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A Lesson for a Toy

The following was written in one sittings totaling less than two hours, with minimal edits. This is my second entry for Elle Largesse's #SeptKinkyScribble challenge.  1734 words, writing and editing time, ~2 hours

CW: NSFW, shrinking NB, consensual, face slapping, humiliation, objectification, honorifics, light impact


Rowan paced about the room, fingertip on their carotid artery, staring at their watch.  Bailey lay on the bed, sipping his wine.

“You don’t have to win at this,” he told them. 

His partner paused, counting out their pulse.  “One-twenty.  I just can’t get my heart rate high enough like this.  I’m going to go run on the treadmill.”

Bailey shook his head.  “Are you seriously trying to win at shrinking?”

“I mean.”  Rowan shifted nervously.  “I just want to be your Good Girl tonight.  Is that so wrong?”

The two stared at each other.  Around them, candled guttered, and low music played.  Rowan was dressed in a flimsy black negligée.  From the way it hung about their shoulders, it was obvious they were already losing inches – though not nearly fast enough for Rowan’s taste. 

“What if I take another dose?” they suggested.

Bailey sighed.  He set aside his glass, and stood to his feet.  “I think you’re missing the point of this exercise.”


“You haven’t earned the right to call me that.  Not yet.”

Rowan swallowed, instinctually backing up at his approach.  “What can I do to earn it?”  He looked bigger, there was no question, and more intimidating.  It made their mouth dry.  It made them yearn to be smaller.

Bailey stopped in front of them.  Already his partner had lost enough height to be eye-level with his mouth.  He smirked, letting them see the evil turn of his lips, then reached up to caress his calloused palm across their cheek.  He flexed his fingers, and drew back his wrist, creating space between them.  Letting them feel the potential, the danger. 

“Is this okay?”

Rowan nodded eagerly.

He aimed carefully, and slapped his love across the face.  Not hard.  Yet Rowan’s eyes went wide, and their bottom lip quivered in excitement.

In an instant, they dropped an inch in height.

“So.  You want to be my Good Girl tonight?”


He slapped them again, a bit harder.  Rowan moaned, and shrank.

“And you want to earn that title?”

“Yes, please!”

He carefully backhanded them with his fingertips, and grinned as they dwindled in a large burst.

“You’re silly.  Thinking you have any control over whether you get what you want.  You should know better than that.”

Another slap.  They were gentle slaps, but that was the point.  Rowan didn’t rate more than that.  They weren’t worthy of it.

“I’m sorry,” Rowan whimpered.  The world grew around them.  “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.”

“You really are.”

With casual strength, he shoved them against the wall.  Rowan grunted, then went limp.  They stared up at him, visually shrinking with every beat of their heart. 

They had such lovely eyes, Bailey thought.  Big, and expressive, etched with fear and need.  He could stare into them all night.

“Struggle,” he ordered.

Rowan hesitated, then obeyed.  Timidly at first.  Then more vigorously as they came to understand the strength that held them.  Soon they were fighting him with everything they had, and it was hardly enough to move an inch.  They squeaked with effort, their eyebrows furrowing, sweat standing at their temples, and the only result was a steady loss of height as the man before them seemed to grow and grow.  All the while he watched them, looking faintly bored.

“Alright pet.  That’s enough.”  Bailey chuckled, and stepped back to peer down at them.  Admiring the self-defeating result of their efforts.

Rowan continued to press themself against the wall, eyes wide, panting.  Their head didn’t even reach the center of his chest. 

“You still want to go run on the treadmill?”

Rowan shook their head.

He pointed to the floor.  “Kneel.”

They knelt.

He removed his belt.  Unbuttoned, unzipped his pants, casually undressed from the waist down.  He took his time about it, pausing now and again to caress Rowan’s forehead, pet their hair, or rain size-reducing slaps on their cute little face.  By the time they caught a glimpse of his cock – beautiful in the candlelight, and as thick as Rowan’s wrist – he was so much bigger that he easily could have rested it atop their head as they knelt before him.

Rowan hardly dared to move their lips as they spoke.  “Can I call you Daddy yet?”

“Hmph.”  Another playful little slap.  Another lost inch.  “Yeah.  You can call me Daddy.”

“Am I your Good Girl, Daddy?”

He considered, as Rowan waited in agony.


Their breath caught in their throat, their inner world crumbling.  If they weren’t Good what were they, he had to tell them….

“You’re a good toy,” he said, answering the thought.  “A good toy only knows how to make itself useful.  A good toy doesn’t think.”

Toy nodded happily.  The world was suddenly very quiet.  They waited for his order.

“Look up.  Hold still.”

The silhouette of his dick was there, inches above their lips.  The smell filled their nostrils – salt and tang and pheromones.  It pushed out thought even under the best circumstances.  At this size, it set their whole body to vibrating.

Daddy reached down, grasped his beautiful cock, and began to stroke himself.  He groaned.

Toy watched, obediently still, hands folded in their lap.  They were drooling.  They let flow from the corner of their mouth, as his cock seemed to grow longer, and thicker, rising higher and higher into the sky.

“A toy doesn’t think,” Daddy husked, as he squeezed his shaft.  “But a toy can desire.  Does my toy see something they desired?”

Toy nodded.

From far, far above, Daddy smirked.  He bent at the knee, and allowed his cock to come into contact with their forehead.  He moaned, using small motions to stroke his massive cock back and forth across their lips, in the crook of their neck, the hollow of their throat.  Toy shook, and whimpered, and shrank.  But Toy stayed perfectly still, even as his touch left mouth-watering streaks of wetness along their skin.

The snap of his fingers struck like the crack of a whip, made them sit up straight, their eyes popping open. 

“Free,” Daddy said.

Toy was on him at once.  Jumping to their feet, attacking him with hands and lips and tongue.  Daddy’s cock was level with their chest, but that was perfect, they had so much bare skin to share as their negligée dropped from their body to pool around their feet.

Even still, Daddy was completely silent.  Toy tried everything to get his attention, to force him to make a sound, acknowledge them.  Toy failed.  Their heart pounded, the helpless desire for affirmation shrinking them further, and further, until they could no longer even reach him from their tiptoes, could hardly touch him at all.

Tears stood in Toy’s eyes as they looked up.  “Please, Daddy….”

Daddy sighed, and relented.  Looking annoyed, he scooped Toy into his arms, and lay on the bed.  He set them in his lap, and fluffed a pillow, making himself comfortable.

“You’re still shrinking, toy.  You better get me off before you get too small.”

Toy threw absolutely everything at him.  All their body and effort and will, trying to get the smallest reaction.  Anything to let them know they were doing a good job.  And still, he ignored them.  As the minutes, passed Toy found the task ever more impossible.  He was getting so big!  Half the length of their body, and if this kept up much longer they wouldn’t even be able to get their arms around it!

Toy yelped suddenly, as Daddy reached out and flicked them hard on the ass. 

“Stop trying to win this,” he snarled.

Toy looked up at him in confusion, eyes wide, as they felt themself continuing to dwindle.

“You’re trying to get to a destination.  You’ll never get there, if you don’t enjoy the journey.”

It was too big a thought for Toy.  And toys weren’t supposed to think at all.  But when they went back to work, it was without regard for their rapidly diminishing size.  Daddy’s cock was enormous.  It felt hot, and smooth against their chest.  There were so many details to notice, as it grew before them.  Pretty crevices and imperfections, nooks and crannies to explore.  New places for Toy to touch, new ways to experiment with him.

Daddy groaned.  The smell of him grew stronger.  His pulse quickened, thrumming against them as they played with him. 

Both Toy’s legs were folded around him, as they sat prettily upon the cushion of his balls.  They weren’t nearly as tall as his dick now, but that hardly mattered.  Because he was openly moaning, the shade of him darkening to a pretty lavender, and his giant hands were clenched in the sheets as he struggled to stay still.

Toy found their release before Daddy.  They felt it coming from a long distance.  When it arrived, they screamed at the top of their voice, their entire body shuddering at the power, the majesty of him.  He hadn't even touched them.  It was the knowledge that even his smallest finger could overwhelm them… and that even so they were they were still a toy that could please him.   

Daddy came, too.  Toy wasn’t allowed to think, but they had a feeling that it was their own release that had inspired his.  He throbbed against them like a mechanical bull, and coated them from head to toe in his hot essence.  And Toy held on, overcome by joy at a task well done. 

He didn’t clean them right away.  His cum was drying, starting to get cool on their skin.  It would be a demeaning and uncomfortable job to wash off this much semen, at any size.  But Toy craved closeness more than cleanliness, and Daddy apparently felt the same.  He tucked them against his heart, and pat them with a hand that covered their entire body like a weighted blanket.

“Did I do a good job, Daddy?”

He was a long time in his reply.  This time, there was no agony in the anticipation.  However he answered, Toy would accept it.

“You did a very good job, Rowan,” he said at last.  Giving them back their name, as they luxuriated against him.  “You’re a very Good Girl.”

Rowan smiled happily, sleep already overtaking them.  For tonight, they had earned their place atop his heart.  Tomorrow would begin the quest anew.  It never ended, not really.  But for tonight, they had won.

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The Wolf Goes Hunting - #SeptKinkyScribble

 The following was written in two sittings totaling less than two hours, with minimal edits.  This is my first entry for Elle Largesse's #SeptKinkyScribble challenge - a great way to get off your butt and start writing.  If you're suffering from writer's block, or just want to tell a story quickly and be done with it, I highly recommend giving it a try.

The POV character in this story is unnamed - but rest assured that's a creative choice, she definitely has one.  Some of you already know it.  In the fullness of time, you may even get to know her better.  Though fair warning?  She's a lot of fun, but you really don't want to be on her bad side.

The Wolf Goes Hunting
by pseudoclever, 1799 words, writing time, < 2 hours

CW: F/f/m, NFSW, female growth, male shrinking, hypnosis, mind/body control, sexual humiliation, objectification, fearplay, , sexual roughness, dubiously consensual sex acts, unrealistic hair colors

I wonder sometimes, about wolves. What it feels like for them, when they catch the scent of blood on the air. Do they know what it is, they smell? Do they know the nature of their prey, their species, their disposition? Or are they ignorant of all this, and instead simply feel the thoughtless joy of the hunt?

Personally, I think it's the latter. That's how it is for me.

I had the scent of something that night, when I found that bar. I sat at the counter, ordered a Manhattan, and scoped the room. I hadn't gone out of my way to make myself intimidating, and I was only five-eleven. Still, it should've been obvious to everyone in the room that I was hunting.

So I was surprised, when the two of them approached me first.

His name was Derek, I think. Hers was Gloria. It was obvious before they spoke what they had in mind, but they had the decorum not to be too direct about it. He complimented my dress; she gushed about my hair. The dye job looked professional she said, it was such a vibrant blue and where did I get it done. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was natural, for certain definitions of the word. Anyway, not something a person like her could reproduce.

Derek did most of the talking. He and his girlfriend were out celebrating their anniversary, in the mood to try new things, explore new horizons. Did I know what they were talking about? I smiled, and told him I did. We danced around the subject for twenty minutes or so, as his voice slowly dropped into a seductive growl, and Gloria grinned and blushed.

It's always a pleasant surprise, when I find myself hunted. I almost considered making things easy on him. But Derek was six-two, and talked a good game, so I let things ride.

He was smooth about it. When he invited me back to their place, I said yes.

Gloria kept staring at me, as we sipped drinks in their living room. She had these wide, doe-like eyes, and full fuck-me lips that trembled whenever I made eye contact with her. She smelled like rosemary and sweat.

Derek was talking. And talking. That was his downfall, really. If he'd pressed his advantage, pounced, sunk his teeth into me as soon as we were in the door? Things might have turned out very differently for him. But now that we were alone, I think I made him nervous. I can't blame him, I suppose. Predators have instincts about this, and we can't suppress them, even if we wish we could.

Predators know when there's something bigger and scarier, hiding in the woods.

He was talking about cross-fit, or crypto, or one of those interests people cultivate in lieu of a personality.

"I'm bored," I told him. "Get on your knees."

Derek fell out of his chair, groveling before he knew what he was doing, his body obeying my whim. Idly, I wondered if the magic had even been necessary, if I could've done it with a word.

Now that he was at my mercy, that he knew what I was, I smiled at him. Let him see all of my teeth.

"No shade for the attempt, sweetie. There aren't many who can keep me entertained, even that long. But you got my hopes up, and that means there's a price to be paid."

I turned to smile at Gloria. She hadn't dared to move, hardly dared to breathe. No magic required here - and for that, I adored her. It's always the best when my prey just lies back, and shows me their soft little throat.

"How tall are you, Gloria?"

"Five-one," she squeaked.

I leaned down and mussed Derek's hair, grabbing him by the chin. "That's why you like this one, huh? You've got a thing for tall folk like us?"

Gloria didn't say anything. Which annoyed me, so I went ahead and snapped my fingers.

"Because he's tall," she agreed, speaking so fast that the words tumbled over each other. "And has good shoulders, and a big cock, and he buys me nice things, and-"

"Thank you, that's plenty. Stand up, Derek."

He jerked to his feet, hardly more than a puppet on strings.

"Why are you doing this?" he managed, between lips I hardly let move.

"Just culling the herd, silly boy." I patted his cheek affectionately, then turned to Gloria. "So in that long list of qualifications, I didn't actually hear you say he was good at sex. Is this about to be worth my time, or am I in for even more disappointment?"

Gloria trembled, and said nothing.

I sighed dramatically. Tonight was going from bad to worse. "Oh for the sake of everything holy. Does he even know how to use his tongue? Don't answer that, we'll find out the fun way."

I stood on my tip toes, and kissed poor Derek on the corner of the mouth. His eyes were like saucers, the scent of his desire an utter delight.

"Derek," I breathed into his ear. "I want me to show us your true worth. And whatever it is? I want you to give it to her."

I knew what would happen, of course. But it's always better when the prey believes it's responsible for its own downfall.

He started to shrink, there before me. Dwindling down into his polo shirt. Feeding every inch he lost into the blushing girl across from him. I let it go on, long after the point where they were the same height, and even after Derek was a junior-petite and Gloria far taller than he'd ever been. I let Derek decide his true worth. And that ended up being, not very much at all.

I felt sympathy for Gloria's poor dress. It had no chance of surviving on her eight foot frame. And little Derek? Well, he was eye-to-eye with my cunt. Exactly what he wanted out of tonight I mused, though not at all how he expected it.

Wordlessly, I told them what I wanted. Gloria was all too eager - there's something about gaining a litle height that makes a shy girl like her ready to be worshipped.

Derek needed encouragement. I provided it.

She sat on the couch across from me, spreading her legs. Derek, on his knees, crawled to her altar. I thought about asking their permission to smoke in here, but decided they wouldn't get the joke. I lit up, and watched.

They made an entertaining pair. Derek was doing his best, lapping between the giant girl's thighs, and Gloria was clearly enjoying it. But this might've been the first experience of cunnilingus for both of them. Amateur hour is alright, and I love to watch a pathetic thing like him struggle? But I had a better idea.

"Derek, love?"

The three foot darling turned, eyes unfocused, girl-juice dripping down his chin.

"Here's how it's done."

I waved my hand, casually shoved his will aside, and worked his body as easily as my fingers would work a glove.

Gloria gasped. Then wrapped both her giant hands around the little guy's head, fucking his adorable little face as she screamed in pleasure. Derek was an imperfect instrument, but he was being played by the best. I made him shove his whole hand inside her, wrap his tiny lips around her thumb-sized clit. By then she was pretty rough with him, but thankfully a puppet doesn't have a self-preservation instinct.

When she came, she was staring into my eyes. Telling me in this way that the orgasm was my prize, not his. I already knew it, of course. It was still nice to be recognized.

I put out my cigarette.

"Did you learn something from that experience, Derek?"

He shivered as I relaxed my control. He nodded.

"Are you going to be better with your tongue in the future?"

"Y-yes, ma'am."

I pursed my lips, deciding if I wanted to go for the throat.

Of course I did.

"Derek. Did you know that's the first time you've ever made Gloria cum? It was written all over her face."

He sat bolt upright at this, looking to his giant girlfriend for confirmation. The eight foot tall woman blushed - but didn't deny my words.

He whimpered, hung his head. And fed his girlfriend six more inches of his height.

I took over at this point. Spectating is fine, but I'm not one to wait on the sidelines, and anyway this therapy session was boring me. I went down on her for a while. Rather longer than I intended: she was pretty tasty, and very appreciative of someone with a little skill. I stayed vanilla with her, the first six or seven times she got off. Not sure if it was worth bringing any magic to the table. But she'd been good prey, so I showed her maybe fifteen percent of what I could do.

The girl had a good set of lungs. I'm amazed no one called the cops on her that night.

Derek sulked at first, but to his credit he eventually pulled himself together. He used his hands on me from behind while I had my fun with Gloria, then practiced the new tongue skills I'd taught him. He wasn't amazing, but good enough that I finally threw him a bone, spreading my legs and getting low enough for him to fuck me. He was tiny, and pathetic, and didn't have a chance of pleasing me at this size. But he knew he was pathetic, and honestly, that's plenty enough aphrodisiac for me. I didn't get off nearly as much as Gloria that night. But, the wolf got her share.

She stopped me at the door as I was leaving, massive hand on my shoulder.

"I don't even know your name," she whispered. "Am I ever going to see you again?"

I motioned her down, and kissed her once on those full, red lips. She had a couple hundred pounds and more than two feet of height on me. But if predators have instincts, then so do prey. She knew exactly where things stood between us.

"You're a sweet girl," I told her. "But, I've already had my fill of you."

She nodded sadly, accepting this. "Are the two of us ever going back to normal?"

I think very hard, when I construct my curses. I like them simple, direct, and utterly inescapable.

"The two of you will return to normal," I told her. "When Derek gives you at least a tenth as much pleasure as I did, tonight."

I kissed her goodbye. And stepped out into the night, already thinking about my next meal.

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Gifts of Sage - Pt. 4

CW: Aftermath of MtF gender change, feminization, emotional manipulation, dubiously consensual public play with an audience of stranger

Gifts of Sage - Pt. 4

It’s been months now, and that still happens sometimes.  That she kisses me awake in the night.  You’d think it would get irritating.  So far it hasn’t.  More often than not it’s a lot more than kissing, but I don’t mind that either.  Especially since she lets me sleep in.

These days I live with Sage.  I’m a lot smaller now, and getting around the house can be a challenge.  But I’ve learned to take care of myself, even when I’m alone.  That doesn’t happen much.  Neither of us can stand being apart for long. 

Life isn’t as different as you’d think. I checked in at a whopping two-foot-eight on my last measurement.  And even on her knees Sage has to bend her head to avoid bumping the ceiling. These things fade into the background, as time passes. It’s amazing how easily we adapt.

We talk about ontology sometimes.  During dinner, or while I’m drifting off to sleep, snuggled between her breasts.  How even if we’re the same inside, the world treats us very differently now.  She tells me that strangers are deferential, almost worshipful, when she walks down the street.  And we laugh at all her unsolicited marriage proposals.  Meanwhile, people are always holding doors for me.  Depending on what I’m wearing they might ask if I’m lost and need my parents.  Or if they recognize that I’m a very short adult woman, and a startlingly attractive one?  They can get a bit pushy.  With these latter folks, Sage tends to be… unforgiving.

But apart from spending a lot more time with her, the way I had wanted anyway?  Yeah.  Most things are the same.

Her old boyfriends aren’t around anymore.  Neither of them could handle the new Sage.  Some guys really are intimidated by strong women, I guess.  I badly wanted for things to work out with them.  Especially Terry.  I even offered my body as incentive.  Sage told me I always do this, and that I should value myself more.  Because Terry wasn’t worth it.  

She was sad after they left. We were sad together.  It was for the best.

I’m still seeing both my other girlfriends.  Scheduling is a little strained with how much Sage takes up my schedule, and she also insisted I start going to therapy, which takes up a night every week.  We’re making it work.  I was worried they wouldn’t like the new me.  And both Sharon and Tabitha had very different things to say about it.  But overall?  Things are better with them than ever.

The hardest part of adjusting was how I couldn’t take care of them anymore.  I used to do odd jobs around the house, little tasks to show my love.  And besides that, both of them ran on the submissive side, and liked when I could push them around in bed.  It turned out this was still possible with Sharon.  All it took was the right tone of voice, and belief in the words I was speaking.  Who cared if my head didn’t even crest her navel?  That height advantage mostly disappeared when she was on her knees.

I learned some things when I tried that with Tabitha, though.  I’d never seen her sexually aggressive before I shrank, didn’t even think she was even capable of it.  Do you know how hot it can be, when someone tells you no?  That night I saw a side of her I never knew existed.  She had me pinned against the wall, was making me chant her name.  And I’d never seen her that wet.  Who knew she had such a dominant streak?

Sage wasn’t surprised, when I told her about it later.  She said something about a well-tended garden.  How you have to prune back the strongest plants, to give space for the others to bloom.  

Sage loves to talk in allegories.

By then she’d let Tabitha and Sharon in on her botanical little secret, and was giving each of them a ration of two berries a week.  The extra height looked good on them, as did the other changes.  And I was always happy to be the catalyst behind their growth.  But unbeknownst to me, Sage was sharing secrets with them too.  I first leaned about this in the most delightful way.

Tabby and I were out grocery shopping.  We were having an argument over what to make for dinner.  It was getting playfully heated, as can happen between people who love each other.  I guess I went a little too far, teasing her about last week’s meatloaf.  And she decided to show me why it was a bad idea to mouth off to someone twice your size.

I suddenly found myself shoved against a rack of canned goods.  And Tabitha was snarling down from on high, showing me each and every one of her teeth.

“Three.  Two.  One.”

I came the instant she gave the command.  Screaming in helpless abandon, attracting the attention of everyone in the aisle.  But Tabby hardly noticed.  She stuffed both her weekly berries in my mouth, ordered me to swallow.  Then dragged me out of the store by the wrist.

We got delivery that night.

After that it was borderline predatory with her. The way she would trap me in impossible situations. Use her size advantage to overwhelm me. Then make me eat one, or sometimes even both her berries, and fuck me smaller.  Growling in my ear all the while about who was in charge in our relationship. 

Afterward we’d cuddle, enjoying my smaller and more curvaceous form, or the results of her growth spurt.  We’d be soft together, and she would show me how much she cherished me.  

I’d be glowing by the time I got home to Sage.  She would just smile as she washed me up in the sink, while I told her the juicy details.

Sharon picked up on the counting trick, too.  Though of course it has a different flavor coming from her.  Sometimes we’ll be snuggling, watching a movie.  And she’ll start counting back from such a high number, sometimes even in the hundreds.  It gives both of us a long, long time to settle in.  By the time she’s in the single digits, the two of us will be all over each other.  And it didn’t take long for the conditioning to spread to her, too.  Sage still requests the story about the night Shar and I counted the last three numbers together.  Speaking in unison while staring into each other’s eyes.  

But as amazing as these encounters are, there’s nothing that compares to Tuesday night.  That’s when all four of us get together, at Sage’s place.  It’s getting a little cramped these days, considering the size of the three of them.  Sage is looking for a new apartment – which is to say, she’s deciding which one she’ll take by right.  No one is going to tell a thirteen foot woman with a twenty-seven inch cock ‘no.’  Especially not one with muscles like hers.

There are certain little Tuesday rituals.  We all measure each other.  We compare notes, on who made who grow the most that week – or shrink in my case.  Sage and I are always the winners, by a wide margin.  Tabitha and Sharon pretend to be jealous about it, but I think it’s mostly playful.  And we get an update on how Sage’s garden is growing.

The evening inevitably devolves to debauchery.  Tabby’s ‘only’ seven feet tall now, to Shar’s eight-foot-two.  Chalk it up to Tabitha’s obsession with shrinking me.  But in either case, it’s hard to find men who can satisfy them, and they’re both quite open about missing my cock.  

Sage is happy to provide.  Strictly speaking she’s too big for them, but that can be a good problem to have, and lube goes a long way.  Plus it’s fun to watch them try.  Sometimes the three of them all play together, and sometimes I join in too, though at less than three feet I’m small enough that everyone has to be careful not to get carried away.  Last week was more typical – they took turns.  Sage grinding into Tabitha, until she couldn’t take it anymore and needed a break.  Then Sharon got up from where she’d been doing my nails, and Tabby picked up the manicure where she’d left off.  Despite the fact that Shar is bigger, Sage was more gentle with her, so their session lasted longer.  Long enough for Tabitha to get me off three times, while waiting for my top coat to dry.

There’s a way these evenings usually end, by popular request of Shar and Tabby.  They like to watch Sage and I play together.

You’ve never seen a more mismatched couple.  I don’t even come up to her knee, and her cock is almost as tall as I am.  She’s so strong, and big, and powerful.  A literal demi-goddess.  I’m beautiful too, though it’s a very different type of beauty.  My breasts are gravity-defying even though they’re as large as my head, and I’ve got a waist-to-hip ratio most women would kill for.  

The two of us fit together perfectly.  Her thighs are an absolute marvel at this size.  And they squeeze me so perfectly, as I make her splatter the walls with cum as she screams my name.

The room seems to crackle with electricity, and our friends are forced to silence in awe of it.  Even when Sage’s garden is growing well, it might take a whole night of the most intense love-making imaginable for Sharon or Tabitha to grow two little inches, or steal even half an inch from me.  

But with Sage and I?  It happens so quickly, you can actually see it.

There’s a question I’d been pondering, and I finally worked up the courage to ask it last week, as we were saying our goodbyes.

“Why am I still getting smaller?  Especially since I’m a woman now.  Why does the gift make you all grow, and me shrink?”

The three giant women paused abruptly.  Tabby and Shar looked shocked by the question, like I’d violated a taboo.

Sage had clearly been expecting it.

“You’ll grow someday, sweetie.  You just aren’t ready.  You still have so much to learn.  For now, it’s a gift to be small.  Just accept it.”

I thought about it that night.  As Sage lay snoring in that familiar, comforting way of hers, my tiny body spread on the mattress of her chest.  I thought about how she always looks at me, when she’s pounding my girlfriends into the carpet with the cock that used to be mine.  Making sure that I’m watching.  Or her proud expression when I shrink for her, and her little audiences oo’s and aw’s and claps.

It’s like she wants the three of us to know something.  Like she’s trying to prove a point.

I believe her.  That if I ever wanted to grow, Sage’s gift would allow it.  Whether she’ll ever allow me to have that want?  That’s another matter entirely.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Gifts of Sage - Pt. 3

CW: Growth, muscle growth, femme person growing a cock-size clit then a cock, feminization, Male-to-Female gender change, use of mind-altering substances, penetration with large objects, emotional manipulation, anxiety about love and belonging, the light and dark side of two Enneagram 2’s in love

Gifts of Sage - Pt. 3

Sage went on lighting candles. Her body slowly came into focus as the room filled with warm, flickering light. She had to be at least seven and a half feet tall, and her body looked like the sort of thing a Greek sculptor would devote a lifetime to produce.  Her powerful back, her tree trunk thighs, her perfectly heart-shaped ass.  

It was a long time before she turned her attention to me.  She blew out the match, and came to sit on the edge of the bed.  She touched her giant hand to my chest, and lightly pulled back the covers.  Exposing me beneath.

“You’re awfully quiet,” she said, her voice a honey-rich baritone at her new size.

I only shrugged.  Unsure of what else to do.  She was just so much.  Every inch of her spoke of fecundity and abundance.  I felt insignificant in her presence, that even holding her attention was to take something I didn’t deserve.

She was studying me closely.  As the silence went on, a worried look came into her eyes.  “You still love me, don’t you?  Even though I’m big?”

“Of course,” I said at once. “Just….”

“I need you to relax.  I’ll help, okay?” 

Sage slipped to the floor, and knelt by the side of the bed.  She leaned down, and rested her ear against my heart.  Facing away from me.  

“You’re safe with me.  You’re loved.  Say that back.”

“I’m safe with you,” I said, to the back of her head. “I’m loved.”

“Good.”  She let out a slow breath, and pressed more firmly.  “Again.”

I obeyed.  And my body started to tremble. I kept saying it, and with each repetition she let more of her weight fall upon me.  

I hardly noticed when she began to stroke me.  My bare stomach, my thighs.  And as I repeated her mantra, my anxiety drained from me, a single drop at a time. I shook freely, uncontrollably, but she held me in place with no effort at all.

When the shaking finally stopped, I was fully hard. 

Her long fingers grazed my cock.  She took hold of me.  Utterly eclipsed me with her giant palm, caressed my erection in her angelically soft hand.  Her touch was as gentle as a summer breeze. I could almost feel her love feel radiating from her fingertips. I moaned, fawning beneath her.

I felt her take hold more firmly.  Grasp me, all of me, from balls to tip.  Letting me be lost in her.  With three tiny flicks of her wrist, and she had me on the cusp of release.  A fourth would’ve ended me.  Yet Sage backed off then, and merely pet me with the back curl of her index finger.

I whimpered and mewled, but laid obediently still. 

“It really is the prettiest cock I’ve ever seen,” she whispered.  

My body practically glowed with her praise. 

“But it’s too small for me now.  Much too small.”

A tidal wave of sadness crashed over me.  

Before I could express it, Sage shushed me.  “I can help.  If you trust me.  Do you trust me?”

“I trust you.”  The words were pulled from me.  I would’ve said anything for her in that moment. 

“I want to share this gift with you.  You’re worthy.  But you need to understand, it will change you. Just like it changed me.  Do you want that?”

“Sage.  Please.  Please yes.”

I was melting. My consciousness had narrowed to a beam, focusing on nothing but her words, her touch, the massive silhouette of her body there in the candle-lit twilight. 

She lifted then, and opened her bedside table. I felt starved without her, but she wasn’t away for long. Sage turned, holding two ripe berries on a single green stem. She brushed them against my lips sensually. 

“I grew these myself,” the giant woman explained, as if I was in a state to understand. “They’re a relative of the Holly tree.  That means they’re very dangerous.  Poison.  But I’ll draw that out of you.  And you won’t have to worry about being small, or less than me, ever again.”

I parted my lips.  

She placed them in my mouth.  And touched the base of my jaw with the tip of her finger.  Making me close.

“Chew them slowly.”

I did.  They were bitter, horribly so.  But Sage was there, watching me, and I kept staring into her eyes.  The sweetness of her gaze was enough to overpower the worst of flavors.  I even managed to smile, and that seemed to make her happy.

My head began to swim.  My breath became ragged.  I opened my mouth to tell her that I didn’t feel good, that I needed help, but my voice didn’t work.  

Sage understood. She sat me in her lap, facing away from her.  She settled me between her breasts, rested her chin on my head, squeezed me with her powerful arms.  We were as close as close could be.  

I was a tiny sapling, struggling for a taste of the sun.  She was a magnificent oak, protecting and sheltering me, because I wouldn’t survive on my own.

I wasn’t thinking clearly.  I wanted her closer.  I would die without her.

“I’m drawing out the poison now.  This will be a lot.  You have so much inside, that you need to lose.  All you have to do now, is let me take it.”

She ran her strong fingers along the hollow of my throat.  Teased there, against the most vulnerable part of me. She could’ve crushed the life from me without a thought.  Yet she wouldn’t, and knowing that, the sick feeling inside abated a little.  

She turned her body, and me with it, until we could see each other in the mirror.  I looked so small in her lap.  My feet dangled high above the floor, my body pathetic and weak by comparison.  In her shadow, I was hardly a man at all.  That old fear, that I wasn’t enough, could never be enough, returned.  But it was far away now, like it was happening to another person.

“Give up.”  

Every muscle in my body relaxed at her command.  It was the drug, taking away my control, or there was something hypnotic in her voice, or else becoming nothing in her arms was something I always wanted.  I felt overwhelming gratitude that she had given me the chance. 

There was an irritating sound, a high howl, and I only realized she’d been stroking my cock between her thumb and forefinger when I saw my mouth working in the mirror.  But that couldn’t be my voice.  It was a reedy whine, and it was rising in pitch all the time.

Sage chuckled.  She kissed the top of my head, using one giant hand to keep me pinned between her breasts, and stroked me just a little faster.

Even as I came, I tried to apologize.  It happened so pathetically quick, and I couldn’t make myself stop.  But Sage looked pleased with me.  I watched her carefully lick her fingers clean.  As though not wanting to waste a drop. 

I felt hot.  Something was happening.  

I wanted her closer.

Sage was growing again.  But not just that.  Her hand was back between my thighs, and I couldn’t think, but my perspective was shifting. My head sinking lower, my body changing with her touch.  I was becoming something else, something she wanted.  Her hands, her will, patiently shepherding me into the form she desired.   

“You can’t fight it,” she whispered, as her hand played over my cock. “You’re too weak to fight it.  So be weak.  Your weakness is beautiful.”

She shifted me in her lap as I shrank, made sure I had a clear view of my reflection.  Of what she was doing to me.

“You’re beautiful,” she told me.

I was beautiful. 

I was also three or four inches shorter, but that was only part of it.  My hair was longer, my face softer. My legs tapered and shapely.  Sage gently opened my thighs, ran the tip of her finger all over me, giving me a tour of my own body.  Directing me where to look.  Finally ending as she stroked over my shaft.  

It was far smaller than I remembered.  Not even half the size it had been before.  

“See how tiny it is?” she asked.  There was laughter in her voice.  “You’d never please me with that.  Would you?”

I shook my head.  My dick dwindling away with each and every stroke.

“But you please me all the same.  And you’ll please me even more, the smaller you get.”

I understood.  This was all to please her.  

I willed it.  Made myself shrink for her, gave myself away.  

The changes came faster.

“Good girl.”

I came, and shrank, and became more beautiful.  She again licked me from her fingers.  Moaning greedily, as though sampling a rare and savory delicacy.

She moved me.  Picked me up from her lap, sat me on the edge of the bed.  I wasn’t even five feet tall now, and with Sage’s enormous size, I felt miniscule by comparison.  

She stood to her full height for a moment, grinning.  Letting me take in how she’d grown several inches taller, and far more muscular after sampling my cum.  She also made sure I had time to notice the new development between her thighs.  The rose-red bloom of a phallus, a perfectly smooth and symmetric clit nearly the length of my hand.  But I barely had time to reflect on this, before Sage let out a low animal growl.  The room shook as she dropped to her knees, and she slurped what remained of my manhood into her mouth.  

I came at once. Feeling myself dwindle smaller with every pulse, feeling my balls tighten and contract.  She easily swallowed every drop, gaining all that I lost. 

Sage had me completely enveloped now, her arms curling vine-like around me, her mouth latched as she sucked the poison away.  My fists tangled in her hair as she grew and I shrank.  In the reflection I could see the girl I was becoming.  Soft and spare, hardly any curves to speak of, utterly unlike the Goddess kneeling before me.  Even as a woman I was nothing compared to her.  But if that’s what she wanted, it was what I would be.

“The next time you cum, it’ll be your first time as a girl.  It’s a big moment.”

I moaned for her.  Loving my new voice.

“I’m going to fuck you, sweetie.  I want you to know how that feels, before you get too small.”

I tried to think what I could do, how I was supposed to get ready.  There was so much I didn’t know.  She laughed at the confusion on my face.  And pulled me down into her lap, sitting with legs spread wide on the floor.

“When I breathe out, you breathe in,” she told me.

Sage took a dramatically deep breath, and watched me, her eyes twinkling in the candlelight.  It took a few tries.  But soon I caught her rhythm, and we were breathing as one.  I kept breathing with her, as she slowly, slowly positioned me.  Let the tip of her giant clitoris tease against my cunt.  I concentrated on her, the rise and fall of her chest.  Thought about my body, and my breathing.  As she carefully pushed the first half inch of her inside my tiny little sex, and penetrated me for the first time.  

It was so much.  Too much.  But I held it, and slowly coated her clit in my excitement, and felt it slip deeper as she took the breath I offered.  And then she was inside, all the way inside, and it was good.

I’d never had anything inside me before, and my poor virgin slit was tight, not ready for this.  But she was gentle.  Rocking her hips only slightly, as she fucked me there on her lap.  A hand on my hip, another on my forehead.  In the mirror her expression was wild, almost savage.  There was exhalation in her eyes.  But still she was careful.  And she looked happier than I had ever seen her before.

Sage panted, her tongue lolling briefly from her mouth.  Then she grinned.  And did something so strange, that it short-circuited my brain with confusion.

She began to count backward.

“Five.  Four.  Three.”

Something was rising up inside me.  An unknowable, alien pressure, threatening to explode from a hollow point just beneath my navel.

“Two.  …One.”

The feeling built, and built.  Until I felt like I would die, like I needed to release it before it made me burst.  But I couldn’t do it myself, couldn’t do it without her.  She needed to do something, say something.  But I couldn’t speak, couldn’t even beg her when I was like this.

She let me dangle this way for three long breaths, as I howled and thrashed there on her lap.  Until at last….


I came, and shrank, and gave myself away.  Sage snarled in my ear as she stole my size.  She grew inside me, filling me beyond my capacity, and I clung to her and whined and scratched her at random with my fingernails.  

She laughed heartily.  And barely let me recover before she began to count again.  Starting at ten this time.  Now that I knew what was happening, I had the ecstasy of anticipation, but also the knowledge that she would soon steal away more of my size, and she was already so big, too big inside me.  Yet I trusted her, and even as far gone as I was, I knew she would never, ever hurt me.

Sage counted slowly, agonizingly so, and with each number I felt my orgasm draw closer.  There was no poison left in me.  She had taken it all.  What she drew out now was pure sweetness, and there was nothing but joy in letting it go.

She paused for an eternity on ‘one.’  It was probably no more than twenty seconds.  Every instant of it was more pleasurable than even my strongest orgasm, back when I used to be a man.  Still.  All of that paled in comparison to what I felt when she finally gave the order.


She stayed inside me as long as she could.  But I shrank so much, and she was getting so gloriously long and thick.  My orgasm was only half over as she tenderly pulled her length from inside me.  She lay me against it as I throbbed and moaned, and I felt it growing beneath me, stretching up my soft little tummy.  And I let it grow, let it steal my size.  Fed it devotion and love, as thanks for the gift she’d given.

We were on the bed then, and she was holding me. Her head on the pillow, her feet on the floor. I was cold, and shaking uncontrollably.  Sage rested me, my head between her breasts and feet between her knees, and lightly draped a blanket over me.  She tucked it beneath my shoulders, covering me as best she could. Her abs were firm, and her body was warm.  She pet me.  And I cried, but they were happy tears.

I could’ve drifted off to sleep, and let the evening end there.  She would’ve forgiven me, and I didn’t need to earn her love.  But I wanted to give to her.  And I knew what she wanted to receive.

I slipped beneath the blanket.  Positioned myself between her thighs. And started to suck her cock. 

I couldn’t see her, there in the dark. But she felt so good, between my hands. Against my smallish breasts.  In my mouth.  It was hard for me to believe, but even this felt familiar.  Almost the same as any time I had gone down on her, before her ascension, and my change in status.  She smelled exactly the same, for one thing, but that wasn’t the largest part of it. 

It’s because this act was always about connection.  About the two of us becoming one.  Nothing about that had changed. 

When I felt her getting close, I asked her to lift the blanket for me.  Because I was getting too hot, and because I could feel what had changed about her, and I wanted to see.  She complied.  And for a time, I just took in the sight of her.  

It wasn’t simply an oversized clitoris.  Not anymore.  She said she’d wanted my cock, and now she had it.  It really was a beautiful cock.  Though I’d admit it looked better on her.  She’d made it bigger, and thicker.  And it looked so pretty there, sprouting from atop her vulva.  Proud and strong.  

She looked nervous as I beheld her.  And didn’t relax, until I threw myself into my task with renewed enthusiasm.  I thought it was silly, that she’d ever doubt my reaction.  But then, I guess no one is immune to feelings that they aren’t good enough. 

It didn’t take long after that.  She had two sets of genitalia, and I knew exactly what both of them wanted.  And there are a lot of things you can do to someone that aren’t otherwise possible, when you’re only half their size.  She came a lot.  I did my best to swallow her, but there was far too much for that, and I ended up getting soaked from the top of my head down to my knees. 

She cleaned me in the bathroom, making me stand by the vanity while she stroked me with a warm towel.  All the while she kept saying the sweetest little nothings, that filled my heart to bursting.  Telling me how cute I was, how good I’d done, how proud she was that I’d finally faced this.

She was almost finished when I noticed the changes.  I was shorter, but that was a given.  Maybe four feet, to Sage’s eight?  Specifics didn’t matter, we could wait til tomorrow to break out the tape measure.  But my breasts were bigger, and that shocked me.  I was a C-cup at least, where before I’d hardly been an A.  My waist was a bit more narrow, the flare of my hips more dramatic.  I think my legs were longer, too.

“Did you change your mind?” I asked, in my soft lilting voice.

She paused in the act of wetting the cum towel, and peered at me in confusion.  “What do you mean?”

I gestured at my reflection, and shrugged.  “I thought you wanted me as a different type of girl.  This is good too, don’t get me wrong….”

“You think I wanted you like this?  Not at all.”

I blanched.  “You didn’t?  So you don’t like me like….”

“Sweetie,” she interrupted, her tone only a little frustrated.  “I wanted you.  However that looks, however that feels.  More than me, or less.  It’s all the same.  As long as you’re happy.”

She carried me back to bed.  We slept chest to chest, with her arms wrapped tight around me.  And many times that first night, I came awake to her kissing me.  Slow, and sleepy, and grateful kisses.  I couldn’t do much, in terms of kissing her back.  I was too small to do anything but accept her.

But I was learning that was enough.