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The Antidote - Pt. 7

Thanks for sticking with me, so far.  I know it hasn't always been an easy ride.  Bets placed?  Let's get to the conclusion.

Chapter Specific Tags: Humiliation, insignificance, mouthplay, threat of vore, insertion, threat of shrinking to nothing.  If you’re tapped out and are just here to see the resolution, do a text search for, “Very slowly, Jenna pushed.”


Abruptly, Jenna took hold of Allison by the hips, turned her, flipped her roughly onto her back.  She seemed to weigh hardly anything.  The effect that this display of power had on the smaller woman was written all over her face.  Allison was bright-eyed, grinning from ear to ear. 

The toy lay just beside her elbow.  It was shielding its eyes, dazzled in the sudden light.  Jenna reached out her giant, manicured hand for it.  The toy tried to run, but that was absurd.  It made it less than six inches before Jenna’s fingers closed around it.  She drew it to eye level, so she could have a proper look.

“Aww.  Bad news sweetie.  Looks like our toy already shrank itself too small to be useful.  It can’t be more than three inches tall anymore.”

Allison propped herself up against Shawn’s pillow.  Her face was flushed, her hair sweat-streaked.  “Let’s be real.  He was never going to be big enough to satisfy me in any NORMAL way.”  She twirled a lock of hair thoughtfully around her finger.  “But, three inches you say?  That might still be good for something.  Especially if he’s enthusiastic about it.  Like, I have this bullet vibrator?  Believe me, three inches can be plenty big.”

The toy nodded emphatically, pointing at Allison.  It seemed to be yelling something.  Even a foot from her face, it was too small to hear.  She made abrupt eye contact with it, marveled at the way that shut it up in an instant.  Made it freeze into inanimacy. 

“No.” Jenna’s voice was flat.  “It doesn’t even deserve the satisfaction of being used.  Of having purpose.  I think, as a final lesson, it needs to see its true nature.  I’m going to make it useless.”

The toy screamed.  She let it.  Let it scream, and fight, for all the good it did.  Slowly, inexorably, Jenna lifted it to her warm, wet mouth.  She extended her giant tongue, let it roll up and down over the teensy little toy.  Up one thigh.  Down the other.  Then, with exquisite care, the place between.

She felt it struggle.  And felt it shrink.  Jenna lifted it higher, pressed it firmly to her lips.  She moaned, the way she might moan when savoring a fine chocolate, or a fresh strawberry.  The toy was salty, a bit sour, not especially tasty.  Still, there was something, about the experience of having it in her mouth… it was mmm what was the word?  Delectable.

She felt her lips coming together, closing around it, as it dwindled.  Her tongue lolled over and over again, back and forth, across.  It wasn’t necessary to seek out the toy’s cock—to exert any effort or attention at all as she suckled.  The toy was so small, it was impossible NOT to press against one erogenous zone or another.  Everything she did was shrinking it, now.

She let it go on, until the toy was small enough to fit very easily in her mouth.  Until the danger of instinctively swallowing it was becoming a concern.  She gave it one last coating of saliva.  Made sure it was properly lubricated.  Then pulled it from her mouth, pinching it between thumb and forefinger. 

She’d swallowed pills that were larger. 

The toy was beyond fighting.  Its lack of hope, its submission, was final.  God, why did that make her so fucking wet?  With an air of ceremony, Jenna lowered the toy to her waiting lover.  Allison eagerly spread her thighs, making little ‘come on,’ gestures, biting her lower lip. 

“Don’t get TOO excited,” Jenna purred.  “You’re barely going to be able to feel this.”

“I’m excited to feel YOU,” she groaned, moving her hips in expectation.  “The rest, I just want to get over with.”

Carefully, Jenna rested the useless toy atop Allison’s vulva.  The smaller woman gave a tiny moan of satisfaction, as Jenna used her first two fingers to peel back her clitoral hood.  The toy slid, unable to get traction, until it grasped like a drowning man to the pearl of Allison’s clit.  For a moment, the toy was actually a bit BIGGER than the little rose-colored bundle of nerves.  That wouldn’t do.  Jenna pinned it there with a fingertip, made it rhythmically thrust.  The woman bucked and writhed with pleasure, and the toy shrank.  In seconds,  the toy was clinging to a clitoris that was easily twice the size of its entire body.

“It’s going inside you, now.”  Jenna spread Allison’s labia, sliding the toy down her folds with her smallest finger.  It slipped so marvelously easy.  It was limp, no longer fighting or struggling.  Jenna let the moment hang.  “If you have any last words for Shawn,” she breathed.  “Now is the time.  Otherwise.  Are you ready for him to disappear?”

Allison took firm hold of the sheets between her strong fingers, pulled them taut.  “Do it.”

Very slowly, Jenna pushed.  Pushed the shrinking toy deep, deep inside.  Introducing it to its new home.  Let it kiss against Allison’s g-spot.  Then, deeper.  Until it was lost, in the darkness. 

Allison closed her eyes, her breathing slow, her muscles relaxing.  Jenna smiled benevolently.  Gentle, and shallow, she began to thrust.

“I think we can talk now,” Jenna whispered.  “As long as we’re quiet.  I know we didn’t plan this part.  You’ve got to be very, very still.  Don’t flex anything.  Wouldn’t want to HURT our little Shawnie-poo.”

“You aren’t exactly making it easy!” Allison hissed back.  “When you touch me like that it’s almost impossible not to squeeze!”

The nine foot woman laughed softly, fingers still moving.  “Well.  You know me.  I love a good crucible.”  Her thumb played over Allison’s clit, pinching tenderly, tugging ever so softly against her little pleasure center.  The way she knew Allison couldn’t resist.

“JENNA!” the smaller woman squeaked.

“Just breathe.  Here’s the rule: you can’t cum until he does.  Got it?”  Jenna tugged harder.

“I hate you!”  Allison grabbed a pillow, stuffing it over her face.  Her body shook, her stomach rising and falling rapidly.  Little beads of sweat ran in the groves of her muscular thighs.  But, she remained still.

Jenna lowered herself, until her mouth rested against Allison’s vulva.  She spoke very softly, sending the vibrations of her voice through the smaller woman’s body.  “Shawn.  I’m here.  I know you can hear me.  And I know you’re still fighting it.  Listen to the sound of my voice.  How big, and booming, and deep it is.  Listen to Allison’s heart beating all around you, the sounds of her body.  We are your world, Shawn.  Both of us.  You’re inside her, because I put you there.  And that makes me so, so happy.  I promise.”  She smiled, and kissed Allison, exaggerating the wet smacking sound of her lips.  Kissing them both, this way.

“Shawn.  It’s time.  I want you to reach down, and stroke that microscopic little cock of yours.  Stroke it hard for me, Shawn.  For Allison, too.  Because it’s time to let go.  Time to give in.”  She licked her lips, anticipating the next words.  “Goodbye, Shawn.  Goodbye, my love.  Shawn.  I want you.  To.  CUM.  NOW.”

The moment hung, frozen.  Neither of them moved.  Neither of them breathed.  Allison’s body trembled with the effort of holding herself back.  Jenna bit her lip.  Until slowly, Allison lifted the pillow away.  She wore a big, happy grin.  She nodded.

“You’re sure?” Jenna mouthed.

Allison continued to nod, looking so, so proud.

“Then,” Jenna said, in full voice.  “I need YOU to do something for me, sweetie.  At this size, there’s only one safe way to get him out.  I’m going to make you squirt for me, Little Girl.”

“Unf!” Allison flopped back on the bed.

“Yes.  Allison.  You’re going to squirt so fucking hard.  Going to make a mess all over Shawn’s bed.  Going to make a mess all over ME.”  Jenna was now running the flat of her palm up and down the length of Allison’s lips, roughly squeezing and pinching her clit between her first two fingers.  Faster, and faster she moved.

“Oh God…oh GOD!”

“Cum, Allison.  If you want to save his life.  Then you’re going to cum.  Cum so fucking hard, Little Girl.  You better… you BETTER!”

Allison let out a fractured, broken cry.  A heavy stream let loose, soaking the sheets, splattering onto Jenna’s face and chest.  The giant woman hardly flinched.  When a tiny little speck, her sweet little Shawn, landed there in her palm, she closed her fingers protectively around him.  And she smiled.

The mattress creaked, as the giantess crawled onto the bed, and lay beside the tiny, gasping woman.  With a smirk of satisfaction Jenna rested on her back, and placed her almost invisible little man beside her nipple, on her left breast.  Just above her heart.  She wrapped her arm around Allison, feeling protective of her as well, though not in the same way as Shawn.  With her, it was more, a kind of kinship.  A sister in arms.  Jenna listened to her pant, felt her shake, and tremble, as she came down.  She let herself share in the afterglow, of those in her care.

By the time Allison’s breathing slowed, and returned to normal, she thought Shawn looked bigger.

By the time Allison crawled down the bed, grinning mischievously, and settled between Jenna’s thighs, she could actually make out Shawn’s features.

By the time she, herself, shrieked in a broken voice that it was too much, that she couldn’t take any more, that Allison had to stop, Shawn was finally big enough to hold.  She clutched him to her, gasping, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling.  His body curled comfortably, as he dosed atop her chest.  Six inches tall, now.  Peaceful, and adorable.  She held him like a teddy bear, a morsel of grounding comfort.

“…think we overdid it, do you?  That really was a lot.”

Jenna turned her head slowly, stupidly.  She blinked.  Little Allison was looking up at her expectantly.  Jenna tried to swallow.  Why was her mouth so dry?  “What?”

Her lover giggled.  “Oh, I’M sorry.  Is SOMEONE a little non-verbal, cutie?”

“I mean.”  Jenna swallow again, cleared her throat.  “I… wow.  That thing you were doing with your tongue.  GOD.  And, were you fisting me?  It felt like you had half your arm in there.”  She paused, slowly raising one eyebrow.  “Wait.  Who are YOU calling ‘cutie?’  I’M the big one tonight, got it?”

Allison smirked, snuggling in closer.  “For now.  But I can already see it wearing off.  Give it another hour.  Two, tops.  You’ll be a cutie again in no time.” 

Jenna fought down a blush.  She sighed.  “Guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.”  She exerted her strength.  Pulling, lifting the still smaller woman, until Allison was halfway up on her chest.  Her head resting on Jenna’s right breast, while Shawn slept on her left.

Allison grinned at him sleepily.  “It really is such a nice change.  Having you big like this.  I know you said there’d be some surprises, but I really didn’t expect you to grow tonight.  God, when you stole his ‘antidote’ like that….”

“Yeah.  I’m proud of that one actually.  A little artful misdirection.  I’d been telling him the ‘antidote’ was in the pink bottle all week, while we were negotiating.  Kept reminding him to be REALLY sure he didn’t misplace it.  Made him memorize how to find it, so he’d remember even if he was in subspace.  But, there never actually was an ‘antidote’ for this particular brew.  It was always going to trigger when he… you know.  Of course, HE didn’t know that.”

Allison sighed dreamily.  “I think he forgot it wasn’t real, toward the end.  He totally thought it was permanent.  I got it on camera, when you took his pill.  The look on his face was priceless.”

Jenna winked.  “I’ll text you the video.  I’m sure he won’t mind.”

Allison nodded.  She still looked troubled.  “You’re really sure that wasn’t too far?  That we….”  She struggled for words.  “I doubt he’s going to be in much of a state to discuss things.  Not tonight anyway.  I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow.”  She leaned in a little closer, putting her eyes a few inches away from the slumbering seven inch man.  “Jesus.  His ass is already starting to bruise, see?  It’s going to be REALLY bad tomorrow.”  She poked him gently.  Shawn moaned painfully in his sleep.  Allison pulled back her hand, as if he’d burned her.

“We’ll discuss it,” Jenna replied.  “Shawn’s going to have a LOT to say about tonight, one way or another.  I think you’re fine though.  Like if you’re worried?  Don’t be.  It was hard for me too, the first couple times we played.  Before I genuinely started getting off on being big, and scary for him.  He enjoys it, believe me.  You did great.  In the worst case, if you went too far, he’ll probably remember it the next time YOU’RE the small one.”  Jenna smiled wistfully.  “That can be fun, too.”

Allison shivered, and gripped her a little tighter. 

“There’s another thing, that makes me think it’s okay,” Jenna went on.  “Here.  Watch this.”

Very carefully, Jenna turned her little boyfriend as he lay across her chest.  Turned him, until he was lying flat on his stomach, his face fully visible to Allison.  Jenna held her finger above his tiny ass, which even now was starting to bloom a lustrous shade of purple.  Gently, she pressed.

Shawn groaned.



She pulled her fingertip away, slowly.  In his sleep, Shawn lifted his teensy backside to follow it, mutely asking for more.  A tiny smile spread across his lips.

The two women lay together for a long time, not speaking.

“Hey,” Allison said at last, in a tiny voice.  “We went to some really dark places tonight.  And I don’t just mean the physical stuff.  Are YOU okay?”

Jenna considered the question carefully.  She decided Allison deserved honesty.  “I got… some pangs of jealousy when I first saw you tonight.  Sharing him is still new and… well… you guys know I’m working on it.  I’m trying hard, I promise.  Your relationship is so new, and I see how crazy you are about each other.  Sometimes it makes me feel….”

“…insignificant?” Allison offered.

Jenna scowled.  “I was GOING to say ‘left out.’  Anyway.  That part tonight, when I MADE him ask you out, took control over it, owned it?  That helped.  A little.”

“Yeah.”  Allison gave her a knowing look.  “You were playing a little loose, with those roles.  I appreciate why, but I had trouble keeping up.  Like, on the stairs?  When you asked if I was okay, if YOU kept seeing HIM?  The way that, like, flipped things?  That almost took me out of the scene.  I used it, though.  Really, got into character after that.”


Allison kissed her shoulder.  “It’s okay.  It was a learning experience for everyone.”

A comfortable silence descended.  Jenna decided Allison was right—the drug was wearing off, fast.  She definitely was smaller now.  She breathed slowly, let it happen. 

Eventually, Allison stirred.  “Well, I should let you guys be.  It’s supposed to be a Shawn-and-Jenna night.  I’m just the special guest.  You still cool if I see him on Monday?”

“Definitely.  Hey Allison?  You want to sleep over tonight?  I’m sure he’d like that.  And.  Um.  I’d like it too.”

A tense silence.  Jenna swore she could actually feel herself getting smaller, as she waited.

“You really mean it?”

“Yeah.  I think… you and I?  We’ve been doing this make-believe thing too long.  Pretending it wasn’t real.  It’s my fault.  I want you to know, you’re special to me.  It’s taken me time to come around but… I have feelings for you, too.  I’m sorry, if I ever made you feel less-than.”

Allison hugged her.  “Man.  This bed is going to be crowded in the morning.”  She climbed higher on Jenna’s body, and higher, until the smaller woman could press her mouth to Jenna’s.  Far below, she knew, Allison had let Shawn slip between her breasts.  Her girlfriend squeezed her shoulders, felt that she was embracing him, too.  Including him in this moment of intimacy.  Jenna waited for that familiar sense of jealousy to wash over her, prepared to fight it. 

The feeling never came. 

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Master Plan - A #KinkyScribble

If you're a fiction writer feeling that old creeping terror of the blank page, let me recommend a #KinkyScribble.  Short, low stakes works of fiction, inspired by a simple idea, with minimal prep and edit time.  The goal is to imagine, start, edit, and finish something, all in one sitting.  It's not going to be perfect, but that's the point.

Everyone seems to have different rules they set for themselves, so your mileage may vary.  Personally, I set a hard word count limit.  Usually 300, but this time I decided to bump it to 700.  I pay careful attention to how much time I spend writing, and then editing.

I also solicit writing prompts on @pseudo_size, and pick whichever speaks to me, and seems to fit the form.  On that subject, thanks to Emmet (@HThereBeG1) for the following suggestion:

Write Time: 40 minutes
Edit Time: 25 minutes
Words: 700

Tags: Passive-aggressiveness, shitty roommates, criminal acts, growth, shrinking, female muscle growth, pulp

Master Plan

“Hey Gabrielle, can we talk?”

“Um, j-just a minute!” came the reply, but her door wasn’t latched, and my gentle knock had already sent it swinging open.

Gabby sat at her writer’s desk, facing away from me.  Shoulders tight, body rigid.  Practically frozen with fear.  I almost abandoned my plan to talk to her right there.  I avoid confrontation, as a general rule.  And Gabby was such a mousy, timid girl—new to the city, liable to flinch at any unexpected loud noise.  It would be much easier to leave her alone.

No.  Good fences make good neighbors, and all that.  Anyway I couldn’t afford to let another roommate walk all over me.

“So um, I noticed you were eating my food.  Again.  It’s cool, you know?  As long as you ask first.  But I just bought those two giant boxes of Cheezits like, yesterday?  I’m unemployed right now, Gabby.  Money’s tight.”

She nodded slowly, still facing the wall.  “Yeah, I’ll… replace them.  Sorry about that.”

“No worries.  Hey and ah, I think some of your laundry got mixed up in mine?”  I held up the sports bra so Gabby could see, but she didn’t look at it.  “It’s kind of weird though.  Maybe you had a guest over, that I didn’t know about?  This thing is WAY too big for you.  Like… WAY too big.  Plus, it’s torn all to shreds.  See?”

She didn’t turn.  “Oh.  I meant to get rid of that thing.  Would you mind throwing it out for me?”

I frowned, fought down a wave of irritation, decided it wasn’t worth picking a fight.  “Yeah, no problem.  Just remember, you’re supposed to give me a heads up when you invite people over.  Oh by the way, totally no hurry on this, no big deal, but you said you were going to fix the back door….”

“What?  Oh I completely forgot about that.  As soon as I figure out my money troubles.”

I couldn’t hold back my sigh of exasperation.  “Gabrielle.  Come on, it’s been almost a month!  I don’t know how you managed to slam the door hard enough to crack the frame like that.  But if the super sees it, we’re never getting out deposit back!  This is a BIG problem.”


I was getting really annoyed now.  “Can you at least LOOK at me while I’m talking to you?”

Gabrielle sighed.  And slowly, she wheeled around in her chair.  I’d never seen her without her cute Indie-girl glasses before.  She looked really different.  Oddly familiar.  That smirk, especially that smirk….

I gasped, and tried to back out of the room.

“Something the matter, dear?”  She gave me an evil grin, and stood to follow.

“You—I’ve seen you on the news!  You’re… you’re Gargantuella!”

“Drat.  And you’ve cornered me in my lair, without my impenetrable disguise.” 

Her smile was growing.  So was she.  Her cozy woolen sweater, rising to expose her toned midriff.  Her sweat pants, struggling to contain her swelling thighs.  Her arms bulking, expanding, into the cartoonish physique I’d seen plastered on every newspaper and super market rag. 

“But… but… you just robbed the Second International Bank.  How do you have money troubles?”

She gave me a playful wink, brushed past me as she continued to swell into immensity, opened the drawer of her bedside table.  Between the tips of two giant fingers, she pinched something, held it out to me.

A burlap bag, with a dollar sign on the front.  The perfect size, for a little dollhouse bank robber. 

“So,” she mused, ducking to keep her head from hitting the ceiling.  “There are still a few kinks to work out in my master plan.  But perhaps I’ve said too much.  Now, the matter of what to do with YOU.”

I tried to flee from the hulking giantess, but she only laughed, and caught me by the back of my shirt.

“You’re still looking for work, aren’t you?  You’re in luck.  I’m in need of a henchman.”  She gave me a B minus super villain laugh. 

Already I could feel my clothes getting baggy, the room growing around me as I shrank. 

“Yes.  I think I have just the position for you.”

Monday, April 20, 2020

The Antidote - Pt. 6

Chapter Specific Tags: FF/m, mini-giantess, dominance, ignoring, objectification, threat of injury, threat of micro


“No!” Shawn screamed, finding his full voice in his despair as Jenna swallowed down the last of his antidote.

Allison gave a long belly laugh, as the tiny man to clung to her lap for dear life.  “Oh, you tricked me!  I really thought you were going to give him the antidote!”

Jenna struck a pose, and winked.  “After the way HE’S acted tonight?  Not a chance.  He hasn’t come close to earning it.  He can just stay tiny forever, for all I care.  He was always kind of pathetic, honestly?  Now, form matches function.  Well.  Come on, let’s clean up.  I want to… OH!”

Jenna let her eyes flutter.  She bent, putting her hands to her knees.  Her lips parted in a soundless cry of ecstasy.

Very slowly, she straightened, and set her eyes on the camera lens.   She grinned.  “Hey.  So.  Change of plans.”

Jenna began to grow.

“No,” Shawn whimpered, curling up into a ball.

“Yes!” Allison cried, tossing him aside.  He bounced on the bed, once, twice, then came to rest on his side facing the two women.   Allison stood, hands clasped, bouncing on the balls of her feet.  “Jesus, is this really, really happening?  I’m not imagining it?”

“Oh.  It’s happening.”  Jenna smirked.  She took in a deep breath, letting her chest expand, feeling her body swell bigger.  Eye level with Allison’s chin.  Then, her lips.

“You think you’ll get bigger than me?” the still-taller woman asked, in a weak little voice.  Allison bit her lip.  “That would be so fucking hot.”

Jenna raised an eyebrow.  “You don’t say?”  Groaning, she reached out, took Allison by the shoulders.  Her body felt like it was on fire.  Overflowing with strength, with power, until her skin could no longer contain it, until she HAD to grow, lest she burst.  “I thought you said you liked SMALLER women.  Changing your tune?”

“I don’t MIND them, but…”  Allison glanced away, suddenly shy.

“Ah-ha.  I get it.  You have a THING for tall girls.  Right?  Like HE does?”  Jenna pointed to the bed, where a little four inch Shawn was struggling up to his hands and knees, crawling meekly toward them.

Allison glanced at him, scowled, quickly turned away.  “Let’s not talk about… THAT anymore.  I’d rather keep my attention on more, um, pleasant matters.”

“We can do, ‘pleasant.’”  Jenna touched Allison’s cheek, feeling herself growing faster with the skin-to-skin contact.  Already she was only a few inches shorter than her Amazonian friend.  She let herself revel in the sensation, the anticipation.  She could almost feel size flowing into her, her body feeding on her own excitement.  Her fingertips trailed down Allison’s chest, over her stomach, growing faster as she let her palm rest on the cusp of still-larger woman’s thigh.

Allison moaned, her jaw going slack.

“Have you ever been with a woman who’s taller than you, sweetie?”


Jenna’s mouth made a silent ‘o’.  She slid her hand closer, inward along Allison’s thigh, fingers dancing over smooth skin.  She pressed.  “But it’s been a fantasy of yours.  Huh?”

Allison looked embarrassed, but nodded at once.

“It must be hard, sweetie.  Being as big as YOU are, wanting someone even bigger.  Well.  I think, if you wait just a moment….”  Her thumb paused a quarter inch from Allison’s labia, fingertips curling tenderly in the woman’s pubic hair.  She made direct, unbreakable eye contact, forcing Allison to watch.  Watch, as her gaze lifted higher.  And higher.  Until they were eye to eye.  Until Jenna was looking DOWN.

Allison squeaked.  Her lower lip trembled.

“Turn around.  Face the bed,” Jenna ordered.  She spent a moment, tasting the next words before she spoke them.  Then, carefully emphasized each one.  “Little.  Girl.”

Jenna felt Allison’s body grow warmer.  Blushing, the smaller woman obeyed.  The sudden rush of power, the easy dominance she felt over Allison, was very nearly too much in that moment.  Jenna grit her teeth, stifling a moan as she grew in a series of staccato pulses, four inches taller in a matter of seconds.  She felt Shawn’s gaze on her, knew that he had seen all of this from his perch at the edge of the bed, but he was less than nothing to her, now.  There were far more interesting matters at hand.

The growing woman positioned herself Allison, let her swelling breasts rest against the smaller woman’s back, felt her nipples slide higher, and higher as she grew.  Allison leaned back against her, reaching around behind, strong little hands stroking over her expanding form.  Jenna leaned down, blessed her with a warm kiss on the rim of her ear.  She was somewhat aware that a tiny little toy of a man was now standing on the bed.  He was doing… something.  Reaching out to the two of them, begging for help, or attention, or some other pointless thing.  Neither woman remarked upon him.  Neither woman cared.

“Spread your legs.”

Allison did.  Jenna rewarded her obedience.  One long, generous finger, spanned easily across the center of her.  She added pressure, testing.  Ran in a smooth, experimental circle.  “You,” she growled.  “Are REALLY fucking wet.  Shorty.”

Allison whimpered.  And gushed.

Jenna laughed.  She began to rain gentle little kisses on the smaller woman’s neck as she fingered her from behind, each touch feeding and accelerated her growth.  In only a few seconds she’d made an utter mess of her little friend.  Jenna took her time, making Allison’s lips, and thighs, and downy pubic hair sparkle with her own juices.  The scent of her was heady, intoxicating, even to someone more than a head taller.  Jenna could only IMAGINE what it would be like to be tiny and nose-level with this spectacle.

“You know.  I don’t think any of this is about height for you.  Not really.”

“I-it’s not?” Allison squeaked.

Jenna licked her ear.  “No.  For you?  This is about POWER.  It’s a game you play, I think.  A game, you deeply want to lose.  The game is OPTIONAL, around other women.  And it’s easy enough for you to win.  Tisk, tisk.  My big, scary, dominate Allison.”  She laughed, pressing the tiny woman firmly to her chest, squeezing one breast fiercely beneath her slick palm. 

Allison could hardly speak.  “But… earlier… in the kitchen.  Liked… that.”

“I know, Shorty.  But.  You have this… desire.  Or, no.  Need.  To have someone bigger.  To push you around.  Dominate you.  Make you scream.  Am I onto something here?”

Jenna did something devilish with her finger, and Allison responded at once.  “Yes!”

She chuckled, further rewarding her honesty.  Allison arched her back, going limp in her arms, eyes rolling back in her head.  But then, slowly, Jenna eased off.  “This game, though.  Around men?  It’s mandatory.  Who is bigger, who has power.  Given your need to LOSE said game, if you meet one who’s especially, pathetically small…?”

“SUCH a turn-off,” Allison breathed, moving her hips in a sensual figure eight pattern, in the rough direction of the bed.  There was an odd squeaking sound, as if something tiny and forgotten there was screaming.

Jenna grinned.  God, she was getting REALLY big now.  Allison was almost becoming pathetic, herself.  She did some mental math, decided she must be around eight feet tall—and still growing.  Bending this far to touch her tiny little friend was getting inconvenient.  Time to change things up.  She gave Allison a playful little slap on the ass.  “Get on your hands and knees on the bed.  Now.”

The tiny Amazon nodded, obeyed without a second thought.  The two were vaguely aware that a miniscule figure was running toward the head of the bed, trying to get away from Allison as she approached.  The mattress bent beneath her, she crawled past the tiny toy.  It dodged, narrowly avoided being crushed by her knee, then disappeared beneath her stomach.  Allison settled down with her head on the pillow, her tear-shaped breasts plushing against the comforter.  Jenna smirked, watching, as Allison lifted her backside.  Her sinuous muscles flexed prettily, as she brought her ankles together, exposing her soaking little slit for the giantess’s affection.

From behind Allison’s calves—inside its prison—the toy looked out at Jenna.  Trapped.  Terrified.  Surrounded by Allison’s titanic body on all sides.  She saw its predicament, how the sight, the scent, the PRESENCE of Allison, was driving it wild.  Shrinking it smaller, and smaller, with no way to escape.

Jenna leaned down, and down, until her lips found Allison’s dripping sex.  The tiny Amazon began to mewl.  The powerfully defined muscles of her back, butt, and thighs began to flex rhythmically.  Sweat began to run down her body.  She squeaked.  She swore.  And, in less than thirty seconds, she came.  Allison gasped under the weight of ecstasy, almost collapsing fully to the bed, almost crushing whatever silly thing might have laid beneath.  Jenna gave her only a moment to recover.  When she redoubled her efforts, Allison threw back her head and howled.

It went on, and on.  Sinking into the comfortable rhythm—pleasure; pause; increase intensity; repeat—Jenna’s mind began to drift.  A funny thought occurred to her, about the toy.  Even now, unseen, it must be shrinking smaller.  Here on its own bed.  Beneath a woman he’d probably fantasized about hundreds of times.  Yes, THAT was the idea, that drew her mind.

When it, was still a he… how many times must Shawn have laid here, in the dark?  Listening to Allison: his neighbor, the object of his desires, as she moaned and panted on the other side of the paper-thin walls, as she lay with someone else.

How badly must he have wished to have her this close.  He might even have wished that he could be exactly where he was now, with her gorgeous, statuesque body suspended above him.  Listening to her cry, and moan, on this very bed.

Jenna had seen the eagerness, the need on Shawn’s face, when he spoke of Allison.  He ached for her.  He might STILL want her, even in this hopeless state.  Nothing would change that.  Even as her very presence shrank him smaller, draining him of every bit of significance, reducing him to nothing.  With no antidote now, he would only get smaller.  How long before he became too tiny to even be seen?  As two planet sized women fucked on his bed.  Their sights, and sounds, and smells, shrinking him down to the sub-atomic, with him helpless to interact in any way.  And still, it would be his desire for Allison, that drove him smaller.

And suddenly, Jenna knew how to end this.

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Antidote - Pt. 5

Chapter Specific Tags: Public humiliation, non-consensual recording, BDSM, spanking, degradation, objectification


The two women took their time, there in the kitchen, as they finished undressing each other.  Knowing Shawn’s eyes were on them, how the spectacle was making him smaller by the second.  How he was helpless to escape, or even look away.  It filled Jenna with a sense of almost god-like power, even as she let herself be teased and stripped by the much larger woman.  The knowledge of how badly he wanted her; how the sight of her steadily reduced him to insignificance.

Truth be told, she’d never been much of an exhibitionist.  The idea had just never appealed to her before.  The moment she stopped thinking of Shawn as a person of any kind, and accepted him as an instrument of her pleasure, everything changed.  She felt his meek little gaze on her, and it absolute set her on fire.

Jenna had been completely undressed for Shawn, earlier in the evening.  That was when she’d been six inches shorter than him.  Now, at more than five times his height, it was a different matter.  Her small, pert breasts must each weigh nearly as much as his entire body.  How easy it would be to trap him beneath, to feel him dwindle, until he became lost in her.  Jenna’s body was a landscape to him, her every movement powerful enough to crush him if her concentration strayed for even a moment.  She smirked, telling him all this from across the room with her eyes.  Arching her back suggestively as Allison stroked her from behind.  She felt her red panties being slipped down her thighs, and turned toward him, letting him drink in the sight of her.

Both women paused, now and again, long enough to watch him shrink.  He was clearly fighting the urge to give in, to touch himself.  Hands clenching, and unclenching, knowing that to give himself any more pleasure would surely mean dwindling to nothing.  Suddenly, Jenna wanted nothing more than to make him lose that battle.

“Wow Shawn.  I see what you mean about Allison’s breasts.”  Jenna helped the titaness strip out of her bra, let her fingertips explore Allison’s chest, squeezing and pinching her from behind.  The larger woman moaned.  “Imagine if you were allowed to touch them, like I am now.  They’re so firm, and heavy!  Look, I need both hands just to play with ONE of them!  And see how big and thick these nipples are?”  She gave one a gentle squeeze, watched as the flesh around it darkened, as the little nub began to ripen between Jenna’s fingers.  “Mm, I just want to wrap my lips around her, give her a gentle little suck.  I bet she’d like that.  What do you think Shawn?  Should I?”  She laughed cruelly, bending forward.  “God her breasts are practically as big as my head, Shawn!  They must be at least E-cups, huh?”

“Forty-eight F’s,” Shawn corrected, in a voice just barely loud enough to hear.  He clamped his hand over his mouth in horror.

Both women froze, hands caught in the act of reaching for each other.  “And how, exactly,” Jenna growled.  “Do you know that?”

Allison’s face fell like an avalanche, her eyebrows narrowing in quiet rage.  “Oh.  I’ll tell you how he knows.  That little shit.  You stole one of my bras out of the laundry room, didn’t you?”

Shawn pressed himself against the kitchen wall.  He frantically peddled against it, feet sliding uselessly on the countertop.  Beyond trying to escape like a human—behaving more like a caged bird.  Jenna released the larger woman, stepping back, preparing to watch the fun.

“The fancy lace one, wasn’t it?  Blue, with frills?  I looked EVERYWHERE.  You disgusting little THING.  That was Victoria Secret!  Do you have any idea how much a bra like that COSTS for someone like me?”

“I still have it!” he squeaked, yet even in the face of Allison’s rage his little fingernail cock begged for attention.  This seemed to make Allison even angrier.  “It’s in my dresser, you can have it back, you…”

“I don’t want it anymore!” she screamed.  Allison closed the distance between them in two rushing steps, and slammed her fist down on the counter beside him.  “Not after you’ve had your filthy little paws all over it!  Argh!”  Harsh fingers reached out, grabbing him around the waist.  He fought, pounding tiny fists against her knuckles, kicking his feet.  Allison shook him once, and he went instantly limp.

The larger woman carried him off to the bedroom, and Jenna tagged along behind, naked except for her stockings.  A wicked idea occurred suddenly, and she grinned like a devilish imp.  She went to her purse, grabbed her phone, opened up the camera app, and started recording.  Something told her she’d want to remember what was about to happen.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he was saying, over and over, as Allison sat down with him on his bed.

“I’m going to enjoy this WAY more than I should.  You are going to regret ever hearing my name, you little shit.  And I… ugh Jesus.  Is even THIS is making you smaller?”  She held him up to the light, examining him clinically, as he shrank beneath a foot in height.  “Yeah, I fucking thought so.”  She turned him in the air, flipped him using both hands, and pressed him face down across her giant thigh.  “Lift your ass.”

“Allison, please.”  He looked up, face streaked with tears, caught Jenna’s eye as she  watched him.  “You said you’d protect me, said you’d keep me safe.  The antidote, please I’ll do anything, I’ll….”  His face slowly fell, as he took in Jenna’s smirk.  As he noticed the camera, recording his every word from a foot away.  “No.  God, no, Jenna.  Turn it off.  Turn it off.  Please.”

“Lift your ass for her, Shawn,” Jenna purred, her words delicate, silky.  “Show everyone at home what a good little toy you are.  Otherwise, I’ll never, ever give you the antidote.”

She watched his face on her phone, zoomed in until it almost filled the screen.  She captured the moment when the last bit of dignity fled from his eyes.  Pulled back the focus, to record him as he slowly rose to hands and knees.

“Tell me you’re sorry,” Allison snarled.

But then, she didn’t give him the chance.

The first blow sent him sprawling onto his stomach, knocking the wind out of him.  The camera caught it in exquisite detail.  The pain on his face, resolving itself almost at once into shameful pleasure.  Then, a heartbeat later, his body dwindled.

Allison huffed.  “Lift,” she commanded mercilessly.  “Again.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he sobbed, and Jenna moved the lens in closer.  Teeth gritted, he managed to get back up onto his knees.  “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.”  The focus shifted, his face blurring, Allison’s hand coming into sharp relief.  A single finger flexed and curled, all that was necessary to drive Shawn into submission.  Then.


The second blow was much stronger, made him cry out in pain.  He was crying unabashedly now, as he shrank.  “Please, the antidote.  This is too small, please…”


“Allison… no!  Please!”




“Lift.  UP.  Are you too pathetic to even be punished right?”

Jenna moved the camera in as close as she could, watching as Shawn struggled to rise.  From her knees, she looked to Allison.  “Hey sweetie, do me a favor?  Give him a break, and turn him over for me?  I want to check something.”

Allison sniffed, obviously annoyed at being interrupted, but complied.  She pinched Shawn’s tiny ankles between thumb and forefinger, took his miniature wrists the same way, and unceremoniously flipped him onto his back.  The tiny man stared up at the two of them, his expression broken, terrified.

“How small would you say he is now?” Jenna asked, as she focused on his bare little body.

“God, I don’t care.  Probably….”  Allison lay her giant hand beside him on her thigh, comparing.  She shrugged.  “Seven inches or so.”

“That seems about right.  And here.  For our loyal viewers….”  She frowned, tapping her phone’s screen, until finally she had the shot she wanted.  Shawn’s penis—such as it was.  It was tiny, could easily fit under the pad of her smallest finger.  It was also painfully hard.

“Shawn here is clearly into being disciplined.  Would you believe he’s actually enjoying this?  Shawn dear.  Would you care to say a few words?  For posterity.  Tell everyone just how turned on this is making you?  How pathetic and weak you are?  I should warn you, if you don’t, it’s going to keep going.”

The shot focused on his little tear-stained face.  His mouth opened, worked, soundlessly, as he stared into the lens.  Then his jaw went slack, his eyes rolling back, as Jenna pressed down on his minuscule groin.  Shawn tried to push it away, but he might as well have tried to move the Earth.  She let him struggle, as slowly, inexorably, she pleasured him smaller.

Jenna was so focused on this task, on the precise movements required to jerk off her little toy, that it came as a complete surprise when a sudden pulse of pleasure shot through her body.  She gasped, almost dropping the phone, and realized she’d started touching herself without even intending.  Allison and Shawn both looked to her in unison.  Their expressions, so beautifully different—hers amused, his scandalized.

“What can I say?”  Jenna gave a slightly embarrassed shrug.  “Degrading our little toy is fun.  Do you, ah, disagree?”

“Not at all.  In fact, it’s my turn again.”

Allison rolled Shawn back over onto his belly, went back to spanking him.  Again, and again, she flicked his tiny ass.  With each strike, the camera recorded him growing smaller, more desperate.  And each time Allison struck him, Jenna swore she could feel the blow pulsing, throbbing pleasantly through her body, as well.

It went on for an agonizing eternity.  Until, finally, the toy was spent.  Its arms shook, its shoulders gave way, and it collapsed onto Allison’s thigh.

“Satisfied?” Jenna asked, still lightly stroking herself.

“God.  I didn’t realize how much I needed that.  I must’ve wanted to do that to him for MONTHS.”  Allison was shaking, her eyes almost impossibly bright.  “I feel like I need a cigarette.”

“I’ve got a better idea.  Let’s go back to your place.  I bet you have a few lovely toys of your own back home, don’t you?  Ones that are actually big enough to share?”

“Ooo, I like the way you think!”  Allison giggled.

“But let’s finish up with THIS toy, first.”

On her thigh, Shawn still struggled to fight his way up.  Trying, almost valiantly, to follow Allison’s last command to rise.  Jenna checked his image on the screen, made sure his face was fully in the frame.  Then she bent down low, let her hot breath fall on his tender skin.  Looked him in the eye.


Her voice was soft, almost angelic.  Shawn turned his head toward it, a flower toward the sun.  Jenna smiled benevolently down at him.  “It’s over.  Okay?  You did a good job.  And I’m proud of you.  Where’s your antidote, kiddo?”

“Bathroom.  Under the sink, where I can reach it… when I’m… small.  Pink bottle.  Please.  Thank you, Jenna, thank you….”

“I promised I’d protect you, Shawn.  That I’d get you your antidote.  You’re grateful for my help.  Aren’t you?”


“You’re grateful for my help.  Say it.”

His tiny eyes unfocused, he nodded, again, and again.  “I’m grateful for your help.  Thank you, thank you….”

“You’re welcome, sweetie.”  She chuckled softly, and handed Allison the phone, waited until she was being recorded.  Jenna leaned down.  And actually kissed him, with giant red lips nearly half the length of his body.  Her saliva coated his still smarting backside, and she pressed a fraction of her weight down on him.  Made him thrust lightly against the giant woman beneath, grinding his aching cock  against Allison’s smooth skin.  He moaned in gratitude, shrinking still smaller.

She left him, making sure Allison was still rolling, hurried to his bathroom, grabbed the medicine bottle.  In a moment she was back, leaning over him again.  Jenna held a single capsule, that was easily bigger than his head.

“You’re in luck—this is your last dose.  Might want to stop by the pharmacy tomorrow.  But, uh, hey cutie?  How exactly are you supposed to swallow something like this?  In, you know, your current state?”

“Gel-cap,” he managed, through numb lips.  “Break it open.  Squeeze it on me.  Rub it on me.  Please.  Jenna.  Grateful.  Thank you…”

Even this close, he was almost too small to hear.  She made sure he was watching, that the camera was on her, as her giant fingers worked over the surface of the capsule.  Bending, until finally it snapped it two.  The antidote glistened in the low light.  Inches away from her little toy.  He nodded emphatically, reaching.

Jenna brought it closer.  Let him see it.  Let him smell it.  Smiled.  And abruptly, dropped the pill into her own mouth.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Antidote - Pt. 4

Chapter Specific Tags: FF/m, romantic humiliation, cuckolding, objectification, threat of permanence


They watched, standing at his front door, as Shawn struggled to follow.  The stairs were doable at his size, but required considerable effort.  He was shaking and covered with sweat by the time he reached the first landing.  “I’ve always said the little guy should get to the gym more often,” Allison mused.  She turned to Jenna.  “So ARE the two of you dating?  What’s your, you know, romantic situation?  That’s a good a place to start as any.”

Jenna shrugged.  “We’ve been on five dates.  I like him fine.  He’s a decent lay.  A little boring, honestly.  Though after tonight, I really don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to respect him again.”

“I can understand that,” Allison said, as Shawn whimpered pitifully, and shrank. 

“Though let’s explore that, for the sake of argument.  What if I DID decide to do him a favor, and kept seeing him?  How would you feel about that?”

Allison let out a short bark of a laugh.  “You said you aren’t the jealous type?  Well.  I AM, to be perfectly honest.  So maybe it’s okay?  But he’d have to be… what’s a good way of putting it?  Beneath me.”

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about there.”  Jenna watched as Shawn struggled to pull himself up another step, his arms trembling, his face red.

“Anyway, enough with him for now.”  Allison took Jenna’s hand, made her turn away from the tiny man below, made her look up into her eyes.  “Tell me.  What are you looking for in a GOOD partner?”

“Ooo, direct question.  I like it.  Let’s keep that up.”  Jenna paused to think.  “A lot of things.  A staggering intellect.  A sense of humor.  Passion, of many sorts.  Physical forms aren’t much of a concern for me.”  She shot a disdainfully brief look at the tiny, sweating man.  “Mostly.  I find SOME extremes rather unattractive it turns out.”

Allison smirked, and stood up a little straighter.  She loomed over the smaller woman, emphasizing her height, eyes very warm.  “But I’m guessing, not all of them.  Right?”

“Um.  Yeah.”  Jenna’s mouth was suddenly very dry.  She felt fluttery.  Her head wasn’t even up to Allison’s shoulder!  Why was that so exciting?  “On that subject.  You ah, never did answer my question.  You said smaller men are a turn-off.  But… how do you feel about… smaller women?”

“I take them or leave them.  On a case by case basis.”  A very large hand pressed down on Jenna’s shoulder. 

“Oh.  I know which one of those I want, right now.”

Allison looked confused, for just a moment.  Then, she smiled.  “You’re saying,” she growled.  “That you want me to ‘take you.’  Is that correct?”

Jenna shivered.

The taller woman began to lean down, moving painfully, agonizingly slow.  Smirking, her lips softly parted.  Jenna was suddenly very aware of her heartbeat, the tightness in the back of her throat, the warmth in the pit of her tummy.  She closed her eyes.

A small hand urgently tugged on her pant leg.  Annoyed, Jenna looked down to see an exhausted, panting little Shawn.  “Oh.  I forgot about you.  Looks like you shrank a lot during that climb.  What do you think, about two feet, now?”

“About two feet,” Allison sniffed.

It took Jenna a few tries to figure out which key went to Shawn’s door.  The two women went inside his apartment, letting the defeated little man followed behind.  “Okay.  Please just give me antidote!” he yelled, raising his voice to even be heard.  “It’s under the sink in the bathroom, bottom shelf.  I can even get it myself, if you’ll help me just a little!”

Jenna rolled her eyes.  “Why can’t you just get it yourself, if it’s on the bottom shelf?”

“I….”  He looked terribly embarrassed.  “I’m too small to reach the door knob.”  She watched as he tried to fight his body’s reaction to this admission.  Watched him lose, and dwindle another half inch.

“It’s funny,” Jenna remarked, turning to face Allison.  “How even after everything he’s been through tonight, he’s still shrinking.  Meaning, he’s still turned on, even after I’ve gotten bored of him.  And Jesus, look—he’s still HARD.  He must really get off on being insignificant.”

“He’s kind of entertaining.  Like, as a side-show.  I wonder how small he’ll get.”  Allison laughed, and put the bottle of wine on his kitchen counter.  “Hey Shawn, you’ve got a corkscrew, right?” 

“Second drawer, next to the sink,” he replied sadly.  “Please, before you forget.  The antidote?  I don’t think I’m going to stop shrinking until I get it.  I’ve never been this small before, I’m getting really scared it might be permanent.”

“What was that?  You’re getting too small to hear.” Jenna came over, lowered herself until her butt touched her heels.  She put her hand beside her ear theatrically, and made sure her body completely filled his vision.  “She asked you where you keep the corkscrew, little man.”

She watched him bite his lip.  With a shuddered gasp, he shrank again.  “S-second drawer.”  He pointed, hand trembling.

Jenna repeated this to Allison, who opened the bottle, poured two glasses.

“So tell me,” Allison began, taking a sip.  “What sorts of things are YOU passionate about?”

Jenna brightened.  “Oh!  Well.  Lots of things.  Politics.  Embroidery.  Witchcraft.  Giving, and receiving pleasure.”  Jenna snuggled comfortably against the larger woman.  Shawn stood in the kitchen doorway, watching the two giantesses.  He wore a desperate expression, like a starving dog.

“Pleasure, you say.”  Allison smirked, pointing at the tiny manling.  “I can see why he liked you, then.”

“It’s funny you say that.  I hadn’t even given him my A-game yet.  We’d messed around a few times, but my heart wasn’t really in it.  I was still trying to puzzle him out, figure out which buttons to press.  Tonight’s given me a lot of insight.”  She stood on her tip toes, bringing her lips closer to the rim of Allison’s ear.  “Want to hear a secret?” she whispered, in a voice loud enough to carry.  “I think little Shawn is quite a voyeur.  See how he can’t stop watching us right now?  How it’s STILL making him shrink, watching us flirt?  If he knew what was good for him, he’d just go somewhere else and wait patiently for his precious little antidote.  Maintain what little height he has left.  But he doesn’t do that.  I think it’s like… a compulsion with him.  Watching.  Honestly?  With how much he clearly obsesses over YOU?  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s peeked in your window at night, on a few occasions.”

“That’s a lie!” Shawn gasped, backing away as he dwindled.  “I never… I WOULD never….”

“Oh God, I bet he did,” Allison growled, teeth pressing softly to Jenna’s neck.  “Hm.  You said you were going to punish him, tonight?  For pushing you, and for speaking when you told him to be silent?  Can I make some suggestions for how that might go?”

“I think you’ll find I’m very open to suggestion.” Jenna’s voice grew husky as Allison’s hands began to explore her. 

“Well, let’s start here.  You’re SURE we have to give him the antidote?”

Breathing hard, Jenna nodded.  “I promised… promised I’d look after him.  That I’d keep him safe, and give him his antidote.  I keep my promises.”

“But.  You never said WHEN.”  Allison let out a groan from the back of her throat, and suddenly pressed Jenna back against the kitchen counter.  Her lips closed firm down over Jenna’s mouth.

The kiss went on, and ON.  Jenna relaxed into it, allowing it to happen, letting the giant woman eclipse her, basking in her shadow.  By and by she regained her agency in the kiss, began to press back.  She let her tongue battle against Allison’s, felt the larger girl assent, allow her this small victory.  She reveled in it, feeling strong, powerful.  Until she felt large hands at her waist, felt Allison begin to undress her. 

Her shirt came first, as Allison tugged it roughly over her head.  The wind was forced from her lungs as Allison hugged her tight, reached around her body with fingers thick but dexterous.  She felt the hooks of her bra pop free, felt the rush of cool air against her chest.  She moaned in the affirmative as her lips still pressed against Allison’s, saying, ‘yes’ in every way she knew.  Her body felt like it was on fire.

A tiny hand poked insistently, just beneath her knee.  “Jenna, please….”

Absently she kicked.  Not hard.  The way she would push away an overly affectionate cat.  Shawn squeaked. 

Now Allison was working her belt, unclasping it.  Jenna nodded, raising her hips, putting her hands on the larger woman’s shoulders for support.  Giant fingers slipped into her jeans, teasing at the elastic line of her panties, sinking lower, and lower.

Shawn poked her again—hard this time.  She groaned with frustration, eyes fluttering open.  “Ugh, hang on,” she said to Allison.  It took her a moment to untangle from the larger woman’s grasp, but then she bent, peering coldly at the tiny little man before her.

“Why are you still HERE?” she growled menacingly, and took some small satisfaction as he lost another half-inch at her anger.  “God, you aren’t even up to my knee anymore, Shawn.  Watching the big girls make out is OBVIOUSLY making you shrink.  I was mostly kidding, when I called you a voyeur?  Trying to get you to take the hint and give us some privacy?  But ugh, I was right, wasn’t I?”

Shawn tried to meet her eye, couldn’t.  “Please….”

“Please WHAT?” she asked, snapping her finger beside his tiny ear.  “Out with it.  I’m kind of BUSY here.”

“Please just… just give me the antidote.  And I’ll… I’ll go away.  I’ll leave you two alone.”  His voice broke on the last word into a pitiful little mewl.

“Oh just give it to him,” Allison sighed, trying to pull Jenna away from him, beginning to fiddle with the button of her jeans.  “This game was fun for a minute?  But I’m bored with him now.  As long as he doesn’t grow back fast enough to be a problem, it’s fine.”

Jenna pursed her lips thoughtfully.  “That actually raises a really excellent point.  Shawn.  How long will the antidote take to work?”

He opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly seemed to have no words.  He tried, and tried again.  On the last attempt, a weak little sob was the only thing that escaped.  Both women laughed uproariously as he shrank in a sudden, large burst.  Shawn buried his face in his hands. 

“Aw, he’s too tiny to even SPEAK anymore.  Why don’t we just….”

“An hour!” Shawn cried, still covering his eyes.

Jenna raised her eyebrows.  She bent further, and further, until her giant ear was level with him.  “What was that, Shorty?  A little louder.”

“An… hour!  Is how long it usually takes.  I’ve n-never been this small before, so I’m not sure.  It might… might already be too late.  Please, please just give me the antidote, please, if I keep shrinking I’ll….”

But Jenna was already standing, turning her back to him.  “He says it’ll take him an hour before he gets back to normal.  Well.  That’s a little fast for my taste.  As far as I’M concerned, the night is still young.  It isn’t even eleven.”

Allison finished her wine, considering the question.  Then she nodded.  She wiped her mouth with the back of her sleeve, set the glass down with a loud CLINK.  Shawn flinched at the sound.  “I suppose you’re right.  The antidote should wait.  Besides, your point about voyeurism reminds me that there are a few matters I want to resolve with my little neighbor.  While I still have his undivided attention.  Do you mind?”

Jenna gave her a be-my-guest gesture.

The giant woman moved with startling speed.  Shawn took one running step, attempting to flee, but really, where was he going to go?  He kicked, and screamed, and shrank, as Allison lifted him with both hands.  She held him away from her for a moment, like something filthy, then dropped onto the cold kitchen counter.  She lowered herself until her chin was level with his little eighteen inch body.  Smirking, Allison made a circle with her arms on the counter, trapping him.

“Hey.  Shawn.”  Her voice was gentle.  Kind.  The way she might speak to a lover.  Jenna watched him shiver with the release of tension, saw him shrink smaller still.

“What?” he managed.

“So you had a crush on me, huh?  How long?”

He shook his head, swallowed, tried to cover himself.  Allison giggled sweetly, and waited him out.  Smirked, as he dwindled away a millimeter at a time.  Jenna poured herself another glass of wine. 

“Since the day you moved in,” he finally whimpered.

The larger woman laughed heartily at this.  Shawn covered his ears, stumbling backward.  “That was almost TWO YEARS ago!  And in all that time you never managed to ask me out?  Barely said more than hello when we passed.  So like, even forgetting how much I detest shorter guys.  Do you really think I’d ever want to go out with someone who was THAT afraid of me?” 

She stood suddenly, leaving him horribly alone, and she went to Jenna.  Allison wrapped her arms possessively around the smaller woman.

“So.  Next question Shawn.  And be honest.  Did you ever touch yourself, while thinking about me?” Her voice was curious, mildly disgusted.  “I bet you did.  These walls are thin, after all.  I can hear you shouting at your television sometimes.  I bet YOU can hear ME.  Whenever I have a date over.  I know I’m not quiet, once I get going.  But.  I guessing I don’t have to tell YOU that, do I?”

Shawn looked around the vast expanse of countertop, clearly trying to find someplace to hide.  It was a cold, barren wasteland.  They watched as he considered the drop to the floor, then back away again in fear.  “Why do you want to know?” he yelled, face contorted in anger.  “What does it MATTER now?  I never….”

A sudden ear-splitting moan shocked Jenna, made her hips thrust forward before she was even consciously aware what was happening.  Allison was staring at Shawn as she made the impossibly lewd sound, her face contorted in exaggerated pleasure.  Jenna found herself almost overcome with it, and Shawn clearly agreed.  The sound of her moan forced him to look, forced him to listen.  Jenna felt sudden irrational jealousy.  How many times had he heard Allison make that sound?  His body must responded to it by Pavlovian conditioning, far beyond his control.

“Stop!” he whimpered, dropping to his knees, tiny penis puffing to full attention as he shrank.

“What’s the matter, Shawnie-poo?  I thought you WANTED me.  Isn’t this what you’re been fantasizing about all these months?  Getting to hear that sound from up close?”  Allison’s eyes were very bright.  “God, I know I said I was bored?  I changed my mind.  This is FUN.  Why is this so FUN?”

“I have a thought about that.”  Grinning, Jenna began to slide the giant woman’s slacks down her long, muscular legs, until they pooled around her ankles.  Her underwear were simple, beige cotton.  From her knees, Jenna kissed them once.  Then slipped her first two fingers inside, began to explore.  The scent of her was sharp, unique. She kissed her panties again. 

“So here’s my theory,” Jenna whispered, as she stroked her finger through Allison’s thick, downy pubic hair.  “We were having a discussion, before.  About what to call him.  Do you remember?”

“Yes,” Allison moaned.

“He’s clearly not a man.  That’s been established.”  She kissed Allison’s inner thigh, sliding her panties down her legs with gentles slowness.  “’Boy’ isn’t right either.  At this size he’s hardly a person at all.  I thought about ‘pet,’ but I don’t want to snuggle him or feed him, or anything like that.”

“What, then?” the giant woman gasped.

“He’s helpless.  Barely animate.  Easy to control, and fun to use.”  Jenna slowly stood to her full height, drew Allison down into a soft, wet kiss.  “He’s our toy.” 

Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Antidote - Pt. 3

Chapter Specific Tags: FF/m, public humiliation, slow shrink, romantic humiliation, abuse gas-lighting


Jenna sauntered toward Shawn’s apartment, unwilling to bend herself far enough to offer him her hand.  She merely walked, jingling his keys to lure him on, glancing over her shoulder occasionally to see that he followed.  Shawn ran after her, little legs pumping, cock still half hard even with the physical exertion.  The way it flopped against his teensy thighs—so deliciously undignified.  It was just lucky for him this space was relatively private, with high fences all around and only a single buzzing street lamp.  If ANYONE could see him like this….

The outer door to Shawn’s two-flat banged open, and a woman emerged.  “Oh!  H-hello there!”  She looked startled to see them, clearly not expecting to run into anyone else.  She was extremely tall, heavily built, and dressed for a night on the town.  The woman smiled in an affable way, preparing some pleasantry appropriate for strangers meeting in the night.  Then she flinched in surprise.  Jenna looked down to see the flash of a pale little body, heard the rapid running of feet.  Then tiny Shawn threw himself against her thigh.  He tried to use Jenna’s body to protect himself as best he could from this new intruder. 

Jenna fought down an irrational wave of possessiveness, forced herself to smile up at the woman.  “Well hello there, good evening.  I’m Jenna!  You must be Allison, right?  Shawn’s downstairs neighbor?  He’s told me just SO much about you!”

Allison turned, eyebrows tented in confusion at the conflicting stimuli.  She looked from Jenna—smiling and friendly—to frightened little Shawn.  He wasn’t quite small enough, yet, to hide himself completely.  But at least seemed able to keep his giant neighbor from seeing his more private areas. 

Jenna was ALSO pretty sure this was making him shrink again.  She felt her smile grow more genuine.

“It’s, um, nice to meet you?” Allison managed.  “Hey.  I’m sorry if this is a weird question.  Is that…no.  That’s impossible.  That’s not SHAWN, is it?” 

The much larger woman took three long strides, walking in a big circle around toward Jenna’s back.  Jenna didn’t try to stop her—just grinned, and let Allison break Shawn’s cover.  The shrinking man trembled, still hiding his face, even as the back half of him was utterly exposed to Allison’s prying eyes. 

Jenna smirked, twirling a lock of her hair girlishly.  “It IS Shawn, as a matter of fact.  Or, what’s left of him, anyway.  He’s been shrinking.  For about an hour now, I think.  Apparently this happens to him whenever he gets turned on.”

“Jenna!” Shawn squeaked in protest.  “You weren’t supposed to tell anyone.”

She rolled her eyes, and glanced down at him.  “Shawn, you aren’t allowed to talk right now.  Remember?  You do NOT want to make me mad again.  Do you?”

Forehead pressed to her thigh, he shook his head.

“Good boy.”  Jenna smirked, and turned her attention back to Allison.  “Sorry you had to see that.  Long story.  He’s pretty pathetic like this though, isn’t he?”

Allison gave a nervous laugh.  “I guess so.  He’s… shrinking, you said?  Like, really really?  Sorry.  That’s a stupid question.  I’m not exactly sure what to say.  It’s weird.”  She laughed again, a bit easier this time.  “But it’s, you know, kind of neat too.  Not every day you see your downstairs neighbor, half-sized.  And naked.”  She paused, cocking her head.  “Wait, back up a second.  Did you say Shawn TALKED to you about me?”

“Oh yes!  It was… our second date, wasn’t it sweetie?  Truth or dare, at my apartment.  I asked him about secret crushes, unrequited loves….”

“Jenna no, please!” Shawn cried, from far below.  “That was PRIVATE, you said….”

“No.  Talking.”  Jenna coughed politely.  “As I was saying.  He started gushing about an absolutely GORGEOUS girl who lives in the apartment beneath his.  Tall, athletic.  ‘Amazonian,’ that was the word you used, wasn’t it, Shawnie-poo?”

He shook his head hard, digging his tiny hands into her.  He was almost too small to wrap his arms around her enormous thigh, had to shift his grip lower on her body as he shrank.

“He’s got a thing for bigger women, you know.  Ironic, isn’t it?  I got him a little drunk, and the details just started POURING out.  How much he loves how tall you are… your big, muscular arms.  He’s absolutely reverent, about your height, by the way.  You should hear the way he says the numbers.  ‘She’s six three, oh my God!’  I even got him to confess how often he touches himself while thinking about you.”

Allison was blushing.  The larger woman bent, bringing herself closer to Shawn’s level.  “Did you really say all that?” she asked, her voice very soft.

“No!” Shawn squeaked.  “Well, I mean, yes I said it but… but I was lying!  I just thought she would think it was sexy.  We were fooling around, and I… God.  Jenna, just get me the antidote so I can be normal.  We can have this conversation like adults, and I’ll….” 

“Somebody is REALLY bad at remembering the rules.” Jenna laughed derisively, and suddenly jerked her thigh away.  Shawn’s body jerked along with it, his little hands unable to keep their grip.  He stumbled forward, took two off-balance steps, and fell at the feet of the two much larger women.

Jenna found this hilarious.  She laughed hard, putting her hands on her knees.  She loomed, her face directly above his prone little body.  “Now now, Shawn, get up,” she said, wiping her eye.  “It’s chivalrous and all, kneeling in front of your lady-love like this.  But you haven’t even asked her out yet!”

“What are you TALKING about?” he spat into the dirt, visibly dwindling at this treatment.  Shawn struggled up to his hands and knees, tried shakily to stand.  Allison watched the proceedings curiously, saying nothing.  Jenna briefly considered pushing him back into the dirt with the tip of her heel, but decided that would be just a bit too far. 

Shawn managed at last to stand between the two of them.  Jenna was almost proud of his hopeless attempt at dignity.  Hands at his side, back straight, maintaining defiant eye contact with her.  Even as he shrank beneath two and a half feet tall.  He didn’t even try to cover himself, anymore.  That was good.

“Now, Shawn.  You’ve got nothing to worry about.  I’m going to get you your antidote.  In a minute.  But first, as your designated caretaker and protector for tonight, I’m going to do you a very, VERY big favor.”  Jenna put her hand on his tiny shoulder, a gesture of affectionate presentation.  “I know you’ve been wanting to ask Allison out.  Isn’t that right?”

Shawn shook his head, and lost another inch.  Allison gasped, taking a half-step back, her expression scandalized.

“Don’t lie, sweetie.  You’re allowed to speak, this time.”  She chuckled playfully.  “I’m going to punish you for all the times you broke that rule.  But later.”

Shawn’s expression of determination broke just the tiniest bit, as he shrank. “Jenna, this isn’t fair.”

“You’re wasting time, sweetie.  And inches too, for that matter.  Go on.  Your big friend is right there.  And she’s extra special big for you right now, which I KNOW you love.”  Her eyes narrowed.  “Ask her out Shawn.  NOW.”

“But, I’m with YOU!” he cried, staring up at her desperately, hands imploring.

“Oh, don’t worry.  I’m not the jealous type.”

A spark of rage bloomed in Shawn’s teensy little eye.  He opened his mouth to argue. 

Jenna decided she was having none of it.  “We’re going to have to negotiate some things after tonight, Shawn.  The way YOU’RE acting, I think you can practice being single for now.” 

She watched the effect of her words on him, smiled as the hope drained away.  Jenna snapped her finger, and pointed to a horrified Allison, made a ‘go-on,’ gesture.

Shawn swallowed, cleared his throat.  He took a tiny step toward his giantess neighbor, not even a third her height anymore as he tried to work himself up.  It was absolutely adorable.  “Allison, I mean.  Sorry this is awkward but… I really do like you.  I have for a long time.  I do love how tall you are, and um.  Other… things.  If you ever, you know, wanted to get coffee, sometime….”  He trailed off into silence, pale, staring at his feet as he shrank.

Allison’s lips pursed.  “Shawn.  I think you’re really sweet.” 

He looked up, suddenly smiling, eyes bright.

“But….  Well, I’m just glad that if you HAD to ask, you waited until now.  Because under the circumstances it’s a lot easier to say this to you: I’m REALLY not into shorter men.  It’s a huge turn-off.”

Shawn cringed.

“I mean,” she went on quickly.  “I know you’re REALLY short now.  Like obviously.  It’s a super not attractive look on you by the way.  But, even before….”  She looked to Jenna, making a ‘back-me-up’ gesture.  “What is he normally, like five nine?  Definitely on the small side for a man, anyway.”

“Five eight,” Jenna said indifferently.  “At this point, I don’t think it’s fair though.  To compare him to a ‘man.’”

Both women laughed.  Jenna’s was dark and gusty.  Allison’s, carrying the release of tension.  “Yes!  Exactly!  It was SO much easier to turn him down than when most men ask me out just now.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but that’s it.  He’s like… I don’t know?  He doesn’t read as a ‘man’ right now, exactly.  Hm.  Is there a good word for it?”

“I’m not sure,” Jenna said, tossing her hair.  “Well, sorry I put you through that.  If it makes you feel any better, he absolutely deserved it.  Being shot down is mild compared to what he deserves.”


“Yeah.”  Jenna pointed an accusing finger down at him.  “Earlier, when he first started shrinking?  When I was being kind, understanding, just trying to help him?  He pushed me.  As hard as he could.”

“You don’t say.”  Allison gave the tiny man a dark look.

Shawn’s face filled with pure animal panic.  “No—that isn’t… wasn’t how it happened, I….”

“In any case,” Jenna interrupted.  “I’m about to take my little ‘man’ upstairs, and see about giving him his antidote.  That isn’t something you see every day, is it?  Don’t suppose you’d like to come along and help?  It’ll be… an educational experience.  And we can talk about what to call him.”

Shawn was staring at the floor, shoulders slumped.  “I really don’t want to be around either of you right now, if that’s okay.  Just.  Get me and the antidote… and….”

“It’s tempting,” Allison said, speaking over him.  “I’m on my way out, though.  I have plans.”  She reached into the canvas bag at her shoulder, pulled out a bottle of wine, gave it a gentle, demonstrative shake.  “I’m supposed to meet him in ten minutes.”

“Ooo, meet HIM?” Jenna grabbed Shawn by the arm as he tried to walk toward the apartment alone.  She pulled him tight against her leg like an unruly child.  “Is it a date?  You excited?”

Allison seemed to consider this.  “It’s a date, yes.  Technically.  Some friends from the office set us up.  We’ve been texting, but….”  She shrugged.  “I don’t know that ‘excited’ is the right word.  You ever go out with a man just because you were, you know, bored?  Or low on options?”

“OH yes.”

“Plus like, my friends told me he was supposed to be tall?  I asked him about it.  He’s only six foot one.”  Allison shook her head.  “Definitely too short for me.”

“Well.  Okay.  Other options.  Let me put it to you THIS way.”  Jenna’s voice dropped into a lower register.  “You aren’t into shorter men.  How do you feel about… shorter women?”

Allison’s eyebrows shot up.  “I… wow.”  She glanced, incredibly briefly down at Shawn, as he dwindled in a tiny pulse.  But then she returned her full attention to Jenna.  “This is the strangest way anyone has ever tried to pick me up.”

“I’m not hearing a ‘no,’” Jenna sang, playfully.  “Like I said.  I think it’s a good night to practice being single.”

The taller woman thought about it.  She smiled.  “Yeah….  Yeah you know what?  Sounds like fun.”

Jenna grinned.  She gave Shawn a tug, twisting his arm until he was forced to stare up at her.  “And that, Shorty, is how you ask a woman out.”

He groaned.  “Please, just, give me the antidote?  Then if you have to do this, you can go to Allison’s place, or just… ANYWHERE else but my apartment.”

She gave her little boyfriend an angelic smile.  “No, Shawnie.  I told you, I’m not leaving your side until this is over.  Until you are.  Fully.  Recovered.  So if Allison and I are going to get to know each other tonight, you’re GOING to be there for it.  Who knows?  You might learn something.  Now, come on.  If you’re good from now on, I’ll give you the antidote.”

Jenna released him suddenly, reached out toward her new date.  She took Allison’s giant hand in hers. The woman’s hand easily enveloped her own.  When she squeezed, for the first time that evening, Jenna actually felt SMALL.  God, her head didn’t even reach Allison’s big, muscular shoulder.  No wonder Shawn got hard just thinking about her.

Hand in hand, the two women headed toward the apartment.  Head hung low, Shawn followed behind.