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Eve's Boutique - Ch 38

Abby on Campus

Eve led the way through the magic door, back into the shop.  Abigail followed, carrying a new toothbrush still in its package, a pair of bath towels, and half dozen granola bars.

She went to clean herself up in the breakroom, while Eve tended to her garden.

Abigail would’ve loved a bath.  Or a long hot shower.  But when one was ninety feet tall, one had to make due.  She cleaned by wetting and soaping one of the towels, then drying herself with the other.  She combed her hair with her fingertips, and brushed her teeth.  When she finished, she still smelled like Eve.  But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“Crap.  I just realized I’m not going to have anything to wear.”

“Chloe handled it!” Eve called back.  “I felt her come in a few hours ago!  She left a note.”

“What’s it say?”

“Don’t know!  It’s too small to read.”

Abigail rejoined the witch.  The note was on the counter, written on a torn-out notebook page.  It was smaller than the tip of her thumb.  No way she was going to make out script that small.

Eve snuck up behind her, and gave her a surprise kiss just beneath her ear.

“I’ll get it,” she whispered.  “Just wrap your arms around me.  Hold on, don’t let me fall.”

Abigail did as she was asked.  She tightened her grip as Eve began to shrink, lifting the woman until her feet dangled above the shop floor.  In a few seconds, the witch was small enough that Abigail had her cradled fully in her arms.  Eve paused in her shrinking long enough for Abby to kiss her on the mouth – then reduced herself until she could easily stand on Abigail’s palm.

“Oh my God,” Abigail breathed.  “You’re fucking adorable like this.”

The tiny woman curtsied in her hand.  “Makes you want to put me in your pocket and carry me around all day, doesn’t it?  Though I can’t promise I wouldn’t distract you.”

Abigail put the itty-bitty witch on the counter.  The woman strolled over and picked up the note.

“Hey Abby,” Eve read, yelling to be heard.  “Dropped off clothes and stuff.  Extra outfits just in case.  Kayla and I will come by school after your class.  I know a place we can talk.  Wear something cute.  Btw, we’ll both be bigger than you.  Hope you’re okay being the short one again.”

Abigail laughed.  Then paused.  “They’re not actually bigger than me.  Right?”

Eve raised an eyebrow.  “Would that bother you?”

“There’s no way they had enough growth potion!  They couldn’t possibly have kept up with us last night.”

The witch rolled her eyes, and went back to the note.

“Please don’t pick a fight with Mackenzie slash Lilith without us.  If you try to do it by yourself, I will make my saddest face at you.”  Eve looked up.  “That goes for me too, by the way.”

“Yeah yeah, team work makes the dream work.  Anything else?”

“Tell Eve I said hi.  Hope you had a nice night.  Then she drew a winky-face.  Sighed Chloe, with a heart for the o.  Then, P.S.  Don’t forget your phone.”

“I have been doing that a lot lately.  Um.  Don’t suppose you have any idea where I left it?”

Eve sighed, and held it up.  “You left it with your clothes last night.  And you forgot to charge it.”

“So it’s dead.  I don’t suppose you can….”  She gestured vaguely.

“I’m not going to use magic on your phone battery.  I’ve got a rapid charger behind the register.  Use that.”

Eve picked an outfit for her from the miniature suitcase.  Abigail watched as she applied fitting spray.  When she reached for the clothes Eve offered, they were too small to fit an average-sized Barbie doll.  As soon as she touched them, they phased into a strappy spring dress with a white and green floral pattern.

“This one?  You’re sure?”

“Definitely.  It’s Chloe’s favorite.”

“You’re so good to me.  Come up here so I can kiss you goodbye.”

The witch did.  Growing from smaller than Abigail’s fist, to the gorgeous, full-sized woman she knew.

The kiss was a serious one.  Careful, and lingering.  It went on long enough that Abigail started to question her plans for the day.  She’d only slept a few hours, but she felt completely refreshed, full of energy.  Surely there was time for one more fling.

Eve pulled away, just enough so her lips brushed Abigail’s as she spoke.  “Go to class.”

“Right, fine.  So what’re you going to do today?”

“I was hoping you had suggestions.  You’re the team captain, and to be honest, I do better with instruction.”

Abigail licked her teeth.  “Yeah, I seem to remember you liked it when I ordered you around last night.”

Eve covered her face, smiling.

“Okay, hm.  Today.  I think you should… work on making more of that experimental growth potion.”

The witch narrowed her eyes.

“I’m not addicted!  I swear!”


“No, listen.  Mackenzie still has the ability to steal height, and I bet Lilith isn’t going to take things lying down now that I’m bigger.  I have the advantage, but who knows how long that’ll last – and besides, my friends are still vulnerable.  We need to stay one step ahead.  Plus, you can only make me bigger directly because I drank that essence potion.  Eventually that’s going to wear off, isn’t it?”

Eve smirked, and said nothing.

“God!  I won’t drink any!  It can just be for Chloe and Kayla, you don’t have to–”

Eve snatched both her hands, forcibly intertwining her fingers, and fed magic into Abigail in a sudden jolt.  The giantess groaned as she felt herself swell perhaps five feet taller.

“I’m just teasing,” Eve whispered.  “Growth potion it is.”

The witch turned to go.

“Could I ask you to do one other thing today?” Abigail called after her.

Eve stopped, but remained facing away.  “Anything.  Anything in the whole, wide world.”

“Keep those pictures coming.”

The woman gave her a sly smile over her shoulder, and headed off to feed her cat.


Eve turned all the way around.  Her expression was soft, and unreadable.

“You didn’t give me a chance to say it.  Last night.  And I want to.  So.  I love you, Eve.”

“I love you, too.”

The door to the apartment closed behind her.

Alone now, Abigail braced herself for the world outside.  She held her breath, and stepped out of the shop onto the busy city street.

The wind rushed through her hair in a sudden gust, and she stood trying to get her bearings.  Her head spun from the vertigo.  One moment, she’d been a perfectly normal-sized girl, in a perfectly normal magic shop.  Now she was so tall that most of the buildings in this part of town didn’t even reach her hip.

She stepped.  And stumbled, as her foot crunched straight through the pavement.  She was so heavy that she’d broken right through the sidewalk, and into the storm drain beneath.  She tried again, setting her foot down as lightly as she could, and saw the imprint her shoe left in the concrete, as easily as if she’d stepped in sand.

A car honked.  Then another, and another.  She flinched, before she picked up on the cadence.  It wasn’t the sound city drivers made when they were telling each other to get the hell out of the way.  It was the sound of motorists, driving past a picket line for a cause they supported.

People were just happy to see her.

Abigail looked around her tiny city.  Downtown was behind her, with buildings that dwarfed even her enormous stature.  Campus was that way, visible as a few old growth trees, and negative space among the condos and corner stores.  It was about a mile and a half, she knew.  It looked like an incredibly short walk.  But there was so much in her way, and all of it was so breakable.

The city looked different today.  Not as cramped as expected at her size, and traffic was surprisingly light for this hour.  Here and there, Abigail saw strange, car-less streets, built from rough dirt and cobblestone instead of pavement.  Plazas, she thought you called them.  They were evenly spaced, every ten blocks or so.

Were these for her?

Abigail moved carefully, trying to keep the city’s discretionary public works fund in mind, and made her way to the nearest one.  She put her weight down tentatively – and the ground bore her.

All along the street she could see people strolling, jogging, browsing vendor carts and tiny stalls that lined the thoroughfare.  All of it was light, and easy to clear away as she approached.  Everywhere, people were smiling at her.  Taking pictures.  Waving.

It seemed like, just by growing this big, she’d made the city a friendlier place.  It also explained the traffic – more people had decided to walk to work, or take public transportation.

Giants, as the solution for a livable city.  Who knew?

Even at a light stroll, she made it to campus in less than two minutes.  Her support copters were only just arriving.  She thanked them, and gave them her class schedule.

“I’m done at two today,” she said, cupping her hands to be heard over the rotors.  “But Chloe and Kayla are coming to meet me.  Keep an eye out, okay?”

She tiptoed her way around school, and made it to the science building.  There were folding chairs lined up in front of a large projection screen, and a few students she recognized from class were already hanging out.  She found a spot in the back, taking care not to sit on anyone.  In the process, she gave quite a few coeds the chance to see up her skirt.  Oh well, couldn’t be helped.  She was feeling cute today, anyway.  Might as well let them look.

Abigail relaxed, and checked her phone.  She had dozens of notifications – most of them for the party group chat.  Mackenzie had been MIA since yesterday, and there were apparently a lot of decisions to be made.  Ticket questions, logistical challenges, competing bids from local companies.  Many of them were offering their services free of charge, asking only to be the official whatever-supplier for the most well-known girls in the world.

She made a couple quick decisions, picked an event organizer, a security service.  She thought about choosing live music from one of the numerous offers, but something made her hesitate.  She could come back to this later.  There were more important things to consider.

She made sure her phone was angled so none of her tiny classmates could see – and opened her texts from Eve.

Holy.  Shit.  This was art.  The girl was a master of perspective and lighting.  Some of these practically belonged in a museum.  Not only that, they were incredibly fucking hot.  Even after a night of exploring every possible thing she could do with the woman, she suddenly had an overwhelming surge of inspiration.

Eve’s typing notification popped up.  “Oh hi.  It just got warm in here.”

“I’d say the feeling is mutual.  But you know that.”

“I’m tempted to ask you to tell me anyway.  In detail.  But you’re about to be busy.  Look out below.”

Elijah had managed to sneak up on her again.  The flimsy little folding chair almost collapsed under his weight as he dropped into the seat beside her.

“Hey, Abigail.  Nice shoes.”

She smirked, and rolled her ankle for him, showing off her eye-level footwear.  “Hey, Elijah.  How’re things going with your sea turtle?”

“Oh you heard about that?  I’m surprised.  The judge issued a gag order.”

“A gag order.  Elijah!  What did you do?”

“Can’t say.  Gag order.  Let’s put it this way: the folks at the city zoo are way more litigious than you’d think.”

“Isn’t Mister Mistoffelees going to be jealous if you get another pet?”

“It was going to work out okay.  He’s a strictly indoor ferret.  Or he will be, once I get him out of the air ducts.  Anyway sea turtles are water creatures.  Ferrets can’t swim.”

“I’m pretty sure they can.”

Elijah looked worried.

“Cheer up,” she told him, bringing her face down a little closer, flashing her flirtiest smile.  “That just means he can be friends with your turtle.  Do you have a name picked out yet?”

“Nah.  I had to give up on my turtle dreams.  Some things are just too beautiful to exist, ya know?  It wasn’t even like I was trying to steal the one from the zoo, either.  I just wanted to get up close, get some first-hand info, and I figured that the rail was mostly there to keep the turtles in, not humans out, like at a petting zoo?  And the chains were only like this high, so really, it’s their fault.  Then a bunch of people started yelling and–”

“Gag order,” she reminded him.

He zipped his lips, made a locking motion, and mimed throwing away the key.

She grinned affectionately at him, and leaned down as far as she could.  She wasn’t flexible enough to get as close as she wanted, but at least she could bring her lips within a dozen feet of him.

“I wanted to thank you for the other day.  You literally saved my life, Elijah.  I can’t express how grateful I am.”

“I’ve been there.  I know what it’s like to need a friend.  Anyone would have done it.”

“No.  There was no one else who could have done that for me.  I was scared, and alone.  You made me feel safe.  Like you always do.”

“Aw, Abby.  You’re gonna make me blush.  Can I like.  Well I was gonna ask, do you want a hug.  But I don’t see how that would work.  Maybe like a fist bump or….”

“We can do a hug.  You trust me?”


“Okay.  Then hold really still.”

She reached out slowly, careful to gauge her strength.  She allowed her fingers to gently curl around his back, wrapping her thumb against his firm little chest, tucking her smallest finger beneath his butt.

“You’re not afraid of heights, are you?”

“No, not at all.  Mittens the Cat and his big-time tree adventures, remember?  Oh I didn’t tell you, I had to grab him the other day from….”

“Elijah.  Hush.”

She lifted him, inch by inch, until she held him before her face.  He was smiling at her, looking exhilarated, maybe even more so than when he talked about a new pet.  And though he was small enough to fit in the palm of her hand, she was gratified to learn she found him just as attractive as ever.  Her mind started to race with the possibilities of what she could do to him at this size.  Or what he could do to her.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked.

“I’ll tell you later.”

She looked down at her recently-acquired cleavage.  Having a large chest had its uses, but she suddenly felt like she knew exactly what it was made for.

She cupped her hands, and pressed Elijah between her breasts.  Her dress was low cut, and it was easy to find a patch of bare skin to accommodate him.  She balanced him against her sternum, feeling the warmth of his body, the tickle of his whiskers.  She breathed in, and luxuriated in the feeling of his body against hers.

She held him there for what felt like forever.  The way she’d wanted to do all semester.

He looked disoriented when she finally set him on the ground.

“Wow,” he groaned.  “Abby-hugs are seriously the best.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet.  Hold on a second.  Dylan!  Hi sweetie!”

The little man was struggling toward a chair closer to the front of the class, lugging around a backpack that looked much too heavy for him.  The band t-shirt he wore stretched almost to his knees, and his jeans were rolled up so much that the cuffs were almost as wide as his feet.  He turned, looking as though he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Timidly, he waved.

“I was looking forward to seeing you.  Why don’t you sit by us?”

He sheepishly obeyed.  Heads turned to follow him as he went.  There were quite a few jealous looks among them.

“Elijah, this is Dylan.  Dylan, Elijah.”

“Hey, how you doin’ buddy?”  Elijah took the smaller man’s hand, shook it aggressively.  He looked like he was trying to wave the little guy like a signal flag.

Dylan laughed.  “Easy there.  I’m delicate these days.”

“Oh, right, whoops.  Hey sorry if this is a dumb question, I ask a few of those.  I don’t remember anyone as short as you in class.  Is that, like, a recent development, or…?”

“It just sort of happened,” Abigail explained.  “See, Dylan is a partner of mine.  It surprised me, honestly.  He started getting smaller when we were, you know, having relations….”

“But I don’t mind!” Dylan said quickly.  “It’s really fun.  And I feel kinda… good this way?  Plus, we think Abby can put me back whenever she wants.  So it’s like, an adventure?”

“Neat!” Elijah said.  “It’s a good look on you, dude.  I’ve kinda got an affinity for little things.  Pets, people, whatever.  Something about someone so much shorter than me just makes me want to snuggle up and take care of ‘em.”

“That’s awesome,” Abigail said flatly.

“It totally is,” Elijah said.  “But uh.  Let me wrap my head around this.  He got smaller when y’all were having… relations?  Does that mean you’re in a relation… ship?”

Abigail looked down at Dylan smugly.  The little guy’s ears were turning fire engine red, she could even see it from up here.  She let the silence play out, just to tease him a little.  Then spoke.

“Yes.  Dylan and I are in a relationship.”

Practically the whole class turned.

Dylan grinned, and looked like he was about to pass out.

“Oh cool,” Elijah said.  “Like what kind of relationship?  Play partners, FWB, dating?  This stuff fascinates me.  Sorry if I’m being nosy.”

“We haven’t had a chance to discuss that,” Abigail said.  “I should also be clear: I’m meeting with two of my friends later today, to discuss relationships with them.  Are you still okay with that, Dylan?”

Dylan nodded so hard that he almost tripped over his own feet.  “Yeah, I completely understand.  You said we weren’t exclusive.”

“And, Elijah?”

Fuck.  Even with her height advantage, it suddenly felt like she had some Mothra-sized butterflies in her tummy.

“I want to talk about a relationship with you.  Sometime.  If everyone is comfortable with that.”

Dylan nudged Elijah’s hip with his shoulder.  “See, and this is why I was going to sit over there.  I’m not trying to be a third wheel.”

“Nah dude, it’s fine!  You don’t have to hide your stuff just to make me comfortable.  Live your truth, that’s what I always say.”

“Thanks.  You’re a good guy.”

“Aw man.  Why is everyone trying to make me blush today?”

Abigail realized she’d been holding her breath, waiting for Elijah’s response.  She wondered if being this huge made it easier to have an aneurism.  Her heart was how big, like the size of a Volkswagen Bug?  That probably had some serious health implications.

“Sooo,” she drawled.  “If you need some time to think it over, or….”

“No.  No!”  Elijah laughed.  “I’m one-hundred percent down.  Want to get some milkshakes after this?  The diner could probably handle you if we called ahead, gave ‘em a few hours, let ‘em put in an emergency order for more xanthan gum….”

“I have that conversation with my girlfriends after class.  Then I have to meet with another friend to talk about lipstick.  Then there’s a woman I’m hoping to see later tonight, and tomorrow morning’s not good either, there’s party business.”

“You’re a busy lady,” Elijah mused.  “Don’t worry.  We’ll find the time.  Meanwhile.  Dylan, what are you doing after this?  You look like you could use a new outfit or two.  Want a shopping buddy?”

The tiny man looked up to Abigail, seeking reassurance.  For a moment she thought about telling him what to do.  It would be fun to boss him a little, and he’d probably be grateful for the direction.

“The only question,” she told him.  “Is how soon you want to go back to normal-sized.  If it’s, say, tomorrow?  Maybe save your money.  Same goes if you’re trying to find some private time with me, to lose even more inches.  But as for the company you keep, who you’re involved with?  I’m not going to make that my business.  Though I can say from experience, for someone your size?  You can’t have better company than Elijah.”

Class started.  Abigail tried to pay attention – she really did.  But the two men sitting beside her were just too distracting.  The way they whispered to each other as they made plans.  The way each would look up at her, smiling and proud.  Happy to be in her presence.  She couldn’t help but imagine what could become between them, as the future unfolded.

Then, with about ten minutes left in class, Dylan gave her a surprise.  He wasn’t even looking at her when it happened.  She felt a warmth in the pit of her stomach, the little hairs on the back of her neck standing on end.  And suddenly, her perspective was shifting.  Rising higher, her body expanding.  Until her massive thigh almost brushed against Elijah.

She shot a look down at Dylan, as her second little five-foot growth spurt of the morning ended.  He was grinning at his notebook, refusing to meet her eyes.

It took her a few seconds to catch her breath, and get her libido under control.  But two could play at that game.  She bit her lip.  Concentrated.  And shrank him about two inches smaller.  He yelped loud enough that everyone nearby turned to look at him, then drooped his head – looking like a properly chastised little man who had accepted his punishment.

Helicopters were approaching as class ended.  The ground thrummed gently as something large approached.  Two somethings, if Abby’s guess was correct.

“Hey guys.  Stick around for a minute.  There are a couple ladies I’d like you to meet.”

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Eve's Boutique - Ch 37

Mackenzie’s Mansion

Most of the little ones were still asleep.  Mackenzie could feel several of them on her body, each one about seven or eight inches tall to her way of thinking.  Two were curled up at the base of her ribs, and one in the snug valley between her breasts.  There was another resting beside her hip.  A lot of trust that one placed in her – or perhaps you called it faith – that she wouldn’t roll over in the night.

And then there was Luis.  Still dozing with his head on her inner thigh, the palm of her hand covering the lower half of him protectively.  It was hard to pick out individual features at his size, but Mackenzie was about ninety percent sure the little bump against her index finger was his cock.

She smiled to herself.  Lou always had the most magnificent morning wood.  He was great sleepover material, if you didn’t mind a little lost shut-eye.  In her book, he was always worth it.

Or, she supposed he was.  Back when the two of them were closer in height.  It was a little disconcerting – her lack of specific memories about a time when she was small.  But she had a strong feeling this had happened.  Of Luis waking her with a hand on her thigh, rolling her over.  Stroking her into eagerness as he climbed atop her.  His morning breath was practically Pavlovian, making her salivate for him as surely as the ringing of a bell.

She really did like Luis.

By her count, four other little ones on her body were already awake, and diligently trying to please her.  She wondered if they’d been at it all night.  One was standing behind her neck, massaging with both hands just beneath her ear.  One worked her right shoulder.  And two others attempted what felt like a shiatsu against her inner thigh, but of course the effect was somewhat diminished considering she was fifty feet tall.  She blessed them for their efforts all the same.

She assessed her situation carefully, hesitant to move with all the little ones balanced upon her naked body.  She’d been sleeping on an oversized futon, tucked in the corner of the massive spa room.  Mackenzie supposed Lilith had carried her here, after she’d fallen asleep in the sauna.  She remembered the little dears doing their best to please her for quite some time before she passed out.

Her Mistress had thought to provide her with a light blanket.  But not, apparently, to set the room to a more appropriate size for Mackenzie – or to turn off the overhead lights, and the harsh neon signs behind the bar.  She felt a childhood aversion to the waste of energy, but then, this was Lilith’s house.  For all she knew, everything here ran on magic.

Mackenzie roused herself slowly.  Making sure all the little ones knew it was time to wake up, that the ground was about to move beneath them.  She plucked them up one by one, and set them on the giant futon beside her.  She hadn’t had a chance to learn most of their names yet.  But it turned out the one massaging her neck was Angie.  The poor girl looked exhausted, as though she’d put in an extra bit of effort in the hopes Mackenzie would remember her.

“You’ve all done a wonderful job,” Mackenzie told them, remembering Lilith’s advice to appreciate those who worshiped you.  “That’s all I need from you for now.”

Most of them looked grateful, even relieved.  A few seemed disappointed, as though they wanted to go on pleasing her until they collapsed.  Angie was one of those.

“Really now.  It’s time to let me provide for you.  You all must be hungry, and thirsty.  Let me see if I can find something.”

Food was the easy part.  There was a pre-made charcuterie board that looked like it had come from an upscale grocery chain, sitting on a nearby table where Mackenzie was sure to notice it.  Like everything else in the room, it appeared double its normal size to her – an absolute feast of crackers, cheese, and artisanal lunch meat.

This had to be a gift from Lilith.  Mistress was so thoughtful.

It took her a few minutes to unwrap the plastic.  The enormous tray was heavily shrink-wrapped, and nearly the size of a manhole cover.  Working with it made her feel disconcertingly small.  Such a strange feeling, being in this room.  Towering over the little ones, knowing intellectually she was gigantic.  But this space was meant for Lilith, and Lilith was so much bigger.

She spread the somewhat melted cheese on a palm-sized cracker, added a bit of meat.  She fed herself quickly, then delivered the remainder of the bounty to the little ones.  They greedily attacked the massive tray.

While they ate, she went to find something for them to drink.  She was too small to reach the sink behind the bar, but there was a mini-fridge on the floor, and it opened easily enough.  There were a few cans of sparkling water.  She gathered them in her arms.  On her way back, she passed the door to the main house.  She was gratified to see the knob wasn’t too high – just above the level of her shoulder.  She could probably open it if she needed.  At least she wasn’t trapped here.

Best to wait for her Mistress, though.

Mackenzie struggled with how to provide drink to her little ones – it wasn’t like there were cups small enough.  She ended up inverting the plastic tray cover from the charcuterie board and dumping a whole can inside, making a lake for them.  It was interesting to see their various strategies.  Some dropped to their knees to drink.  Others dipped in hands, brought cupped palms to their mouths, and lapped in a decidedly animal fashion.  However they did it, they were getting sticky.  She’d have to give them a bath before she let them touch her again.

It wasn’t easy, providing for the little ones in a house so big.  But they were her responsibility, and there was no one here to help.  It was satisfying, on a deep level.  There was something about it that felt familiar, too.  Fending for herself in a place that was far too large for her, while waiting for someone big to come home.  It felt like a game she might’ve played, a long time ago.

This new version had a decidedly adult flavor though.  She liked it that way.  She wasn’t dressed, and neither were any of the little ones.  They paused occasionally in nourishing themselves to look up at her, desire and longing practically dripping from them.  And her body responded to that kind of attention in the way it always had.

Hm.  She could probably rinse them in the hot tub.  Get them clean and ready for her.  If Lilith didn’t come home for a while, she’d get to have some fun with them.  And if her Mistress did return?  All the better.

She started to plan, deciding where and how she’d let them resume their worship.  There were twelve of them gathered around Lake La Croix, each about the length of her hand.  That allowed for some rather delightful possibilities.  Especially if she told them how to coordinate.  Last night, she’d allowed them to do as they pleased.  After Lilith’s instruction on how a proper goddess should behave, Mackenzie felt confident she could provide a little divine instruction.

But, only twelve?  That meant one was missing.  She searched, not wanting to leave any of her flock behind.  And spied him.  The blonde one, that Mistress had favored.  Sitting by himself, little legs dangling off the edge of the futon.

“What’s the matter, little guy?  Not hungry?  You really should eat something.  You need your strength.”

It startled her when he responded.  She’d almost forgotten they could talk.

“Do you know why she chose me?”

Mackenzie padded over, and sat on the floor in front of him, bringing herself to his level.

“What’s your name, sweetie?”

The tiny man met her eye for a moment.  Then shyly looked away.  “Sam.”

“Well, Sam.  I don’t pretend to understand my Mistress.  But she knows what she wants, better than anyone I’ve ever met.  If Lilith picked you, it’s because she saw something special in you.”

He looked at her dreamily.  “Lilith.  Is that her name?”

“You’re really crazy about her, aren’t you?”

Sam nodded sheepishly.

Mackenzie reached out.  Very carefully, she slipped her smallest finger under his chin.  Lifted, and made her look him in the eye.

“Sam.  You’re special.”

She watched the effect her words had on him.  The look of joy, the shining wet of his eyes.

“Not everyone can be special the way I am.  Or the way Lilith is.  Believe me, it’s a burden.  But you can be special, too.  Even as small as you are.  Maybe last night was all you’ll ever get from her.  One moment of favor.  But that… that can be enough.”

Mackenzie had to pause for a moment.  Forming words was suddenly hard, and she had to fight to keep her happy smile.

“When someone like that chooses you, even for a moment, it’s a gift.  Carry it with you always.  Okay?”

He nodded.  And kissed the tip of her finger.

“But what was it?” Sam asked.  More emphatically this time.  “What makes me special?  Specifically?”

The others were gathering.  The naked little crowd, congregating around them.

One of them cleared his throat.  Luis.  “Um.  Goddess Mackenzie.  You think I’m special too, right?”

There was a general murmur.  All of them wanting an answer to that question, now.

“Of course!  Of course I do!”  Mackenzie panicked briefly as they all stared up at her.  “Sam, I promise you’re special.  I don’t know what Lilith saw in you – she works in mysterious ways.  But Luis!  I know why you’re special.  You were always such a generous lover.  And I adored how tall you were back when, I mean before I… oh never mind.  And you – sorry sweetie, I don’t know your name – but you’ve got such an amazing ass, I swear on everything holy it makes even me jealous.  And you there, I felt you on my toe last night, you did something amazing, and um, Cheryl was it, you… um, what’s everyone staring at?”

They were all looking at her with wonder – as though their goddess had performed a miracle.  The crowd circled, gathered around a handful of members.

The ones Mackenzie had called out, and praised.

The giantess reached out, shoved them aside so she could see.  And gasped.

Luis, formerly among the tallest of the group, was a head shorter than the little ones around him.  And the girl with the awesome ass was suddenly flat as a washboard.  Both looked up at her with the same expression of vacant awe.

Intellectually, Mackenzie knew she had this power.  She had stolen height from Kayla, and far more than that from Abigail.  Or at least, people had told her so.  It was easy to overlook, when her memories reshaped themselves each time it happened.  So hard to face what she had done to her friends.

But this time, no one’s memories had changed.  Everyone – including Mackenzie herself – knew what she had done.

It was Angie who stepped forward.  Approaching her bravely, fists balled at her side.

“I saw you grow,” the little woman said.  “You stole that height from Luis.  I bet your ass got rounder too, when you made Eliza look like that.  Is this… what it means, when you say we’re special?  Are we only here so you can take something from us, to make yourself even greater?”

Mackenzie opened her mouth.  She had no words.

Angie slowly lifted her arms above her head.  In a sinuous flow, she dropped to her knees, and prostrated herself before her goddess.

“What makes me special?” she groaned.  “Mackenzie.  Please tell me.  Take whatever you want!”

There was a clamor as the crowd rushed forward.  Jumping, waving their arms.  Begging for Mackenzie to accept their offerings.

What could she do?  The burden of a goddess was heavy.  But she was destined to carry it.

One had really nice shoulders.  Another, some absolutely spectacular tits.  Almost all were on the tall side, and she told them so.  Now that she was attuned to it, she could feel the changes.  Each added so very little to her magnificence.  At her scale, a few inches, or even feet, hardly mattered.  But it added up quickly.  She could actually see the room shrinking around her.

Shrinking… really really fast.  In moments it was nearly the right size for her again.

Wait, there was no way she was growing that fast.  Her little throng of worshipers couldn’t have given her more than a dozen feet, collectively.  It wasn’t just that she was growing.  The room was shifting, reorganizing itself around her.

She understood, when she saw the woman in the doorway.  The same size as her, and giving her the proudest look she’d ever seen on her beautiful face.

“And that,” Lilith said.  “Is why I chose you.  Mackenzie.  You’re worthy.”

Mackenzie ran to her.  She threw herself into Lilith’s arms, hugged her with all her might.  Rained kisses all over the gorgeous woman’s face.

Lilith allowed it to go on for a time – then gently disengaged herself.

“I’m a little sore at the moment,” she confessed.  “Maybe go easy on me, yeah?”

“Oh.  Sorry.”  For the first time Mackenzie noticed the state of the woman.  Her dress was absolutely torn to shreds.  She was covered in dirt, and her hair was a mess.  “What happened, Mistress?”

Lilith smiled serenely.  “Something wonderful.  But the important part is, I got some extremely valuable intel.  You have an appointment with your friends later this afternoon.  We can put that other witch in her place, once and for all.”

“Oh!  That’s wonderful news, Mistress!  What do you need from me?”

Lilith pointed to the tinies.  “Finish with them first.  They still have more to give, and you should never turn down devotion when it’s offered so freely.  Then join me in the hot tub.  Bring the blonde one when you come.  I have a hell of a kink in my neck.”

Mackenzie did as she was told.  Praising her little worshipers, until each in turn collapsed under the weight of her attention, minuscule and spent.  Only Sam was spared.  His devotion, reserved for Lilith.

She delivered him to his Mistress, and climbed into the hot tub.  It was a little cramped now - her knees stuck out of the water.  And Mistress looked downright petite.

The woman relaxed beside her, as Sam began his worship.  Throwing his naked body against Mistress’s neck and shoulders, moaning in ecstasy.

“Now listen carefully,” Lilith said – slurring her speech slightly, as Sam massaged her.  “This will be your last trial, and it will be a hard one.  A Goddess must learn to make sacrifices, as well as accept them.  But I believe in you now, Mackenzie.  You’ve proven your worth, and you won’t let me down.  To show you how much faith I have in you?  I’m going to give you your reward in advance.  As soon as he’s done with me?  Mistress is going to give you the biggest reward of your entire life.”