Friday, June 24, 2022

Holding Space - Pt. 2

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Casey allowed himself to be led by his girlfriend, drifting along as if in a dream.  He was still fully a head taller than her, but that height difference didn’t seem to count for much.  He kept looking back at me, looking around the bar.  Bemused by everything in his environment, the new scale of the world after he’d lost nearly eight inches of height.  Jordan followed behind, making sure he didn’t get lost, or step out of his shoes.  She pushed him ahead of her, driving him with little taps on the shoulder.  Occasionally she’d glance back, making sure I was following behind.  She was shepherding us, without a doubt, but given the strangeness of the situation, I didn’t mind one bit.

She’d flagged down a cab for us, and she urged Casey into the backseat.  He shot us a goofy grin, and slipped into the car.  “I can’t remember the last time that was so easy,” he sighed.  “These tiny little sedans are always such a nightmare.  Oh my God, there’s so much leg room!”

The cab driver glanced at him without interest, and played with his phone.

“You next,” Jordan told me.

“You want me to sit in the middle seat?”

She raised an eyebrow, and gave me a placating, go-on gesture.

“But, you’re his girlfriend.  Shouldn’t you sit next to him?”

“I think you’re forgetting the point of the exercise.”  She gently shoved me toward the car.  “Will you just trust me on this?  Time is becoming a factor.”

I started to ask a follow-up question about that last part, but decided to just do as she told me.  The idea of sitting next to Casey was rather appealing, after all.  Especially in his shrunken, giddy state.

I had a little more trouble climbing into the car than Casey, and shifted awkwardly as I tried to find the seat belt.  He smirked at me, watching me struggle.  “Hey big guy.  Have you come to keep me company?”

“You could say that,” I grunted, and clicked the belt around my waist.

Jordan got in, and the cab took off.  The three of us sat in silence.  Occasionally the driver spoke softly into his headset, apparently on a phone conversation, his attention elsewhere.  

The city drifted past, the three of us briefly illuminated by passing headlights and storefront windows.  No one said anything.  Casey was looking out the window, his hand almost but not quite on my thigh.  Jordan stared straight ahead, looking like she was trying to work out a difficult math problem in her head.  For my own part, I sat with my legs close together, hands resting on my knees.  Trying to give both my smaller companions space.

“Hey.”  The diminutive girl surprised me, suddenly giving my sleeve a little tug.  Her face was colored dull red by the stoplight we were waiting at, and she seemed faintly embarrassed.  “Can you scoot over?  I need a little more room.”

I rolled my eyes.  “I mean, you’ve got more space than anyone.  But if you want me to let your boyfriend sit in my lap, I will.”  I paused, glancing at the driver in the rearview mirror, suddenly aware that he could hear us.  When I went on, my voice was much softer.  “But we can wait until we get to your apartment.  For.  That.”

“No,” Jordan said, from between clenched teeth. “We can’t.”

I noticed she was sweating.  A lot.  I had time to open my mouth to form a question, but then, she started to grow.

“Holy shit!”  I flinched hard, sliding as far away from her as I could, pressing bodily against Casey, forcing the poor little guy face-first into the door.

The driver looked back over his shoulder.  Frowned.  Then went back to watching the road.

“Yeah so anyway,” Jordan said, as she continued to swell in the seat beside me.  “That was one hell of a game.  Horgensen made that great defensive play in the eighth.”  She bit her lip, clearly suppressing a moan as her jean shorts tightened around her thighs.  “Think he’ll win a Gold Glove this year?”

“Horgensen.  Yeah.  He’s great.”  I tried to swallow with a dry throat.

Casey tapped me urgently on the shoulder.  His face was flushed, his body contorted as I inadvertently continued to shoulder-check him into the door.  I mouthed an apology, made myself get off him, moved closer to Jordan.  Her body grew taller, wider, the ample leg room she’d had only moments ago rapidly disappearing.

She frantically adjusted her seat belt, and gave me a panicked, pleading look.

“And um.  We’ve got the third best bullpen in the league now.”  I tried to sound casual as I balanced myself between them.  There wasn’t enough room to go around anymore, and Casey’s thigh pressed against me.  I wanted to be distracted by this, but a moment later Jordan’s growth brought her into contact with me as well.  Even taking up as little space as she could, things were rapidly becoming cramped.  “If we could get a little starting pitching at the trade deadline….”

“Oh yeah,” Casey squeaked.  “It’s all about pitching.”

Jordan tugged at her crop top, trying to make room to breathe.  Sweat stood out at her temples.  Her eyes were very bright.

The three of us went on trading banal statements about baseball, and Jordan kept growing.  The laces on her shoes creaked, the button of her jeans popped.  She tried to stay calm, but it was obvious she was upset.  Thankfully, just as the car turned onto her street, the process slowed, and finally came to a stop.  If the driver suspected anything weird was happening, he didn’t let on.  

We climbed out of the car the opposite way we’d gone in, with Jordan practically exploding from the car door onto the sidewalk, followed by me, and then Casey.  As the cab drove away, we stood together under the orange sodium street light.

Casey went to Jordan, and hugged her.  I gave them space, but tried to stay nearby.  The two of them were almost exactly the same height now.

“It’s okay,” she was saying.  “It just scared me.  I didn’t know it was going to feel like that.”  She tugged at her shirt, trying to adjust it, to make herself comfortable – a hopeless task if I’d ever seen one.

“Do the two of you want to tell me what happened?” I asked.

“I’m actually just as confused as you are.”  Casey came to stand beside me so we could both regard her.  He took my hand again.  It felt natural enough that I didn’t notice he’d done it for several seconds.  “Babe, you told me you could make me smaller.  But growth spurts never came up in the conversation.  Call me crazy, but I’m guessing it’s related?”

“Hey, give the little man a lollipop.”  She laughed, unconvincingly.  When neither of us said anything, she sighed.  “Okay, so I left out a few details.  I can’t just make your size ‘go away.’  I wouldn’t want to, in fact, because presumably you’re going to want it back after we’re finished fooling around.”

Casey blushed.  Something inside me gave an excited little pulse, and I decided not to engage with it right then.

“So if I take height from you, someone else is going to gain it.  I can exert energy to delay that, for a little bit.  Honestly I was hoping that I could hold off until I was alone in my bedroom, and the two of you were on the couch, up to no good.  But.”  She shrugged.  “I guess all the drinks really took it out of me.”

I reached out, and gave her shoulder a squeeze.  She tilted her head demurely, but didn’t move away.  “That looked really unpleasant.  Are you okay?”

“Yeah.  Or I will be.”  She hesitated, as if she wanted to say more.  “Let’s hurry up, though.  The two of you love birds are making me stand here in mini-Jordan clothes.  You do not want me to describe where my g-string is right now.”

Casey and I watched her go.  She’d always had a well-muscled, athletic body, her build suiting her petite frame.  But there was no denying that being several inches taller than average looked really good on her.  We were both appreciating this fact I’m sure, but neither of us would have been stupid enough to say it to her face just then.

“She really must be crazy about you,” I finally told him, too low for Jordan to hear.  “To put herself through this, so you can live out your fantasy.”

He seemed startled.  “I mean.  Yeah.”  Nervously, he reached up, and put his hand on my arm.  He swallowed.  “Scott, can I ask you something?”


“You aren’t… what I mean to say is.  You were into this idea, like, before?  I mean.  You were attracted to me when I was normal-sized, too?”  In the dim light, he looked very earnest.  His pupils were wide.  His lower lip turned out ever so slightly.  “I just want to know that this is…worth it.”

“I was,” I breathed.  “Into you.  Or I wanted to be.  You’re my friend, and a great guy.  And I think you’re really cute.  I’ve just.  Had some bad experiences when I’ve wanted to explore things like this.”

He nodded, solemnly.  “I think I know what you mean.  But when you kissed me, in the bar.”  I had to lean in, he was speaking so quietly.  “It was like I was melting.  You felt so good.”

“Yeah?”  I raised an eyebrow.  Reached out, touched his hip, took a big fistful of his oversized sweater.  Pulled him closer.  “We better be careful that you don’t melt away completely.  Because that?  Was just a warm-up.”


I drew him in, inch by inch.  Until my hip pressed against his stomach.  Looked into his eyes.  Took him by the back of the neck.  And kissed him, full and deliberate, on the mouth.

I swear, I did feel him melt.  He cuddled in closer, taking up what space I offered him.  Trying to get as near me as possible.  I found myself bending lower, trying to keep my lips in contact with him, and for a moment I thought he might be shrinking again.  But when I opened my eyes, I found he was simply bending his knees, lowering himself on purpose.

“Sorry,” he breathed, his lips against my cheek.  “Being shorter like this.  It’s.  God.”  He laughed.  “It’s weird, right?  Be honest.”

I shook my head, smirking.  “It’s really hot.”

He brightened at once.  “Good.  Because I do want to get smaller.”  

There was a corollary to that thought, and we both arrived at it at the same time.  In unison, we glanced at Jordan.  She was leaning against the side of her apartment building, trying to look as if she wasn’t watching us.  If she was still frantic to get out of her tight clothes, she wasn’t showing it.  Casey touched my chin, and I leaned down close to his lips so he could whisper.  “She made me promise, that if I wanted it, that I shouldn’t let her feelings get in the way.  I thought she meant if she got jealous, but.  What I’m saying is, she knew this would happen.  And it’s okay with her.”  

He nibbled on my earlobe, and an embarrassingly loud moan escaped my lips.  Somewhere, a dog barked.  “Make me the same promise?  Let’s… just feel good tonight, together.  Okay?”

I gasped, and allowed him to pull me down with his lips.

When Jordan led the way up the stairs to her apartment, it was without comment.  She couldn’t quite hide the big, proud smile that lit her face from ear to ear.  But I noticed…she was still sweating a lot.

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