxuriate in every inch of it.  “Tell me what you want, sweetie.”

Casey bit his lip, shook his head.  It was absolutely adorable, from a man of his size.  “I want to cum,” he squeaked.  “But… we can’t.  I can’t.  Jordan.  I mean….”

“I think,” I growled.  “That if she had a problem with this, she would tell us to move.  Or else move us herself.”

His face contorted into a delightful mix of confusion and need.  “What do you mean?  She’s…”

Oh, of course.  I was quite a bit smaller than Casey, and in a much better position to pick up on subtle changes in Jordan’s body.  “She’s been watching us,” I explained, as I continued to stroke him.  “For a while now.  She’s only pretending she’s asleep.  Probably because she doesn’t want to interfere, or make me self conscious.”

I could feel Jordan’s heart begin to beat faster against my butt.

“She wants this, for both of us.  She could participate if she wanted.  But I think it’s more fun for her this way.  She must be enjoying it – I can’t remember the last time she went this long without shooting her mouth off.”

The giantess beneath us made a little noise deep in her chest.  It might’ve been a grunt of annoyance, but honestly, it sounded more like a laugh.

Casey looked from his gargantuan girlfriend, who still very much appeared to be asleep.  Down to me, as I grinned up at him, and continued to massage his fifteen inch cock.  “And to think I felt bad about you watching the two of us just, like, make out.

I bent down, and gave him a quick lick.  Like he was an ice cream cone that I was trying to stop from dribbling over the side.  “We made a promise, that we wouldn’t let her feelings get in the way.  So, never mind how badly she wants this, or how hot it’s clearly making her.”  I gave a little sniff, inviting him to notice the growing scent of his girlfriend’s arousal.  “So, big guy.  You still want me to make you cum?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Jordan moaned weakly from the back of her throat, her eyes giving an involuntary flutter.  She mumbled something, her lips hardly moving.

“What was that?” I asked the fifty foot woman.

“My tits,” she breathed, barely loud enough to hear.  “Scott.  Make him cum on my tits.  Please.”

I snapped my fingers, and gave Casey’s side a little slap.  “You heard her.  Get up on your knees.”

He obeyed.  I had to fight back a moment of fear at seeing someone so much larger, move so quickly.  When I pulled myself to my feet, I was amazed that, even standing, I didn’t quite come up to his chest.  

I positioned myself in front of him.  Cupped the head of his penis with one hand, reaching down to stroke his balls with the other.

“You better tell me when you can’t hold on any longer.”

He nodded.  The gesture was so emphatic, I knew it wouldn’t be long.

I built him back up, trying to be gentle at first.  But he was so close, and I wanted this so badly.  In a few seconds I was giving him everything I had.  Squeezing and tugging, licking and nibbling.  He was practically dripping, his precum hot and masculine in scent, and without even thinking I kissed it off his tip.  The flavor wasn’t exactly pleasant – thicker and saltier than I might have wanted – but it was his, and I moaned in appreciation for it.

I could see changes in him.  The texture, the color of his penis, as he approached his release.  His length taking on a purplish hue, the little bumps and grooves along his shaft going suddenly smooth.  I pumped him faster, and faster, until he gasped, and one dinner plate-sized hand tapped my shoulder. 

 “I’m… gonna…”

I stepped out of the way.  Still massaging him with both hands, I pointed him down toward his giant girlfriend’s breasts.  And squeezed.

He erupted.  Howling in a high, broken voice, as I let him spray all over Jordan.  After the evening of flirting, our session earlier on the couch, the long build-up… he came impressively, almost absurdly hard.  To me, it was an absolute deluge.  Enough to cover half my body at least if I’d been standing in the way.  Yet on Jordan’s pert little breasts, the mess he made was insignificant.  Almost cute.  She held her character throughout.  Playing the role of the sleeping giantess.  Except, that she couldn’t quite keep the satisfied smile off her face.

We lay together afterward.  I wanted to be the big spoon, to cradle him against me, but I was too small to comfortably get my arm over his shoulder.  And so I let him hold me instead.  Enjoying the warmth of him, the presence.  His chest hairs tickled my back, but I didn’t mind.

“That,” Jordan rumbled, like the shifting of tectonic plates beneath us.  “Was really.  Fucking.  Hot.”

Neither of us said anything.  We all just enjoyed the moment.  The refrigerator buzzed.  The old man on the floor beneath yelled something at his TV.  I felt at peace.

Eventually, Jordan stirred.  “Not to ruin the mood,” she said.  “But this floor is starting to get uncomfortable.  Lying this way is murder on my neck.”

“Fair enough.”  I gave Casey’s arm a gentle tap, and he released me, helped me to my feet on her chest.  “I guess all good things have to come to an end.  What time is it, anyway?”

Jordan smirked.  It was always a dangerous expression.  At her size, it made my breath catch in my throat.  “Oh, don’t call it so soon, little guy.  I have a few ideas for how we can keep the night going.  And don’t think I’ve forgotten that snide little comment about shooting my mouth off.  I’m inclined to show you exactly what this mouth can do.”