Monday, June 6, 2022

Honesty's Reward - Pt. 6


CW: Non-consensual, Dubious Consent, Some age-adjacent language ("little girl," etc), basically a 3000-word sex scene

Everything, absolutely everything in the room looked bigger. I guessed Tiffany's massage had cost me another five or six inches of height – quite a lot for an already super-petite lady to lose.  Though under the circumstances, it could have been much better.

Worse. I meant. Crap.

Tiffany laughed, a sound I could both hear and feel as she held me between her breasts. The giant girl spun me elegantly, setting me back on the massage table, face up. She looked me over appraisingly, clinically.  It made me feel like a new toy being examined for the first time. Finally she nodded, giving me that seductive little smirk of hers, and put her big hands on my shoulders. She squeezed gently, and began to work her way down my diminished body.

The back massage was over. It was time for the front.

It would've been so easy to give in, to lie back, to simply enjoy all this. I damn near did.  But at last, I spoke.

“Why?”  My voice was barely above a whisper as I looked up into her enormous blue eyes. “Why did you trick me? Tiffany, you’re already so much bigger.  It's not fair.”

The amazon girl shook her head, and placed one gigantic finger softly against my lips, shushing me. “I was going to overlook that you broke rule number one.  But number two as well?  Naughty-naughty!”

She reached for the jar of cream, which I now saw was labeled with a minus sign. I watched with mingled fascination and horror as she stirred her finger inside. “I think my precious little Sammie-Poo needs to be punished. And I know just how to do it. Going down, shorty.”

I grabbed her wrist, fighting with all my strength, but this was pointless. She overpowered me without any visible effort, and smooshed the cream against the hollow of my throat. There was instant heat, and suddenly the room was surging around me. The vinyl massage table spread wider, and Tiffany seemed to gain several inches of awe-inspiring, jaw dropping height. The grin on her face as she watched me shrink...huge, wicked, and, I was forced to admit, incredibly sexy.

I struggled, but her strong fingertips were dangerously close to my windpipe, and escaping was out of the question.  “Tiffany, no! Stop it! Let me go, I...I don't want to shrink. I don't want to....”

“Oh Samantha...don't kid a kidder. If you insist on talking about what you want, then I might as well give it to you.”

Before I had time to ask what she meant, she leaned down toward me.  A pair of enormous, wet lips pressed over mine. I froze, and made no pretext of fighting her.  This was easy to rationalize. She was too powerful – a muscular amazon, six and a half feet tall, and by now I was far less than two thirds her height.

So I gave in, let her have her way with me, on the pretense that the kiss was inevitable. Never mind how it felt.  Lips so much larger than mine, soft and sensuous as they covered my mouth completely. Forget about the sudden exaltation from that secret part of my mind that loved how much bigger Tiffany had become, and how much smaller I was now. And please overlook the fact that, the moment she kissed me?  The first words that came to mind were, 'At last!'

When our kiss ended, the giantess was still smirking. But the expression had lost its hard edge, and was almost kind. “Ah, but where are my manners? You asked a reasonable question.  Why am I doing this. It's very simple, Samantha dear. Because I like you. Because I think you're incredibly sexy. And because I want to have you for my very own.”

I set my jaw defiantly, staring up at the woman who now appeared nine feet tall. “So what, your plan is to shrink me until I'm incapable of resisting?”

Tiffany grinned wider, bent until her luscious lips were inches from mine. “You’re already incapable of resisting, dear.  No.  My plan is to shrink you, until you admit you enjoy being small.”

“But...but I don't!”

 “Bullshit.” She sat beside me, and let out a long, deep sigh. Was she...yes, the giant girl was actually nervous! “Listen Samantha. I didn't want to have to lay my cards on the table like this. I'm going to tell you something, something that I've never admitted to another living soul. I...okay.  I get…sexually excited by the idea...of being bigger than the people around me. Even more than that, by the idea – or in this case the actuality – of growing bigger. And apparently most of all?  By making someone else smaller.  I don't know if it's a power thing or...well, I won’t litigate my motives, at least not right now.  It is what it is.”

The giantess turned, looking deep into my eyes as I lay there on the table. “You...Samantha, are very special to me. Over the past few months my favorite thing in the world has been watching as, day by day, you've appeared to dwindle as I've grown bigger. It's had me thinking. Because you see, I've had this other formula. The by-product.  The shrinking serum, let’s call it.. And to be honest, the thought of you actually shrinking, getting smaller and smaller in my arms, becoming utterly helpless and dependent on me...well, it's kept me up at night. I'll put it bluntly. Right now, seeing you this way – naked, lying on your back, and so beautifully, perfectly's making me absolutely, positively drenched.”

As quickly as the flipping of a switch, her manner changed.  Her smirk became wild, almost  predatory. The giant girl climbed onto the table with me, rolled sinuously to her hands and knees, prowled forward, grabbed my arms, trapped me beneath her like the little mouse I was. Teeth bared, she leaned closer, until she was so close that I could feel her breath tickling my ear. “Samantha,” she growled.  “I have a sneaking suspicion.  That maybe, just maybe? You feel the same way.”

Just as suddenly she was standing again, innocently flicking a stray blonde lock from her eyes.  “I'm right, aren't I? You’re enjoying this?”

There it was – the question I had avoided answering my whole life, even to myself, finally out in the open. “Tiffany....”

I lay there, not saying anything, barely even breathing for a long time. She waited me out.  And finally, eyes downcast in embarrassment, I nodded.

“Good.” Tiffany reached out to me, traced one long, almost double-sized finger along the length of my jaw. “As long as we're playing twenty questions, let me ask you another. I saw how soaking wet you were earlier...during your massage. When you spread your legs, and practically invited me in.  The serum does have certain aphrodisiac properties, but...even before you knew you were shrinking, you were turned on.  Was there a reason for this?”

Again I nodded, feeling a flare of heat from between my legs.

Tiffany took one of my tiny hands in hers, squeezed. “And why was that, precisely? Don't stall dear. Time is short, and if you can be truthful with me, well...honesty has its rewards.”

My voice cracked. “I...I get excited...I mean. The same way you do. Heights, and.  Stuff.  You've always done it to me, more than anyone else. And now, when you're so h-huge, and I'm so little....”

“I thought that might be the case.  It feels so nice, knowing I’m not the only one.” Tiffany ran her giant fingers through my hair, then slowly, so slowly, bent and kissed me again.  This time it was short and sweet, like a reward for a job well done. Her lips completely enveloped mine for less than a second, and then they were gone. “Now.  I've got you here, all alone.  And I'm dead-set on making you even smaller.  Let me guess.  The more I shrink you...the stronger that feeling gets. Is that right?”

It is possible to be so embarrassed that your entire body blushes. Did you know that? “I...earlier. A part of me.  Not all of me?  But a part.  Liked what you were doing. I wanted...wanted you to be bigger than me.”

She began to trace along the tips and edges of my breasts, at least E-cups by now if I’d been my normal size, and so, impossibly sensitive. The strongest burst of pleasure yet shot through my diminutive frame, and I couldn't stop myself from moaning at the top of my lungs.  The sound reverberated around the tiny room.

“That's it Samantha, let it all out. You're doing so good. Just a few more questions.  Because this part is very important.  Didn’t you actually want to be bigger when you came in today? Wasn't four foot nine much, much too little? I thought...well….” Tiffany let her finger slide from my breasts, drift lower, down my trim little tummy, beyond.  “...That you wanted an antidote.”

The heat inside me had kindled. It felt as if I had a small sun trapped between my thighs. “I think I want this more.”

“Do you really? Hmm.” Now she was stroking the hot, tender flesh of my inner thigh. I was breathing hard, my pulse pounding fast at my temples.

“And to clarify a point, Little One.  You don't mind if I call you that, do you? I thought that earlier, you wanted me to touch you while you shrank.” The tip of one enormous finger grazed feather-light against my labia. I felt an instant gush of wetness, and let out a sharp gasp. “Touch you here, I mean. On your tiny.  Little.  Pussy.”

“Oh God Tiffany, I do! Please!”

“Of course sweetie,” she laughed, but then to my dismay pulled her huge hand away from me, and took a step back. “But one more question first.”

I watched her, biting my lip, my whole body trembling with need.

Slowly, Tiffany picked up the jar again, reached inside, and gathered another blob of the shrinking cream on the tip of her finger. The amazon held it up, inches from my face, her finger pointing at me like an accusation. “Even as tiny as you are...less than four feet want to be even smaller now.  Don’t you.  You want to watch the world grow gigantic around you, to see me stretch taller, and taller, as you shrink into a tiny, defenseless little creature.  My Little One.  Am I right?”

I could no longer make my eyes focus, but I nodded a final time. I leaned toward the offered finger, my mouth opening.  And generously, Tiffany let take it inside.  I sucked her greedily, taking in every last drop of the shrinking serum.

“There's my good girl,” Tiffany cooed.  “My Little One.”  She stroked my hair delicately as the first wave of tingling came. The feeling grew stronger, spread throughout my body. First my breasts ballooned larger, as if they were slowly filling with warm honey. My waist and hips and legs tightened.  And then, joy of joys, I began to shrink for her.

Tiffany moaned softly as she watched me dwindle, and stroked my little body with more intensity. “Aw, there you go sweetie. It's the first time you've ever allowed yourself to enjoy this, isn't it?  Done it on purpose.  Let yourself get smaller...and smaller...and smaller. Well, it's okay. Remember, I’m right here. To keep you warm and safe. Getting bigger, and bigger for you.  And I’m going to make you feel so, so good while you shrink.  Okay?”

Hands, each the size of a dinner plates, pressed against my shoulders, eased me gently onto my back.  Caressed me as I grew smaller.  A moment later something cold touched my stomach, and I had time to understand that Tiffany had placed a second drop of shrinking cream on me, before thought became impossible. Her angelic face hovered above mine, growing larger by the second, distorted by the strips of fog that were rising from my body.

“That's it Little One. Just keep watching me.  You like watching me while you shrink, don’t you?  That way, you can see me grow, and that way, you know just how small you're getting.”  She threw her head back, groaning in pleasure, and brought her chin down beside me on the massage table.  “Oh God Samantha,” she whispered.  “Just think of how much bigger than you I am.  I'm almost twice your height already!  And believe me, I'm going to make you much, much smaller before we're through.  I’m going to sneak you out of here in my purse, take you home, use you like the little toy you are.  Think about what that’s going to be like.  Being so small you can fit in my hand.  Or between my thighs. God.  Oh my God.”

Suddenly her hands came down upon the tender swells of my still-expanding bustline. Tiffany was merciless. She pinched, she rolled. She raked me with fingernails. She licked and nibbled and placed soft butterfly kisses against the ultra-sensitive undersides of my breasts. I shrieked in ecstasy, writhing back and forth, but Tiffany held me in place with only the weight of a single hand against my tummy, and all I could do was endure the torture of her attention.

“Aw, I'm sorry baby,” she drawled, her voice syrup-sweet. “Is that too mean?  I just want you to feel good, after all.  Well here, I’ll make it up to you.  I almost let you stop shrinking there for a moment. We can't have that, can we? No we can't!  My Little One is still much, much too big!”

The smell of lilacs.

“One for you.” For a full heartbeat I wondered what she meant, but then I felt her finger press directly against the rock hard bud of my left nipple, and acid pleasure dissolved through my body. My bust swelled. My body instantly contracted inward...and Tiffany grew. I howled, my hips thrusting uselessly at the ceiling as I shrank smaller.

Through the delirium haze of pleasure, I heard Tiffany laughing. “And one for you.” A matching surge from my right breast, another giant pulse of shrinking, and a sudden blazing heat that threatened to burn my little body to cinders.

It was too much.  I couldn’t make my hips stop thrusting, my hands balled into fists.  I had never experienced ecstasy like this, and she still hadn’t touched me between my legs!  

The moment that thought occurred to me, Tiffany was there. Grasping my upper thigh, easily wrapping her giant hand around the thickest part of it.  Forcing me to spread wider.  The smirk on her face had grown to titanic proportions. It was clear that she had passed that invisible divider, was now more than twice my height, was only getting bigger.

“Are you ready, my little treasure? I think you are. Oh my, yes. Look what a mess I've gone and made you! You must be almost out of your mind, Little One! Well, don't you worry. You're going to cum Samantha, and not just once. I'm going to make you cum with my finger, until you're too small for it to fit inside. And then? I'm going to use my big, wet tongue.”

She pulled harder on my thigh, lifting.  Now my butt was pointing skyward, the most intimate part of my body completely exposed to Tiffany's curious eye. “What a pretty little morsel you make. Get”

Taking both my ankles between her thumb and forefinger, she reached down with her free hand, toward my very center. And then, at long, long last, I felt her inside. One giant knuckle traced a slow, gooey line right down the middle of my pussy, spreading my lips, entering me. The twelve foot girl laughed, though not unkindly, at my tiny little shriek of pleasure. She lifted her hand, made another pass, pressing harder.

“Little One, this is everything I hoped it would be. You're so tiny, so helpless, and you're all mine.” She was stirring now, my juices making a slick, wet sloshing sound. Then once, just once, the giantess pushed her entire finger inside me, a finger that felt bigger than any man I had ever been with, filling me to my very brim. My cry was ear-splitting – how could so much pleasure exist in the universe? I came explosively, my body spasming, twitching and shrinking as the giant girl diddled me to the highest point of bliss in my life.

“Aw. You look so cute when you climax, did you know that? I can make you do it again, and again you know, for as long as I want. I have complete control over everything about you now, and so I don't even have to ask your permission for this. But I will anyway.”

As soon as my eyes readjusted to the light I saw what she was holding: the green bottle. “How about it, my little love? Would you like me to put some of this...inside you? You'll get so, so much smaller, Samantha. And I promise...I'll make you come once...for every little inch you lose.  Say yes.  And let it be the last choice you ever have to make.”

An enormous glob of the grey, sweet-smelling stuff was already on her finger, was slowly drifting toward the throbbing cleft between my thighs. “Please Sammie-Poo? Pretty please?”  Her eyes were wide, her expression almost desperate.  As if she needed me to give in, almost as much as I needed her.  “Let me shrink you even more. You won't regret it...please?”

I spread my legs as wide as I could, letting the giantess see everything there was to see. Panting at her seductively.  I reached down, grasping my labia with both hands, pulling myself open. “Hurry!”

There was the sudden, sharp crunch of a key turning in a lock. The door swung open, crashing into the far wall. In the doorway stood Anthony, looking positively gigantic, surveying the scene like a character in an action movie.

No one moved. I stared at him, mortified.  Imagine your crush catching you in a position this compromising.  At just over three feet tall, spreading yourself for his boss.

Anthony looked from me, to the green plastic bottle, to Tiffany, to the goo-covered finger posed mere inches from my vulva. His face darkened. With a speed that I would never have suspected he possessed, he darted across the room.

Tiffany knew where he was going, tried to stop him. She lunged, but she had started awkwardly from her knees as she addressed me, and he deftly side-stepped her attack.  Anthony dove for the green bottle.  He grabbed it, twisted the top, and dashed out its contents.

All over Tiffany.

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