Sunday, March 15, 2020

Topple: A Meditation on Strong Submissives

I find precious little joy in taking from someone too willing to give
What fun is it to push, when I know you will topple at the slightest touch?

I want you an intricate construction of brick and steel
Majestic, beautiful
With an exquisite structural flaw, invisible to any without the proper eye
With an unspeakable need to fall in ruin

I want you tall, strong, proud
Aching to be small, weak, pathetic
Let me take this wretched height from you
Strip it away an inch at a time
Until you fit comfortable in the palm of my hand

Do you fear your confidence masks you too well?  That none will hear you?


It is not words, or posture, or tone of voice.
It is the widening of a pupil, a flush of skin, a ripple on the back of a neck
It is a smirk, as claws reach toward you, slow and gentle, with shadow so heavy.
As all your pretty words abandon you
As you topple
As you shrink

Thursday, March 12, 2020

On Sadism: The Dark or the Light

We have used our words, together, to find ourselves at this moment.  Negotiated, and drawn boundaries clear and bright.  Now we are ready to leave words behind.  From here, there is only raw emotion. 

How do we go to this place, together?

Here is how I hope we do NOT go.

With me, snarling and savage, taking all that you will give.  Teeth barred, eyes dark.  Taking glee in your every scream, in the way your head hangs, defeated.  Growing stronger from your suffering.  Darkening your world, until you see nothing but me, glowing with your stolen light.

With you, hurt and afraid, sinking toward the darkness.  Begging for it to stop, while you know it will not, CANNOT stop, until I am ready.  Losing yourself in the suffering, in the rhythm of the blows, your very heartbeat becoming mine. 

Until you are broken.

Here is how I hope we WILL go.

With me, smirking and laughing, taking, while I also give.  Back straight, eyes aglow.  There, on the horizon, is something brilliant.  It’s that desire of yours.  The one which you most fear, the one which is shame or humiliation or self-negation to even acknowledge. 

And I am dragging you toward it.

You, fighting, struggling.  But knowing I am the stronger.  With each step we take, your resistance crumbles.  Soon, you are walking with me.  Soon, I have to hold you back to keep you from running.

I make you kneel, before it.  So bright, it burns.  I hold your face, and make you stare long into it.  Make you beg me to make it brighter. 

Until you are whole.

I help you hobble away.  Smiling, I treat your wounds.  And we talk about your brilliance.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Worst That Could Happen

To inaugurate this blog, I offer an old favorite.  A classic little giantess romp.  I present it unedited, from when it was originally published in 2010.  It holds up well, I think.  But if you're judging, well, please know I disavow the version of myself that wrote this.  Accept only the most recent update.

Tags: Mini-Giantess; Gentle; NSFW; Slow Growth; Breast Expansion; Clothes ripping; Female Muscle Growth (minor); Beautification


No matter how good a trip has been, there's just nothing that compares to that first breath of hometown air when you finally get back.  That is unless it's the peaceful little moment right after you step out of your car, but before you face the reality of having to unpack.  It was exactly this sort of moment that I was enjoying – standing in my driveway, eyes closed, letting the breeze blow through my hair.  After five hectic days of travel, of meetings, of hotel was the first time I had been able to relax in what felt like ages. 

It didn't last.

From behind me came a frantic rush of footsteps.  I turned just in time to see a flash of magenta and denim, and by then it was too late.  My assailant was flying headlong toward me, and before I could react she caught me hard in the center of my chest.  “Seth!  You're back early!”

This wasn't the first time Candice had given me one of these impromptu tackles.  It was probably her idea of revenge for all the Sunday afternoon football games I had forced her to watch.  This habit might've become a problem, except that a girl who tips the scales at ninety-five pounds and five foot nothing in flats isn't much of a threat to take me down.   Even if she DOES have the instincts of a linebacker.

“I wasn't expecting you for another couple hours,” she cooed, wrapping her arms around me and nuzzling my shoulder. 

“The closing meeting let out earlier than excepted, and I caught a red-eye out of Sacramento,” I answered, giving her a quick peck on her button nose. 

Candice took a step back and put her hands on her hips in mock sternness.  “Well you should've called, mister!  You might've ruined my surprise!” 

“Oh really?  If you mean your hair, 'surprise' is definitely an understatement.”

She posed for me, running her fingers through her curly locks.  Candice had always struck me as something of a conservative girl, at least where her fashion sense was concerned.  I would never have expected her to dye her hair, especially not the hot, Lamborghini pink color she had apparently chosen.  “Do you like it?  It was...ah...something of an accident.”

“It's cute, and super-girly.  Fits you perfectly, I'd say.” 

She stuck her tongue out at me, but her smile grew wider.  “Wait, did you say it was an accident?  How do you just ACCIDENTLY wind up with neon pink hair?”

“I'll tell you later.  Come inside, I want to show you something.”  With that Candice turned and sauntered toward the front door.

“ bags...I should....”

“Later!” she called, not looking back.  I watched her go for a moment.  That walk...I recognized that walk.  The pendulum swing of her hips, the way her hair bounced with each step.  She was wearing a low-cut white tank top and a faded pair of jeans.  I mean, THE Jeans.  The ones that she kept for special occasions...the ones that she took special care to hand wash so as not to stretch them out by even the tiniest bit.  The ones that were so tight that it made it look as if her butt was covered not by fabric, but by a layer of bluish finger paint. 

I took a deep breath, fought down the urge to run, and followed her into the house. 

“So,” she said, closing the door behind me.  “Do you notice anything...different?  Other than the obvious?”

I looked around the living room.  “Obvious.  Hmm.  That would include...your hair...the smell of what must be like twenty incense candles...the overturned furniture...the torn parchment all over the floor....  Have I left anything out?”

She rolled her eyes.  “If we're just counting obvious things?  Maybe the script I painted all over the walls.”

“Of course, my mistake.  Where did you get all the red paint?”

“The slaughterhouse – it's lamb's blood.  But yes, I mean other than that stuff.”

I sighed, rubbing my temples with the tips of my fingers, trying not to think about how much it was going to cost to clean all this up.  “I give up Candice.  What am I supposed to be looking for?”

She pursed her lips impishly, and folded her arms behind her head.  “I'll give you two hints,” she purred, and looked down suggestively at her bosom. 

The gall of that woman!  The place was utterly trashed, and instead of an explanation, or, God forbid, an apology, she was going to try to seduce her way out of it.  What was worse...this is exactly the kind of thing that works on me.

But after about two seconds of staring at her breasts, I completely forgot what I had been thinking.  For reasons other than the usual ones.  I know Candice's boobs like the back of my hand, and it didn't take me long to notice something out of place.  They were...bigger!  Rounder, fuller.  Now that I looked closer, I noticed other tell-tale signs of change.  The way her tank top was pulled extra tight in the area around her shoulders and underarms, the little bit of midriff that was exposed as her new assets lifted her shirt higher.  Yes, there was no doubt about it – she had gone from a small B-cup to what looked like a large, perky C in less than a week.

“I thought that might shut you up,” she said, smirking at me in this way she does that is simultaneously infuriating and devastatingly sexy.

“Okay, hooray, you got implants,” I said, trying, and not quite succeeding, to pull my gaze away from her tits.  “And they look good.”

“Thank you,” she replied, bowing slightly, showing off more cleavage.

“But that doesn't explain why you felt it necessary to go all Keith Moon on the place.”

She smirked again.  “First of all, these are NOT implants.  They're REAL.  Second, I didn't mean for the room to get destroyed this way – it was a...side effect.  And anyway, if you hadn't come home so early, I would've had it cleaned up.”

“Wait...are you trying to get me to believe that your recent 'developments' and the state of this room are somehow related?”

“They are, Seth.  I promise you.”  She looked up into my face, and seeing the disbelief in my eyes, shook her head sadly.  “This is impossible, you're never going to believe me.  I guess I'll have to stage a demonstration.”

And with that, she stood up on her tip toes, and kissed me seriously.

My brain did a quick calculation.  It seemed I had two options: I could either resist her advances, and try to get Candice to explain exactly what the hell was going on; or I could give in, and trust that she had a damn good reason for making out with me instead of answering my questions.  Option one would hurt my girlfriend's feelings, and probably result in a fight.  The second choice involved getting lucky. 

No contest. 

I responded to her advances, savoring that moment at the beginning of a good kiss, where your lips seem to melt into the other person's like ice cream on a warm day.  Candice sighed, sinking easily into my embrace.  The strangeness of the situation, the mystery...for some reason it was a total turn-on for me.  I think she felt it too.  The way she was kissing me was savage, unrestrained, as if the world could end at any moment.

Within seconds I was hard as a rock, and on one particularly fierce romantic sortie I managed to poke my girlfriend right in the bellybutton.  She winced, and grinned at me slyly.  “Didn't your mother ever teach you it's not polite to point?”

I laughed.  “Sorry.  But hey, cut me some slack.  You're really going all out on me, and plus it's been almost a week since I've seen you.”

“Oh, I suppose I can forgive you.  On one condition.”  Candice turned her back to me and, lifting her arms above her head, fell backward into my arms.  “Rub,” she said.

“Excuse me?”

“My breasts.  Rub them.”

I paused.  “This...seems like a trap.”
She giggled.  “It is.  Do it anyway.”

“Well...if you insist.” 

I placed the flat of my palms against her tight little stomach, and with some hesitation I let them creep up under her shirt.  Her skin was soft, and surprisingly warm.  For a moment I traced the edges of her bustline with my fingertips.  Every so often I could hear a little sigh of anticipation from her, a sharp intake of breath.  When I decided she had waited long enough, I took hold of each of her breasts in my hands, squeezing them tenderly.  She groaned in satisfaction.  Still kneading her bosom, I began to pinch her tits between my thumb and forefinger, tugging on them gently. 

Candice was wriggling in my grasp, eyes scrunched shut.  And then suddenly she cried out at the top of her voice, a sound composed of equal parts ecstasy and agony.  Her body grew hot, painfully hot.  I felt her supple flesh beginning to press firmly against my hands, forcing them away from her chest.  It was as though her breasts were a pair of water balloons, and someone was slowly pumping them full.  There could be only one conclusion – my girlfriend's breasts were actually growing right before my eyes!  I pulled away in shock as her chest continued to expand.  The fabric of her shirt strained against the onslaught of her bosom while Candice moaned her approval.

In that same instant, something that was perhaps even weirder happened.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw her shoulder-length hair glow bright, flicker, and change.  The pink hue faded, the color became lighter.  Her hair crackled electrically, as though some terrible energy were passing through it. 

And then, like the flick of a light switch, it stopped.  The whole process must've taken less than ten heartbeats, and for a moment I wondered whether the whole thing had been one big acid flashback.  But then Candice turned to face me, that same half-condescending smirk pasted on her lovely lips, and I knew that it had been real. 

The changes were impossible to ignore.  My girlfriend's breasts had sprouted into a beautiful pair of grapefruit-sized D-cups, probably the nicest set I had ever seen away from a pin-up calendar.  She carried her new assets proudly, confidently, and it was clear that nothing about what had just happened had been unexpected for her. 

“Now do you understand?” she whispered, her eyes smoldering lustfully.

I tried to speak, but this is difficult to do when your jaw has dropped to somewhere around your kneecaps.  “,” I said.  

Candice laughed.  “Let me see if I can explain what just happened.  This,” she paused, gesturing toward her hair.  “Is like a bank of energy.  I carry it, and direct it, but I need a catalyst to be able to use it.  That's where you come in.”  She stepped toward me, her hips swaying sensuously, and gave me a big, wet kiss.  As our lips touched, I swear I could feel some kind of unearthly energy flowing through my girlfriend's body. 

“You always have been good at giving me a...charge...after all.” she murmured into my ear.

“You...your breasts...that was amazing!” I managed.

“I thought so too.  It took me hours of trying on my own to get just a little bit bigger.  With your help I was able to access much more power than before.  And was way more fun than flying solo.”  With these last words she looked away, and for a second I could clearly see her begin to blush. 

And there at last was the Candice I knew.  My girlfriend can be a great actress when she wants to be, and this performance of hers – the icy dominatrix character – was one I had seen before.  But never had she carried it out with such conviction, and combined with her sudden transformation I found myself more than a little unnerved. 

But as I watched the pale rose color spreading across her cheeks, I remembered that underneath the facade, she was still the same person as always.  With that knowledge, my confidence came flooding back. 

And I wondered...just what else could this strange power of hers do, anyway?

Candice was examining her hair critically, one lock pulled down in front of her eyes.  “Oh wow, the color is still super-vivid.  I'm not even CLOSE to the limits here.  The summoning must've been a really powerful one.” 

Taking advantage of her distraction, I moved around behind her.  And then I pounced, catching her around the waist and trapping her in my arms.  “So, let me get this straight,” I growled.  “Whenever you can make your breasts larger?  And it will work as long as your hair is still pink?”

“Well yes, but it's more complicated than that,” she answered, her voice betraying her unease.  “It can do other things too.  I mean, I was thinking....I could also be a bit....”

“'s okay hunnie.  Don't tell me.  I think I'd rather just be surprised.”  With that I rolled up her shirt, and reacquainted myself with the twins.  Candice tensed up for a moment, but her resistance collapsed as my fingers went to work exploring her newly enlarged bust.

“This...this might be...a really...really bad idea,” she managed between little gasps and mews of pleasure. 

“I have the same thought every morning right before I roll out of bed,” I replied, one of my hands snaking down to unbutton her pants. 

“No...ah!  If there's too much power, could be more than I could handle.  I don't know what might happen then.”

Now I recognized the tone of her objections: it was more theater.  She was playing the poor, innocent damsel, hoping I would take charge of the situation.  It was something we had done plenty of times in the bedroom, and it always seemed to really get her motor running when I played my part just right. 

I'm almost certain that's what she was doing.  Like, eighty-five percent.

“Come on Candice, just relax and have some fun with this.  I mean, what's the worst that could happen?”  She didn't answer, and I took that as her agreement.  My finger slipped past her g-string into the waiting folds of her womanhood.  She was already soaking wet, and I stirred her juices around inside.  I built up a rhythm, going faster, and faster.

Her skin grew hot, her hair glowed with an incandescent brilliance.  Here it comes, I thought, and positioned my face above her so I could get a great view of her soon-to-be growing bosom.  Candice cried out, and suddenly the top of her head slammed into my chin.  I staggered backward, catching my balance against the doorframe, and froze like a deer caught in the headlights.

At first I thought my girlfriend was merely stretching, or rising up on her tiptoes.  As I watched, the cuffs of her jeans began to snake their way up her legs.  Her tank top seemed to be growing tighter.  It almost looked as if if her entire body was getting bigger.  Candice's voice was a constant animal howl, and when she looked at me I could see something feral behind her eyes.  Crowing in triumph, she stood up to her full height. 

I gasped.  My girlfriend was several inches taller than she had been just a moment before, and from the look of it she still growing!  Deep within my human psyche was an instinct to run, to flee this horror.  Yet I found myself unable to move, completely transfixed by the spectacle before me.

Candice continued to expand, her head creeping upward toward the ceiling.  Her shoulders and hips grew broader.  Her shirt, already strained to its limits by her overlarge bosom, finally gave up the ghost.  Two rips appeared under each of her arms, tearing wider with each second as my girlfriend surged bigger More and more of her white, creamy flesh became visible as she outgrew her clothing.  Through it all her voice never faltered, and from its tone, its deep orgasmic consonance, one thing was perfectly clear: she was having a great time.

After what felt like an eternity her growth finally slowed, and came to a stop.  Candice grinned at me, breathing hard, her face partially obscured by a few trailing wisps of damp hair.  Hair, I noted apprehensively, that still had quite a bit of pink color to it.  “Oh wow, I guess I don't know my own strength,” she said, still a bit winded.  Candice struck an impromptu pose for me, bending at the waist, hands clamped on her ass, topping it off with a classic come-hither stare.  “Well, what do you think of my handiwork?  Too much?”

My formerly elfin girlfriend now stood almost a full head taller.  The top of her head was now just below my nose.  I'm about six feet even, so that would have put her right around five six, maybe even slightly taller.  But beyond the height, her entire body had become thicker, more massive.  Her legs were longer, even factoring in proportions, and her breasts had grown another cup size or two as well.  If this kept up much longer she was going to have to start ordering her bras through the mail. 

She also appeared more athletic, though here the effect was subtle and it took me some time to notice.  Her arms, previously thin and scrawny, had gained a decent amount of muscle tone, as had her thighs and stomach.  Candice's skin now gave off a healthy caramel glow, the kind most women have to spend hundreds of dollars at a tanning salon to achieve.  To summarize, she had become the physical embodiment of feminine grace and beauty.

The ascetics of the situation were marred somewhat, however, by the sight of her rolling around on the carpet, clawing at her waistband and screeching like a caged badger.  “Eff...these...pants!” she cried, trying without success to pull the skin-tight denim away from her body.  With an explosive sigh she let herself go limp, and lay spread-eagle on the floor.  “Do you think you could give me a hand?” she asked.

“I can do that,” I replied, smirking.  “But give me a second to grab my camera.  This is PRICELESS.”

Candice glared at me, and for a moment I thought I saw a spark of electricity flash behind her dark eyes, like lightning against a jet-black sky.  “Is that really want you want to do?” she asked mildly.

“Err...never mind.”
I dropped to my knees and grabbed ahold of the cuffs of her pants.  She pushed, grunting with the effort, and I pulled.  But after a few minutes of this it was clear that we weren't getting anywhere.  “Dammit, I just HAD to wear the tightest pants I own today.  This sucks.”  Candice scowled, blowing a stray lock of fuchsia hair away from her eyes.

I mulled the situation over carefully.  Try as I might, I could only think of one solution to the problem.  Or, more accurately, there was one solution in particular that I really, really wanted to try.

“Are we past the point of trying to salvage these pants?” I asked, crossing my fingers behind my back.  “I mean, if we have to destroy them to get them off you, is that okay?” 

She nodded.  “But please don't try to cut them off – they're too close to my skin.”

“I wasn't planning on using scissors.  Just sit tight.”  I took a firm hold on the material next to the button of her jeans, and with a sharp tug I pulled as hard as I could.  Her pants split at the inseam, zipper teeth spraying about the room. 

“Well, that feels a little better.  But you DO know that it's my legs that are caught and not my crotch, right?  You haven't really made any progress.”

“That was just phase one, my dear.  Now, for the second....”  I wrapped my fingers around the thin material of her g-string, twisted once, and jerked.  The elastic snapped like an overstressed rubber band, and her underwear came free in my hand. 

“What?  Why did....” she started to say.  Before she could finish her objection I darted forward, and thrust my hand into the space I had created.  I caressed the edge of her sex with my fingertips for a fraction of a second, and then I struck.  She was still damp from earlier, and I slid inside her with surprising ease. 

“Oh...oh God, you should...stop.  Stop!” she cried.

At this, I paused.  “If that's really what you want me to do, I will.  But can you really tell me that you don't want this?  I mean, this whole situation is sexy as all hell.  You know I've got a thing for tall girls, and besides that, I bet you wouldn't mind gaining a few more inches either.  You can always use the last of your energy to get back to normal, after all.  And if we can get your pants off this way...well hey, that's a rather elegant solution to the problem, isn't it?”

Candice seemed to consider this for a moment, and then, once again, she shot me that condescending smirk.  “Seth, don't you think I already thought of that?  I mean, I still have all this power left,” she said, pointing at her hair.  “I've got to do SOMETHING with it, and yes, you're right, growing again sounds rather nice.  Especially if you're as in to it as I am.”

“But then why did you tell me to stop?”

She looked at me sheepishly.  “Um, well...contrary to popular belief, 'no' does not always mean 'no.'  I'm a woman, and as such, I reserve the right to be illogical from time to time.  But thank you for taking me at my word.”

“Any time,” I replied acidly.  Without another word I went back to work – this time, spitefully, with four fingers.  Candice shouted in gratification, her chest heaving with each indrawn breath.  The air was filled with the wet, sloshing sounds of love-making.  I leaned down to kiss her, and as I did she bit my lip playfully. 

A moment later her body went rigid, and I felt the sudden, rapid pulsing of her inner muscles against my fingers.  Candice clenched her hands into fists, screaming in release.  It was then that a rather important question occurred to me: if a few seconds of pleasure had given off enough energy to increase my girlfriend's height by more than six inches, what would an orgasm – and by all observations a pretty powerful one – do to her? 

Too late now.  Candice threw back her head, letting out an ear-piercing scream.  Her skin became hot, a twinge of pink drained from her hair...and then it started.  Before her growth had been slow, like watching dough rise.  This time it was much faster, much more violent.  Her body spurted out in every direction, her head dragging against the carpet as she expanded.  First her calves, and then the bottoms of her thighs became visible as she outgrew her pants.  The garment bulged, its seams popped.  And finally her jeans tore open to reveal her long, shapely legs.  She grinned at me as if through the haze of some powerful drug, and without warning she flexed her muscles.  The last bit of denim that had been clinging to her tore through, and she reached down almost negligently to pull away the tattered remains of her favorite pants.  Candice slowly lifted herself to her feet.  Morbidly curious, I stood as well.

I gaped at her in amazement – we were the same height now! 

“So you like tall girls, huh?” she purred, her eyes dancing with mirth.  “I guess there are two questions I should ask.”  She took a deep breath, appearing to concentrate, and surged up another inch. 

“Number I tall enough for you now?”  Candice spread her legs wide, gritting her teeth in determination.  In three quick spurts she swelled larger, her shirt tearing to shreds around her.  My eyes were now level with her full, luscious lips.  As she spoke I watched them move with a kind of hypnotic fascination. 

“Number two...and more much do you like me?” 

Candice reached out to catch me in an embrace, trapping me in her surprisingly strong arms.  She kissed me hard, shoving her tongue down my throat.  Pressed up against her as I was, I could feel her supple skin sliding against my own, her body still growing larger with each passing second.  I kept having to crane my neck further and further up or risk breaking our kiss.

Finally her growth came to a stop.  In the aftermath the room seemed impossibly quite, peaceful.  Candice continued to hold me – cradle me really – against her massive frame.  I don't know how long we stayed together that way...probably only a minute or so.  Eventually she released me.  Gingerly, as if she were afraid of what my reaction might be, she took a couple of steps backward, and I got my first good look at her new form.

There was only one word I could think of to describe Candice: amazon.  She was toned and trim, with what I might call a swimmer's body – not overtly muscular, but fit, built for endurance.  Her breasts were the only place on her body with the slightest hint of fat, and even there I could see a certain tell-tale athletic firmness.  Her hips were wider compared to the rest of her frame than I remembered, her waist slimmer. 

Did I mention she was tall?  Well, she certainly wasn't going to need me to get things off the top shelf for her at the supermarket anymore, that was for sure.  Standing as close to her as I was, I had to stretch my neck almost to its limit just to look her in the eye.  Her legs were longer, her hands and fingers surprisingly large...every part of her was just plain big!  The top of my head was just about level with her chin now.  Considering this, I did some quick math and made a guess at her new height – at least six foot eight, maybe closer to six nine.  As these numbers burrowed their way into my brain, it took a concerted effort on my part not to do a Scooby-Doo-style gulp.

Without a doubt, Candice understood my state of mind.  She smiled at me, a sweet, non-threatening kind of smile, the same sort of look that she might give a frightened puppy to encourage it to come out from under the bed after a nasty thunderstorm.  “So, what do you think?” she asked, her voice an octave lower than it had been.

“I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life,” I replied honestly.

For the second time that day, my girlfriend blushed.  In her current state of undress I could watch as the deep flush spread past her pale cheeks, down her neck, throughout her body.  “I'm glad you think so.  I...was worried.”  Whatever it was that she had been worried about, she didn't say.  The moment passed.

“What about this?” she asked me, grabbing a fist-full of her hair.  “What color would you say this is?”

“Pink,” I answered, rolling my eyes. 

“That's not what I meant and you know it,” Candice said.  As she spoke she idly reached up to rest the flat of her palm against the ceiling.  She did this without standing on tip-toe or stretching in any way.  This time I wasn't able to suppress my gulp. 

“Come on, you've got a Master's degree in Visual Arts – you do color matching for a LIVING for God's sake!  You know exactly what this shade is called.”

“Yeah, but it's really emasculating to do it on command,” I protested. 

Candice advanced forward to loom over me, a move that could either be seen as threatening, or seductive.  She bent at the knees to put her face inches from mine, folding her arms across her chest.  “If it makes you feel like less of a man, I'll do something later to remind you that you are one,” she promised, her voice sweet like molasses.

I sighed, defeated.  “It's called Salmon,” I said.  “Or maybe it's tea rose.  Compared to your initial color, the red content has been reduced by about fifty percent.”

“In other words, even after all this growing I still have half my energy left?” she asked excitedly.

“You would know more about that than me,” I answered, feeling a cold sweat break out on my forehead.  “But it seems likely that's the case.”

Candice hugged me affectionately.  “Thank you, sweet-heart,” she said in a sing-song voice.

“Don't mention it,” I answered, speaking into the echo chamber that was her cleavage. 

She laughed, and I felt the vibration of it travel through my body.  “Oh Seth, I love you.  And you have no idea how much fun I'm having with this.  Being so big, I mean.  I've never felt this powerful before.  Or, God, this sexy for that matter.”

“I've always thought you were cute,” I interrupted. 

“Thank you Seth.  I do appreciate that.  But I'm tired of just being 'cute.'  I want to be...I AM...drop-dead gorgeous.  And more – I'm tall!  Taller, prettier than any girl I've ever seen before.  Think of it from my perspective.  My whole life I've been this tiny little waif...short, scrawny, insignificant.  The ways guys used to ignore me – it made me feel worthless.  But now...everything is different!” 

She stepped back, grinning down at me.  “And I hope you don't take offense, but probably my favorite part of all this is the change in perspective.  That is, getting to be taller than you for once.  It's so novel.  You look so much smaller to me now, and that more than anything else makes me realize just how huge I am.  It wasn't even fifteen minutes ago that you used to tower over me...remember?  Like this.” 

Candice dropped to her knees in front of me, and stared up at me with the expression of a mischievous schoolgirl.  The illusion was almost perfect.  If not for her face being a bit larger than I remembered, and the sight of her legs folded up behind her, she would've looked exactly as she had when I'd first come home.  “This is the view that I'm used to seeing you from.  I have to admit I liked it most of the time.  Back when I was little, you had this way of making me feel good about my height.  Like it was okay to be so short, and just let myself be safe in your arms.  But now....” 

Slowly, so slowly, she raised herself up to her full height.  As she did, Candice let her body brush lightly against mine in a few sensitive areas.  It was like watching her grow all over again.  That sight combined with the soft contact of her flesh shifted my libido straight into high gear.  And the whole time her brilliant blue eyes were locked on mine, with a look that told me that she knew exactly what she was doing.

“What about you, little man?  Which one do you prefer?  Candice Classic, or....”  She struck a pose for me, one that would shame even the most seasoned cover girl.  “The new model?”

I opened my mouth to speak, but the words caught in my throat.  I loved Candice, and I wanted to say that her appearance didn't matter to me.  It was true that I'd been attracted to her long before her transformation.  And yet, there was just no getting around the fact that in her current state, she was almost infinitely more beautiful than she had ever been before.  The curve of her body, her incredible size...even the way she was gently teasing me: I loved all of it. 

Before I could express my thoughts, Candice pressed the tip of her finger to my lips, silencing me.  She could see it in my face – what I was thinking, what I was feeling.  She leaned in to kiss me, tenderly this time.  It reminded me of our first kiss: fresh and new, with a whole world of possibilities stretching out before us.   Her body was warm, her lips soft.  I gave myself up to her, lost adrift in a sea of overwhelming emotion.

I felt her grin through our kiss.  Without warning Candice lifted me bodily off the ground, hefting me into her arms like a sack of potatoes.  I was shocked, and slightly disoriented, but found that this display of strength and dominance only served to heighten my arousal.  She carried me across the room, and unceremoniously dropped me into an armchair. 

“You just sit back and relax, Seth.  Your girlfriend's going to put on a little show for you.”  Candice turned and sauntered back toward the center of the room, giving me an unobstructed view of the generous swell of her ass. 

Suddenly she paused, and looked over her shoulder with theatrical uncertainty.  “Oh, I almost forgot to ask. wouldn't mind if, during this show, I got a bit...bigger...would you?  Please?  Just a little.”

I shook my head stupidly.

Candice smirked.  “Well I'm glad you feel that way.”  She whirled to face me and bent over to rest her hands on her knees, the motion causing her breasts to sway pendulously.  “And what if I lied, and it turned out I got a LOT bigger instead?  Would you be mad?”

 “Well, accidents do happen,” I replied, grinning lecherously.

Candice stroked her chin in thought.  “I'll tell you what...let's make this into a game, shall we?”  She cracked her knuckles, and began to pace around the room, grinning at me wickedly.  “You, Seth, are not allowed to move from your seat.  You aren't allowed to touch me, although if I can touch YOU if I so choose.  No talking either.  And most importantly, I can override any of these rules by giving you a direct order.  As long as you follow the rules we can keep playing...and trust me, you want to keep playing.  Do I make myself clear?”  My nearly seven foot girlfriend glared down at me, almost daring me to disagree.

For neither the first nor the last time that day, a wonderful sense of dread washed over me.  I nodded my agreement.

“Alright then.  Good luck.”  The tone of her voice clearly implied the unspoken postscript to this statement – 'You're going to need it.'  Candice closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, and then the show began. 

Moaning softly, my girlfriend ran the tips of her fingers over her skin, tracing a line from her broad shoulders to a spot just below her navel.  Her hips rocked back in forth as if in time to music that only she could hear.  She bounced on the balls of her feet, her body swaying seductively. 

“So, how long do you think you'll be able to hold out?” Candice asked me, winking.  As she spoke she lifted both arms above her head, stooping to avoid touching against the ceiling.  My girlfriend flexed her arms, then folded them just beneath the nape of her neck.  This motion caused her chest muscles to tighten, making her fantastic new endowments bounce and ripple.  “I mean really, wouldn't you like to touch me, even a little?  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to feel your body pressed against mine?  Here, I'll make it easier for you.” 

In two large steps she was within inches of my grasp, peering down at me from high above.  At this range her size was impossible to ignore.  Still smirking at me, she bent down – way down – to bring her eyes level with mine.  As she moved her hair tumbled forward like the cascade of a breaking wave, falling into my eyes, tickling my face.  Candice brushed it away to clear my view, and I found myself staring directly into the vast chasm of her cleavage. 

“Well, here I am,” she purred, running one long finger down my jawline.  “All you have to do is reach out and touch me.  Here, I'll show you how.”  Candice reached down, and began to massage one gigantic breast between the palms of her hands.  She stroked it for a moment, letting me watch as her thumb-sized nipple slowly puffed up under her attention.  And then, licking her lips hungrily, she lifted it to her mouth.  Candice suckled greedily, looking me full in the face the whole time.  This was agony – I wanted her so bad!  And yet, I reminded myself, this was a game.  And one thing about me you should know – I always play to win.

“You're sure you don't want any of this?  Oh well.  I guess you don't like me anymore.”  With that she spun on her heels and walked back to the center of the room.  “That's okay.  I can take care of myself – I'm a big girl, after all.  Speaking of which....”  She paused for a moment, squinting in concentration, and suddenly grew an inch in height.  As her head rose she grinned down at me, the way a tiger might grin at its cornered prey. 

The prospect of being devoured had never been so alluring.

“As I was saying, I'm a big girl.  Not nearly as big as I could be with your help, mind you.  But if you're going to be so stubborn, I guess I'm going to have to take matters into my own, very capable hands.”  As she spoke her fingers were making their way down her body.  Past her impossibly slim waist, past the curve of her hips, until at last they arrived at the waiting mound of her sex.  Here she paused for the barest fraction of a second, long enough to share a look with me.  'Are you ready?' she seemed to ask.  And then she spread her legs wide, and began to pleasure herself.

“Mmm...God, I forgot how GOOD at this I am.  It won't be much longer now.  Pretty soon I'll have all the energy I need, and then the real fun starts.  Just think about it Seth...all the things I'll be able to do to you, how HUGE I'm going to get.  It makes me horny just talking about it...and you know that's only going to make me grow even MORE.  But the best part, the part that really gets me hot?  I know you're watching me, and I know that you probably want me to get bigger even more than I do.”  Her hands began to move faster, more frantically.  Candice let out a deep, guttural moan, losing herself to her fantasy – a fantasy that soon enough would become reality.

A familiar odor began to drift past my nostrils.  It took me a moment to identify it – pungent, slightly sweet, with a faint musky overtone.  This was the smell of Candice, the smell of her arousal.  Perhaps it was all the pheromones her perfume contained, their effects multiplied many times by her increased size and sex appeal.  Or it could've been a simple Pavlovian response to an aroma I had experience so many times in the throes of passion.  Whatever the reason, I suddenly found myself getting desperate, hungering to touch, to be touched by her.  But above all else, my word held me in bondage.  Until she released me, all I could do was watch, and wait.

“Oh...oh God Seth, I can feel it building.  Yes...oh my God, here it comes!”  Candice threw back her head, crying out in ecstasy.  Her hair flickered, turning a fire-orange color, and then, at last, she began to grow. 

It happened incredibly fast – at least at first.  Her body practically exploded out in every direction, and for a moment I wondered whether I was going to need to get out of the way.  But then my girlfriend held out her arms, her expression that of a body-builder who is trying to lift a tremendous weight, and the process immediately came to a halt.  A moment later Candice grunted, appearing to ease up slightly, and her growth resumed in short, uncertain spasms.  Her head would creep up a fraction of an inch, her body would swell almost imperceptibly wider, and then she would stop again. 

“There...I thought I'd take it slow.  For you, baby.”  She rose up to her full height, stretching even larger as she did so.  “That way you won't miss anything.  You'll have plenty of time to watch every single part of me sloooowly get biggggger.  Do you like it like this?”

I almost answered her question, going so far as to shape my mouth to form the words.  But at the last possible second I remembered the game we were playing – specifically the rule against me talking.  No penalties had been set for breaking any rules, or prizes announced for winning.  Yet still my competitive nature kept me playing.  And besides, I had every reason to want to keep myself in good standing with my gargantuan girlfriend. 

And so instead of saying anything, I merely nodded.

She gave me a knowing wink.  “Almost got you, huh?  Well, score one for your side, and the game continues.”  She continued to idly stroke her womanhood as she spoke, her fingers moving with delicate precision over her most sensitive areas.  And, still with agonizing slowness, she was growing.  Her beautiful, shapely legs stretched longer, easily twice as thick as mine.  The floor creaked in protest under her steadily increasing weight.  Second by second she was transforming into a titaness, the ideal woman, from which all other imperfect female specimens might have descended.

I was progressively becoming aware that the room was filling with a mysterious, latent energy.  I don't know quite how to describe it...maybe something akin to the experience of removing a towel from the dryer and feeling the static electricity cling to the hairs along your arm.  But that isn't quite right, because this power didn't seem to be pulling on any part of my physical body.  It was instead as if this energy was tugging against my soul.

Candice moaned, gaining another quarter-inch of height.  “You feel it, don't you?” she asked.  “All of this...I guess you'd call it 'magic.'  It's flooding through me, and I'm trying to hold back the pressure, so I can let myself grow over minutes instead of seconds.  But since the power is released by sexual energy...the more turned on I get, the stronger the pressure becomes.  And you have NO idea how turned on I am right now, Seth.  Watching the world, watching you shrink away.  Seeing that look in your eyes, half lust, half fear, when you know that I have complete control over you.  And this feeling I get when my body is's like a non-stop, full-body orgasm.  It's just...augggh!”  Her body surged outward, growing two inches in an instant.  “Ah you see, talking about it is only making it worse.”

By now she was closing in on seven and a half feet tall.  There was only the slightest twinge of pink left to her hair.  And yet I couldn't shake the feeling that the lion's share of her growth was yet to come – the energy for it not stored anymore, but free in the air around us.  The top of her head was approaching the ceiling, her body was becoming ever more statuesque.  Candice cried out in pleasure, getting ready for another big growth spurt, but then quite suddenly her transformation stopped.  

“What happened?” I asked, disappointed.  As soon as the words tumbled from my mouth it hit me – by talking, I had just lost.  “God dammit, you got me!  That was a mean trick, stopping your growth like that, making me think something was wrong.”

“Trick...?” she said, clearly distracted.  Candice looked down at her hands quizzically, her expression confused.  “No, wasn't a trick.”

Now I was starting to get weirded out.  “Okay well...what's wrong then?  Why'd you stop?”

“I don't...I didn't want to.”  She closed her eyes for a moment, concentrating.  “And I can't start again!”  Candice began to pace back and forth, clearly struggling not to panic.  “This doesn't make sense!  There's still power left.  It's in the room, all around us.  I can still feel it!”

“Yeah, I can too.”  I rubbed my cheek thoughtfully.  “Could this be because you were trying to release that much energy so slowly?  Like some kind of, ah, mystical constipation?”

She glared at me, a truly terrifying look coming from a woman who probably outweighed me by a couple hundred pounds.  “This isn't the time for jokes Seth.” 

Something was gnawing at the edge of my awareness.  It was like a low rushing noise, the sound of running water far off in the distance.  It had been hovering just below my perception, but with each passing second it was becoming louder, like an approaching waterfall.  Candice paused, noticing it too, and her eyes widened in fear. 

“ I get it.”  She took a deep breath, and turned to look me full in the face.  For the first time that day, there was not an ounce of playfulness in her expression.  “This is very, very bad.  We don't have much time.”

“What?  What's that noise, what's happening?” I asked, feeling my stomach rise into my throat. 

Candice held up one large hand, motioning me to silence.  “Stop.  Stop talking, and just listen to me.  Something is going to be here soon.  When it shows up, you have to do exactly what I tell you.  Don't ask questions, don't argue.  It is vitally important that you give me your complete trust right now.  Can you do that?”

“SOMETHING is coming?  I....”

“There's just no time for this.  I need an answer.”

I took a deep breath, and let it out slowly.  “Can I trust you?  Well duh, that part is easy.  It's just...I have no idea what the hell is going on here.  But I promise you this: whatever happens, we're in it together.  No matter what.”

She flashed me a broad smile, and all but the faintest hint of worry drained from her eyes.  We embraced, her gigantic frame completely enveloping mine.  The rushing sound continued to build around us, but still we held each other.  Her body was warm, and familiar despite its size.  As the strange noise reached a crescendo, she released me at last.  “You might want to stand back,” she said cryptically.  I obeyed.

The air between us shimmered, and I saw a cloud of energy gathering in front of Candice.  The cloud swirled, picking up speed, and something that I might call an animal began to congeal out of it.  I've thought on this long and hard, and there is simply no way that I can adequately explain what this thing looked like.  Imagine a cross between a trilobite fossil and an alien, specifically the kind of alien that is sometimes called a Grey, with the big oval head and black almond-shaped eyes.  Imagine also that it is composed entirely of wispy fog, with little specks of glitter floating around inside its semitransparent body.  It's alive, or something very much like alive, and it's aware of you.  You see it clearly enough, and you might trick yourself into believing that what you're looking at is real.  Yet you also get the sense that this is not its true nature.  But by far the strongest impression you get is of the terrible, terrible anger it is emitting.  And, without knowing how you know, you can tell that the target of all this anger is none other than your oversized girlfriend.

“Whatever you do, don't let it know you're afraid,” she whispered.  Candice smiled at the thing placidly, seeming perfectly at ease.  “We can use it, or it will use us; those are our only options.  Now, while it's focused on me, walk over here and hold my hand.  Slowly.”  I did, trying my best to ignore the inter-dimensional horror floating only inches away from her face. 

“This thing is...well, it's complicated.  Let's just say that it's the physical form of the power I was using earlier, free of any of the restrictions I put on it.  Right now, it wants me.  It wants to feed off my body the same way I was feeding off its energy.  We have to dissipate it, use it up.  The only problem is, it isn't going to take orders from me anymore.  But if we're really lucky, we might be able to trick it.  And I'm sorry to tell you this, but you're the only one here who can do it.”

Much to my credit, I gave no outward sign of the cold terror that her words instilled in me.  “Okay,” I said, my voice barely cracking at all.  “Tell me how.”

I think she knew what must have been running through my head just then, and she squeezed my hand reassuringly.  “Close your eyes, Seth.  Think of something, the thing you want more than anything else in the world.  Feel your desire for it, feel how badly you want it.  In your mind, reach out to the creature, and use it to get what you want.  Don't ask it, don't order it – use it.  Like a hammer, or an axe.  When it's in its raw form like this, there are almost no limits to what it can give you.  Fame, fortune, powers beyond your wildest dreams.  But whatever you do, do it now.  I don't know how much longer I can hold it off.”

I nodded, and through sheer force of will managed to quiet my pounding heart.  It seemed I had a decision to make – and what a decision!  Probably every person who has lived in the last two millennia has thought about this: the Aladdin scenario.  To be able to wish for anything you want – it's almost a primal fantasy.  People think it through, they plan it carefully, knowing full well that in any rational universe there is no chance whatsoever that they will ever have the opportunity to make that one, perfect wish.  I am no exception – in fact, I've probably spent more time at it than most. 

And yet, at this most impossible and wonderful moment, the only thing I could think about was everything that could go wrong.  A wish for wealth brings only the fear that it will be taken away; a wish for fame the loss of privacy and of any semblance of a normal life.  I could try to bring about world peace, to right the wrongs of the world.  But I am realistic enough to know that if I started making broad, sweeping changes to a complex system that I can't even begin to understand, that I could only bring ruin to that which I'd hoped to save.

I froze, locked in indecision.  And all the while I could hear the creature's horrid breathing, could feel the cold sweat gathering on my girlfriend's outsized palm.  I looked up into her eyes, the top of her head stretching almost two feet above my own.  It seemed as though hours had passed since her last growth spurt – or maybe more like it had happened in a different lifetime.  I remembered how elated and carefree I had felt watching her grow, and how strangely erotic the whole process had been.  It was strange to think that I had been thrust into the position of protecting someone so large, who looked perfectly capable of defending herself.    But what was size against a threat like the one the creature posed?  How big would she have to be to stand any chance?

I don't think I actually SAID the word 'Eureka' at that point, but I damn sure felt it.

The whole procedure that my girlfriend had described – picturing what I wanted, reaching out to the creature, using it as a tool – this turned out to be incredibly easy.  Maybe it was my excitement at finally having figured out what I wanted, or perhaps it was the strength of my desire to see Candice grow again.  It wasn't like I had a plan or anything.  I simply closed my eyes and thought about my girlfriend towering over me, outgrowing everything, becoming huge beyond anything the world had ever seen.  At first there was a slight resistance, something that felt like having a word right on the tip of your tongue, but not being able to say it.  But I forced my way past this with ease – the word was 'bigger,' and I shouted it as loud as I could within the vaults of my mind.

Candice gave a little yelp of alarm, and I felt her hand swell ever so slightly larger against mine.  “Seth, what're you doing?” she hissed.  I couldn't answer – I didn't dare let my concentration slip for even an instant.  Instead I focused all of my attention on expanding the mental image of her that I had conjured up in my head.  It was somewhat surprising to find that my brain did this using what I can only describe as a psychic version of MS Paint.  I let my awareness encircle her, grabbed ahold of the thin dotted line that surrounded her entire being, and slowly, inexorably, pulled outward. 

My girlfriend let out a loud groan of satisfaction, and I felt her arm rise skyward as she grew.  Curiosity overcoming my better judgement, I cracked one eye open to peer at her.  She looked to be at least two inches taller now – two inches that made her appear even more magnificent, even more beautiful.  Encouraged, I focused harder on her image.  The growth accelerated, her body surging larger at a frightening rate.  “Seth...oh Seth,” she whispered.  “Thank you baby, I love it.  This feels amazing.” A moment later her head impacted the eight foot ceiling, sending a cascade of soft plaster tumbling down to the floor.  She dropped to her knees, giggling, and brushed the white material from her hair. 

The creature, meanwhile, seemed to be watching Candice as well.  It waved its proboscises in the air intently, reminding me of a funny old man wringing his hands together.  It felt like a great deal of malice had drained out of the thing, and now, like me, it was just interested to find out what would happen next.  Some of its substance seemed to have evaporated as well, but not nearly enough as far as I was concerned.

I took a deep breath, and once more turned my attention to Candice's expanding body.  Her arms stretched wider, her fingers became longer and more tapered.  Her legs, always her best feature, were now beyond belief.  They were exquisitely toned, and even for a girl as large as she they were long.  Had she been standing they would've easily come up to the base of my shoulders.  I concentrated my attention on them, watching with a foolish grin as they slipped away from me, her heels dragging along the carpet as she grew.  With each passing second Candice was swelling larger, expanding like a gas to fill every empty space in the room. 

Rolling onto her hands and knees, she began to crawl toward me.  Her body moved with a sensual, almost feline grace.  “Is that really the best you can do?” she breathed, looking me full in the face with her dark almond eyes.  There was something desperate, almost pleading behind those eyes.  “Please honey, I want to be bigger.  Much, MUCH bigger.  Don't tease me anymore.” 

I looked at the vast expanse of Candice spread out before me – the hour-glass curve of her hips, the swell of her ass like the foothills at the base of a mountain range, the tear-drop shape of her basketball-sized breasts.  How could I possibly deny this woman something she wanted, something that we BOTH wanted so badly?

“Get ready,” I said through gritted teeth, setting my feet wide to steady myself.

Candice's face broke into a Cheshire cat grin, and she rocked back into a sitting position, sending the whole house rattling.  “That's it Seth.  Come on...give me everything you've got.”  Her voice was a silky siren's call, and I let it draw out every ounce of my will onto the task at hand. 

My girlfriend gasped as the first wave of energy hit her, and a moment later an explosive growth spurt wracked her entire body.  She gained nearly a foot of height in the first instant, and I was forced to jump out of the way as she continued to swell larger.  “Oh my God, you have no idea how good this feels!” she moaned.  “More, please more!”  

It was then that I was stuck by a fit of mischievous inspiration.  Although Candice said that growing was pleasurable, I secretly suspected that what she really loved was the IDEA of getting bigger.  They say that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac after all, but that didn't seem like quite enough to satisfy her at this point.  If she was going to get off on growing, I wanted to make sure she REALLY got off. 

Still concentrating on her expanding body, I shifted my focus to a specific region: between her legs.  I imagined a rushing torrent, a fire burning out of control.  And above all, the all-consuming need to be touched.  This, by far, was the easiest thing I had yet to attempt with my borrowed powers.  All I really had to do was think about how excited watching her grow was making me, and project those feelings back onto her. 

Her eyes flashed, her mouth formed a surprised 'o' shape.  And then, like a woman possessed, she began to stroke herself with wild abandon.  Her fingers sank deep into her sopping wet pussy, one hand fiercely groping at her bosom.  Candice howled at the top of her lungs in exaltation.  My God, the smell of her!  All the while she was still getting bigger.  And with every inch, with each little millimeter of height she gained, her arousal seemed to grow in stride.

Candice thrashed about in the throes of passion, and without even realizing it one powerful arm, as long and as big around as my entire body, punched a gaping hole in the wall right next to where I'd been standing.  I instinctively dove away, coming to rest on the floor beneath the shadow of my still-swelling girlfriend.  There was the briefest moment of pure awe as I looked up at the fifteen-foot Aphrodite I had helped create.  And then I rolled away before I was crushed under the colossal bulk of her expanding form.

It was then that it dawned on me – this wasn't funny anymore.  Her body now spanned the length of the entire room, blocking off any possible exit.  She looked to be growing faster than ever now, pulsing nearly a foot larger each second.  Candice was completely oblivious to the peril I was in, her eyes rolled back in her head, her mind occupied only with the boundless stream of pleasure I had inflicted upon her.  And the space between me and the wall at my back was shrinking rapidly.  Fighting down a wave of sick dread, I tried to think of some way to escape from my gargantuan girlfriend.

I closed my eyes, and tried to picture Candice's growth slowing down, gradually coming to a stop.  But somehow this just didn't feel right – like attempting to hammer a nail with a toothbrush.  I tried again, more forcefully this time, but got the same result.  It was getting harder and harder not to lose myself to panic – why wasn't this working?

Above the sound of splintering plywood and cries of ecstasy, I heard another noise.  It was rasping and hollow, and it chilled me to my core.  Laughter.  The creature was laughing at me.  Its form was wispy and insubstantial, like heat rising off blacktop on a hot summer day, but there was no question that it was still very real.  Was this its final revenge – a withdraw of support at this most critical moment?  Was it trying to doom me with my own desire?

In a rare flash of insight, I understood.  No, the creature was not doing this to me – I was doing it to myself.  Some part of me still wanted Candice to keep growing, even if it threatened my life.   Watching her get bigger satisfied some deep, primal urge in me, and any attempt I made to stop it was met with resistance not from without, but from within. 
Only seconds left now.  Three tons of girl-flesh barreling at me, expanding in every direction to seal my fate.  “Candice!” I screamed.  She ignored me, too far gone to listen.  I screamed again, summoning my will, my voice augmented by every last drop of my desire to live.  “CANDICE!  DO SOMETHING!”

At once her eyes snapped open.  She looked down at me, her expression dazed.  “Seth...what...?”  Candice blinked once, twice, and then her face lit with understanding.  “You're...oh my God!  We've got to get you out of here!”  She reached down, her arms surging longer even as she moved toward me.  My girlfriend lifted me easily, as if I weighed nothing at all, and cradled me protectively against her bosom.  Her body was hot and fragrant, and even in this moment of crisis I was struck by how wonderful it was to feel her body surrounding me.

“Hang on!” she cried in a voice like a thunderclap.  She lurched forward, and my stomach dropped into my toes with the sudden acceleration.  There was a sound that might have been the apocalypse – tearing of brick from mortar.  The shattering of glass.  And then, the smell of silica and sawdust. 

Daylight.  Candice was putting me down in the soft grass.  I sat there, my head swimming, trying not to vomit.  After a long moment I wiped a streak of dust away from my eyes, and surveyed the scene around me. 

The entire western wall of our house was utterly destroyed.  A hole, the size of a Mack truck and roughly Candice-shaped, stood in its side.  The backyard was littered with debris, and a huge cloud of pulverized wood and stone was rising into the afternoon sky. 

“I wonder if our insurance is going to cover this,” I muttered wryly.

My girlfriend chuckled.  I turned to look at her, and almost passed out from the vertigo.  It hurt my brain just to look at her – how could a human being possibly be so large?  Resting on her knees as she was, her face filled my entire field of vision.  Donning her now-famous condescending smirk she gradually stood up to her full height, like a monster rising out of the ocean.  She was easily twenty feet tall, her torso thicker than a tree trunk, her breasts as big and round as a pair of beach balls.  Striking a pose that might've been fatal to someone with a weak heart condition, she looked down at me. 

“Seth, tell me the truth: do you think I'm fat?”

“I think, for someone of your stature, a better word is 'majestic.'”

She grinned evilly.  “You...are you gonna get REALLY lucky little man.  Too bad you're gonna need a ladder to get any pussy from now on.”

“Very funny.” 

By this time the creature had joined us outside, its form so weak that it was almost invisible.  The thing appeared to be resigned to its fate, ready to be relieved of the burden of existence.  “What do you want to do about this guy?” I asked, gesturing toward it.

“Second verse, same as the first,” she answered, pointing one gigantic finger skyward.

“Really?  You actually want to be BIGGER?  STILL?”

“Why stop now when we're having so much fun?” she laughed.  “In all honesty babe, you can get rid of it any way you want.  But let me ask you...can you think of anything you'd rather have than more of ME?”

It was a rhetorical question.  Nodding, I clenched my fists in concentration, and watched as Candice began to inch upward again.  She let out a deep moan of pleasure, looking on as the world shrank around her.  I pushed harder...if we were really going through with this, then I wanted her to be impossibly huge.  Thirty feet tall – no, fifty!  Her feet sank into the soil with her increasing weight, her head crested the roof of our house....

There was a sudden popping noise, and Candice was gone.  I had time for the briefest moment of confusion, and then I heard a scream.  It was a decidedly high-pitched, girly scream, and it was coming from high above me.  I glanced up, and before I was even aware of what I was doing I rushed forward to catch my girlfriend as she hurtled toward the ground.  The force of her impact was enough to send me spinning into the dirt, but then I was sitting, with what seemed like an impossibly tiny Candice cradled in my arms.

“What...what happened?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

Mini-Candice – or actually, I realized, normal-sized Candice – shrugged.  “This must be what happens when you use up the last of the energy.  It...ahh...wore off...I guess?”  She rolled to her feet, trying to scrape some of the muck from her naked body.  “Yeah look, here's your proof,” she said, pinching a lock of her hair.  It was perfectly white, the whitest white I had ever seen. 

“Game over then?” I asked, pushing myself up off the ground.  “Everything's back to normal?”

“Well....” she said, pointing toward the house.  As she did, a few more bricks tumbled down from the arch her sudden exit had created.  “Not everything.”

I sighed mournfully.  “Alright.  You wait here.  I'm going to go get the phone book, and call a construction company.  Or the police.  Maybe my parents.  Or...God, I don't even know.”

“Actually, I've got a better idea,” she said, licking her lips thoughtfully.  Before I could reply she was running back into the house, vaulting like a gazelle over the piles of concrete and broken glass.  Not knowing what else to do, I followed.

She was in the kitchen when I found her, waiting for me by the refrigerator.  Still wearing her patented smirk, she opened the door wide.  The power was out, but in the dim light filtering in from outside I could see four large mason jars full of a mysterious, oily liquid.  “Do you know what these are?” she asked, her voice full of unrestrained glee.

I shook my head.

“I'll give you one hint,” she said, and lifted one of the jars to her lips.  Candice let two tiny drops fall onto her tongue, and set the jar back in the fridge.  The room was silent.  And then, in the blink of an eye, her hair had turned pink.  Hot, vibrant, terrifying pink. 

Before I could react she was tackling me.  She wrapped her arms around me, her hot, amorous breath upon my neck.  “Now if you'll just be a good catalyst, I'll take care of our little construction problem.”  She grinned at me hungrily.  “And who knows.  Maybe after that, you'll want to have some more fun.  I know I will.” 

Candice looked up into my eyes, and seeing the horror there, she giggled.  “Oh don't be such a worry wart.  As someone once said...what's the worst that can happen?”