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Taking Yes - Pt. 5


Chapter 5 Tags: Off-camera BDSM going wrong, light restraint, consensual non-monogamy

Taking Yes - Pt. 5

It was hard to find club attire for a three foot tall woman.  Particularly one built like Evalyn.  Will had helped her to settle on a black button-up dress, though the white trim and ruffles were nearly a deal-breaker.  They compromised by cutting off the sleeves.  She sat on his lap tonight, bare feet dangling above the floor, using both hands to sip from her giant mug of coffee.  The Gilded Lily was filling up.  In another hour, it would be a madhouse.

Mr. Black sat beside them at the bar, looking morose.  He glanced over his shoulder, to where Lyra stood with a small group of friends.  Her back was turned.  She wore a schoolgirl uniform, and a well-fitting one at that, but the most noticeable thing about the outfit was what was missing: her collar.

Evalyn stuck a look up at the man who held her, gave him an I-told-you-so smirk.  Will frowned, and poked the tiny woman in the ribs.  She sighed in resignation.  “Penny for your thoughts, Black?”

He gave her a sad smile.  “You know it’s really hard to take you seriously when you’re tiny like that, E.”

“Deal with it.”  The half-sized woman shifted regally on Will’s lap.  “Do you want to talk about it or not.”

Black seemed to weigh his options.  Then he clamped a hand over his eyes, and groaned.  “Everything was so awesome!  I don’t know how it happened!”

Will made eye contact with Steven, motioned him over.  The bartender nodded, joining the three, refilling Black’s solo cup.

“She was into literally everything I wanted to do.  Like she never said no to me, not once.  But she kept wanting more.  Kept asking if I could turn up the voltage, or hit harder.  I bought the most expensive Violet Wand on the market for that woman.  You know what she said?  It tickled!”

Evalyn rolled her eyes.  “If I had a nickel for every dom substituting accessories for skill….”

Will gave the small woman a slightly harder poke.  “So what happened?” 

“I tried her on paddles.  Hickory canes.  Even this old belt I had, where the leather split to make this nice sharp edge?  And she liked it, and she had fun, but….”

“But it wasn’t enough,” Will said.  “You couldn’t make her give up, right?”

Evalyn sighed dreamily, and ran her tiny hand down his thigh.

“Yeah.  Until one night, she brought me a present.  An eight-foot bullwhip.”

“Um,” the other three said in unison.

“And I told her I’d never used one before, wasn’t sure I should, but she said she didn’t mind, and kept begging….”

“Jesus, Black.”  Evalyn leaned in.  “You didn’t.”

“She was really into it.  The first two or three cracks.  Then she moved when I wasn’t expecting and….”

Will wrapped an arm around Evalyn’s stomach, hugging her like a teddy bear.  “Was she okay?”

“I got her on the cheek.”  He drew a line from the rim of his ear, stopping just before it reached his nose.  “She was crying, said she just needed a minute, but she wanted to keep going.  And I saw the bruise already developing, like not even half an inch from her eye, and….”

“And you ran,” Will said flatly.

Mr. Black looked surprised.  Then covered his face in his hands.  “Yeah.  I mean how stupid is that?  She wasn’t hurt, not like, bad, but I panicked.  I don’t know what happened, I couldn’t be in that room anymore, I couldn’t.”

“Believe me man, I’ve been there.”

“Oh for the love of GOD!” Evalyn slammed her little fist down on the bar.  “How the hell did you not know better?  Okay.  Where do I even start?  First, you’ve got way more experience than that poor girl.  She had no idea what she was even getting into.  It was your responsibility to make her aware of the risks with hardware like that.  Second, you had no idea what you were doing.  You could have injured her for life!”

He massaged his temples.  “You want me to say it?  I fucked up.  Can we just drop it?”

“Third!  Did it even occur to you that you could say no?  Or that you’re the injured party here, too?”

Black said nothing.

“She ignored your boundaries, didn’t listen to your soft no’s.  Abdicated responsibility for her personal safety, made you do the work instead.  You could have been a better advocate.  But what she did is fucked up too.”

Mr. Black looked down at his hands, studying them in silence as the club bustled around them.  Finally he sighed.  “Anyway that was a week ago.  I know I should apologize….”

“You both should.”  Evalyn shook her head.  She let out a long sigh, that slowly built to an exasperated groan.  “God.  No, I’m not going to sit this one out.  Will, put me down.”

He hesitated for a moment, but there was no arguing with Evalyn when she was like this.  He lowered the half-sized woman to the floor.  Then looked at her proudly as she strode across the room.  Evalyn made a beeline for Lyra, hands balled into fists.  Several patrons of the club noticed her approach, and hurriedly stepped out of her way.

Black groaned, turning away.   “God, I can’t with this.”

Will watched Evalyn tap Lyra on the arm.  Saw the tiny woman point an accusing finger, gesturing angrily toward the bar.  Then he, too, looked away.  “Look on the bright side.  At least she can’t make things any worse.”

“Wanna bet?  No, you know what?  I’m done talking about this.  Hey, uh.”  Black flailed for a moment, then made eye contact with the bartender.  “So what happened to, ‘no scenening in social areas?’  Doesn’t a teeny-tiny E break that rule right down the middle?”

“Like anyone listened to me anyway.” Steven shrugged.  “Anyway, there are grey areas.  I’ve decided to interpret it the same way as attire.  Like the collar your friend was wearing, until recently?  More a representation of relationship status, than anything directly inappropriate.  As long as these two keep it PG-13, Evalyn can be whatever size she wants.”

“What is the world coming to.”  Black smiled, and gave a dry laugh.  “So what are you two now?  Is she just your shrinky-dink play partner?  Or y’all like, dating?  What?”

Will shrugged.  “I suppose she has been sleeping over a lot lately.  We usually do my place, since her cats kind of put a lower limit on things.”

“Good for you, man.”  Black slapped him on the shoulder.  “I’m amazed anyone could make an honest-to-God sub out of her.”

“I wouldn’t phrase it like that.” Will smiled off into the distance.  “It’s been good though.  Really... good.”

“Well, I’m happy for you.  Can’t say I’m exactly jealous.  E seems like kind of a handful.”

Will stifled a laugh.

“Wha—oh.  I get it.  Still.  It makes my life easier.  She doesn’t take up quite as much space around here lately.”

Evalyn shouldered the two men apart, in all her six foot one glory, naked as the day she was born.  In front of her, she held a surprised-looking man in a standing hammerlock.  Pivoting at the waist, she pushed him face-down onto the bar.

Steven opened his mouth.  Shut it again.  “I’m going on break,” he sighed.

“Hey Black, look over your shoulder.”  Evalyn jerked her chin, indicating.

They all looked.  Even the man on the bar followed with his eyes.  Lyra looked embarrassed.  From across the room, she slowly raised her hand, and waved once.  Wrapped around her wrist was a familiar leather collar.

“She’s too embarrassed to talk yet.  But she’s sorry, and wants to start over.  You’re getting coffee next week.”

Mr. Black shot her an amazed look.  “I… wow.  Thanks, E.  I owe you.”

“Don’t mention it.  Ever.”  She leaned her elbow against the man she was pinning.  “Anyway.  Will honey, this is Doug.  Doug, Will.”

“Charmed,” the man grunted.

“He’s a dear old punching bag of mine, with some rather presumptuous opinions about my stature of late.”

Will leaned down, placing his chin on the bar beside the man’s face.  “Antagonizing?”

Doug gave him a guilty smile, and tried to shrug.

“Anyway.  I find all these good deeds have put me in the mood to work off some steam.  Doug conveniently presented himself.  Do you mind?”

“No, I suppose not.”  Will gave her a benevolent smile.

For several seconds, Evalyn stared at him blankly.  Waiting for more.

“Really, I don’t mind.  We didn’t have any specific plans for tonight.  And it makes me happy when you indulge yourself.”

She considered him carefully.  Then nodded, and released the man from beneath her weight.  “Go find us some space,” she growled, and playfully bit his ear.  She stood, lifting her arms over her head, stretching out a knot.  Then turned to follow him.


Evalyn turned, looking expectant. 

“I was thinking, later.  I want to try for a new record.”

She bit her lower lip.  “For… taking all of you?  What was I last time?  Three foot four?”

He nodded, smirking evilly.  “I got some new lube.  I’m thinking we’ll start you around… two-six.”

Evalyn’s eyes went wide.

“Have fun.”  He patted her on the top of the head.  “I’ll be waiting.”

She went.

“I think that’s officially all I can handle for tonight,” Black said.  “I must be getting old, it’s not even nine.”

“It’s important to know your limits.”  He watched Evalyn duck beneath the velvet curtain.  “Take care of yourself, buddy.”

Will stayed.  It had been awhile since he’d found himself alone at the bar.  In the old days, it was how he’d passed most every night.  Back then he had himself convinced it was better this way.  Tonight, though, there was another feeling.  An odd sense of satisfaction.  He smiled wistfully into his Dr. Pepper.

Two seats down, a barstool scraped.  Will turned, and found a young woman looking at him nervously.  She smiled, and quickly looked away.  They sat in polite silence, as she waited for someone to take her drink order.

“Excuse me?”  Will cleared his throat.  “I don’t mean to intrude.  But I happen to know the bartender stepped away.  I’m not sure when he’s coming back.”

“Thanks.”  Her eyes were very dark, outlined in black liner that perfectly matched her short bobbed hair.  “I’m not in a hurry though.”

He nodded.  “This isn’t a bad place to just sit and watch the world go by.”  He looked over his shoulder, where the velvet rope divided the room.  “Lots of interesting people.”

“Yeah.”  She opened her mouth to say more, then seemed to weigh her options.  Finally, she looked up again.  “Hey, I hope this isn’t too personal.  But, you were with that short girl earlier, right?  Someone said you made her that way?  Is that real?”

“It’s a little thing I do.”  Will coughed.  “Sorry, that was awful.”

The dark-haired woman rolled her eyes, then smiled timidly.  “Anyway.  I’m kind of curious about it.  Can I ask you some stuff?”

“I’m happy to tell you whatever you want to know.  I’ve got some spare time right now actually.”

The woman looked relieved.  She offered her hand.  “I go by Midnight around here.”

He shook her hand, and moved to the barstool beside her.  “I’m just Will.”

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Taking Yes - Pt. 4


Chapter 4 Tags: NSFW, M/f, D/s dynamics, accidental pain, aftercare

Taking Yes - Pt. 4

“You don’t have to do this.” Will gave her a guilty smile as he placed her on the coffee table.  “It’s really sexy, but….”

The tiny woman narrowed her eyes. “Are you telling me to stop? Because if that’s what you want I’m going to need you to say it directly.”


“Will.” Evalyn forced him to meet her eye. “Red, yellow, green?” 

“Green, but....”


He sighed, looking away. “But you don’t have to.”

“So. Here’s how it’s going to go.” She walked to the very edge of the table, and pointed toward the floor. “Kneel.”

It was her Dom voice.  It came an octave higher than usual, leveled at a man fully three times her size. Yet not a single bit of doubt showed on her face, in the set of her body.  Her hand did not waver in the slightest as she pointed.

Will knelt.

“Closer,” she ordered.

Evalyn watched as his pupils grew larger, as his beautiful skin darkened in the most subtle blush. Will moved closer, until his knees pressed to the edge of the table.  Intellectually, she was aware that she must be two feet tall, at most.  But from where she stood, looking down at him, it was as if she hadn’t shrunk at all.

“Good boy.”  

Slowly, Evalyn began to unbutton his shirt. It was easy at her size, each button the size of a silver dollar, perfectly fitting her hands.  She went slow with him all the same.  Bending seductively to reach the lower buttons.  Then kneeling to reach the lowest of all.  Peeling back the garment, inch by inch, as she worked her way down his massive body. Running her hands over his strong chest. Staring up into his eyes. Enjoying his scale, his presence.  The scent of aftershave and anticipation.

She went slowest of all with the last button. The one just above his navel. After it was free she curled her fingers through his tummy hair, and gave him a sharp little tug.  Not exactly hard, but hard enough to make her point.  Then, pressing herself bodily to him, she used her strong thigh muscles to rise from her knees back to her feet.

Oh, he was definitely blushing now.

Eye to eye with him now, she gently massaged his temples, let his chin rest against the center of her chest. Making sure all his attention was for her. “You know, I’m actually taller than you like this. See?” It was true. She had nearly three inches on him. “Isn’t that nice?”

He nodded.

“Does it make it easier to do what I say, when you have to look up at me?”

“A little.” His reply was hardly more than a whisper. 

“Mm, a little huh?  Then, I need you to do something for me, Will honey.”

“Yes?” he trembled.

She grinned. “Make me smaller.”  

He hesitated, eyes darting to the side.

“Do it!” Evalyn snapped.

Will nodded emphatically, took a deep breath.

She let her expression soften just the slightest, as she felt herself begin to dwindle.  Still glaring at him, as she matched his height, began to sink beneath.  It wasn’t until she was looking up at him, the top of her head just beneath the level of his eyebrows, that she fully relented.  She gave him a soft pat on the cheek, their minor disagreement forgotten.  “Thank you, sweetie.”

Evalyn pointed, indicating that he should stand. She had guessed right.  After her last bout of shrinking, his belt was at the perfect height.  She ran her testing little hands over its rough surface.  Will folded his arms obediently behind his back, giving her space.  That was always the best thing about experienced partners. You didn’t have to order them to do every little thing.

It took a long time for her to work the edge of his belt past the loop, to unclasp it. It was heavy, and the tension made it a challenge at her size.  But Evalyn stayed within herself, never letting the effort show. Making her weakness into a strength, as the increasingly needy giant above her was forced to watch her take her sweet little time.  The button beneath was easier; his fly no trouble at all.

“Drop them,” she growled, slipping both her hands into the waistband of his boxers. 

She stood at the edge of the table as he stripped.  Evalyn watched his face as he worked, and continued to stare into his eyes long after he was fully unclothed.  Soon it was too much for him, and once again he looked away, blushing adorably.  Only then did she admire the rest of him. Appreciating his bare, hairy thighs.  The inward curl of his navel.  The beautiful curving shape of his phallus. The thickness, and girth.  The obvious weight of him.  She inhaled the scent of his excitement, committing it to memory.

“You know,” she drawled.  “I don’t believe I’ve ever had such a good, long look at a cock before.  I’ve clearly been missing out.  You’re really pretty down there, you know that, sweetie?” She touched him for the first time, gently resting her hand just beneath the crown of his penis, cupping him.  Watching his expression, she let her first two fingers stroke back and forth along the ridge. He yelped, but otherwise stood fast. A large vein that ran the length of his shaft darkened from reddish purple to midnight blue. She watched it pulse for a moment, fascinated, then traced the length of it with her palm. “And there’s so much more I can do for you, at this size.  Much easier to be, mm, precise.  Wouldn’t you agree?”

High above, he nodded.

As gently as she could, Evalyn kissed him. Wetting her lips against the tip, where her attentions had caused a large bubble of precum to form. It was a tribute, of course, and she accepted it graciously, without comment. The flavor was not quite as overwhelming salty as when someone came in her mouth. Nor was there quite as much of it.  Curious to explore the differences, she ran her fingernails lightly around the head, forcing him to make more for her. He complied, in the way a well-tuned musical instrument complies with a master of its art.

“Will honey,” she said innocently. “I’m probably too small for you to fuck me. Right?”

His face screwed up in thought. She let him ponder it for a bit, deciding to take it as a compliment that he believed her so capable despite being twenty inches tall.  Then she placed both hands at the base of his shaft, and with a little pressure made him stop thinking entirely.

“Well, let’s remove any doubt.  Shrink me.  Now.  Until I’m exactly eye to eye with your big friend here.”

She held him for comfort, as familiar waves of pleasure washed over her, and watched the gigantic man swell bigger, and bigger. Will’s cock, once level with the bottoms of her breasts, rose higher. Growing longer, and thicker, until it was clearly a challenge that no amount of stretching, exercise, or lube could ever overcome. Six inches in diameter, if not more. Too big for her even to wrap both hands around, without space between her fingertips.  She proved this to herself with investigative rigor, all up and down his shaft.  His luxurious skin warmed to her touch, and that pretty vein she noticed earlier began to pulse with frantic urgency.  He was so big that her mind could hardly rationalize him as human.  At this scale, he was like her own pet God. 

By the time she felt her shrinking stop, it was getting harder and harder to reach him.  Even on tip toe she could only stroke him with hands, and face, and shoulders.  Clearly this wouldn’t do—her pet deserved more proper attention.  She raised her voice to be certain he heard, yet spoke low enough that he must strain to listen.

“Alright, Will.  It’s time you showed me your bedroom.  Carry me.”

The giant hesitated a long time.  She could practically see his overworked mind trying to decide how to respectfully carry a mistress so diminutive.  In the end he wrapped one arm beneath his stomach, bent to offer it to her as a seat.  She climbed aboard, as regal as a queen upon a palanquin, and he used his other arm to secure her for their journey.

In the bedroom her pet stopped, bending at the waist until her feet dangled just above the crest of his pillow.  It was just like stepping off a ski lift.  Pushing off him, letting her momentum carry her along the downy curve beneath, slipping easily to the soft red sheets below, ending elegantly seated upon his bed.  Will climbed up to join her, already on his knees, hands again behind his back.  She motioned to him, and he crawled eagerly forward, until she was comfortably in the shadow of his cock.

She cupped him with one hand, stroking him idly.  An empress, contemplating an offer of something delicious.  “Lower.”

The bed shifted beneath her as he spread his thighs, bringing the object of her attentions down, until she could reach every bit of it, access him with her entire body.  She leaned back, coiling her thighs around him, using the muscles of her core to pull her entire body against him.  The texture, the taut muscularity, the overpowering manliness of him.  The way the trim hairs around his balls tickled against her inner thigh as she moved on him.  Evalyn moaned, losing herself in the mass of sensation, squeezing him harder, letting her lips and tongue and teeth explore….

“Yellow!”  Will cried, pulling back.  She fell back to the mattress, light dazzling her from her reverie. 

“Sorry,” she called.  “I got carried away.  What happened?”

“I don’t know.  I think maybe you bit me?”

“Oh.”  She looked down.  There, indeed, right at the crest of his phallus, were a few tiny little teeth marks.  “My mistake.  I tend to get a little bitey when I’m deep in dom-space.  Are you okay?  Do we need to stop?”

Will shook his head at once, the motion sending the whole bed to rocking beneath her.  God he was big.  “We didn’t cover you topping in negotiations.  And this scene is weird….”

“Yeah it is,” she agreed, smirking.  “I didn’t want to be big again, but you weren’t going to focus on your own pleasure unless I forced the issue.”

“It’s… yeah.”  The giant stroked his hand through his beard, clearly trying to cover his embarrassment.  “This is good.  Really good.”

“I promise I’ll be more gentle.”

He nodded gratefully.  “Physically, yes.  But you can still….”  He motioned vaguely. “You know.”

She grinned evilly.  “Wrap you around my little finger?”

High above, his expression grew timid.  “I wouldn’t phrase it like that.”

“Ready then?”

Her giant pet took a deep breath, closing his eyes.  Then gave her a thumbs up, with a fist as big as her torso.

“The first thing you’re going to do,” she said, slipping her Dom voice back on like a comfortable pair of shoes,  “Is lie down, and spread yourself out for me.  I want to inspect you properly, and it’s time you were literally beneath me.”

The bed rocked like a ship in a storm as he obeyed, her giant coming to rest his head on the pillow opposite her.  Evalyn stood slowly, expecting the footing on the bed to be chancy, but to her surprise she found the mattress perfectly firm.  Of course—at only a foot tall, she didn’t weigh enough to displace it.  That gave her an idea.

She walked toward him across the red carpet of the bedsheet, fixing him with a wicked smirk.  She could see each individual goosebump break out across his arm as she grabbed him, pulled herself against him, stepped down on his wrist so she could climb onto his chest.  Her feet sank into his skin more than she hoped, but not enough to threaten her balance.  It reminded her of walking on hard-packed snow.  She stood on the center of his chest, studying his face, arms crossed.  Then abruptly she turned, and strode off down his body.  Hips swaying.  Still in no hurry.

His length had fallen unto his stomach, slightly askew, head resting near his belly button.  She bent, taking him in both hands, testing his weight.  Stroking him back to full hardness, watching him bloom for her.  Then, careful to lift with her knees, she raised him until he was fully at attention again.

His moans and gasps rumbled through her feet as she massaged his giant cock, easily half the length of her body.  She let her pelvis glide against the corona, following the rim back and forth with the coarseness of her pubic hair, using her hands to grind herself against him.  Gripping him with her thighs, she bent at the waist so the tip pressed to her stomach, and her hair fell down upon his shaft.  Squeezing him bodily, encompassing him with the power of her arms and abs and legs.  Press, and release.  Press, and release.  Beneath her Will twitched and shuddered, the thudding of his heart pulsing through her body, a pure sign of life and passion and power.  The feeling of this giant of a man, utterly helpless to the whims of her touch.  Her giant plaything.

It was intoxicating.  She needed more.

She stood, still grasping him with both hands, and glared over her shoulder.  Skewering him with her eyes.  Before she could even issue the command she felt him obey, felt herself sinking lower, and her silky cry of exhalation rose in pitch as she dwindled against him.  His cock grew heavier, harder to support, as it rose past her midsection, as it pressed between her breasts.  She set her feet against his stomach, using all the strength in her body to hold him up.  Wrapping both her arms around his shaft, still massaging him as she grunted and strained with the effort to keep him aloft. 

She held him this way, until after she felt her shrinking come to an end.  Until she had proved she was more than a match for him.  Then with a growl of triumph she threw him, let the titanic cock that perfectly matched her in stature fall onto his stomach with a mighty thud.  Before he had even come fully to rest she was on top of him, riding him, pumping him with her thighs and stomach and face.  That deep blue vein was near, perfectly positioned, and she threw herself on it, let it flare and throb between her legs, felt it grow slick as she ground herself upon him. 

Evalyn glared up at him with feral satisfaction, saw she was shrinking again.  Already his length was nearly twice her size, still growing.  Hundreds of feet above, Will’s mouth was opened in a soundless ‘o’ of pleasure.  She grinned.  And squeezed him with all her might.

And then it was all she could do to hang on.  Like the earth itself tearing asunder he began to buck and kick beneath her, and she sank her hands into his supple skin, lay flat, held as tight as she could.  When she came an instant later, it was from the sheer power of what she’d done.  Could any God of old have claimed a greater feat, than to rip a helpless orgasm from this mountain of a man? 

She realized, as the first wave of afterglow hit, that she was biting him again.  Sinking her teeth hard into his pliant flesh, clenching her jaw with sheer animal want.  A predator, claiming her prize.  She made herself release him, embarrassed at her lack of control.  Yet it hadn’t seemed to bother Will at all.  Perhaps the best thing of all: at this size, she needn’t hold back a bit of her ferocity.

Evalyn looked up at him, still grinning savagely.  Across the vast acreage of his chest, his head lolled against the pillow.  His eyes were clenched shut, his enormous brows furrowed, his face set in a frown.  He looked scared, helpless.  Alone. 

Suddenly the want to hold him overcame everything else.

Then she was beside him.  Taking both his shoulders in her strong arms, lifting his body against her chest.  Letting her heat, and security surround him.  Holding him, smaller than her once again.  “You did really good,” she whispered.  “I know that was hard for you.”

She helped him get under the covers, then lay with him for a long while.  Wrapping her aching arms around him.  Letting him know she was present.  He shook for a while.  Then his breathing slowed.  One by one, his muscles began to unclench.  His forehead on her throat, she cradled him, rocking gently. 

“You know,” she said, after many minutes had passed.  “I happen to know there’s still most of a box of Oreos.  Can I bring you a few?”

Will blinked at her, disoriented.  Then he smiled.  “I’d like that.”

“Are you going to be okay alone for a minute?  I could probably carry you.  But that wouldn’t be quite as pleasant as when you did it.”

He laughed weakly.  “I’ll be okay.”

She kissed him on the cheek, and stood to leave.  Hesitated.  “Hey Will, I want to tell you something.  My name… isn’t really Evalyn.  It’s just what I go by in the scene.  In private, you can call me Julia.  If you want.”

Will smiled up at her through heavy-lidded eyes.  “It’s a beautiful name,” he said softly.  “I’m just Will.”

She realized, on the way to the kitchen, that this was the first time she’d navigated his house at normal size.  It was surreal, but pleasantly domestic.  In the kitchen, she figured three Oreos would be enough.  After a moment’s thought, Julia decided to just grab the box.  She was hungry, too.

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Taking Yes - Pt. 3


Chapter 3 Tags: NSFW, M/f, argument, consensual non-consent, taunting, attempted physical harm, humiliation, inability to breathe, smothering, pain, fight/flight/freeze, aftercare

Taking Yes - Pt. 3

She was almost to his apartment when she felt the first pang.  A gentle shift in pressure like riding a fast elevator, accompanied by a pulse of warmth in her tummy.  Evalyn sighed, and stepped out of her heels.  She made the rest of the walk down his hallway barefoot, and knocked on door 207.

“Really?” she spat, when he answered.  “You’re not even going to say hello first?  You completely ruined the effect of this outfit.”  She held up her arms, demonstrating.  A moment before, the fish netting had framed her chiseled arms in a way she found rather flattering.  Now it hung loose enough that she could easily slip her fingers beneath individual strands.  She did so, glaring at him.

“Seems fine to me,” Will grumbled.  He stepped aside.  Evalyn stormed into his apartment.

“That’s all I get?  After I was literally begging you last night, and you had the gall to turn me down?  Begging is not something I do lightly, I’ll have you know.  And now without even a ‘hello,’ you just decide you’re going to shrink me right out of my clothes?”

He gave her a smirk, taking the four inch heels from her offered hands, setting them on a rack by the door.  “You’re mad that I’m giving you what you want?”

She pointed an accusing finger at him, scowling.  She guessed she was just about two inches shorter than him.  Tall enough she didn’t feel silly, at least.  “Don’t give me that.  Yeah, I’m impatient when I see something I want.  Which, I apologized for, by the way.  So I come here tonight expecting to take things slow, make accommodations for your feelings or whatever, and you just….”  She made a gesture down at her loose-fitting skinny jeans, and stomped her bare foot in frustration.

In an instant Will closed the distance between them, glaring down almost eye to eye with her. “Yeah. I panicked last night.  It wasn’t fair to you.  I’m sorry.  But I thought we agreed on no holding back tonight.  So I.  Was making accommodations.  For you.”  He leaned in, eyes hard, emphasizing his new height advantage.  “Are you really upset I shrank you?”

“No,” she snarled, peering up defiantly. “I like it a lot actually.  I’m trying to antagonize you. I didn’t realize until just now.  It’s probably not healthy behavior.”

Will bared his teeth.  “Thanks for telling me. Because it’s working.  I’m feeling very antagonized.  I’m also looking forward to tonight.”

“Me too.”  She stared back at him ferociously.  “I'm glad we resolved that.”

His expression of frustrated anger slowly melted into a look of malevolence. “No holding back?"

“No holding back.”

The words were hardly out of her mouth before she felt that fluttery sinking heat, and then she was falling into herself.  He pressed forward, slamming his hand against the door behind her, chin nearly touching her forehead as she dwindled.  Suddenly trapped, between her only exit, and the growing man before her.

“Fuck, you’re making this easy.”  He laughed cruelly, and reached for her.

She kneed him in the groin.  Or would have, if she’d been her normal height.  The extra few inches of distance gave him time to get his thigh up to block her.  Then he had her by the shoulders, was spinning her, throwing her bodily against the door so hard it forced a sharp cough of air from her lungs.  She grunted savagely, trying to push herself away, even as she felt the door grind roughly against her cheek, the sliding friction telling her she was still sinking lower, his weight growing against her back with every passing second.

“Red, yellow, green,” he growled, placing his lips intimately close to her ear.

“Green,” she whimpered back, and bashed his nose with the side of her head.

He grunted in pain, his grip on her loosening.  She spun from his grasp, ran the only direction open to her, deeper into his apartment.  His hand flailed at her wildly, fingertips swiping her elbow.  She yanked free, but the added momentum made her trip over her suddenly too-large jeans.  Evalyn fell hard to her knees, trying to scramble back to her feet before she could process the pain, but then he was on her, lifting her off the ground.  She kicked, and she clawed, but he held her away from him, and her efforts found nothing but air.  Second by second she could feel her attempts becoming more and more futile as she shrank.

Will carried her through the unfamiliar apartment, made all the more alien by its impossible scale, a room for people almost twice her size.  There were tealight candles, a bucket of ice chilling a bottle of champagne, two glasses on a coffee table.  She kicked out at the display, trying to knock it over, but he swung her away, flipped her, slammed her bodily onto the cold leather couch.  Evalyn fought with all her might to roll onto her back, to gain purchase, but the hands pressing her down were so strong, and she was still shrinking, not even three feet anymore.  She could still win this, could….

“So you said if I pinned you, it would end badly for me.”

He sat on her.  All his weight pressing down suddenly from her shoulders to her thighs, forcing every last bit of air to explode from her lungs.  She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t even cry out.  Her hands were beneath her, where she could engage her arms, but it felt like fifteen hundred pounds of weight.  Too much to resist, too much to endure.  All the strength in her body not enough to move him the tiniest fraction.  All she could do was lay still, and wait for it to be over.

Will relented after a moment, enough for her to half fill her lungs, and pulled one of her hands out, laid it palm down on the couch.  He tapped the back of her wrist twice, then returned all his horrid, crushing weight down upon her.  In the airless dark, Evalyn scowled petulantly.  She tightened her free hand into a fist.  Then, she flattened out her palm.  With a shiver of excitement, she tapped the couch twice.  

Surrendering this round.

At once, Will lifted.

She watched, eyes refusing to focus, as the giant man stood, casually stretching.  He moved slow, ignoring her for the moment.  Evalyn lay still, stars flashing in front of her eyes, struggling to form coherent thoughts.  She doubted she could even rise to her hands and knees, never mind escaping him.  Everything from the top of her shoulders to the middle of her thighs felt as if it had been pressed in a vice.  Her breath came in helpless, ragged little gasps.

“Do you remember your safe word?” he asked.

Weakly, she nodded.

“Out of fight already, huh cutie?”

Evalyn grunted, and managed to push herself up onto her elbows.  She fixed the giant with every last ounce of defiance she could muster.

“Good.”  Will knelt on the floor beside the couch, and glanced over his shoulder at the wall clock.  “It hasn’t even been five minutes.  I was looking forward to toying with you for longer than that.”

“Fuck you,” she coughed.

Will brought his enormous face closer, grinning.  Suddenly boiling over with fury at his stupid expression of triumph, she raised her hand to swipe at him, going for his eyes.  But Will merely pulled out of her reach.  Then spanked her, hard, catching the entirety of her ass along with a good portion of her thigh beneath a single hand.  She yelped, an utterly undignified sound, and collapsed back to the couch.  She listened to the heavy sound of her breathing as she tried to steady herself, felt her body shrinking again as her backside throbbed with agony.  

Shaking, she tried to rise again.

“You know cutie, I’m inclined to let you keep at this.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed playing cat and mouse so much.  And you’re just adorable when you’re pathetic like this.”

She let out a strangled cry of rage, felt the welcome surge of adrenaline numbing the pain.  She let the ferocity consume her, aimed a well-practiced strike with all her strength, trying to take him on the bridge of the nose.  Will dodged, and the blow caught him on the jaw instead.  She’d scored similar blows in sparring over the years, and a practiced part of her expected him to tumble back, or wave a hand in submission.

Instead, he smiled wider.  Will reached out, giving her cheek a demeaning little pinch.  “Aw, it was a very nice punch, cutie.  I’ll let you try again in exchange for an inch, okay?”

“I’m… no, I….”  Her words broke off as she felt his power take hold over her again, felt herself getting smaller.  “No, that’s not fair.  Not fair!”

“Then make it stop,” he laughed.  Giant hands grasped her by the thighs, easily pulled her legs apart, though she fought with all her strength to hold them together.  “Oh what a surprise.  You’re soaking wet.  Who could have foreseen?”

“Arousal non-concordance, it’s a thing.  Look it up, asshole!”

A powerful finger pressed against her labia.  Inspecting, probing.  Evalyn grit her teeth, flexing every muscle in her body as she fought down a moan.  “We both know that’s not the explanation.”  The finger curled against her, spreading her open, making her gush against him.  She bit her lip, holding herself to silence as a confusing new rush of chemicals flooded her body.  Then he pressed down on her clit, and it was too much.  Evalyn gasped, her body instantly going limp.  “There.  Thought so.”

Evalyn felt herself being lifted, each of his massive hands stretched from the top of her thighs to the bottoms of her breasts.  Then he was sitting with her, spreading her across his lap, forcing her to look up into his impossibly large eyes.  A distant part of her mind commanded her to fight, but the signal couldn’t get through, shunted away by the sight of something so large and malevolent and insurmountable.  Suddenly, she couldn’t make herself move even the slightest bit.

“But here’s the best part, Evalyn dear.  The only reason you’re so small and helpless right now, is because on some level you want it.  The amount of desire you’re putting out for me, right now?  My God.  I could make you the size of a bug before you draw another breath.  Face it, babe.  You were mine before you even walked through that door.  You’ve lost, Evalyn.”  He shook her.  “You understand?  Hmm?”

She felt a sharp jag of anger, but it was distant, muffled under a mile of cotton.  She was painfully aware of her heartbeat, of the raw ache in her lungs.  Of the terribly obvious scent of her arousal.

Will smiled at her patiently.  Then, with terrifying slowness, he lowered his giant lips, and kissed her on the forehead.  

Evalyn felt herself draw in a long, shuddering breath, the first in what felt like ages.  Her whole body shook uncontrollably, as he helped her flex her limp little arms, giant hands working tension from rigid muscles.  

“Do you want to be smaller, sweetie?” he asked.  His voice resonant, gentle, like distant thunder.

She nodded.  Felt herself beginning to shrink again.  Felt the tears begin to flow, as his finger spread her legs, and slipped inside her.

Her first orgasm came almost at once.  A distant, distant part of her felt embarrassment, but she was his now, and it was his right to receive this tribute, right that her body should pledge itself to him in this ultimate way.  Now that she had lost.  Evalyn opened her mouth, no longer fighting, allowing all the sounds she had suppressed to flow free.  Letting him hear every gasp, and whimper, and howl of ecstasy.  Every admission of defeat.

For his part, Will seemed set upon wringing her dry.  Taking all that she offered, leaving nothing.  When he wished to move her, he moved her.  Shifting her from one shoulder, down to his lap.  Or making her pose for him on hands and knees.  Or driving her face into the pillow as the giant, merciless thumb pounded into her from behind.  It was too much, impossible to bear, yet he never relented in the slightest, and she never urged him to do less than he desired.  Sometimes she felt herself shrinking around his finger.  Sometimes she looked up through a delirium haze to see his face, the colors too vibrant, the size of him impossible to fathom.  And always, he was smiling.

She lay shaking for a long time after it was over. Her head resting in the crook of his elbow, her feet not quite stretched to his wrist. Will pulled a blanket up to her throat.  She let herself float with him, a soft smile on her face as she luxuriated in the flood of afterglow, smaller to him now than any teddy bear she had ever owned.  He knew better than to try and engage her in conversation. Words were hard, and could never encompass what she was feeling.

After a time she felt him moving beneath her. The sheer power in an act as simple as standing to his feet was staggering. He held her to his shoulder, and she clutched weakly to his shirt, sinking both hands greedily into the soft fabric. He was still fully dressed, she realized with a frown. It hardly seemed fair.

In the kitchen, he produced a familiar-looking cellophane package, tore it open one-handed as he held her to his chest. The cookie he passed to her took both hands to support, and seemed to be nearly a foot across.  The largest Peanut Butter Oreo she had ever seen. Evalyn gave him a coy look of appreciation, and licked it from end to end. Letting her saliva soften the giant cookie enough that she could attack it with a series of tiny nibbles. Will watched this process, smiling at her benevolently.

They watched a documentary together. Something about arctic sea creatures, she supposed, but it was all background noise as he pet her. She eventually made him take the cookie away before she made herself sick, offering it up to him wordlessly.  Then she dozed for awhile.  When she woke the credits were rolling, and she was bigger.  Perhaps two feet tall, where before she’d been half that.  Head upon his shoulder, she reached almost to his wrist.

“How long does it take to wear off?” she asked timidly.

Again, that benevolent smile. “That’s entirely up to you. I can help you down, but I can’t make you come back up.  It’s okay.  You don’t have to win this.  I won’t think less of you if you want to go back to normal, and you can stay as long as you want.”

She considered this. Then laughed lightly, and snuggled down into the warmth of his armpit. “I’ll need to go home eventually.  I have to feed my cats. ”

“Decide you want that. You’ll grow.”

Another episode started, this one about ocean birds. 

“Will, can I ask you something?”

He paused the recording. “Sure, what’s up?”

“What do you get out of all this?”

He laughed. His expression reminded her of the way angels were depicted in Renaissance frescos. Patient, understanding.  Almost inhuman. “I had fun. Don’t worry about me.”

“You didn’t even get to take off your pants, though.”

Was that a hint of a blush she saw? “It’s okay, really. You’ve had a rough night. I’ll take care of it later.”

Evalyn frowned. She felt a familiar sort of fire beginning to kindle, recognized it for what it was.  Slowly, her brows narrowed, her lips turned up in a smirk.  “No.”

“No what?”

Carefully, she pulled herself from his arms. She stood, bracing her two foot form with her ankle against his belt buckle, her other foot on his chest.  She crossed her arms indignantly. “After your little performance with me, I’ll be damned if I’m not going to return the favor. I hope I don’t have to explain that ‘submissive’ does not mean ‘without agency?’  It also doesn’t mean, ‘the only person who gets to experience pleasure.’  You deserve more than a sad little jerk-off session after I leave, and I am both able and willing to give it to you.  And furthermore, I want it known that I will remain utterly capable of being a full participant in any activities between us, no matter how small I get.  Any implications to the contrary will be dealt with most harshly.  Do I make myself clear?”

Will shifted uncomfortably.  “Do you really need to keep antagonizing me?”

“This isn’t antagonism.  It’s advocacy.”  She glared at him.  “Now are you going to take yes for an answer, or do I have to come up there?”

She pointed toward the coffee table, indicating where he should place her.  

He blushed.  And lifted her.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Taking Yes - Pt. 2


Chapter 2 Tags: M/f, shrinking, light impact play, light public play, discussions of bondage and submission

Taking Yes for an Answer - Pt. 2

“I’ll try most things once, of course.”  Evalyn stirred sugar into her coffee.  “The novelty is a selling point.  Experiencing the world a few inches shorter.  Maybe a few feet, if you can manage that.”

Will leaned in to be heard without raising his voice.  The Lily was crowded tonight, bodies packed shoulder to shoulder around the bar.  “I can manage.  There isn’t really a limit.  However small you want, I can give it to you.”  He looked down at his hands.  “So is that what interests you?  Shrinking, so you can say you did it?”

“Partly?  It’s vulnerable-making, that’s another thing I like.  Reminds me a little bit of getting tied up.”  Evalyn’s expression grew wistful.  “What I’ve got a problem with, is this whole get-out-of-jail free card you’re giving me.  If I decide to fight it I go back to normal?”

Will shook his head. “I wouldn’t describe it like that.”

“Well, what then?  Because from what you’re saying… well okay, like with rope.  If you were tying me up, it would be no fun if I could slip out of your knots anytime I wanted.  Or say it’s a more conventional scene, and you tried to throw me to the floor and pin me?  No offense, but that wouldn’t end well for you.”  She snorted.  “Like.  I’ve probably got three inches and twenty pounds on you, big man.  So how am I supposed to appreciate being, you know, small, if I can stop it any time?  How am I supposed to respect you?  I mean come on Will!  Give me something to work with here!”

“You don’t get to play submissive very often, do you?”

“No,” she replied at once.  “But I fail to see how that’s related.”

“Hm.”  Will paused, collecting his thoughts.  At the door, Mr. Black was showing his ID.  Lyra followed a half-step behind, wearing kitsune ears and a sleeveless dress that showed off the numerous burn marks on her arm.  She looked pleased.

“So.  There are ropes.  The physical ones, that tie you down.  But those aren’t nearly as important as the ropes in your mind.”

Evalyn hit him.  Not full force, but hard enough to make his shoulder ache.  “No sceneing in social areas,” Steven barked from the other end of the bar.

“Sorry hun,” Evalyn called back.  “It’s a rule we made.  Whenever he gets too metaphysical I get to punch him.”

“That is true,” Will confirmed, rubbing his arm.  He turned to her, lowering his voice.  “Though when we negotiated that, I didn’t take into account how freaking strong you are.  Or your lack of mercy.”

“And that’s what I meant about keeping up.”  Evalyn gave him a vicious smile, then softened a little.  “If it’s too much you can say so.  I’ll ease off.”

“No, it’s fine.  But, wait.  That, right there.  That’s what I’m trying to say.  You’ve hit plenty of people in this room.  Probably a whole lot harder.”

Evalyn grew starry-eyed.  “Oh yes.  Much, much harder.” 

“And how many of them wanted to be hit?”

“Uh, exactly all of them, duh.  See, we grown-ups have this concept called ‘assault and battery.’”

“And if someone told you to stop….”

“I’d stop.”  Evalyn pursed her lips, a single lock of silver-blonde hair falling over her eyes.  “Oh.”

He nodded.  “That’s what made me think you don’t sub much.  Mind if I take a blind shot at psychoanalyzing you?”

Evalyn cracked her knuckles menacingly.  “Go for it.”

“I can already sense your interest in this.  It’s a resonance, a feeling-without-feeling that I get when….” 

She raised her fist.

“What I mean is, I can tell my thing’s going to work on you.  I don’t think you’ll have a problem saying yes.  Stipulating you make the conscious choice to say it.”


“I think your problem will be choosing to stop.  Finding a place where you’re willing to tap out, and go back to normal size.  Because I think to you, that’s going to feel like giving up.  Like admitting you’ve lost.”

Evalyn stared at him, nostrils flaring angrily.  For once, she was speechless.

“What’s up, my dudes?”  Black slapped a friendly hand on Will’s shoulder, and grinned owlishly at Evalyn.  “Damn, you must be losing your touch, E.  It’s almost nine o’clock.  I woulda thought you’d have some lucky victim down on their knees by now.”

“Not in the mood for it tonight.”  Evalyn wasn’t smiling.  “Anyway it’s too crowded.  A girl like me needs room to maneuver.  What are the two of you planning for the evening?”

Lyra wrapped both her arms around Mr. Black’s forearm, pulling herself bodily against him.  “Oh, not much.  I’m getting collared tonight.”

Will gave a low whistle.  “That’s heavy stuff.  Didn’t you just meet yesterday?”

“What can I say?  When you know, you know.  It just feels right.”

Black scratched the back of his neck, looking sheepish.  “She saw it on the internet.”

Will and Evalyn exchanged a look.

“What?” Black and Lyra said in unison.

“Nothing,” Will and Evalyn replied.

“No, really.”  Black leaned down, looking earnest.  “You can tell us.  Do you think it’s a bad idea?”

Evalyn waved her hand dismissively.  “It’s none of my business.  Anyway, you’re interrupting us.”

Mr. Black stared at the two of them.  It was almost possible to see the gears working in his head.  “Wait.  Are the two of you… negotiating a scene?”  When no one responded, Black laughed, and slapped the bar with both hands.  “No shit.  You’re going to let this dude shrink you, huh?  I never figured you for a sub, E.”

“You wouldn’t.  I only play that role around people I respect.”

Lyra laughed, and Will flushed.  “I’m flattered,” he said.

“We’re still negotiating.”

“No E, you need to help me wrap my head around this.  I’m getting serious does-not-compute vibes. You’re literally the scariest dom in the scene.  It’s blowing my mind that this is something you’d even entertain, like you’re shaking my entire world-view.  But forget about me for a minute.”


“You’re not, like, worried about people losing respect for you?  What about your reputation?”

“What about my reputation?” Evalyn said mildly.  She looked down at Lyra, her face expressionless.  “Is playing submissive inherently shameful?”

The man looked surprised.  Abruptly, he grabbed Lyra arm, and pulled her away.  “Come on, toy.  Let’s give the weirdos a little space.  Enjoy being a munchkin, E.”


Will watched them go.  “You get off on antagonizing him, huh.”

“I get off on antagonizing, full stop.  With Black it’s more… hm.  You ever see a Harlem Globetrotters game?”

“No.  But I take your point.  It’s not exactly competitive.”

“He just disappoints me, is all.  He really ought to know better.  Playing a dominant is about more than strutting around like a big leather peacock.  ‘Dom’ is a word that describes us.  It doesn’t define us.” 

“Do I get to hit you when you get metaphysical, too?”

Evalyn gave him a wolfish grin.  “Anyway like I said, it’s their business, not mine.”

“So let’s talk about our business.”

“Let’s.”  She poured another cup of coffee from the carafe on the bar.  “Did you get a chance to read the Yes-No-Maybe list I sent?”

Will took the offered cup.  “I did.  Assuming you got mine too?  I think we agree on a lot, in principle.  You saw I’m not much for rope or handcuffs though?”

“Not a problem.”

“Good.  Just, restraints are hard when you’re going to keep shrinking out of them.  I prefer… more direct means.”  He smirked, setting the flat of his palm down on the bar.  Pressing.

She raised an eyebrow.  “I… see.  You have to admit though, there’s something about the texture of a good hemp rope against bare skin.  But it’s.  You know.  A means to an end.  And that end is….”

“Being less.”

Evalyn sipped her coffee.  “I wouldn’t phrase it that way.  But you aren’t far off.  It’s having something taken from me.  Knowing that I can’t have it back, no matter how hard I struggle.  That struggling will only make it worse.”

“So that’s why it bothers you, that you can make it stop at any time.”

“Uh-huh.  Submission is about willful suspension of disbelief.  And you haven’t made a believer out of me yet.”

Will shrugged.  “So.  Let’s go back to rope.  Put yourself in that head-space for me, okay?  That moment, when you’re with a skilled rigger, and you’re just about to be tied.”

The larger woman narrowed her eyes.  “Fine.  Give me a second.”  She took a very deep breath, stretching her arms over her head.  She rolled her sinuous neck from side to side, ending by shaking the tension out of her wrists.  “Go on.”

“Now.  I want you to imagine there’s an exceptionally brutal scene coming.  You’ve been waiting for it all week.  Once things start, you have no idea how it will go.  Only, it’s going to be rough.”

Evalyn’s face softened in a grin.  “Perfect.”

“Your rigger tells you to cross your arms behind your back, palms out.”  He held out his hand to her.  She complied, placing her larger hand in his.  “Now imagine it.  The scratch of hemp on your skin.  The very first moment it slides against you.”

With the tips of his fingernails, he brushed the back of Evalyn’s wrist.  The woman shivered, and closed her eyes.

“You imagining it?”

“Yes,” she said distantly.

“How does it make you feel?”

She thought.  “Nervous.  Giddy.  A little safe, I suppose.”  She licked her lips.  “Small.”

His nails slid further up her arm, scratching gently as he went.  “Now, imagine the rope looping around your waist.  The last moment, before the first knot is tied.  Before you’re trapped.  Can you imagine… tearing yourself out?  Fleeing from the room?  Putting on your coat, and going home?”

Evalyn laughed, but didn’t open her eyes.  “I wouldn’t, though.”

“And that,” he said.  “Is how I know you’ll stay small for me.  Stipulating.”

“Do it, Will.”

His hand stopped just beneath her elbow.  “Right now?”

She nodded, eyes squeezed shut.  “I just need to know it’s real.  That this isn’t a trick.”

Will sighed.  Then closed his hand around her forearm.  “Okay.  I’m going to go slow.  You’re already doing everything you need for me.  Just focus on that feeling.  Wanting to be smaller.  I’m going to reach out, and take hold of it.  This might feel a little strange.”

Evalyn whimpered.

“Okay?” he asked.

She nodded emphatically.

“I’m about to push.  Tell me if it’s too much.”

The taller woman shrank, letting out a long, dark moan.  A few heads turned toward the two of them, as Evalyn sank down on the bar stool, her sleeves subtly creeping down her muscular forearms.  At the other end of the bar, Steven looked up from serving another patron.  “No sceneing in social areas.”

“Sorry.”  Will relaxed his grip, and Evalyn’s eyes fluttered open.  She blinked, looking around the room in wonder.  “Doing okay?”

“What? Yeah!” Evalyn laughed.  “That was amazing!”  She looked down at her hands, and tugged at her oversized t-shirt, slipping her bra back into place.  She grinned at him, then looked around the room in wonder.  “Okay!  Fuck, I believe you.  That was… wow.  How small did you make me?”

He peered at her.  “You’re just a little shorter than me.  If I had to guess, you’re around five nine.”

She looked up from examining her coffee cup, testing its weight as she swung it back and forth in the air.  “Seriously?  Four little inches is all it takes to make everything so different?”

Will spread his hands.  “So you want to go back to normal?  Want to tap out?”

“Are you kidding?  I want to go again!”  She grabbed his arm with both hands, pulling him fiercely.  Even with the lost inches, she was clearly still stronger.  “Let’s go get in line for some scene space.”

“Woah, hold on.  We still need to talk.  Am I going to make you the shortest girl in the room?  Half my size?  Small enough to fit in the palm of my hand….”

She tugged on his wrist.  “Yes, yes, and then yes.”

“…And we haven’t mentioned safe words, or aftercare….”

“My safe word is ‘Red,’ and I like Peanut Butter Oreos.”  She hesitated, studying his face.  “These are important questions, Will.  But you know as well as I do that we can explore most of it as we go.  This feels like you’re trying to talk me out of it.  Why won’t you take yes for an answer?”

Will frowned, staring off into the middle distance.  “Habit, I guess.  I’m accustomed to curiosity about what I do.  It’s rare anyone wants to try it.  Even more rare when someone’s genuinely excited.”  He laughed darkly.  “This much enthusiasm is a lot to take in.”

“Right.  I’m enthusiastic.  That’s a good thing, isn’t it?  I know what I want, and I know how to ask for it.  So man up and make me tiny already.”

He glared, saying nothing.

The smaller woman grinned at him wickedly.  Slowly she leaned in, pressing her shoulder against his chest.  When the bartender turned his back, she slipped her hand along his inner thigh, gave him a squeeze.  “It would be easy right now, wouldn’t it?  To take hold of, what, ‘my desire to be small?’   I have so much of that right now.”  She nuzzled him, lips brushing his throat as she spoke.  “Please Will?  It felt so good.  I want more.  I know you want it, too.”

Very deliberately, he reached down and grasped her hand.  Pulled it off his thigh.  “No sceneing in social areas,” he growled. 

She watched him pull away, her expression confused.  “Will, are you okay?”

“Yeah.  Or, well, maybe not.  Just, do me a favor?  Let’s sleep on this.”

She sat up straight, suddenly much more serious in her baggy clothes.  “I come on too strong sometimes.  Sorry.  I meant everything I said, though.”

He nodded, and took a deep breath.  “And I’m sorry for shutting you down.  You’re right.  I… do want this.  At least I think so.  Let’s talk tomorrow.  If we both still, you know.  Then we’ll figure it out.”  He turned to leave.

“Um.”  She caught his hand, looking embarrassed.  “How do I turn this off?”  She gestured down at her smaller form.

Will smiled sadly.  “Easy.  Just think about those Peanut Butter Oreos.”

By the time he was out the door, she was herself again.  Evalyn readjusted her heels, slipping them back into their proper place, then scowled down at her empty coffee cup.  “Did you clock all that?” she asked, when Steven came by with a fresh pot.

“Enough, I think.  You okay?”

She bit her thumbnail, thought about it.  “Sort of pent up.  Kind of want to break something.  I think I’m going to go home, though.  Just.”  She let out a frustrated sigh.  “What’s his problem?  I get being cautious, and like, I know I’m a lot?  But that doesn’t excuse just walking out on me.”

“Yeah, it’s bullshit.”  Someone at the other end of the bar made a motion, and Steven held up a finger, telling them to wait.  “Want to know something?  Off the record?”


Steven leaned in conspiratorially.  “As far as I know, no person Will shrunk has ever wanted to do it twice.”

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Taking Yes for an Answer - Pt. 1

A #ShrinkingWoman story about acceptance, BDSM, and asking for what you want.

Five parts, approximately 11,500 words.

Special thanks to Elle Largesse, @mightytinygiant, for her invaluable assistance in editing this piece.  If this story is legible at all, at least 70% of the credit is theirs.

Overall story tags: Shrinking Woman, NSFW, M/f, Light impact play, Taunting/Teasing, D/s Dynamics, Attempted physical harm, Consensual non-consent, Humiliation, Inability to breathe, Smothering, Pain, fight/flight/freeze, Aftercare

Chapter 1 Tags: Description of BDSM Elements, PLOT 🤣

Part 1

Things were winding down at the Gilded Lily. The bouncer leaned against the wall, her expression stoic and vacant.  There were a handful of couples in the play space, but none required her full attention. The sharp crack of leather on skin came filtered through thick velvet curtains. Someone screamed. Someone giggled.

At the bar, conversation was in a lull.  From behind the counter Steven paused in his inventory of solo cups, checked the clock. Still a full hour ‘til close. This had ‘long night’ written all over it. There were a few patrons at the bar, all politely ignoring each other, in the manner of folks waiting for someone to do something interesting.

“So.” Steven slumped casually, making eye contact with each of the four in turn. “What’s your weirdest kink? Something no one around here knows about.”

Mr. Black gave a short laugh. “Fuck you, man.”

“What? What’s so wrong with that?” The one Steven had flagged as ‘new girl’ - did she say her name was Lyra? All bright-eyed and hopeful, the way newbies often were.  “I’m an open book, you can ask me anything.”

“It’s a cliché though.” Mr. Black drained his cup of Sprite, signaled for another. “Like asking, I don’t know, what book you’d take to a desert island. Or which Beatles album is the most overrated.”

“Meaning, you don’t have anything interesting to say.”  Heads turned when Evalyn spoke, as usual. “Or at least nothing surprising, since we all know you’re into electricity play.  Did you finally get bored of talking about your tens unit?”

“It broke,” Black replied sheepishly.

Lyra nodded, either unaware of the sudden awkwardness, or ignoring it.  “Well if no one else wants to go first, I will.  Sorry if it’s taboo to be direct about this stuff, but I’m here looking to get a spanking.” She looked up and down the bar, ready to drop the real bombshell. “And hopefully, for someone that I can call daddy!”

Steven bit his cheek to hold in a laugh.  Evalyn didn’t bother to hide her open disdain.  But at the end of the bar, Will was nodding. “Welcome then. You’ve definitely come to the right place. I guess it’s what most people are here for, in one flavor or another.  Stick around for awhile, and I’m sure plenty of people will take you up on that.”

Lyra grinned, fixing her attention on the dark-haired man. “Aw, well thank you!  Now, I don’t suppose... you’re one of those people?”

Will gave her a dry, but friendly smile. “I doubt you’re buying what I’m selling.”

“Oh come on, give the poor kid a chance.”  Evalyn grunted a laugh, slamming her arm down on the bar hard enough to send everyone’s drinks rattling.  “Or what, are you just trying to cultivate an air of mystique, in place of an actual personality?  You know, come to think of it, I don’t actually know what your deal is.  I see you around here most every night, but you’re such a wallflower.”

“Just hard to find people with mutual interests.” Will cleared his throat meaningfully. “Anyway. I know the kind of stuff you’re into, Evalyn.”

Mr. Black sniffed. “I mean yeah. Everyone knows.”

“I don’t know Evalyn!” Lyra stepped forward, suddenly eager.  “Should I? I’m not against calling someone ‘mommy.’”

“No offense hun. I’m not exactly entry level.  Unless you want to press the issue, I’m going to say you’re a little too short for this ride.” Evalyn straightened, her smile deceptively benevolent, and crossed her well-muscled arms over her chest.  She was tattooed, platinum blonde, powerfully built.  Six foot one even in flats, and she wasn’t wearing flats tonight.

From the play room, there came an abrupt sound. Something heavy, hitting someplace soft. The cry that followed rang loud, driving everyone to silence.  Steven leaned down to Lyra, pitching his voice low.  “They say you can tell an Evalyn scene, by the way her victim is screaming.”

Lyra’s pupils went wide.  “I, um.  Maybe not.”

Evalyn looked smug. “Fair. Moving right along with kink-talk, our friend Steven here has a prized collection of fur suits....”


“...So that just leaves you, Mr. Mystique.”

“It’s Will, actually.”

“Fine, good.  Answer the question.”

He shrugged. “I shrink people.”

The other three made the same puzzled look.  “What, like a psychiatrist?” Black said.

“No. Literally.”

Evalyn scoffed. “How do you literally shrink a person?”

“Oh, no like I’ve totally heard of this!  With bubble paper right? Or plastic wrap?  Bondage, except it’s see-thru, which is super-sexy!  I saw it on the internet.” Lyra looked proud of herself.

Will put his head on the bar, and sighed.  “You do all know what ‘literally’ means, right?”

“Of course we do,” Evalyn replied.  “I take it you know what ‘incredulous’ means. If not, we can try, ‘total bullshit.’”

“You asked,” he replied, not lifting his head.

“He’s not making it up.” The three turned to regard Steven, who in turn was regarding his feet. “I was dungeon monitor for a scene of his once. Maybe… a year ago?  It was the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen. He asked this girl if she wanted to get smaller. She said yes. And then she just....” The bartender trailed off, holding his hands apart.  Slowly, he drew them together.

For a moment, the bar was quiet. From the adjoining room came the sound of faint laughter, hushed conversation.

“This is a put-on,” Evalyn said at last. “You two are trolling us. It isn’t a funny joke.”

Will shrugged.

“Alright, then.” Evalyn stood up, arms crossed in annoyance. “Prove it. Shrink me.”

“No scening in social spaces,” Steven said.

“It doesn’t work like that,” Will said, in the same moment.

“How does it work then?” Lyra asked curiously. “Do you need a potion? Some kind of magical fairy dust?”

Black laughed. “Don’t be silly. Magic isn’t real. You’re some kind of, what, mad scientist? I bet you have a basement full of equipment. Tesla coils, electrodes, big humming generators....”

Evalyn elbowed him sharply.  “Keep it in your pants.”

“Nothing like that. To be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure how I do it. The closest I can come... did you ever read Flatland?” Will scratched his chin. “I reach out to someone. Look for the want, and the need. It’s a physical object, ninety degrees removed, but it can only be touched with the mind. If it’s there, I can push it a little.  Let it flow away.  As long as the person wants, and believes, I can keep pushing. But it has to start with the question.”

Evalyn blinked. “Of all the new age horse shit. Are you telling me you have magic powers, and they won’t work unless I clap my hands and believe in fairies?”

“That, yes.”

The amazon sank back down into her chair, shaking her head. “Man, this place was way more fun when it was just about hitting people.”

“Speaking of which.” Black tapped Lyra on the shoulder, grinning. “You sound like a person with pretty straightforward interests. The Lily’s been too complicated for my tastes tonight. Want to hit the bricks?”

Lyra covered her mouth, and giggled. “I read that it’s a bad idea to play with someone the first night you meet.”

“Oh, it most definitely is.” Mr. Black downed the rest of his Sprite in a gulp. “Get your coat.”

“But… I’m not interested in electricity?”

Black winked.  “We’ll figure it out.”

As the two stood to leave, Evalyn went with them. “Thanks for the lovely bit of make-believe. It wasn’t boring, I’ll give you that.”

“Take care. Hope you find someone more your speed.”

“Oh, there aren’t many of those.”

She left. Will and Steven sat alone at the bar. “You think that was a mistake?” Will asked finally. “Outing myself?”

“What? No, no. No way.  I’m glad you finally said something about it actually.  We all get to live our truth at the Gilded Lily.  Nobody gets to yuck anyone’s yums.”

A couple emerged from the scene room, arm in arm. The man was covered in a series of fresh bruises; the woman was covered in honey. Both were smiling.

“Fucking food-players,” Steven sighed.  “That’s going to take forever to clean up.”

“Sounding a lot like a yuck there.”

Steven made a rude gesture.

“Hey, easy. I was going to offer to help.”

“Huh? Oh, it’s fine. I’ll put on a podcast or something. Anyway, closing time. Go on, get. Before you turn someone into a pumpkin.”

On the street, Will took a breath of cool night air.  Going home alone wasn’t exactly new.  And on balance, tonight had been pretty fun.  Still trying to cheer himself, he started to call a cab, and was surprised to see he had a new friend request.

“Sounds interesting enough to negotiate,” read the message. “If you can keep up.”