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Emily's Toy - Finale


Chapter Tags: NSFW, giantess, SW, SM, f/m/F, mild painful sex, objectification, bimbofication, hypnosis, unrealistic renovation

Emily's Toy - Finale

Luisa stripped for Henry.  She did this slowly, almost ritualistically.  Emily, tiny and helpless on the bed, had a front row view of the whole process.  The way she slowly lifted her sheer, lacy gown past her hips.  The careful way she raised it over her head, before folding the garment into a neat little square.  The way she teased her fingertips through the fabric of her red, silken panties.  Henry watched her, arms crossed impatiently, saying nothing.  His wife had definitely grown a few inches while playing with Emily, and she seemed a bit more voluptous as well.  But if it had changed their relationship, it was too subtle to detect.  

The two had become absolutely massive, compared to her now.  If she were standing on the floor, she guessed that Luisa’s knee would be roughly at the level of her chest.  And Henry still towered over Luisa, well over a head taller.  

Abruptly, Henry lost patience with Luisa's slow strip tease.  He grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her, her to his chest, began to tug at her bra.  The woman looked started, but pleased.  She held still while her husband stripped off her remaining clothes, and let out a happy little gasp as he pushed her face-down on the bed.  

“See to that,” Henry growled, pointing at Emily.  “I’m going to see to this.”  His giant hand began to work its way up Luisa’s thigh.

The woman let out a happy sigh, luxuriating in his touch for a moment.  Then crawled on her elbows toward the tiny woman.  She pushed Emily backward along the bed, sliding her along until her back pressed against the headboard.  “Spread your legs for me cutie,” she whispered.  “Hold very still.  I don’t want to hurt you.”

The bed lurched, as Henry climbed up to join them.  He reached between Luisa’s thighs, giving her a perfunctory stroke.  Then nodded, seeming to be satisfied.  “Lift,” he remarked, giving the giantess a gentle slap across the ass.

Luisa’s face filled Emily’s vision, as the giant woman grinned.  And obeyed.  A moment later, Luisa's eyebrows narrowed in a mixture of ecstasy and pain.  “Aye, slow down papí!  You’re too big, let me get ready!”

“Shut up,” Henry huffed.  The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room.  “You have a  job.”

Sweat began to pour down Luisa’s face, as she turned her attention back to the tiny Emily.  She whimpered, and groaned, as her enormous fingertips went to work on the smaller woman.  Helping her spread open, tentatively searching inside for the vibrator.  Emily held her breath, trying not to move, praying Luisa wouldn't get distracted and slip.  The scent of sex grew stronger.  She felt her body responding to it, as Luisa’s careful fingers searched for the vibrator.  

The woman was groaning with pleasure now, hair sticking wetly to her forehead.  And still, she was precise in her movements.  At last the tiny woman felt something catch inside her, as the giantess took hold of the vibrator.  Emily braced herself.

Luisa began to pull.  The toy slowly began to inch its way out of her, a millimeter at a time.

The first indication she had that something was different, was a shift in the tone of Luisa’s voice.  No longer high, frantic, on the edge of pain.  She settled down into a calmer, more controlled cadence.  Her voice grew softer, as the toy began to crown its way from Emily’s vagina.  Yet the voice sounded deeper, more powerful.  Emily blinked, trying to focus her eyes.  

Luisa was growing again.

Henry was pounding into his wife harder than ever.  But the more the toy came free, the less concerned Luisa seemed about him.  Her body swelled bigger.  Her legs stretched out along the mattress, slipping over the edge of the bed.  Henry still gripped her, still held her, but with every passing second he seemed to struggle more and more with the growing woman before him.  And both giant and giantess seemed utterly oblivious to the changes that were occurring.

There was a little flare of pain, then a sense of hollow relief.  And then Luisa was holding the toy, looking at it curiously.  “There now sweetie,” she whispered, her voice  comforting and gentle.  “Isn’t that better?”

Emily nodded timidly.  With that infernal vibrator free from her body, she waited for something to change.  For her body to return to normal, for reality to reassert itself.

Luisa grinned at her proudly.  She bent, and gave Emily a soft little kiss just beneath her navel.  Less overtly sexual in this moment – more an expression of pride.  Then the giantess slowly closed her eyes, leaning more of her body back against her husband.  Allowing herself to luxuriate in the sensation of being fucked.  

It was only then that Emily noticed.  With the vibrator still in her hand, Luisa continued to slowly grow.

“Harder please, papí.”

Henry nodded, taking the growing woman by the hips, thrusting himself against her.  His face screwed up with exertion.  Yet Luisa seemed unimpressed with his efforts.  She rolled her eyes, then looked mildly scandalized when she realized Emily had seen this.  The giantess grinned, as if asking that they keep it their little secret.  By now, she was only a few inches shorter than her husband.

Luisa sighed.  “We’ve been such rude hosts, haven’t we papí?" she drawled.  "Making the poor micro-girl perform for us.  Don’t you think we should return the favor?”

“Um.”  Henry took a deep breath, wiping sweat from his brow with the back of his arm.  

“I think so too.  Would you like that, cutie?”

Emily nodded.  Yet even as her body forced the automatic reply from her, an idea occured.  Holding the vibrator had made each of her companions grow in turn.  What if Emily took it back for herself.  Yes, that had to be the key.  The two had stolen so much of her size, but there had to be some left.  Even a little.  There had to be!

Hands shaking, Emily reached out for the toy.  Imploring Luisa to give it to her.  “Please,” she whispered.

Luisa looked at the toy in her hand.  Such a small thing it looked, sitting in her growing palm.  “What’s that?”  She smiled kindly.  “You'd like me to give it back?  Well, how could I say no to someone so cute?”

Emily gestured frantically.  Please.  Please!

Smiling benevolently, Luisa prepared to give her what she wanted.  Until, with the toy only an inch away, the growing woman paused.  "What am I thinking?   You'll need a little lubrication first."  

With a soft smile, the woman slipped the toy into her own mouth.  She began to suckle.  

Her eyes shot open in surprise.

In an instant, she matched her husband in size.  Then her body only continued to swell, growing in every possible proportion, as the man behind her became ever more desperate to try and please a woman well outside his league.  Reality shifted, and the bed changed beneath them.  Growing into a king-size.  Even the comforter altered itself, from a dull, drab brown, into a soft silky red the same color as Luisa's dress earlier in the evening.  

And still she grew, and grew.

Luisa stared down at Emily in wonder.  At long last, she pulled the vibrator from between her lips.  Henry still slammed into her, grunting with the effort, but the woman hardly seemed to notice.  She looked at the little plastic toy in her hand, then at Emily.  A look of understanding on her massive face.

“Are you close, mamí?” Henry gasped.

Luisa glanced up, surprised.  Slowly, the seven foot woman grinned.  “Not yet.  Keep going.”

Henry nodded.  

She turned her attention back to the tiny girl before her.  The giantess seemed to consider her options.

Emily whimpered, as Luisa slowly lifted the vibrator back to her lips, and gave it a long, hard suck.

Again she began to grow, faster than before, moaning as the sensation overtook her.  Henry seemed to take encouragement from this, redoubling his efforts, even as he seemed near to exhaustion.  But Luisa paid him no attention at all.  Her eyes remained fixed on Emily, as she suckled, and grew.  Absorping the last of Emily’s size.

The ceilings rose higher.  The doorways were replaced with opulent arches.  Wedding pictures on the wall disappeared.  Vases of fresh-cut flowers popped into existence on the bedside table.  And still Luisa grew.

It stopped, very suddenly, when Luisa reached a size Emily guessed was just beneath nine feet tall.  The woman arched her back, stretching like a cat.  Exploring the way her new body felt, in its immensity, in its power.

“I can’t last much longer, mistress,” Henry whimpered.  “May I please cum?”

“No,” Luisa snapped at once.  “Get down.”

Her husband – if he even was still such a thing – nearly tripped over himself in obeying her.  He stood on the floor, hands clasped behind her back, eyes downcast.  Sweat poured down his red face.  “Did I please you?” he asked, voice shaking.

The giantess gave Emily a knowing smirk, as if sharing a private joke.  “You’ve pleased me.”

The man looked immensely relieved.  “Then may I please cum?”

She ignored him.  Luisa stood to her feet experimentally, ducking at first as though worried about bumping her head.  She began to walk slowly around the bedchamber.  Exploring.  

The room seemed more a place of worship, rather than a room for sleeping.  The ceilings stretched high overhead, vaulted in cathedral fashion.  Emily guessed they were at least fifteen feet above, with heavy wooden beams supporting them.  Along the walls, candles flickered in beautiful iron sconces.

Luisa surveyed her surroundings, looking pleased.  “Tell me,” she drawled to Henry.  “Do you worship me?”

He looked startled by the question.  “Um… is… is that what you want tonight?”

She waved her hand at the question dismissively.  “Ah well.  It would be nice to be worshipped.  But I suppose this will have to do.  Never mind.  You are still my husband, I take it.  It’s rhetorical stupid, don’t answer.”

Henry was starting to look frightened, but immediately snapped his mouth shut at the command.

“And you want to cum, huh?”

Henry nodded frantically.

“But I’m a little out of your league now, wouldn’t you say?”  The giantess laughed, and bent to playfully muss his hair.  

The smaller man looked offended – he was still an impressive specimen of masculinity, especially from where Emily was sitting.  But it seemed her didn’t dare talk back to his wife.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” she giggled.  Luisa ran her giant hand affectionately down the center of his chest.  Then pointed to Emily.  “I bet you’d really like a woman who was smaller than you, huh?” she teased.  “One who wouldn’t talk back?  That's always what you've wanted, no?”

He started to answer, then thought better of it.  Aware enough not to step into the matrimonial trap Luisa had set.  Yet the way his flagging cock immediately grew rock hard again at the idea of someone smaller, was answer enough.

“Then," Luisa sighed.  "You can have her.  My gift to my little man.  As long as you’re good to her.  I can tell she wants it.  She’s wanted it all evening.  Since before Alex even put that toy in her.  Am I right, Emily?”

She started to answer.  But by then, Henry was already on her.  His body was musky from his exertions, his own scent mingled with Luisa’s.  He grasped her little two-foot form, pulled her down the bed toward him.  His eyes were crazed, his fingers rough and powerful.

“Please, please….”  She repeated the word in a mantra, not knowing whether her desire for him was her own or a product of this reality, and far past caring.  Emily spread her legs for him, thrust her tiny hips eagerly, ran her tiny hands over her massive breasts.  Anything she could do to entice him, draw him close.  

He pawed at her, clumsy, almost feral in his eagerness.  He pressed the head of his massive cock against her vulva.  As long as her forearm, bigger around than her fist.  He ground against her, and it hurt, but the pain was acceptable, downright delicious.  He bore down tried to thrust, but the head of his cock merely slipped along the lips of her pussy.  She moaned in her tiny voice as he tried again, and again.  Not resisting, letting him rub his heavy shaft all along her lips, teasing at the glowing hot button of her clit.  Yet as good as it felt, she could see Henry grow more frustrated with each failed attempt to penetrate her.

“Hold still,” he growled, pinning her to the bed with both hands.  "Hold still, damn it."  Henry jammed the head of his dick against her, eyes scrunching as he tried to enter her from above.  She tried, tried so hard for him, but with each attempt a tiny yelp of pain escaped her lips.  As bad as she wanted him, this was simply impossible.

He kept trying, seemingly oblivious to her plight, focused only on his need.  Throwing her around into different positions.  On her back, on her stomach.  Grasping her ankles like wishbones, or wrapping both hands tight about her waist.  She screamed encouragement, urged him on.  But now she was growing scared.  Of what the sexually frustrated man might do to her in his attempts to jam his titanic girth inside her.

But then, Luisa was there.  “Would you like some help, dear?” she teased.

Looking faintly ashamed, Henry nodded.

She grinned at him.  Luisa patiently took his hand, and lead him to the center of the room.  “I have an idea for you.  Stand right there,” she told him.  To Emily she added, “Now I want you to watch this, sweetie.  Maybe you’ll be able to use this later."

Luisa opened her hand, revealing the tiny vibrator.  With long, delicate fingers, she worked the remote, turned in on.  As it hummed to life, very gently, she began to run it up and down the length of his cock.

Henry gasped.  He clutched his giantess wife with both arms for support.  And began to shrink.

“That’s it papí.  We have to make sure you’re all nice and ready.  We know how eager you are, for your big day.  Finally, someone just the right size for you to fuck, isn’t that right?”

The shrinking man nodded, oblivious to what he was losing.  He passed his old height of five seven, and continued to dwindle.

“But you have to take it slow.  Even a little guy like you is still very big for her.  I wouldn’t want you breaking one of my toys.  You understand?  You won’t hurt her, will you sweetie?  You'd never hurt her.”

“No mistress!” he yelped.

“Mistress.  Yes.” Luisa looked pleased with that.  She paused for a moment, to suck thoughtfully on the tip of the vibrator.  Her body grew again, inching upward in beautiful splendor.  Her skin taking on a radiant glow, her arms and thighs and tummy gaining just a hint of glorious muscle tone.  After a few seconds it stopped.  When she returned the vibrator to Henry, she had to drop to her knees to reach him.

“Because you know I take very good care of all my toys.  Each of you is safe with me.  Whether it’s a big toy like you, or a tiny one like her.  I want you both to have fun.  Remember that.  Look at her, my toy.  See how eager she is for you?  Don’t you want to please her, to reward her for being so patient?”

“Yes mistress!”  Henry’s voice cracked, as he dwindled beneath four feet tall.

“Good boy.”  She took another moment to place the vibrator in her mouth.  Ten feet.  Eleven feet tall.  Her hair long, immaculate, and flowing.  The room growing even more grand, to match her glory.

“You’re almost ready,” she whispered intimate into his hear, as he thrust helplessly against the vibrator.  “I picked you tonight, because I want you to please her.  Of all my toys, you’re the most caring, the most patient.  I know you put my pleasure above all else.  Always.  And I know that’s what you’re going to do for her.  Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, goddess!”

At last, Luisa looked satisfied.  She gave the three foot tall man a slap on his ass.  And pointed him toward Emily.

It took him a long time to close the distance.  To scale the side of the gigantic bed.  It reminded Emily of Rapunzel.  A prince, climbing the tower, to rescue her.  At last his body crest the side of the bed.  He was an enormous, towering hulk.  Seeing him shrink so much beside their goddess, she’d almost forgotten how tiny she, herself was.  Her head wouldn't even reach the center of this chest.  

Yet at this size, he was far more manageable.  

She opened her legs, running a fingertip along the rim of her sex.  And beckoned to him.

Henry had changed.  True to Luisa's word, he was gentle.  Focused only on her pleasure.  His hands strong but tender.  His lips soft against hers.  She moaned, and melted.  He lifted her into his lap, hugging her to him.  Kissing her on the mouth, and the neck, on the tops of her breasts.  Whenever she moved, he responded.  Hands stroking, and exploring her.  Helping the tiny woman open herself to him.

Elbows on the edge of the bed, Luisa watched.  Her face full of adoration.  One hand between her divine thighs.

Emily clasped her legs around him, using her thighs to help guide him to the place she wanted him most.  Her breasts were large enough to push him away, as he pressed his chest to hers.  But when she squeezed himself closer, it felt amazing.  

The head of his dick slipped along her inner thigh.  And she winced as he tensed against him.  Still big, so big.

Emily heard the deep bass thrum of the vibrator.  And just for a moment, their goddess touched it against the giant man who held her.  He shrank, in the tiniest increment.

Emily looked up at the giantess gratefully.  And then, all else was lost, as he was inside her.

She came almost at once, grasping and clawing against his muscular body, feeling her inner muscles clench and pulse, her juices running down to soak his lap.  He held her motionless, until the first release had passed, then patiently began to thrust inside her again.

He worked her this way, to the edge, and over, again and again.  Emily lost herself in the sea of sensation, in finally doing that which her body was meant to do.  The vibrator roared to life, and she felt the vaguest sense of irritation as her lover dwindled beneath her.  But it was relieved a moment later, when the toy rumbled against her breasts, sparking hot fire against the barest edge of her nipple and she felt herself shrink as well.

“You two were made for each other, weren’t you?" their Goddess whispered.  Watching in wonder, as she slowly shrank each of them in turn.  Making her small enough that Henry filled her to overflowing.  Shrinking him, until she tasted a moment of relief.  "It’s serendipity.  It’s magic.  To be perfect for each other.”  Goddess grinned, running her tongue along the length of the vibrator.

Emily came again.

"Someone big, who will make all the decisions for you, and see to nothing but your pleasure.  Someone small, who will let you worship and control them.  Yes.  Perfect for each other.  Perfect."

Goddess pressed the vibrator to Emily again, in the moment just before Henry came.  She shrank wonderfully, beautifully smaller, all through his orgasm.  As he filled her completely.  By the time it was finished, Henry towered over her again.  He was the perfect size to hold her in the afterglow.

Goddess was benevolent, as she stroked both of them.  Two micro-toys were never so blessed.  Only a few inches tall.  And owned by the most powerful, and beautiful woman in the world.

She kissed each of them in turn, her lips soft and gentle, despite being longer than the length of both their bodies combined.  And then, she did something incredibly strange.

Goddess set the vibrator on the edge of the bed, the remote beside it.  She fixed Emily with a gaze, almost as if the toy was her equal.

“If you want to put this right,” she whispered.  “There's enough left that you should be able to get off the bed at least.  Later, you can have some of this back.”  Goddess touched her hand to the center of her magnificient chest, her expression faintly guilty.  "I think you and I could have a lot of fun later.  It wouldn't be hard, I think.  To find more worshipers to come to my cathedral.  Maybe just an inch or two from each.  In exchange for their devoation.  We could share, of course.  Perhaps this is just the beginning for us."

Slowly, the titaness began to stand.  "Think about it.  For now... I have got to see what my bathroom looks like."

The micro girl pondered the bizarre interaction, as Goddess went to clean herself.  Henry, her lover, the one for whom she was made, held her as he dozed.  Try as she might, she couldn’t work out what Goddess had meant.  The ideas were simply beyond her.  Too big for someone like her.  

She smiled.  And drifted into the blissful sleep of the ignorant.

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Emily's Toy - Pt. 5


Chapter Tags: NSFW, f/F/M, shrinking, growth, vocal control, crying, immobilization, breast expansion, ass expansion, objectification, I guess this whole story is one long sex scene oops~

Emily's Toy - Pt. 5

At home, Henry made Luisa carry Emily into the bedroom.  The giant woman, suddenly demure, set Emily on the edge of the bed.  With careful, delicate fingers, she removed Emily’s collar.  The item was a total fiction – a product of a false reality, a symbol of her subservience.  Nevertheless, Emily felt strangely naked and exposed without it.

She stood, arms hugged protectively around her chest, as the two giants studied her.  Henry stroked his beard, running his thumb lightly over the surface of the remote.  The sudden prospect of getting any smaller, of becoming even more helpless and submissive, motivated Emily to action.  This might be her last chance!

As her captors watched, she quickly spread her legs, reaching tiny fingertips inside her, trying to grasp hole of the egg-shaped vibrator, desperate to pull it out.

“Taking some initiative, little one?  Have we made you wait too long?”  Henry chuckled.

She ignored him, felt her fingers catch against the slippery surface.  Emily tried to take hold, pull it out.  It was so much bigger now.  At least as big around as the head of Alex’s cock when he was fully hard.  At times, when he had been rough with her, it had almost been too much.  She yearned to have such a simple problem again.  She squeezed, tugging, felt her fingers slip.  Tried again, felt the toy tense against her inner labia.  Emily closed her eyes, biting down on her lip, prepared to pull with all her might…

She fell to her knees, as the hard plastic vibrator rumbled to life.  She instinctively let go, and felt the toy swelling even bigger inside her as she once more began to shrink.  With despair she sank to her knees, looking up at Luisa and Henry as the already giant couple grew ever bigger.

“It’s a shame she’s such a miniature model.  Small even by the standards of mini-girls, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes, papí,” Luisa replied at once.

“I would have liked to fuck her.  But now I think she would break.”  Henry began to unzip his pants.  “Oh well.”

The giant man dropped his jeans to his ankles, sliding them down his powerful, well-muscled legs.  Despite her terror, Emily wouldn’t help but admire him.  Each thigh, bigger around than her waist.  And his cock – God, it was utterly magnificent.  Thicker than her wrist, longer than her forearm.  Sprouting from a nest of course, unkempt pubic hair, a beautiful shade of ochre and purple.  Henry gave it a single stroke, leering down at her.

“Like what you see, little girl?”  He began to advance on her.

Emily wanted to run.  Yet with the weight of pleasure as the vibrator steadily grew inside her, she could hardly make her legs work.  Even if she could, where would she go?  Lost in this strange, gigantic house.  Miles from home.  Not even half her proper height.  And in this world, she was nothing more than property.

The giant paused, with the head of his massive cock no more than an inch from her chest.  Close enough that she could smell him.  Close enough to feel his heat on her body.  He waited, expectantly.  And Emily found she knew what she was supposed to do.  The knowledge, the desire of it, bone-deep in her little body.  She tried to resist.  But what was the point?

She spread her arms.  Lightly tucked both hands beneath the crown of his penis.  Drew the head of him into the vast expanse of her cleavage.  

The rest of her was too small.  But as large as her breasts had grown, this place fit him perfectly.

Henry moaned.

He began to thrust against her.  There was enough force in the motion to send her body to rocking, to nearly lift her off her knees, the pressure unpleasantly hard against her sternum.  She hugged him tighter, running her tiny tongue down him, following the path of a hard, throbbing vein.

He stroked her hair, cupping her entire head in the palm of his hand.  “Are you watching, dear?  She may be small, but she is very talented.  You should be learning a thing.”

“Yes papí.”

From over the giant’s shoulder, she could see Luisa watching them.  Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes very wide.  Obviously enjoying the spectacle.  One hand pressed against her throat, the other balled into a fist at her waist.  Emily idly wondered whether the fiery woman’s personality had changed when her husband had grown.  Or if Luisa had always possessed a submissive streak, and just hadn’t respected Henry enough to act on it.  Either way, she looked happy.

Henry’s motions against her were growing rough.  It took all her strength, all the weight of her body, not to flip over on her back each time he thrust against her giant tits.  She felt the hot smear of his precum, dribbling down between her breasts, down onto her tummy.  And the longer the vibrator buzzed inside her, the more overwhelming he became.  She felt herself losing inches, felt her breasts growing to compensate, always staying the perfect size for him, the perfect fit.  Soon, she wouldn’t even be able to hold up such massive mammaries under her own power. 

“I’m going to cum soon, toy.”  Henry’s voice was a deep growl, distorted by pleasure.  “Do you want me to make a pretty little mess of you?  Hm?  Tell me.”

Emily opened her mouth to reply.  Hardly more than a squeak came out.  Alex's doing.  She still couldn’t make herself speak above a whisper.

Henry laughed, and thrust harder.  “I said, tell me.  What do you want, tiny?"

Emily shivered, losing another inch.  “Please cum on me papí,” she heard herself say.  Louder, yet still so soft.

His giant hand caught her by the back of her head, holding her in place so he could get a proper amount of friction from her feather-light body.  She could feel the trembling of the fist-sized head of his cock, sense his eagerness, the closeness of his release.


“Cum papí….”


"Do it, make a mess of me...."

"I said...."

“Please, you have to help me, my name is Emily Haskens, I’m not a toy, you keep shrinking me, this isn’t right, it isn’t right, help!”

The gigantic man paused mid-thrust, his gargantuan cock pressing against the base of her throat.  “What kind of game is this?” he growled.  “Your owner should have trained you better.  Or does he like to hear silly stories when he is about to cum, hm?  I thought most men just thought about baseball.”

Emily shook her head.  “It’s not a story.  Please, you have to believe me.”  She tried to lean back, away from his titanic dick.  When she tried, she found that she had become so top-heavy that she risked toppling backward.  And still she could feel her breasts swelling, her whole body dwindling smaller.  “It’s the vibrator.  It’s shrinking me, please, please turn it off.  I don’t like it, I don't want to get any smaller.”

Henry looked at the plastic remote in his hand.  Then he turned back to her.  His giant face was screwed up in a frown.  “Don’t play this game with me anymore.  When you are asked a question, you say, ‘yes papí,’ or ‘no papí.’  Like she does.”  He jerked his thumb over his shoulder at his wife.  “Do you understand?”

She opened her mouth, trying to think of anything she could say to change his mind, to make him understand.  “Yes papí.”  The words tumbled out, completely of their own volition.

The giant gave a self-satisfied sneer.  “Good.”  Two fingers curled around the back of her neck, easily holding her in place, as he prepared to thrust against her again.

Tears began to run down Emily’s face.  The vibrator grew inside her, and she shrank still smaller.  Barely taller than her captor's knee.  No longer able even to object.


It was Luisa.  The woman looked utterly enormous, even beside her husband.  The sight of her brought into immediate perspective just how much Emily had lost.

Henry turned toward his wife, looking irritated.  “I didn’t call on you yet.  Wait your turn.”

She shook her head, wispy black hair falling down her cheeks.  “She doesn’t like the vibrator.  Can’t you see she’s upset?”  Luisa gave her a sympathetic look, even as Emily continued to shrink.  “That owner of hers, my God.  That toy is much too big for a micro-girl.  Even a deluxe-sized one like this.  What was he thinking?”

The giant man looked irritated at having his orgasm interrupted yet again.  He looked back and forth, from his wife, down to the shrinking Emily.  He gave a long, exasperated sigh.  “You see the things I put up with?  What I wouldn’t give for a woman who would actually obey me.”

He pressed the remote into Luisa’s hand, waving his hand dramatically.  “Do as you will with her.  But you owe me a favor.”

Luisa gave him a sly smile.  “Yes papí.  Thank you papí.”  

She turned the remote in her hand, and pressed her thumb down on the large button in the center.  Emily groaned with relief, as her shrinking ceased.  She tried to sink down onto the mattress, but found that her backside had grown so soft and plump that from her knees, she hardly had anywhere to grow.  She let it plush against her ankles, feeling utterly ridiculous.  A tiny, inflatable blow-up doll that had been filled to ludicrous proportions.  A comic drawing, taken from the wildest dreams of an oversexed teenager's imagination.

Henry made space for Luisa, and the diminutive giantess dropped sympathetically to her knees on the floor in front of Emily.  “Hey there, little one.  You want me to take that thing out of you?”

Her voice was so soft and caring.  Emily shook with gratitude, and relief.  “Yes papí,” she said, automatically.

Luisa looked startled.  Then she began to laugh.  “Don’t call me that, stupid.  That’s what you call him.  Come on, let me get a look at you.”

Her delicate hands lifted Emily from the bed, then eased her over onto her back.  The tiny girl immediately found herself pinned under the weight of her own assets, unable to move.  She doubted whether she would be able to rise again without Luisa’s help.  Yet the giantess was soft, and tender with her.  She hummed gently, in a comforting way, as she slowly spread Emily’s legs.

“My, that’s really deep in there,” she remarked.  

Emily felt a large fingertip run along her labia.  She shivered, instinctively spreading her legs wider.

“That’s it.  We’ll be careful.  Nice and careful….”

The finger probed at her.  Hooking in just above her perineum, lightly exploring inside her, searching for a place to get ahold of the toy.  Emily gasped, pressing her cheek against the mattress, balling her hands into fists.

The toy began to feel hot.  

Luisa chuckled.  Did the woman failed to notice, as she began to grow.  It was subtle.  Her body swelling, her dress growing tighter.  Yet her gentle demeanor didn't change, and she continued to search inside Emily.  “Ah, there it is.  Now, this might be unpleasant, for just a moment….”

Abruptly, Henry was behind her.  Smirking evilly, he took Luisa by the arm, pulled her to her feet.  “I’ve just decided my favor.”

The giantess seemed startled, but not displeased.  She was larger, certainly - yet her husband still far overshadowed her.  “W-what favor, papí?  You’ll still let me get the toy out, yes?”

“Of course,” he growled.  “But you have it too easy.  And I still didn’t get to cum.  Besides, the way you are with her?  It’s such a tease.  I can’t wait any longer.”  He pointed to the bed.  “Take off that dress.  I’m going to fuck you while you work.”

Luisa hesitated, but only for an instant.  Then she grinned.  “I like the way you think, papí.”

Monday, June 21, 2021

Emily's Toy - Pt. 4

Tags: M/F/f, male growth, NSFW, dubcon, objectification, voyeurism, crying

Emily's Toy - Pt. 4

She allowed herself to be lead out into the night. The wind was cold against her bare skin. There were tiny rocks on the asphalt that stung her feet. Arms clutched protectively around herself, the half-sized Emily had to hurry to keep up with the giantess holding her leash.

Her new companions - or caretakers, or owners, or whatever Henry and Luisa were to her now that she’d become a possession - were arguing.

“It’s just bad form, to leave a party so early,” Luisa was saying. “People will talk.”

“Eh, let them. At least we had a good time tonight. I bet all of them are jealous, too. Taking home this little beauty.” Henry glanced at her over his shoulder, giving Emily a wink.

Luisa slapped him across the gut with the back of her hand. “And there’s that part of it, too! They all know what we’re going home to do. It’s embarrassing!”

“What is a mini-girl for? Should we pretend we’re taking her home for tea?” He laughed. “Her husband knew what he was doing when he brought a naked little toy like her with him tonight. Tomorrow he’ll want to know how she was for us.  All the little details. You mark me. What we made her do for us, all the sounds she made....”

“...Few enough sounds this one makes, though. You hear?  She’s almost mute, he has her trained so well.” Luisa seemed to consider this, then abruptly stopped, and turned to peer at Emily.

The tiny girl was limping along, tears running freely down her cheeks. Her feet were  and throbbing. With her voice gone, she couldn’t even cry out. And she was getting tired from all this walking, too. Her unnaturally giant chest and massive, curvy backside were so heavy.  Besides, her legs seemed especially weak now. As if she hadn’t traveled any distance with them in years.

“Aye, sorry about that, pretty. Your owner, he must carry you wherever you go, huh? Well come on, we’ll take good care of you.” Luisa scooped Emily easily into her arms, hugging her affectionately to her chest. Large, warm lips pressed to Emily’s cheek. She felt her body respond, melting into the embrace of the larger woman, her arousal starting to grow again.  As if some deep, almost genetic conditioning compelled her to give in to the touch of someone so much bigger. She knew, rationally, that it wasn't real.  Just a part of the false reality that had been forced upon her. Yet it didn’t change a thing.

The giants continued to argue all the way to the car. Emily had the sense this was almost automatic with them. Just a strange way of showing affection for the married couple.  "We should really get a mini-girl of our own,” Henry said. He took Emily from Luisa, then sat her on his lap as he buckled himself into the car’s passenger seat. “At least then I would have a woman who would do as I say.”

Luisa sniffed. “You wouldn’t know what to do with one. You need someone smart around, to keep you out of trouble.” She shifted the car into gear.

Large hands, rough but gentle, made Emily turn. She found herself looking up into the bearded man’s face. His expression was theatrically long-suffering. “You see what I have to put up with? You would never talk back to me that way, would you?”

Emily shook her head. She felt a sense of disgust with herself, distant and muted. But fighting was hard, and it just felt so good to agree. The pleasure increased when she saw how her response made Henry grin.

“I like you, little one. Maybe I’ll keep you. Do you think your owner would sell for you?  For cheap maybe?”

“Dummy, she’s probably too loyal. You see how well-trained she is.  And how beautiful besides. He must have spent years working on her. Don’t you know anything?”

“Hush.” Henry's giant hand shifted against her. “I can change her mind.” Enormous fingers began to explore her newly enlarged breasts. Each was far larger than her head, and she was startled to find how sensitive they had become.  Emily whimpered, the teensy sound completely lost beneath the rumbling of the engine. She tried to resist him, for a moment. Drew her arms in protectively, pushed back against his wrist. Yet there was no real strength in her, and she only succeeded in pushing his hand lower down his body.

“Oh, this one is eager. Can’t even wait until we get home, can you?”

“She can’t,” Luisa growled. “But you had better. If you know what’s good for you.”

“Hush,” Henry said again. “She’s cold.  Can’t you see her shiver? I’m going to warm her up.”

Henry’s giant hand traced down her body.  She found herself spreading out for him.  He paused for a moment, resting the weight of his thumb against her pubic bone.  Emily's heart begin to race.  Her legs opened for him.  

His body rumbled beneath her in a laugh.

Then he was on her, pressing the pad of his finger hard against her clit.  There was no subtly to the motion, no patience.  She wanted to judge him for his lack of skill, yet in this moment, it worked for her.  She arched her back against him, tiny hands digging into his thighs, back of her head pressing against his sternum.

“You’re going to break her, you keep going like that,” Luisa remarked.  

“I think she’s tougher than she looks.” Henry flicked his thumbnail against her throbbing clit.  Emily bucked her hips against the giant finger, trying to keep it in contact.  “You get a look at this vibrator he makes her wear?  How big it is?”  

His finger slipped over her vulva, working lower.  There was pressure for a moment, as Henry searched inside her, seeking out the toy.  Then he brushed against it. 

Immediately, everything changed.

There was heat, so much heat, as though the toy had become molten inside her.  She screamed, silently, but even as she did she realized it wasn’t pain she was experiencing.  Henry grunted, pulling back his hand in surprise, as if he had been burned.  Even as he did, she could feel him shifting beneath her.  

Emily looked up at him in wonder, as his body began to change.  His head lifting higher, his shoulders growing broader.  His entire body rippling outward.  There was a sense of un-reality about watching him grow.  As though she was seeing reality change, her brain not able to entirely make sense of it.  There was a lensing effect about it, like seeing him grow through a broken window.  Around him, other things began to shift.  His cat seat suddenly lower - not shifting through any mechanical action, but as if it had always been adjusted to accommodate the larger man that occupied it.  His shirt morphed around him, as his chest grew more muscular, showing off more of his bare skin, a healthy display of chest hair sprouting from the edges.  

From the corner of his eye, he could see Luisa’s outfit changing as well.  The formerly conservative dress she wore becoming more sheer and low-cut.  The same basic style, and color as before.  But far more revealing.

“That’s enough for now,” Henry purred.  His voice was deeper, somehow more commanding.  He removed his hand from between Emily’s legs, resting it against her stomach instead.  Her mind raced, trying to determine what she had just witnessed – impeded somewhat by the strong physical disappointment that he had stopped touching her, and the almost irrational need for more.

When she spoke, Luisa's voice was very soft.  “You were starting to make me jealous, papí.  Thank you for stopping.  I can hardly wait until we get home.”

“You liked watching me play with her.”  

Luisa answered at once.  “Yes papí.”

“You’d like it if I play with you that way tonight.  Wouldn’t you.”

She blushed.  Before that moment, Emily Wouldn’t have imagined that the stern, self-assured woman was even capable of blushing.

“If you are good,” he said.  “I’ll play with you.  After you watch us, of course.”

Luisa gave a groan of frustration, but she didn’t sound displeased.

Henry continued to tease his wife the whole drive home.  Describing all the things he might do to the little half-sized woman who trembled in his lap, how he would make her submit to him.  Luisa said nothing, except for an occasional gasp, or moan of approval.  She kept her eyes steadfast on the road, hands at ten and two.  But the growing scent of her excitement was impossible to miss.

The tiny woman tried to concentrate, while the giant laid out a menu of carnal delights that was in store for her tonight.  She had to get the vibrator out, somehow.  That was still her top priority.  But now she suspected that wouldn’t be enough.  It wasn’t merely stealing her size.  It was storing it somehow, like a battery.  When Henry had touched the toy, that size had flowed directly into him.  Without meaning to, he had stolen it.  Emily suddenly had a nagging suspicion that, even if she were to reverse the process, she wouldn’t ever get entirely back to normal now.  Not when Henry had nearly a foot of her height!  

Her task was growing more complicated.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Emily's Toy - Pt. 3


Tags: NSFW, shrinking woman, breast expansion, hip expansion, dub-con, non-con, vocal control, exhibitionism, humiliation, objectification, pet play, BDSM elements, holy shit I wrote this what got into me??

Emily's Toy - Pt. 3

She stared stupidly at Luisa.  Emily was certain the woman had been much, much shorter when they'd first met.  Even a moment before, Emily had been taller - even if it was just a bit. Now she found herself looking up. The beautiful Latina woman, who professed herself to be no more than 5’1”, was practically statuesque.

“Something isn’t right.” Emily looked from one of her companions to the other, as the vibrator continued to jack hammer away inside her. And wasn't that sensation getting stronger?  As if the Aphrodite 2001 itself were growing?

“It’s a good thing we came over when we did,” Henry remarked, as Emily sank down into her clothes. “Tiny things like her need someone to keep an eye out. Her husband should never have let her wander off by herself in the first place. You never know when someone nasty might come along and, mm, snatch her up.”

Luisa elbowed him in the ribs, but she was grinning. “Yes, I’m sure you’re thinking of protecting her honor, papí.  You’re a real white knight.”  The growing woman leaned in, lowering her voice conspiratorially. “You know,” she breathed. “Women who are smaller than me are hard to find.  Never mind ones that are so cute.  And you?  You aren’t just shorter, are you?  You're tiny.  And it make me feel absolutely huge.  If you weren’t spoken for, I’d snap you up in an instant.”

“I… I….”  Emily swallowed, her entire body shaking, not knowing what to say. She felt her cheeks growing hot, as her panties slipped a few inches down her dwindling thighs, before catching again.  She found herself hyper focused on Luisa’s scent, as the woman leaned in close.  Her panicking mind finding the smallest thing of which it could make sense.  The woman smelled so good.  A heady musk, unique, and barely concealed beneath a layer of expensive perfume.

“Honestly, you’re almost too good to be true. Though if I’m being honest, you’re a bit too skinny for my tastes. I'm sure your husband likes you just the way you are, of course.  But, well.  Not to be rude.  You ever hear the term ‘short-stack?’”  The dark-skinned Amazon laughed.
Henry gave a long suffering sigh. “You see what I live with?  It’s a double standard. If I were to be so direct with an attractive stranger, she would make me sleep on the couch for a week.”

“It’s because you’re not good at it, papí.”

“Let me get some practice then!”

Emily’s breath was coming hard and fast.  She didn’t know whether to run, cry for help, or grab hold of the two giants and beg them to fuck her senseless right here in the drawing room. She could hardly remember being more turned on in her life. It was the vibrator, of course. But no, that was too simple.  The arousal felt external, not her own. As though it was being forced upon her, a steady weight pressing her down.  And worse, the longer the Aphrodite buzzed inside her, the stronger that excitement was growing - and the smaller she was shrinking!

She tried to focus, tried to understand it.  In the last few moments, something had shifted.  The sensation of shrinking was different, now.  Before it had felt pleasantly cold, like a breeze across freshly oiled skin.  Now there was a growing heat.  Centered in her chest, and around her hips. That part of her wasn’t shrinking at all.  No, it felt… rather like….

Daring to look away from the growing couple, she glanced down at herself - and gasped.  

“My boobs!” Emily cried, her voice was loud enough to carry. She heard it echo back to her in the suddenly silent room.

All conversation stopped.  Every single person in the room turned toward her.  Chairs scraped, crystal clinked. Fifteen sets of eyes, every one of them scandalized, judgmental.  All these well-dressed strangers, staring at the tiny, disheveled little woman, in clothes that no longer fit her at all.

Luisa cleared her throat. “Why yes,” she said. “I just said your breasts were nice.  Very full on a figure so small.  Wasn’t that compliment enough?"  She spoke a bit louder, trying to move past the awkward moment.  "Oh I see.  You're the type to go fishing for compliments.  Does someone get off on the attention, hm?”

Emily want to respond, but no longer trusted herself to even part her lips.  She shook her head, blushing furiously, and pointed to her still-growing breasts. The party slowly resumed around her, as felt felt her hips expanding, her body shrinking smaller.  In seconds, her perfect yet smallish breasts had swelled enough to support her B-cup bra, despite the fact that rest of her was nearly two feet shorter than when she’d put the outfit on. Briefly, her dress even fit again.  Secure around the shoulders and waist, though big around the tummy, and quite a bit longer than she liked. Then the dress grew tighter. Her panties digging in between her ass cheeks, squeezing intrusively against her vulva.

People were looking her way again. Not, she sensed, because she'd committed any faux paus. Some of them leeringly openly. And not a single one seemed embarrassed to be caught staring.

Then, like magic, the vibrator stopped. Emily took in a full, deep breath for what felt like the first time in minutes. Her head was spinning, her body ringing like a struck bell. But at least she could think again.

“You saw all that?” she asked her companions. She looked imploringly up at Luisa and Henry, both of whom utterly dwarfed her now. “That... the way I changed. I’m. I’m different now!”

The couple exchanged a look.  Henry finally shrugged, and smiled.  “Yes, you did a very good job finishing your drink! We’re proud of you. I really didn’t think a tiny thing like you could do it. I suppose that means you're different, doesn't it?  But, ah, maybe you should slow down, no? You got a little loud earlier. And you’re showing off for everyone.”

Emily looked down, and instantly scrambled to cover herself.  Her chest had grown massive enough to utterly overflow her low-cut gown. The garment simply wasn’t made for someone with such impressive assets, and her breasts were lewdly spilling out the top.  Two hard little nipples were visible outlined in tight fabric, and the tiniest peak of pink areolae could be seen around the hem.  She tried to adjust it, found that it simply fell back in an even more compromising position.  She struggled, grasping it with both hands, terribly aware that at her new height, anyone who walked by could easily look down the humiliating line of her cleavage.

Her mind turned over slowly, a single idea dawning over the haze of panic.  The vibrator.  It had to be the vibrator. As crazy as it seemed, every time it turned on, it was changing her. And the changes weren't random either.  Henry wanted her shorter. Luisa wanted her shorter, and curvy. That was it. Their fantasies of her... the vibrator was making them real.  

She had to get out of here.  Away from them, find a place where she could take this stupid, expensive toy out. Reverse it, get back to normal. Or at least stop getting smaller. Now.  She had to do it now.  Alex could turn it back on at any minute, she had to....

“Hey now, easy chica.” Luisa laughed, catching Emily by the shoulder as she tried to flee toward the bathroom. Her hand was gentle, yet it was strong, irresistible. “We can’t let our little friend go running off by herself. Not after you finished that big scary drink. Don’t worry cutie.  We’ll keep you safe.  Maybe we can even have some fun until your husband shows up.  You said his name was Alex, yes?”

“Did someone call me?” The voice was familiar, and so welcome. Alex.  Thank God. He sounded so much more powerful and commanding than she remembered.  Instantly, she felt safe.  Alex was here, he’d save her. 

She turned, to see her giant husband striding toward her. His hand was still in the pocket with the remote control.  He looked annoyed.

“Alex! Please, you’ve got to get me out of here. Something weird is happening!” She tried to rush over to him, nearly tripped on her oversized dress.  The garment spread out like a nuptial train around her four foot body.

“Quite down Emily. Now, come here.” He opened his arms. His wide, powerful arms.

She limped and hoped forward, tripped, crashed into him.  Wrapped her arms around his massive waist, lett herself be lost in his immensity, his safety. She whimpered, and shook, and it was all okay.  She was with her man.  He would fix this.  She let her entire body go slack, all the strength gone from her.  His hands stroked her tenderly. His body so warm, and close, and powerful at this size.  His touch, it felt so good.

He would fix this.  Yes.  But maybe he didn't have to fix it right away.  If he took her home first….

“There there.  You’re okay now sweetie.  But remember, we’ve talked about this. You’re not supposed to raise your voice at parties. We don’t want you embarrassing yourself, do we?” His tone was affectionate, yet incredibly condescending. As if he was talking to someone cute, but irrational.

Emily suppressed a sudden surge of anger. She pulled away from him, far enough to look him in the eye, make him pay attention. “Alex, no! Look at me.  Really look at me! Don’t you see?  I’m so small... and my butt, my BOOBS!” She gestured at herself wildly. “You don’t see anything wrong with this?  Don't you remember?"

“I know. I keep telling you that dress is a terrible fit.” He turned his attention to Luisa and Henry. “You must think I’m a monster, letting her go out like that.  It’s just so hard to get her to put on clothes for parties. She has a bad habit of stripping out of anything more constraining. It’s all I can do to keep her from ripping off her clothes and throwing herself at the first attractive person she meets.” Alex sighed, shaking his head. Then brightened, and offered his hand. “Oh, hi by the way! Thanks for watching out for her.  I’m Alex, her caretaker.”

“Caretaker?” Emily’s mouth hung open with inarticulate rage. She stomped her foot, sending a tsunami of ripples through her over-large chest. “Husband. You’re my HUSBAND!”

“Quiet sweetie,” he said, patiently. “This will make it better.” Alex groped around in his pocket, and Emily yelped as the vibrator roared back to life. She screamed in mingled pleasure and despair, holding onto herself as if she could stop the shrinking, prevent her breasts from swelling even larger. Then, to her utter humiliation, Alex pulled the remote from his pocket, and dangled it up where her new friends could see.

“I make her wear a little vibrator when we come to parties like this. I swear, I don’t know how I would manage without it. This thing is a godsend. It quiets her right down when she starts to misbehave.”

She tried to scream, beg him to turn it off. But the moan that came out was soft, her throat too tight to make the sound travel. And as she howled for his attention, even that faded. Until her ability to make her voice heard at all was completely gone.

"See?  What'd I say.  Quiets her right now."  

“Now, that is such a good idea!” Henry laughed, draping his arm around Luisa. “Tell me, where can I get one of those?  I can think of a few uses.”

Luisa elbowed him playfully. “Sure. If we get one, I know right how I’ll stick it in you. No lube or anything.”

Emily felt her whole body rocking in time with the motions of the toy. She waved up at Alex, then pounded her dwindling fasts against his stomach. Trying to get his attention, make him stop shrinking her in front of all these people. He ignored her, resolute, and went on with his conversation.

It occurred to her then. 'To quiet her down when she misbehaves.'  That's how Alex had explained the purpose of the vibrator.  And true enough, Emily had lost the ability to make a sound. But worse than that. The toy had stolen her voice, because that was Alex’s fantasy. He wanted her to behave, to be silent. To not embarrass him. That was as true now, as it had been when he first purchased the toy.

She sank to her knees, utterly defeated. She realized she was still shrinking, that the overpoweringly alien arousal had only continued to grow, that her chest and ass were still swelling bigger. Three fantasies mingling upon her at once.

And, she stopped fighting. 

Hands moving of their own volition, she gasped, and moaned in silence. The giants watching her. Curious, half amused, as she began to touch herself.

“Here,” Alex remarked.  “Let me show you how it works.”  He gestured with the remote control, explaining its functions.  A crowd began to gather.  Emily could only watch, and writhe, and shrink, as she felt the toy work through all its modes inside her.  Sometimes pulsing quick.  Then low, rhythmic throbs, that forced her hips to thrust toward the sky.  Then vibrating so quickly she could hardly pick out the sensation among the background of pleasure.  No matter the setting, the result was the same.  She shrank, unable to even find the relief of screaming out in pleasure.

“Do you mind if I try?” Luisa asked.  She took the remote from Alex’s offered hand, as the crowd circled to watch.  The center of attention, as the giant woman’s fingers danced over the controls, pressing down on buttons with exquisite, mercenary precision.  Emily rolled and kicked on the floor, hands clawing frantically at her rapidly expanding chest, her soft, billowing ass. 

The crowd ooo’d, and made gentle noises of appreciation.

“My turn, okay?  Hey.  Hey, my turn!”  Henry poked his wife several times, before she sighed, and reluctantly gave up the remote. He considered the controls. Then immediately turned the Aphrodite to its highest setting. Her lips parted, hands pulling at her hair, tangling in her dress as as tried to reach beneath. Shrinking so fast, God, going to cum, how small would that make her?  She had to pull it out, had to make it stop! But Henry pressed another button, and she felt herself back away from the point of no return. He selected another setting, then another, picking seemingly at random.

“Okay, I think I’ve finally got it.”

The setting was a barely pleasant buzzing that traveled through her whole body, making her shake and twitch. Yet now she was so turned on it hardly mattered.  Her hands moved weakly, their objective forgotten. 

The crowd watched eagerly.

And Emily made the decision. She clenched. And pushed herself deliberately into an orgasm.

The crowd clapped. Henry smiled. The praise filled her, made her feel light. As artificial an emotion as the arousal. And just as impossible to dismiss.

“My, you know that’s the darnedest thing I’ve ever seen,” Mr. Dabrowski remarked. “I’ll say Alex, you sure know how to train a mini-girl, I’ll give you that!”

Far, far above, Alex beamed. “Why thank you, sir.”

“You know, maybe you could give me some pointers. My own little toy isn't nearly so behaved.  Down-right ornary, if you want to know the truth.  Been ages since I could get her to cum on command."  He smirked in a grandfatherly sort of way. “Maybe I’ll give you some pointers on the back nine, while we’re at it.”

Alex practically glowed. It was the happiest she’d ever seen him. He glanced down at her, as if just remembering she was there. “Oh, hey Henry there old boy. Let me just take back that remote. You have to turn it off when you’re done, you’ll drain the batteries!”

The horrible vibration finally stopped. The show over, the crowd dispersed. Emily lay, panting. Unmoving. Crushed by afterglow, and despair.

“You know,” Alex remarked to Luisa and Henry, “My little Emily really seems to like you.  She gets fond with strangers, don’t get me wrong. But she was practically throwing herself at you earlier.”

“Well, we like her too,” Luisa purred, arms folded across her chest as she stared down from on high.  She nudged Emily playfully with her foot. The half-sized woman rolled to her side, letting the tongue loll uselessly from her mouth.

“I um, don’t suppose you’d let us borrow her for the night?” Henry asked.  His voice was soft, as if expecting a scandal.

Luisa slapped his shoulder, hard. “Idiot! What a thing to ask. Of course he’s not going to let us borrow her.”

“Well, actually....” Alex scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. “She can be a bit of a handful. I’d honestly like to get away from her for once. She’s really needy. High-maintenance. Irrational. Kind of a vacuum for attention. Don’t get me wrong!” he added quickly. “She's great.  But I’d really like some time to myself.  Get a round or two in tomorrow, so I can impress old Dabroski."

Henry laughed nervously. But Luisa smiled. “Oh, I’m sure we can find a way to accomodate each other.  And I'm sure we'll get along just fine with your little Emily.  She's trouble.  As a matter of fact, I like trouble.”  

The giantess reached down for her.  Without any seeming effort, she scooped Emily into her arms.  Her owner… no, caretaker... no, husband... the big man that fed her. He was there, looking sternly into her eyes. “You promise to be good for Henry and Luisa, hear?”

Something in her stiffened.  Emily swallowed, and with all her will, managed to speak. It wasn’t even a whisper, yet it took everything she had to force it past her lips. 

“Alex, please.  Don’t do this. Please take me home. Make me normal. Don’t do this. Don’t do this....”

“You see what I mean?”  He shook his head.  Then his thumb pressed deliberately down on the big red button in the center of the remote.

The vibrator was so big now.  Almost filling her.  So powerful.  Yet this time, as she spasmed in Luisa’s arms, she didn’t feel herself shrinking.  Nothing about her changed.  Instead, her laughably oversized dress began to vanish around her, like wisps of fog on a warm summer morning.  In their place, there condensed a thick leather strap, with a long knotted cord attached. 

She felt the collar close, tightly, around her neck.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Moving Day - A #KinkyScribble


By now y'all know the game for #KinkyScribble writing.  Put out a call for suggested story prompts, write edit and post a short piece all in a single sitting based on whichever strikes your fancy.  I usually set myself a specific word limit before hand.

Our prompt this time came from Njord.  A little on the morose side, or anyway that's how I took it.  It spoke to me today.

Writing/Edit Time: 1 hr 15 min
Words: 518
Tags: Dubious consent, romance, loss, ow my heart

Moving Day

She watched him pack, sitting Indian-style on the floor, languidly gripping a half-full glass of wine.  It took him forever.  Jim had become so meticulous lately.  Ever since he’d moved out of the lovely house she’d provided him, and into his apartment.

Apartment, she thought, and sniffed bitterly.  It was a literal hole in the wall.

“I don’t see why you won’t let me help with that,” Vera said at last.

He paused to look up at her, and wiped sweat from his brow.  His dream house couch stuck halfway through his front door.  “I can manage.”

She scowled, and hid it behind another sip of wine.  It was hers of course, the couch, and for a moment she nearly demanded it back.  But that was petty, and foolish.  She didn’t play with dolls anymore.  

Not since last time.

It had seemed such a good idea.  A way to bridge the gap between them.  Not that she minded his size, of course, and hadn’t she told him so almost every day?  He’d been uncertain.  The doll she presented him with had come from the same collection as his plastic molded living space, the doll house hinged at the center like a book, and always left open on her bedside table.  

She hadn’t noticed the home was too large for him, and he hadn’t complained.  It wasn’t until she placed the doll beside him, saw how it towered over him.  An anatomically incorrect Amazon, beside her poor little Jim.

She had covered her pity with bravado.  Made her plastic avatar flirt, and dance with him.  When it had bent down before him, and demanded a kiss, he had looked up at her.  Not angry.  Just tired.  

That night, he asked if she would close the doll house.  He’d do it himself, he explained, but it was just too big.  The next day, he asked her to drill the hole, down along the baseboard.  

It was the last request he’d made.

“I think that’s everything.”

It was a pathetic pile of bric-a-brac.  She could have held all of it, along with him, in her cupped hands.  She could carry him to his destination in less time than it would take him to make it to the kitchen.  Or just dump his whole life down on her bed, and tell him he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Are you going to be okay?” she asked.  “Out there?”

He shrugged.  “I managed before you found me.”

That was true.

She thought of that first night.  How she’d warmed him with her hand as he lay on the pillow.  How easy it had been to fall asleep, with the mouse-whimper of his breath in her ear.  How just knowing he was in the house had soothed her, even after their mutual decision to just stay friends.

“It’s a long way to visit,” Vera managed.  “But there’s no reason to be a stranger.”

She felt her heart catch as he smiled.  And knew, at his size, the minutia of emotion that played across her face must be plain to see.

“Take care of yourself,” he said.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Emily's Toy - Pt. 2


Tags: NSFW, unaware, slow shrinking, f/F/M, exhibitionism, alcohol, that boring person at a party who won't leave you alone UGH

Emily's Toy - Pt. 2

The party was predictably dull.  The Dabrowski’s were nice enough folk—for suburbanites anyway.  But it all felt so hollow. Nothing but an excuse to rub elbows with their well-to-do neighbors. Everyone too scared of making a faux paus to be anything other than the most boring version of themselves.

Emily remained obedient arm candy as Mrs. Dabrowski droned on about the charcuterie.

“I know the pomegranate melon balls might seem a bit risqué. But they really do offset the sharpness of the twelve-year cheddar.”

“Oh, I quite agree.”

The porcelain woman smiled, and thrust the tray under Emily’s nose. “Please, try the gouda. It’s a delight.”

“I’m lactose intolerant,” Emily lied.

Alex’s hand tightened imperceptibly on her shoulder. Her husband was engaged in an equally distasteful conversation, going over the intricacies of wood selection on the tricky fourth tee.

Her husband hated golf.

Each time she felt Alex shift, she braced herself.  She was very aware of the little plastic toy, their secret, tucked away inside her.  It took a rather intense keggle to find it, but at least practicing gave her something to do. There.  The tip of it was pressing against the rough mound of her g-spot.  A dangerously sensitive place. It was going to take all her concentration not to let out a long howl of approval when Alex finally triggered the remote.  How humiliating that would be. In front of all these fine and proper people. 

She’d be in such trouble when she got home.

But now they’d been at the party for thirty minutes, and still nothing. Alex was deliberately holding out on her.  A few times he even went so far as to reach into his pocket, where she knew the remote was hidden.  Giving her a sidelong glance, making sure she was paying attention. Only to pull out his phone instead.  It was driving her crazy!  Which was the intent of course.  But it made it hard to concentrate on small-talk, when she could sense her body growing hotter by the minute, feel her heartbeat in her throat.

“Are you alright, dear?” Mrs. Dabrowski’s motherly face registered a look of concern.  “You look flushed.”

“What?  Oh!  It’s just… rather warm in here, wouldn’t you say?  With all these people?”

The woman nodded.  “I suppose you're right.  My Charles does say I've a tendency to run the furnace too high.  I just get so cold, and this old house is just awful, so drafty.  Never mind the weather we’ve been having lately.  What a dreadful winter, and blustery too.  Why this is the coldest February I can remember, unless it was last year’s. Did you hear they’re forecasting snow again this weekend?”

“I hadn’t.  You must excuse me—I’m going to find something to drink.”

Alex gave her a look. “Don’t go too far, dear.  And holler if you need anything.”

She hurried away, feeling lighter already for having escaped that blackhole of a conversation.  Holler if I need anything indeed.  If only he’d give her a reason.

She was halfway to the punch bowl when he zapped her.

Emily stopped in her tracks, sinking her teeth hard into her lip. Silently, she let let herself luxuriate in the sensation.  The power and majesty that was the Aphrodite 2001. Her lips curled in a ‘getting-what-I-want smile’ as the tiny toy throbbed and pulsed inside her.

And then it was over. Emily covered her disappointment by fixing her hair and subtly adjusting her bra strap. The surprise must have made her flex pretty hard. Her cocktail dress was out of sorts, the spaghetti fabric lose around her shoulders. The frill even seemed to hang lower on her thigh.

Damn, this toy was good!

All at once in a much better mood, Emily made her way to the punch bowl, and poured herself a big glass from the plastic ladle. She sniffed it, cautiously. There was a tell-tale astringent scent to it, thank God. Faint, but definitely present. She took a sip. Then another.

“I’d be careful if I were you.” A smiling dark skinned woman idly brushed against Emily, reaching for the ladle. “It’s stronger than you think. My Henry here had two glasses, and started slurring his speech. He’s cut off.” She gestured with her chin at an embarrassed-looking man beside her.

“It’s the Caribbean rum,” the man who was apparently Henry said. He seemed to be annunciating his words rather carefully. “Sweet, but lord it sneaks up on you.” He laughed, worrying at a suit that seemed just a bit too snug on him. “Anyway I had to do something. This party is stupid.”

His partner looked scandalized. But Emily lit up.  Finally, a kindred spirit.  She favored him with a smile. “I’ll drink to that. There are so many things I’d rather do on a Friday night than pretend to be proper. To making things more interesting, then.” She raised her glass in a mock toast, downed it in a single go. It went down easy, but the after-burn made it clear that the drink was stronger than it tasted.

Henry looked impressed. He reached toward the punch bowl.

“No papí, I told you, you’re cut off.” The woman deftly moved the ladle out of his reach, then took a long sip from her own glass. “If that's how it's going to be, I suppose the three of us had better stick together. Wouldn’t want to see a pretty girl like her get falling down drunk, with no one to look after her. I’m Luisa, by the way. The one with the loose tongue is my husband.”

“Emily. And yeah, I appreciate the company. Y’all are way more entertaining than the other stiff-necks around here. But I didn’t come alone.” She pointed to her partner, who was still engaged in conversation across the room, his back to them. Emily noted his hand was still in his pocket. “That’s my husband, the one that dragged me here tonight.”

Luisa and Henry frowned in unison. The expressions were fleeting, gone in less than a second. Was that disappointment? Sometimes single guys gave her that look when she told them she was married.  But a couple?

Oh, this was worth investigating.

“Dragged you here, huh?” Henry was saying. He nudged his wife. “That’s how come I’m here. We don’t even live in the neighborhood. But my boss started inviting us to these things, and, you know. Gotta show off for the right people, she tells me.”

She slapped him on the arm. “It got you a promotion, didn’t it?”

“It did.  But I got it already. So why are we still coming?” He tugged hard on his collar. “I hate this suit.”

“It looks good on you, papí. Just a few hundred sit-ups and it’ll be perfect.”

Emily laughed. “Well I for one think it looks perfect already. Like, ah. It can’t quite hold in the wild beast of a man inside.  Straining to escape.” She gave him a smoldering little smile. “It’s a mood.”

Henry looked pleased.

“You’re going to give him a big head,” Luisa warned.

Emily smirked.  "Yeah.  I've got a talent for that, I'm told.  Want me to teach you?"

As if on cue, Emily felt the welcome bite of the Aphrodite 2001. This was a different setting. More subtle. Increasing in intensity over several seconds, so at first she hardly noticed it. She let her nostrils flare, letting out a long exhalation of breath, hiding her expression behind her plastic cup. God, this was good. It had been months since she’d so openly flirted with strangers like this. Combined with the warm glow of the alcohol, and the affirmation of the toy buzzing along inside her, it made Emily feel like she was floating.

The spaghetti strap of her dress slipped down her shoulder. Unthinking, she adjusted it.

Luisa was grinning up at her husband, affectionately stroking him on the chest. “He’s got a type you know. Short girls, who fawn over his muscles.  I don't let him play very often, but he seems to know how to pick them."

Okay, these two were definitely flirting with her. Emily considered how much breathing room she ought to give this situation. Because the way she was feeling at the moment, she was libel to get herself into trouble. She and Alex weren’t swingers by any means. Though a little playful competition could do him good, come to think of it. Especially after he’d forced her to get dressed up and everything.

“Well then,” she purred, affecting an expression she had always reserved for the very end of a photoshoot, back in the old days. 'Fucking the camera,' they called it.  “We know what Henry’s into.  But, Luisa. I’m just dying to know. What do you look for in a partner?"

The woman laughed to cover a blush. Her hand rest on the ladle, idly stirring in a slow circle. “I like when calls me his goddess.”

“Aye tejónita, I do that sometimes....”

“...But usually he calls me tejónita.” Luisa rolled her. “Do you know what that means?”


“Good.  But I'm guessing you didn’t mean, what do I like about Henry.”

“Mmm, no.” There went the vibrator again.  She caught herself gently rolling her hip in time with the long, building rhythm. She didn’t stop.

Luisa moved a bit closer, pitching her voice intimately low. “Well. If we're speaking about women, mind you.  I like them soft, and curvy. I like when they let me pamper them. Tell them they are beautiful. And I just love it so much, when they are shorter than me.” The woman winked.

“I do enjoy a good pampering,” Emily admitted. She gave Henry a wink. “But as for being shorter than you, that’s just not on the table. I’m five foot eleven, after all. I had a rather successful modeling career, before I was married. They like them tall, so the dresses hang, you know? Plus I had. You know... all of this.” She ran her hand over her body, inviting the two of them to look.

She was for sure taking this too far. She really needed to reign this in.  She took another sip of her drink.  

But now Luisa and Henry were exchanging an unusually long, contemplative look. “You know," Luisa said slowly.  "I know plenty of men who feel the need to inflate their ego.  And lie about their height.  Five eleven seems to be a popular number. Henry’s always telling people he’s that tall....”


“...When he’s only five nine. But you can’t fool us, sweetie. I’ve been five one since high school.  And see? We’re almost the same height.” Luisa came and stood beside her, gesturing with her hand.

Emily blinked. “Um, okay? But you’re wearing heels....”

“So are you.  It's even footing, if you’ll excuse the pun.” The woman put a soothing hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay. I’m fond of little shorties, like I said.  Just, it was funny you thought you could tell such a big lie.  Cute, actually.”

“It wasn’t, I mean, I never, I mean, I’ve always....”

Suddenly Emily was forced to bite down on her lip to keep a howl of pleasure from escaping. Alex had suddenly turned the Aphrodite 2001 up to its next setting, trying to catch her off-guard. It had worked.  Her fingers tightened around her drink, her hand slammed down on the table as she flailed for support. The sensation didn’t fade. It went on, and on.  She held her breath, as the powerful little toy continued to pulse rabbit-quick against her g-spot.

Luisa was watching her.  The woman’s expression openly lechorous. Usually Emily had to take her clothes off to get a person to look at her that way. Slowly, the taller woman put her arm around Emily's shoulder.  “You doing okay there little lady? Didn’t I warn you? Tiny things like you should leave big-people drinks alone.”

Emily didn’t even dare to breath as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. And as she stared at Luisa in silence, the woman’s full, upturned lips seemed to be getting higher.  And higher.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Emily's Toy - Pt. 1


It's been quite awhile since I've sat down for any serious writing.  Not for a lack of ideas - life stuff, you understand.  My partner and I bought a fixer-uper of a house, and there's always more to do, more to stress about.  I haven't yet found a place that feels 100% comfortable to write.  And like, oversized electrical outlet covers, where do you even GET those?  

The other thing, holding me back, is this story right here.

I started it way back in January 2021, and it was 95% done a month later.  Fully drafted, most of it on its second edit.  Here we are in June.  For whatever reason, I haven't been motivated to push it those last few inches.  Like seriously, it's the matter of two hours work, tops.  Each time I get a new, shiny idea for a story, I remember that I still to finish this one.  Then I sigh, and pick up a screw driver instead.

So, here's to being a little less precious.  

Full Story-Tags: NSFW, slow shrink, female growth, male growth, objectification, public humiliation, reality manipulation, classism, BDSM, toxic marriage dynamics

Chapter Tags: sex toys, exhibitionism, unrealistic grooming regimens

Emily's Toy - Pt. 1

“Do we really have to go?”  Emily wrapped her arms around her husband’s shoulders, pressing herself into him from behind as he tried to dress.  “There are so many things I’d rather do on a Friday night.  I’ve got a few ideas actually.  You know you want to hear them."

Alex sighed. He let her kiss him a while longer.  Then gently shrugged out of her grasp so he could finish buttoning his shirt. “You know I’d love to stay in, and explore the limits of that imagination of yours.  But we’ve put off the Dabrowski’s three times in a row.”

“Their parties are so boring, though!”  She stuck out her lower lip. “I  don’t want to spend a whole evening listening to you talk about golf.  Or artisanal cheese, or whatever.  You’re seriously going to tell me you’d rather go out, then spend an evening with all of this?” She ran her hand slowly from her hip to her thigh, posing for him. She was still faintly damp from the shower, and freshly shaved.  So far the only progress she’d made in getting ready for the evening was to pull on a lacy pink thong.  She hadn't even bothered to dry her hair.  He loved it when it trailed down her arms this way, in wet little streaks.

This was the part where his resolve would crumble, and she’d get her way.  Or he’d punish her, which was better.  Either way, they wouldn’t be going out tonight.

“You’re insatiable lately.”  He looked her over, and she saw him preparing to cave.

“What can I say.  I love a man who knows how to dress.”  She grasped his tie, pulling him toward the bed.  "Want me to show you how much?"

“If it was up to you, we’d never leave the bedroom.”  He jerked the tie out of her hand, looping it around his neck.  

Emily stepped between him and the mirror. “And what’s wrong with that? Are you trying to tell me you don’t love me anymore?”

“Not buying, dear.” He took hold of her shoulders, and gently but firmly moved her out of his way. His fingers went through the practiced motions of tying a Double Windsor.  “Come on, we’ve got to leave in thirty minutes. Go dry your hair.”

Emily sat on the bed, arms crossed and stubbornly tucked her chin.  “No. You can’t make me.”

"You'd like if if I tried, though."

She grinned.

“Well, if you insist, I'll go alone.  I’ll just tell everyone you’re sick.”

"Alex, no!  You're missing the point!"  She crawled higher up on the bed, motioning for him to join with plantive little movements.  

He considered his reflection.  “Sick, yes.  That's what I'll tell them.  Something gastrointestinal.  You know, butt stuff.  You’re going to have the whole neighborhood asking if you’re okay tomorrow.  Condolences, home remedies….”

“You wouldn’t!”

He gave her a smirk as he pulled on his jacket.  “Try me.”

“Alex!” She threw herself backward, pounding on the bed with her fists.  “You’re so mean to me! And all because I just wanted to stay home and fuck your brains out!”  

“Oh, sit up straight.  Besides, it doesn’t have to be one thing or the other.  I had a surprise for you actually, but now I don’t know.  Maybe you don't deserve it.”

She lifted her head, staring at him suspiciously. “You’re not teasing?”

“I’m not teasing.  I got you a present. Something to help make the evening a little more tolerable.  And to give you something to look forward to when we get home.”

Emily’s face brightened. She suddenly looked like a little girl on Christmas morning - albeit a girl with the physique of a runway model. “A present? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You didn’t give me a chance, and you were being bad."  He smirked.  "I'll show you.  But if you like it, you have to promise you’ll go to the party.”

She pursed her lips, considering her options.


“Oh alright, fine!”  

Alex went to the bedside table, and looped his finger around a thin, purple electrical wire Emily had never seen before.  He traced it back to her drawer.  Her special drawer.  “I wanted to make sure it was charged for tonight,” he explained, as he withdrew two objects. One was small, and ovoid.  It looked like a FOB for some futuristic car. The other was a smooth plastic bullet about the size of Emily’s thumb. “You know what this is?”

“The Aphrodite 2001 Bluetooth-Controlled Couple’s Vibrator!” She bounded from the bed, grinning from ear to ear. “The XL model!  Seventeen functions, five hundred foot range, six hour battery life! A new revolution in discreet erotic exploration!” She paused, looked down at it, frowning. “It’s a lot smaller than I expected.”

He shrugged.  “Size isn’t everything.  All the reviews say it’s supposed to be very powerful. For what I paid, it had better be.”

Emily gave him a coy look. “So it was all an act?  Being so cold to me, making me think the spark had gone out of our marriage.  You just wanted to tease me, torment me, ramp me up.  Then make me wear my wonderful new toy all night. So I have to stifle every little gasp and moan, while it vibrates inside me. Making sure none of our oh-so proper neighbors can see how turned on I am.  Knowing that every little twitch and pulse is delivered by my lovingly depraved husband.  Then later, when I'm drunk on fancy cocktails, you'll bring me home.  Wet and wanting.  And fuck the absolute daylights out of me.  Is that about right?”

“Yep.” He held it out to her, then pulled it away at the last minute. “But only if you behave yourself tonight.  Do we have a deal?”

“But I don’t know if I can,” she drawled.  “You know how much of an exhibitionist I am.  Gosh.  How am I going to be able to hold it together.  With all those people, watching me.  None of them knowing how I’m secretly holding myself back.  Fighting so hard not to lose it.  Can you imagine if I slipped, and came in front of all those people?  You know how loud I am...."

“Stop trying to get me worked up."  Alex tapped his watch.  "Twenty minutes.  And counting.”

“Then you better help me put it in." 

Emily kissed him once, gratefully. Then dropped her panties, and wordlessly spread herself on the bed.

Alex moved against her with practiced precision.  Not hurrying, but wasting no motions.  He stroked his finger along the tender skin of her inner thigh, going slow enough to work her into a gentle boil.  The very moment she was wet enough, he slipped the toy inside.  And once it was past her lips, it was hardly anything at all. She could sense it there, resting against her g-spot.  But just barely. 

He stood, admiring his handiwork.

“You really know how to leave a girl hanging.  I don’t suppose you’re planning to turn it on and give me a demonstration?”

“That wasn't our deal.” He winked. “Besides. I wouldn’t want to distract you. Eighteen minutes.”

Emily was already pulling her makeup case from under the bed.  “Have the car ready, darling.”