Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Honesty's Reward - Pt. 3

 CW: shrinking, dubcon, mind manipulation, minor pain, weight loss, breast growth, body type changes, and like NSFW duh

3. Use as Directed

I had a quiet evening – a little TV, a little takeout – and got ready for bed quite early for me. A part of me – most really – wanted to run straight to the bedroom and schlop on a giant handful of the weight loss cream. But I decided to take a quick shower before the fun began.

Though it turned out to be not so quick. For a long time I just stood under the faucet, gazing down at my body, daydreaming. I stared at my over-ample curves, watching tiny rivulets of water run over them.  Dip into the canyon of my hips, fall away to join the torrent on the basin floor. I was beautiful. Sure. But I kept imagining how much better I would look.Once those last unwanted inches were trimmed away.

I found myself thinking of Anthony. If Tiffany’s words were true, I wouldn’t have to wait long at all for my new body. I could go see him tomorrow. I would already picture it, his reaction, when he saw my new figure. The look of delightful surprise on his face. As attractive as I'd become, there was no way he could resist asking me out. It was the first thing he was going to say. He opened his mouth to speak....

When I worked a hot lather of soap into my hands, I was still thinking of him. I began to caress the slippery substance onto my chest, my stomach. And the cleaner I became, the dirtier my thoughts grew.

Our date night. Anthony shyly inviting me into his apartment. His hand cautiously touching my cheek. Hot breath on my neck. Strong arms wrapping around my waist, drawing me closer....

You see where this is going.

Eventually I tore myself away from...myself. I patted dry, pulled on a pair of cotton panties and a silky, skin-tight pair of pajama pants. Barefoot and topless, I padded down the hallway to my bedroom. There I sat on the bed and withdrew the small, green plastic tub with the minus sign from my purse. I unscrewed the cap, heart pounding, and peered inside.

The stuff really did look like Vaseline. Its color was pale and unappealing, and it had a gross petroleum sheen. The scent, though, was intoxicating. Once again the smell of lilacs drifted over me, enveloped me, seemed to make  my tension melt away. That aroma...it was like someone I loved whispering in my ear, telling me that everything was really going to be alright after all.

Carefully, I scooped a small amount of the stuff onto my largest two fingers. After a moment’s consideration, I decided on the place where I most wanted to lose, and pressed the gel to the softness of my abdomen. I kneaded it into my flesh, feeling hard muscle beneath, hopelessly trapped away, out of view.  Well.  Not for much longer. 

Sooner than I expected, there came a strange, prickly sort of sensation. It grew rapidly, spreading out from the place where the cream had touched. Creeping into every part of me. Like pins and needles, I thought. But oddly pleasurable. Considering the way I’d just worked myself up in the shower, the only word that really captures the feeling was, ‘erotic.’

In just a few seconds, the small amount of cream had been fully absorbed into my skin. The tingling, however, was still getting stronger. Almost overpowering now. And now, a gradually building sense of heat was joining it. Heat, that went from curious, to unpleasant, to painful.  But still, my whole body grew hotter, and hotter. Hands balling into fists, I fought back the urge to scream. I looked down, certain that I would see flames all over my skin. But what I saw made me forget the fire. Because I wasn't burning. I was melting!

My hips were slowly beginning to narrow, my waist slimming. The hard ridge of muscle that had been buried under layers of fat and gristle was poking into view. And strangest of all, there was this... steam. Rising off my body, the way steam rises from a pot of boiling water. 

In the space of twenty seconds, I watched my over-ample midsection disappear. What was left was thin, beautiful. Perfect. My tight washboard abs, the dainty curve of my hips, the enormous swell of my...my breasts! I'd been so focused on my gut that I hadn't noticed the other things that were changing. My breasts were growing larger, ripening like fruit on the vine. I estimated that I was a full C-cup by now, or even bigger! And beside being bigger, they looked...fuller. Rounder. Much more…touchable.

Unable to resist, I caressed the plump flesh, felt its tender pliancy between my fingers. I gasped, finding more pleasure here than ever before, and instantly redoubled my efforts. The awful heat from the cream had finally started to recede, but now it was being placed by a warmth that was far, far more pleasant. Every movement of my hands against my chest was feeding it. Pulsing, throbbing down my firm, muscular body. Finding dry kindling between my legs.

Groaning quietly, I lay back on my bed. There was something a little funny about the angle of my neck, but I’ll forgive myself for missing that first warning sign. Because how anything so trivial matter, when I felt so God. Damn. Good? With one hand continuing to tease both breasts, my other drifted down, down, over my perfectly flat belly, past the loose strap of my waistband, into my massively oversized cotton panties....

Wait. Those underwear were supposed to be skin-tight. I’d just bought that pair last week. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but what finally brought me back, was the awful, horrific thought, that the cream had made my butt smaller. Because that would have been an absolute tragedy.

I fought back through the erotic haze, my eyes fluttering. What I saw confused me at first, and it took a long moment for me to process. My clothes were loose, but that wasn’t all. My nightstand looked very slightly further away. The same was true for the lamp resting on it, the clock ticking away on the far wall. The door, the ceiling. Everything. And it didn't just look distant, it looked – well, no other way to say it – bigger!

Now I could see other signs. The plume of my hair rising up behind me on the pillow, as though I were being slowly dragged toward the foot of the bed. The sensation of my back and shoulders sliding along in that same direction. Yet the smooth friction of my ankles and thighs was going the other way, toward the head of the bed. It seemed as if my entire body was collapsing inward, toward my center...like my belly button had become a tiny black hole.

I lay in utter confusion for at least a dozen heartbeats, hand still halfway in my panties. Panties, I realized, that were still slowly stretching around me. 

Then..I understood.

Sitting bolt upright in bed, I held my hand in front of my face. I expected to actually catch it in the act of growing smaller, to watch my hand shrink right there before my eyes. But of course I didn’t see this. Instead, everything, absolutely everything around my hand steadily getting bigger. Like a chunk of ice left on the sidewalk on a hot summer's day, my body was slowly evaporating. And perhaps this was literally true, because those tiny wisps of fog were still rising up from my dwindling body. Faint trails of mist, drifting up from my naked flesh and disappearing into the air around me. That was me. Going away.

It was almost beautiful.

The longer I watched that steam, the stronger the scent of lilacs in the room became. And the more my fear seemed to drift away. I shrank, and breathed. And thought about Tiffany. How’d she’d grown taller in the time I’d known her. How eager she’d been for me to use this cream. The little minus sign on the bottle. How obvious all of this was, in retrospect. And how, on some level, I’d done this to myself, willingly.

From somewhere deep inside I could hear the voice of rationality, and it was screaming at me. Demanding I run to the bathroom, wash off the cream, save myself if it wasn't too late. But it was as if this voice came from far away, and was muffled beneath a red satin blanket. I became aware that I was touching myself. Not just beneath my legs, but everywhere. Exploring my new, smaller body. Rubbing my arms, my chest, my taut little tummy. Stoking that natural fire that was smoldering, and threatening to burn.

There was still a part of me fighting against this. Saying that I didn't want to shrink. To become tiny...dainty...petite. But to the part of me that was alive, awake and in control, these words were nothing more than pillow talk. The very idea of becoming smaller had always been a turn-on, though a guilty one.  I’m convinced the creamed had certain aphrodisiac properties. But even if it wasn’t…it played right into one of my favorite fantasies.  To resist shrinking smaller, while secretly, giving in.

A lone finger slipped around the outer edges of my labia. Teased, then slowly, slowly dipped inside. The pleasure that followed was crisp and immediate, like the snapping of a wooden board. I arched my back, crying out in ecstasy as I probed the lips of my sopping pussy. Yet I was still so, so gentle. Letting the anticipation build, feeling myself shrink in fractions of millimeters as the hot syrup of my juices flowed around my hand. It was torture! I wanted, I needed to feel more than this feather-light flickering on my slit. But to give myself permission, to feel all the ecstasy I could wring from this taboo fantasy come to life…I needed something more.

Or. Something less.

I opened my eyes. The world around me was large, though not nearly as much as I had expected. I wasn’t in a frame of mind to measure, but what I knew almost instinctively was that I was the same height as tiny, little Anthony. Practically panting with need, I reached over to the nightstand, where I had left the jar of what I now understood to be shrinking cream. I scooped out a small dollop, and using my free hand, I yanked down my oversized pajama pants down past my knees. The cold air felt wonderful on my milky white thighs and the fiery pink cleft of my sex.

Tiffany's words seemed to ring in my ears, so clear that I could almost see her tauntingly sexy smirk. “I've had the best results when I've used it, shall we say...internally?” Without even a token attempt at resistance, I spread my legs wide, and thrust two cream-covered fingers deep into the aching chasm of my pussy.

Everything seemed to happen at once. The tingling sensation came, ripped through me, powerful and electric like I'd been touched by a live wire. A feeling that was half hot, half cold, and all pleasure shot from my head to the tips of my toes. My stomach contracted and tightened, my breasts instantly and dramatically puffed larger, my waist narrowed. I cried out, not with a moan but a shriek of ecstasy.

And above it all was the feeling of vertigo, of falling into myself without ever leaving the bed. I was suddenly, rapidly, and wonderfully shrinking smaller! There was a wooshing sound of wind past my ears. The room surged gigantic around me. Everything in my universe was growing bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER!

Eye open, staring at the growing world. Smaller than Anthony..and falling so fast. My fingers thrust deep inside me, faster, and faster, as if the rushing release of passion could wash away my wretched height, forever.

“YES!” I screamed, loving every second as my body drained away. My swelling bosom heaved with each desperate gasp. The steam was coming off in dark white strips, filling the room with a sweet-smelling humidity, precipitating on the windows. The top of my head slipped from the pillow as my body became too small to reach it.

“More! Please more! Smaller! Smaller!”

Shrinking faster than ever, I stroked myself with wild abandon. A roll against the diamond-hard nub of my clit. A hard press into my g-spot, with just a taste of the sharp edge of my fingernail. I felt the pressure building beneath my tummy, a raging river that my little body could hold back no longer.

“Yes! Yes! SMALLLLER!”

I came, squirting dramatically. My juices spraying out like a fire hose, soaking the bed sheets with my essence. Never in my life had I come with anywhere near that kind of power, that level of force! And yet the sensation was merely a background to the perfect gravity of my body pulling in on itself, shrinking in the largest burst yet as wave after wave of ecstasy wracked my diminutive frame.

Afterward, I lay panting, feeling the sweat slickness of my skin, the damp cling of the sheets against my body. My vulva still throbbed with pleasure every few seconds, each sudden, unexpected twitch sending a tremor though my sexually spent little body. The afterglow was wonderful, like coming down from some incredible drug. But what side effects!

I knew I was small. Much, much smaller than an average woman, and probably small enough that my entire life would change because of it. The mind-altering effects of the drug were leaving me now, and for the first time since the process had begun I could think clearly. I've told you about my fascination with size, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little excited at the idea of being so tiny. But dammit, I loved my height! If anything, I had always wanted to be bigger!

But then I thought of Anthony. And as much as I wanted to tower over him...there was definitely some appeal to the idea of him being the one to do the towering.

My strength left me, the moment I thought of him. Without even the energy to slide out of the wet spot, or pull my gigantic comforter up to my chin…I slept.

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