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The Wolf Goes Hunting - #SeptKinkyScribble

 The following was written in two sittings totaling less than two hours, with minimal edits.  This is my first entry for Elle Largesse's #SeptKinkyScribble challenge - a great way to get off your butt and start writing.  If you're suffering from writer's block, or just want to tell a story quickly and be done with it, I highly recommend giving it a try.

The POV character in this story is unnamed - but rest assured that's a creative choice, she definitely has one.  Some of you already know it.  In the fullness of time, you may even get to know her better.  Though fair warning?  She's a lot of fun, but you really don't want to be on her bad side.

The Wolf Goes Hunting
by pseudoclever, 1799 words, writing time, < 2 hours

CW: F/f/m, NFSW, female growth, male shrinking, hypnosis, mind/body control, sexual humiliation, objectification, fearplay, , sexual roughness, dubiously consensual sex acts, unrealistic hair colors

I wonder sometimes, about wolves. What it feels like for them, when they catch the scent of blood on the air. Do they know what it is, they smell? Do they know the nature of their prey, their species, their disposition? Or are they ignorant of all this, and instead simply feel the thoughtless joy of the hunt?

Personally, I think it's the latter. That's how it is for me.

I had the scent of something that night, when I found that bar. I sat at the counter, ordered a Manhattan, and scoped the room. I hadn't gone out of my way to make myself intimidating, and I was only five-eleven. Still, it should've been obvious to everyone in the room that I was hunting.

So I was surprised, when the two of them approached me first.

His name was Derek, I think. Hers was Gloria. It was obvious before they spoke what they had in mind, but they had the decorum not to be too direct about it. He complimented my dress; she gushed about my hair. The dye job looked professional she said, it was such a vibrant blue and where did I get it done. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was natural, for certain definitions of the word. Anyway, not something a person like her could reproduce.

Derek did most of the talking. He and his girlfriend were out celebrating their anniversary, in the mood to try new things, explore new horizons. Did I know what they were talking about? I smiled, and told him I did. We danced around the subject for twenty minutes or so, as his voice slowly dropped into a seductive growl, and Gloria grinned and blushed.

It's always a pleasant surprise, when I find myself hunted. I almost considered making things easy on him. But Derek was six-two, and talked a good game, so I let things ride.

He was smooth about it. When he invited me back to their place, I said yes.

Gloria kept staring at me, as we sipped drinks in their living room. She had these wide, doe-like eyes, and full fuck-me lips that trembled whenever I made eye contact with her. She smelled like rosemary and sweat.

Derek was talking. And talking. That was his downfall, really. If he'd pressed his advantage, pounced, sunk his teeth into me as soon as we were in the door? Things might have turned out very differently for him. But now that we were alone, I think I made him nervous. I can't blame him, I suppose. Predators have instincts about this, and we can't suppress them, even if we wish we could.

Predators know when there's something bigger and scarier, hiding in the woods.

He was talking about cross-fit, or crypto, or one of those interests people cultivate in lieu of a personality.

"I'm bored," I told him. "Get on your knees."

Derek fell out of his chair, groveling before he knew what he was doing, his body obeying my whim. Idly, I wondered if the magic had even been necessary, if I could've done it with a word.

Now that he was at my mercy, that he knew what I was, I smiled at him. Let him see all of my teeth.

"No shade for the attempt, sweetie. There aren't many who can keep me entertained, even that long. But you got my hopes up, and that means there's a price to be paid."

I turned to smile at Gloria. She hadn't dared to move, hardly dared to breathe. No magic required here - and for that, I adored her. It's always the best when my prey just lies back, and shows me their soft little throat.

"How tall are you, Gloria?"

"Five-one," she squeaked.

I leaned down and mussed Derek's hair, grabbing him by the chin. "That's why you like this one, huh? You've got a thing for tall folk like us?"

Gloria didn't say anything. Which annoyed me, so I went ahead and snapped my fingers.

"Because he's tall," she agreed, speaking so fast that the words tumbled over each other. "And has good shoulders, and a big cock, and he buys me nice things, and-"

"Thank you, that's plenty. Stand up, Derek."

He jerked to his feet, hardly more than a puppet on strings.

"Why are you doing this?" he managed, between lips I hardly let move.

"Just culling the herd, silly boy." I patted his cheek affectionately, then turned to Gloria. "So in that long list of qualifications, I didn't actually hear you say he was good at sex. Is this about to be worth my time, or am I in for even more disappointment?"

Gloria trembled, and said nothing.

I sighed dramatically. Tonight was going from bad to worse. "Oh for the sake of everything holy. Does he even know how to use his tongue? Don't answer that, we'll find out the fun way."

I stood on my tip toes, and kissed poor Derek on the corner of the mouth. His eyes were like saucers, the scent of his desire an utter delight.

"Derek," I breathed into his ear. "I want me to show us your true worth. And whatever it is? I want you to give it to her."

I knew what would happen, of course. But it's always better when the prey believes it's responsible for its own downfall.

He started to shrink, there before me. Dwindling down into his polo shirt. Feeding every inch he lost into the blushing girl across from him. I let it go on, long after the point where they were the same height, and even after Derek was a junior-petite and Gloria far taller than he'd ever been. I let Derek decide his true worth. And that ended up being, not very much at all.

I felt sympathy for Gloria's poor dress. It had no chance of surviving on her eight foot frame. And little Derek? Well, he was eye-to-eye with my cunt. Exactly what he wanted out of tonight I mused, though not at all how he expected it.

Wordlessly, I told them what I wanted. Gloria was all too eager - there's something about gaining a litle height that makes a shy girl like her ready to be worshipped.

Derek needed encouragement. I provided it.

She sat on the couch across from me, spreading her legs. Derek, on his knees, crawled to her altar. I thought about asking their permission to smoke in here, but decided they wouldn't get the joke. I lit up, and watched.

They made an entertaining pair. Derek was doing his best, lapping between the giant girl's thighs, and Gloria was clearly enjoying it. But this might've been the first experience of cunnilingus for both of them. Amateur hour is alright, and I love to watch a pathetic thing like him struggle? But I had a better idea.

"Derek, love?"

The three foot darling turned, eyes unfocused, girl-juice dripping down his chin.

"Here's how it's done."

I waved my hand, casually shoved his will aside, and worked his body as easily as my fingers would work a glove.

Gloria gasped. Then wrapped both her giant hands around the little guy's head, fucking his adorable little face as she screamed in pleasure. Derek was an imperfect instrument, but he was being played by the best. I made him shove his whole hand inside her, wrap his tiny lips around her thumb-sized clit. By then she was pretty rough with him, but thankfully a puppet doesn't have a self-preservation instinct.

When she came, she was staring into my eyes. Telling me in this way that the orgasm was my prize, not his. I already knew it, of course. It was still nice to be recognized.

I put out my cigarette.

"Did you learn something from that experience, Derek?"

He shivered as I relaxed my control. He nodded.

"Are you going to be better with your tongue in the future?"

"Y-yes, ma'am."

I pursed my lips, deciding if I wanted to go for the throat.

Of course I did.

"Derek. Did you know that's the first time you've ever made Gloria cum? It was written all over her face."

He sat bolt upright at this, looking to his giant girlfriend for confirmation. The eight foot tall woman blushed - but didn't deny my words.

He whimpered, hung his head. And fed his girlfriend six more inches of his height.

I took over at this point. Spectating is fine, but I'm not one to wait on the sidelines, and anyway this therapy session was boring me. I went down on her for a while. Rather longer than I intended: she was pretty tasty, and very appreciative of someone with a little skill. I stayed vanilla with her, the first six or seven times she got off. Not sure if it was worth bringing any magic to the table. But she'd been good prey, so I showed her maybe fifteen percent of what I could do.

The girl had a good set of lungs. I'm amazed no one called the cops on her that night.

Derek sulked at first, but to his credit he eventually pulled himself together. He used his hands on me from behind while I had my fun with Gloria, then practiced the new tongue skills I'd taught him. He wasn't amazing, but good enough that I finally threw him a bone, spreading my legs and getting low enough for him to fuck me. He was tiny, and pathetic, and didn't have a chance of pleasing me at this size. But he knew he was pathetic, and honestly, that's plenty enough aphrodisiac for me. I didn't get off nearly as much as Gloria that night. But, the wolf got her share.

She stopped me at the door as I was leaving, massive hand on my shoulder.

"I don't even know your name," she whispered. "Am I ever going to see you again?"

I motioned her down, and kissed her once on those full, red lips. She had a couple hundred pounds and more than two feet of height on me. But if predators have instincts, then so do prey. She knew exactly where things stood between us.

"You're a sweet girl," I told her. "But, I've already had my fill of you."

She nodded sadly, accepting this. "Are the two of us ever going back to normal?"

I think very hard, when I construct my curses. I like them simple, direct, and utterly inescapable.

"The two of you will return to normal," I told her. "When Derek gives you at least a tenth as much pleasure as I did, tonight."

I kissed her goodbye. And stepped out into the night, already thinking about my next meal.

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