Saturday, September 30, 2023

A Lesson for a Toy

The following was written in one sittings totaling less than two hours, with minimal edits. This is my second entry for Elle Largesse's #SeptKinkyScribble challenge.  1734 words, writing and editing time, ~2 hours

CW: NSFW, shrinking NB, consensual, face slapping, humiliation, objectification, honorifics, light impact


Rowan paced about the room, fingertip on their carotid artery, staring at their watch.  Bailey lay on the bed, sipping his wine.

“You don’t have to win at this,” he told them. 

His partner paused, counting out their pulse.  “One-twenty.  I just can’t get my heart rate high enough like this.  I’m going to go run on the treadmill.”

Bailey shook his head.  “Are you seriously trying to win at shrinking?”

“I mean.”  Rowan shifted nervously.  “I just want to be your Good Girl tonight.  Is that so wrong?”

The two stared at each other.  Around them, candled guttered, and low music played.  Rowan was dressed in a flimsy black negligée.  From the way it hung about their shoulders, it was obvious they were already losing inches – though not nearly fast enough for Rowan’s taste. 

“What if I take another dose?” they suggested.

Bailey sighed.  He set aside his glass, and stood to his feet.  “I think you’re missing the point of this exercise.”


“You haven’t earned the right to call me that.  Not yet.”

Rowan swallowed, instinctually backing up at his approach.  “What can I do to earn it?”  He looked bigger, there was no question, and more intimidating.  It made their mouth dry.  It made them yearn to be smaller.

Bailey stopped in front of them.  Already his partner had lost enough height to be eye-level with his mouth.  He smirked, letting them see the evil turn of his lips, then reached up to caress his calloused palm across their cheek.  He flexed his fingers, and drew back his wrist, creating space between them.  Letting them feel the potential, the danger. 

“Is this okay?”

Rowan nodded eagerly.

He aimed carefully, and slapped his love across the face.  Not hard.  Yet Rowan’s eyes went wide, and their bottom lip quivered in excitement.

In an instant, they dropped an inch in height.

“So.  You want to be my Good Girl tonight?”


He slapped them again, a bit harder.  Rowan moaned, and shrank.

“And you want to earn that title?”

“Yes, please!”

He carefully backhanded them with his fingertips, and grinned as they dwindled in a large burst.

“You’re silly.  Thinking you have any control over whether you get what you want.  You should know better than that.”

Another slap.  They were gentle slaps, but that was the point.  Rowan didn’t rate more than that.  They weren’t worthy of it.

“I’m sorry,” Rowan whimpered.  The world grew around them.  “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.”

“You really are.”

With casual strength, he shoved them against the wall.  Rowan grunted, then went limp.  They stared up at him, visually shrinking with every beat of their heart. 

They had such lovely eyes, Bailey thought.  Big, and expressive, etched with fear and need.  He could stare into them all night.

“Struggle,” he ordered.

Rowan hesitated, then obeyed.  Timidly at first.  Then more vigorously as they came to understand the strength that held them.  Soon they were fighting him with everything they had, and it was hardly enough to move an inch.  They squeaked with effort, their eyebrows furrowing, sweat standing at their temples, and the only result was a steady loss of height as the man before them seemed to grow and grow.  All the while he watched them, looking faintly bored.

“Alright pet.  That’s enough.”  Bailey chuckled, and stepped back to peer down at them.  Admiring the self-defeating result of their efforts.

Rowan continued to press themself against the wall, eyes wide, panting.  Their head didn’t even reach the center of his chest. 

“You still want to go run on the treadmill?”

Rowan shook their head.

He pointed to the floor.  “Kneel.”

They knelt.

He removed his belt.  Unbuttoned, unzipped his pants, casually undressed from the waist down.  He took his time about it, pausing now and again to caress Rowan’s forehead, pet their hair, or rain size-reducing slaps on their cute little face.  By the time they caught a glimpse of his cock – beautiful in the candlelight, and as thick as Rowan’s wrist – he was so much bigger that he easily could have rested it atop their head as they knelt before him.

Rowan hardly dared to move their lips as they spoke.  “Can I call you Daddy yet?”

“Hmph.”  Another playful little slap.  Another lost inch.  “Yeah.  You can call me Daddy.”

“Am I your Good Girl, Daddy?”

He considered, as Rowan waited in agony.


Their breath caught in their throat, their inner world crumbling.  If they weren’t Good what were they, he had to tell them….

“You’re a good toy,” he said, answering the thought.  “A good toy only knows how to make itself useful.  A good toy doesn’t think.”

Toy nodded happily.  The world was suddenly very quiet.  They waited for his order.

“Look up.  Hold still.”

The silhouette of his dick was there, inches above their lips.  The smell filled their nostrils – salt and tang and pheromones.  It pushed out thought even under the best circumstances.  At this size, it set their whole body to vibrating.

Daddy reached down, grasped his beautiful cock, and began to stroke himself.  He groaned.

Toy watched, obediently still, hands folded in their lap.  They were drooling.  They let flow from the corner of their mouth, as his cock seemed to grow longer, and thicker, rising higher and higher into the sky.

“A toy doesn’t think,” Daddy husked, as he squeezed his shaft.  “But a toy can desire.  Does my toy see something they desired?”

Toy nodded.

From far, far above, Daddy smirked.  He bent at the knee, and allowed his cock to come into contact with their forehead.  He moaned, using small motions to stroke his massive cock back and forth across their lips, in the crook of their neck, the hollow of their throat.  Toy shook, and whimpered, and shrank.  But Toy stayed perfectly still, even as his touch left mouth-watering streaks of wetness along their skin.

The snap of his fingers struck like the crack of a whip, made them sit up straight, their eyes popping open. 

“Free,” Daddy said.

Toy was on him at once.  Jumping to their feet, attacking him with hands and lips and tongue.  Daddy’s cock was level with their chest, but that was perfect, they had so much bare skin to share as their negligée dropped from their body to pool around their feet.

Even still, Daddy was completely silent.  Toy tried everything to get his attention, to force him to make a sound, acknowledge them.  Toy failed.  Their heart pounded, the helpless desire for affirmation shrinking them further, and further, until they could no longer even reach him from their tiptoes, could hardly touch him at all.

Tears stood in Toy’s eyes as they looked up.  “Please, Daddy….”

Daddy sighed, and relented.  Looking annoyed, he scooped Toy into his arms, and lay on the bed.  He set them in his lap, and fluffed a pillow, making himself comfortable.

“You’re still shrinking, toy.  You better get me off before you get too small.”

Toy threw absolutely everything at him.  All their body and effort and will, trying to get the smallest reaction.  Anything to let them know they were doing a good job.  And still, he ignored them.  As the minutes, passed Toy found the task ever more impossible.  He was getting so big!  Half the length of their body, and if this kept up much longer they wouldn’t even be able to get their arms around it!

Toy yelped suddenly, as Daddy reached out and flicked them hard on the ass. 

“Stop trying to win this,” he snarled.

Toy looked up at him in confusion, eyes wide, as they felt themself continuing to dwindle.

“You’re trying to get to a destination.  You’ll never get there, if you don’t enjoy the journey.”

It was too big a thought for Toy.  And toys weren’t supposed to think at all.  But when they went back to work, it was without regard for their rapidly diminishing size.  Daddy’s cock was enormous.  It felt hot, and smooth against their chest.  There were so many details to notice, as it grew before them.  Pretty crevices and imperfections, nooks and crannies to explore.  New places for Toy to touch, new ways to experiment with him.

Daddy groaned.  The smell of him grew stronger.  His pulse quickened, thrumming against them as they played with him. 

Both Toy’s legs were folded around him, as they sat prettily upon the cushion of his balls.  They weren’t nearly as tall as his dick now, but that hardly mattered.  Because he was openly moaning, the shade of him darkening to a pretty lavender, and his giant hands were clenched in the sheets as he struggled to stay still.

Toy found their release before Daddy.  They felt it coming from a long distance.  When it arrived, they screamed at the top of their voice, their entire body shuddering at the power, the majesty of him.  He hadn't even touched them.  It was the knowledge that even his smallest finger could overwhelm them… and that even so they were they were still a toy that could please him.   

Daddy came, too.  Toy wasn’t allowed to think, but they had a feeling that it was their own release that had inspired his.  He throbbed against them like a mechanical bull, and coated them from head to toe in his hot essence.  And Toy held on, overcome by joy at a task well done. 

He didn’t clean them right away.  His cum was drying, starting to get cool on their skin.  It would be a demeaning and uncomfortable job to wash off this much semen, at any size.  But Toy craved closeness more than cleanliness, and Daddy apparently felt the same.  He tucked them against his heart, and pat them with a hand that covered their entire body like a weighted blanket.

“Did I do a good job, Daddy?”

He was a long time in his reply.  This time, there was no agony in the anticipation.  However he answered, Toy would accept it.

“You did a very good job, Rowan,” he said at last.  Giving them back their name, as they luxuriated against him.  “You’re a very Good Girl.”

Rowan smiled happily, sleep already overtaking them.  For tonight, they had earned their place atop his heart.  Tomorrow would begin the quest anew.  It never ended, not really.  But for tonight, they had won.

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